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Have you seen the new award-winning film “The Artist”? Surely you must have heard about this superb silent–yes, silent–French/American movie about a big Hollywood star in the 1920’s who can’t make the transition to talking films. It’s really, really good.

Don’t be scared by the idea that the movie has no dialogue because, like any still picture, it truly does speak. You know the expression “a picture is worth a thousand words?” With words only occasionally supplied by title cards, “The Artist” doesn’t need speaking to get across an interesting, heartwarming story.

Likewise, effective public relations doesn’t always require spoken or even written words. Selecting the right images to tell a story, reinforce an opinion, change a mind, or move an action can be more effective than all the clever wordsmanship in the world. Think of the photos you’ve seen in your life, the pictures that make you feel or remember something, good or bad. Some are wonderful, and some are truly haunting. Some are images that are forever in our heads.

Break out of your movie-going comfort zone and see “The Artist” if only to watch pictures that can move you. Then remember to put a lot of thought into how you use images to move your audiences. PR should be about using all the tools at your disposal to appeal to each of the senses. Sight combined with silence can be very, very powerful. Your thoughts?

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