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Jeff Morosoff, Special Asst. Professor, Hofstra University defines milestone as “a significant event or stage in the life, progress, development, or the like of a person, nation, etc.”  I’ve had two personal milestones within the past 48 hours: my youngest child got his driver’s license and my oldest daughter got married.  Some have suggested that I should feel older when these milestones occur.  Instead, I only feel a tremendous amount of happiness and pride.  It’s how we all should try to live life–by relishing the big events and celebrating smaller, wonderful moments, too. 

These personal milestones got me thinking about my milestones as a PR practitioner.  I realized that I had talked about this last week over lunch with an old boss.  He’s now a state Supreme Court judge; I handled media relations for him when he was the top elected official in a large Long Island town.  When he asked me about my new job at Hofstra, I said I’ve had two jobs in my life that I’ve absolutely loved: one was serving as his press secretary and the other is my current classroom role.  So now, as I’m nearing the end of my second semester, I believe that one of my most significant PR milestones took place on a recent September day when I began teaching at Hofstra.  I relish this as a big event in my professional life, which has already led to many many smaller, wonderful moments.

What are your PR milestones?

10 thoughts on “PR milestones

  1. Kalli Dionysiou

    Congratulations on both of your wonderful events! It is great to see someone celebrating the important moments that pass them by instead of stressing about them. It’s a good reminder to slow down and enjoy what’s happening now instead of worrying about it.

  2. Amanda Nissenbaum

    It’s really nice to see in your post, all that you accomplished and appreciate about yourself, I think it’s great. My milestones in PR are not as significant as yours, but still important to me. I got an amazing internship, that now turned into a full-time job, although it’s not directly PR related i’m graduating college as a PR major!!! Overall I think PR pays off as a career, the feeling of my accomplishments are unexplainable

  3. Mike Margolis

    My most memorable PR milestone was an event I ran, and actually blogged about for this class, which occurred in October of this year. After slaving away for months putting a concert together; talking with the town, kids, school, artists, production company’s, etc, the show finally went on and it was sooooo rewarding.

    The second PR milestone actually occurred this past week, while I was at the University of Arizona. My boss from last semester had quit, and I had been offered his position. Therefor, it was just myself and one other working on a concert all the way on the other side of the country. There were so many problems with it, but once we arrived out there, we fixed everything and the show went on. That show not only went on, but it went so well. It was all the buzz of Tucson, which was super cool. Did I sleep for the 4 days before the show? Of course not, but in the end, seeing MY work come to fruition is so cool.

  4. Pete Guaraldi

    My first PR milestone came at my internship this semester. Pitching and communicating with clients is something that can’t be taught or perfected in the classroom; it’s done only by experience.

    As soon as I saw my first hit in the newspaper, and eventually on a news segment, I was proud of what I accomplished. I realized my potential and what I can accomplish in the industry.

  5. Briana DeLuca

    Congratulations again on your family’s milestones! I could imagine how pride you are of both of them. I am very proud of the milestones that I have accomplished thus far in my PR career. I believe one of my milestones occurred when I received my very first recommendation from my internship advisor. It was a great honor to receive such a wonderful recommendation from such an esteemed professional. My second milestone will be when I graduate from Hofstra University. I know I will have more as I embark on this exciting journey. I am confident that I am ready.

  6. Chelsea Rae Simmons

    My first PR milestone was actually deciding to switch from majoring in Biology to majoring in PR (does that count?). Other large ones are my first real internship, and the first NYFW runway show I worked. It was also my first time watching a fashion show so I felt a mixture of excitement and pride. I think my favorite moments are realizing that I have enough experiences to actually be of help to others on their PR journey. The first times I was asked how to get and internship and what type of things a fashion pr intern is expected to do, and I was able to give an intelligent, helpful answer, is an achievement because it shows I’m learning my craft.

  7. Alexandra Backes

    I’m sure I will have many more milestones as graduation comes and goes, but up to this point I would have to say that my most significant PR milestones are my internships. I was so nervous to start each one, worried that I would not be able to handle everything they asked me to or that I would simply have no idea what they were talking about. I found out before the end of my first day that I could in fact do all of the tasks I was asked to do; not only could I do all of the tasks, but they soon started to trust me with more responsibilities. Although, I did learn a lot about PR and the world of fashion, but I also learned that people are willing to help you if you are doing your best. I was encouraged that regardless of the situation I am put into I could still accomplish what I set out to do.

  8. artur finkel

    when i first came to hofstra i had big plans about starting pre-med classes to later transfer to a pharmacy school and pursue a degree in pharmacy. Around the end of my sophemore yeari realized that i was not cut out for the sciences so i decided to shop around hofstra in search of my “calling”. someone and i forget who suggested that i go into communications because of my big mouth. And so PR came into the picture and see that as a milestone for me because it was the first time i made a rash decision because it felt right and i didnt want to think about it. Today as i was then im constantly unsure about my decision because like most i fear failure. But another milestone came to me when i began my internship at 5W PR and met the CEO. He explained to me that sometimes luck will bring you success and that as long as your on the path that makes you happy luck will eventually fall on your lap. So that day i decided that i would let the chips fall where they may because i know i belong in the PR field. Hopefully one day ill have another milestone where my big mouth proves to be useful and beneficial to me.

  9. NMagnacavello

    I feel as though “milestones” should be something that I have accomplished or that something I’m too young to even have experienced. However, if I had to choose a PR milestone, I would definitely choose my internship. Not only has it enlightened me for the future, it has definitely made me realize what I have in life I sometimes take for granted. For those who do not know, I intern at The INN (Interfaith Nutrition Network). This non-profit organization helps hungry and homeless Long Islanders. Last Wednesday actually, I had volunteered at the Mary Brennan INN soup kitchen in Hempstead. Needless to say, I left in tears. The experience was one that I would have never gotten if I hadn’t been interning for The INN. I knew what I was doing was helping those less fortunate, but it made me realize a lot of the things I have I most definitely take for granted. I can’t even do WWW without freaking out, but these people would be lucky to even hold a smart phone at times. I guess what I’m trying to say is that this internship has not only taught me lessons and provided me with PR tools I will need for my future career, it has helped me grow in a way that was unexpected.


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