It's a PR Thanksgiving

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Jeff Morosoff, Assistant Professor/Public Relations, Hofstra University

This is the time of year when we’re all expected to pause and give thanks for the good things we have. For me, I’m thankful for the opportunities my public relations career has given me.

Name another career where you can write copy for a web site in the morning and host an event for hundreds of people at night? A job that has you communicating the benefits of recycling and moments later staging a press conference about real estate fraud? Where you could run a political campaign, do marketing for a furniture store, design a newsletter, and choreograph an awards ceremony? In my 28 years as a PR practitioner I’ve worked for a large corporation, a couple of small not-for-profits, a town government, a dozen or so candidates for office, three colleges, and several years as a consultant. I’ve had periods of time when I made a lot of money and times when I’ve struggled. There were days when I was overloaded with work and days when I’ve scrounged for it. And now I teach it. How fortunate I am!

That’s why I’ve become such a huge cheerleader for our chosen industry. It’s diverse, it’s exciting and there’s no other like it. I’m thrilled when I enter a classroom of public relations students anxious to begin their careers. Most of them understand it won’t be easy at first, especially after they realize the breadth of knowledge and the motivation they need to succeed. But I suspect those of us who have been doing this for a while would all agree that this is the best job in the world. And now sharing it with 60 students every semester at a wonderful university is the icing on my career cake. I’m so thankful.

Your thoughts?

12 thoughts on “It's a PR Thanksgiving

  1. Clarissa Kouri

    It is very true that PR is a diverse industry; pretty much any field you chose to pursue there is a place for PR, so you can take your passion and incorporate PR. That’s why I love it, because I have so many passions and interests, from horseback riding, to fashion, to NBA basketball and NFL Football. I look forward to working in all these fields. I am very social and this profession just fits into my personality. PR is hard work but very fulfilling, especially if you chose the right area of PR to get into. The world of PR is extremely big and not everyone can do every aspect of it. Once you chose PR as your chosen career, your next step is to discover what areas of PR most excite you.

  2. Nick Schweers

    I am about to end my time at my internship next week, and I am actually very sad to go! I am so thankful that I am already beginning to explore such a diverse field before I even graduate. The work is never the same and the opportunities are endless. I feel bad for the person who has to go to work everyday and sit in his or her cube and do the same work from last month. As every semester passes, I feel more confident that I chose the right field to go into.

  3. Aqlesia

    What an uplifting blog post, professor Morosof! I’m thankful for the opportunity to be one of your 60 students! It’s great to hear from someone who’s been in the industry for so long, and still experiences change and excitement in their career on a regular basis. This reassures me that I’ve chosen the right career path. I’m sure all of us students have heard the phrase “no two days are the same,” from almost every communications professional we’ve come in contact with. It wasn’t until (nearly) completing my major course load and internships, that I discovered the underlying meaning.

    Although I may not have mastered it (yet), I feel like my professors have provided me with the skill set to succeed in the industry and have helped me to understand what it takes to be a PR all star. Now, consumed in this fast paced environment through real life intern experience (and valuable PR 107 class time of course 🙂 ), I appreciate this diverse and ever changing industry even more.


  4. alipr107

    One reason why I chose PR because it involves so many different aspects. How can any of us be bored when we have several options of types of PR, as well as several different kinds of tools to accomplish our clients goals. Plus the need for PR these days is huge, and I can only see it growing!

  5. Jenna Weiller

    Professor Morosoff,

    This is a really interesting blog entry. It’s great to see someone who’s already had experience it PR field’s enthusiasm about the profession. As merely a PR student who hasn’t had any real world experience in the field, but has only learned about it in the classroom, this gives me great hopes about my career that is ahead of me. I am really looking forward to my internship in the spring so that I can experience this same joy that you get from practicing PR.

    -Jenna Weiller

  6. Jahlisa

    Very inspiring! This gives us, PR students, hope for what the future will
    hold. Most of us made the career choice because it is exciting and not
    typical. Personally I would not enjoy a work environment where the workload
    is repetitive and mundane. PR is like a breath of fresh air and reading
    this makes me all the more excited

  7. anna pirgousis

    Prof. Morosoff
    This is the very reason why I chose to major in public relations. It gives you options and opens up so many doors. In the end hard work pays off if your doing something you enjoy.


  8. Mike Remsen

    Professor Morosoff,

    As someone else already mentioned, this post solidifies why i declared Public Relations as my major and ultimately my career choice. This industry offers many opportunities in a wide array of different and diverse activities that do anything but bore people. From reading your post, all of your students including myself, made the right decision in choosing a fun and exciting professional path.

  9. OkAnna

    This post has really reassured my choice to major in Public Relations. The fact that the industry is so diverse in terms of duties is appealing to those of us who love to be “jacks of all trades,” so to speak, while still being focused on a single area of expertise.

  10. Leonora

    Professor, thank you for such an uplifting post! As finals week begins to creep in and students’ stress levels skyrocket through the roof, it was refreshing to think about why I chose this path in the first place. It’s good to keep in mind that the hard work I’m putting in right now will have tangible results when I’m able to call myself a part of your industry. Happy Thanksgiving!

    -Lee Fleming

  11. Phil Hecken

    Well said!

    It’s not often we can look back at a chosen profession and say, with such enthusiasm, how thankful we are for having chosen it. Sometimes I’m thankful just to be able to have the energy to turn on the snooze button, while other days, I can’t wait to hit the ground running.

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with the rest of us. We’re all the better for it.


  12. Maureen Moran

    Prof. Morosoff,
    I am thankful for your enthusiasm, your wisdom and your creative instruction. Thank you for your continued support.



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