Happiness with your work: PRiceless

Meet Toby. He’s roughly 18 months old and at 20 pounds, he’s small for a beagle. My wife and I saw him at the Kent shelter in Calverton, N.Y. and it was love at first sight. After a missed opportunity and a failed adoption, we finally took him home this week. Can you blame us? Just look at that punim!

We had been searching for our “forever” dog for weeks, scouring hundreds of online photos and visiting several shelters. There were disappointments and second guessing as we tried to make the right decision. But during the process, I found that all of these shelters had something common: the people who work there LOVE what they are doing.

Mostly volunteers, they spend their spare time cleaning up messes, caring for special needs animals, and dealing with the occasional scratch or bite. They name every dog and cat and get to know each one of them. In our case, they spent as much time as we needed with us and the dogs we were considering, helping us make a decision with no pressure applied. They followed up with phone calls and emails when new dogs were available, and learned our own needs so we’d find the right pet.

And they love these animals. You can see it in their eyes and hear it in their voices. I got to thinking: when we’re at work we sometimes deal with unpleasant people and mundane tasks, so how wonderful is it when we truly love our jobs? I’ve been so fortunate in my work and have looked forward to going to work every day. Maybe it’s the PR profession and its tendency to never be boring. Maybe it’s the camaraderie of my colleagues who “get it,” and are so willing to be there when I needed advice. My job today is the best I’ve had; I can’t wait to be with my students, or work alongside smart and (mostly) pleasant people, or find ways to improve our program and our profession each and every day.

“Find what you love to do and the money will come,” goes the saying. But you may not always get rich–and it really doesn’t matter. Because when you love your work, there’s nothing better. Except a warm, sweet beagle. Your thoughts?

12 thoughts on “Happiness with your work: PRiceless

  1. Rachel_Lynn_Gonzalez

    I WANT THIS PUPPY! Besides the fact that Toby is absolutely adorable and I am SO jealous, I thought that the underlying message of this post was great. It is extremely important to find a career that you are passionate about and love to do. Without passion and love for what you’re doing, your overall job performance and attitude will eventually show negative results and you will spend the rest of your life doing something that you dread getting out of bed for. Although it is clear to me that PR isn’t exactly the highest paid profession in the world, it is something that I can honestly say I love to do and can see myself doing for long time. This article goes to show that no matter what job you have, as long as you have love for it, the money doesn’t matter. Life is too short to be anything but happy!

  2. Jenny Zheng

    He is precious! I also just want to say that it was a good move to adopt him. I adopted my kitten from an animal shelter a few months ago, and just to be able give him (his name is “Ninja” by the way, a name that my eleven year old brother came up with) a home was very rewarding. Also, today is National Puppy Day! So Happy National Puppy Day Toby!

  3. Brie Schachtel

    So cute!
    From experience I worked with SmittenbyKittens for many years when I was younger as part of my bat mitzvah project so I can relate to all that volunteers do. I loved naming the cats and helping socialize them so they can be ready for adoption. I learned that each cat had a different personality and that made it easier for families to find ‘the right pet’ because it fit well with the family. I was only a volunteer but I loved what I was doing because I am an animal lover.
    I hope I will enjoy PR as much as other people do. I would like to go into advertising and I hope I will be able to look forward to going to work every single day. While it was not what I had intended to do with my life (I was originally a metalsmithing/jewelry design major) I hope I will enjoy it all the same.

  4. JackieZupo

    What an adorable puppy!! I really liked this post, one of my biggest fears is having a job I don’t love. Someone earlier mentioned how they fell into PR and thats sort of what happen to me too. But I’m glad I picked it because the field never seems to be boring. Money is important but I think happiness is more important and in order to have happiness you need to love what you do. I hope after I graduate I can obtain that happiness in the PR field.

  5. juliachappell

    As a two-time beagle owner, I’d say you made a great choice for a new pet. I hope you are very happy with Toby!

    As for loving what you do, I think the passion absolutely reflects in the way you teach. I love when you tell the class stories from your career, because it gets me excited for all the different facets of PR that I hope to one day experience.

    Coming into college, I always considered myself fortunate because I knew I wanted study PR. I enjoy learning about how to be successful PR practitioner and I am excited to one day apply this knowledge. Until then, I am enjoying soaking up every pearl of PR wisdom. Then after I graduate, I will become one of those lucky people who love what they do.

  6. aluisi2

    First of all, I must say that Toby is adorable. I agree with the fact that you have to love what you because work is something that is going to consume a major part of our lives. I kind of fell into taking PR classes at school because I was informed at a previous college that I had to “pick” something. However, I am glad I picked PR. Although I am just starting out in PR, I have truly enjoyed working in the PR field in my previous internships. What I have found is that although you do the similar work constantly, it is also something different everyday. I truly hope that money will come with something I love to do because I plan on having a long and successful career in PR.

  7. jessica kleid

    It makes ALL the difference when you love what you do. Working somewhere unpleasant where you’re unhappy leads to problems outside the workplace. When you’re not happy it reflects in what you do and affects the people you love. Nobody wants to hear somebody complain all the time. It feels good to come home and share special stories about your day at work with someone who matters. If I worked with animals, or with kids, and maybe even doing PR, I know I would be happy. I have had the experience of working a job I didn’t like, and it just made the day go so slow, and I never wanted to go to work. If money wasn’t a factor, we would all probably choose a job we love if the jobs were available. I know I would be unhappy working for a big corporation where all that mattered was the paycheck. I can’t say that all PR jobs would be fun, but at least most days are different and you get to work with people, so that spices up the job.

    On another note, cute puppy!

  8. Abby Littleton

    I am a huge animal and especially dog lover so I absolutely loved this post! It is amazing to see these workers and volunteers doing what they love and in turn helping helpless animals. I think loving what you do for a living is extremely important. If not, find something else. It is hard in this economy not to be scared of not finding another job but, is it worth it to be miserable doing what you do on a daily basis?

  9. Alecia Detka

    This is what I hope to find by choosing to major in public relations. It has been my goal all along to find excitement and to avoid boredom in which ever job I were to choose for myself. Hopefully, I have chosen the right major for me! So far, I can admit that I really love it!

  10. Dianne Baumert-Moyik

    Congrats Jeff! He’s so cute. We love our chocolate lab, Fudge (now four), and he was a rescue, too. Paul and I live our lives sharing that same philosophy with our children. If you love what you do, it is never work. And, when Alyssa asks us are we “rich?” I tell her we are “rich in love and family”–the two places where it counts the most. Best wishes and see you at the PRSA conference!

  11. Vanessa Mota

    What a wonderful post! This is exactly what I tell my husband over and over again. It is important to find work doing something you love. Through Hofstra, I have found it in PR. Maybe it’s just the excitement of learning something new everyday, or getting to know wonderful people like my peers or professors like you who are always teaching the profession with such excitement. Every time I go to class I know I’ve made the right decision.

  12. Annik Spencer

    I found this post very interesting because the question of money vs. passion definitely comes into play when choosing a career. College is a time to explore what you want to do for the rest of your life, and I like to think that most students choose to go for their passion rather than the profession that will make them the most money. I am fortunate to have been raised in a family where the question of money vs. passion is never a question because my family believes strongly that you must love what you do. When i was choosing both of my majors, my parents always told me to do what will make me happy in the future, rather than the job that will give me the highest paycheck. I am definitely very lucky to have parents who feel this way. I really think that I have chosen two majors that will make me happy because I believe that they are my passions and because of that I think that I will love my job in the future, whatever it may be!


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