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Jeff Morosoff, Assistant Professor, Hofstra University

When we talk about pitching stories to reporters and editors, the same question is always asked: “How aggressive should I be when I contact the media?”  “Polite persistence” is my response.  It’s really a judgement call on the PR practitioner’s part; he or she simply must use common sense and tact when pitching.

Apparently this is not so for used car salespeople who, for good reason, have a far worse rep than PR people. 

Today I took my youngest child shopping for his first car.  We stopped at a half a dozen used car lots and mostly encountered the same type of individual in each place–aggressive, impolite– and some who gave us attitude when we said what we were looking for and how much we wanted to spend.  And even if we’re asking the seemingly improbable regarding price and quality, there’s little reason for attitude.  It’s not how you’re going to sell us a car.

Polite persistence?  I would expect that from anyone trying to influence someone else.  But salespeople–whether selling cars, furniture, shoes, or whatever–need a lesson in pitching.  Maybe a good course in public relations would help.  Your thoughts?


CONCERTS — OK, I’m a baby boomer and I’m proud of it.  So several of my fellow fiftysomethings went to see the Monkees in Westbury last week.  The performance was sold out so they’re coming back in August.  It was fun to see Mickey, Peter and Davey older but still energetic on stage.  And to compliment the music, big screens around the stage showed great scenes from the TV show.

TV — Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert are at the height of their comedic powers.  Their political satire and observations of life are right on the money and hilarious.  Catch The Daily Show and The Colbert Report on Comedy Central from 11 to midnight, repeated the following day a couple of times.

RESTAURANTS — Literally the coolest new place around is a hip, happening self-serve yogurt stop called 32 Degrees Froyo.  It’s  a new franchise with its first Long Island store on Great Neck Road in Great Neck.  Great flavors, happy atmosphere.  We loved it!

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