100 Sundays, 100 "Public Relations Nation" posts

My dog Toby, just because :)

My dog Toby, just because

I’m proud to say that this is the 100th “Public Relations Nation” and I haven’t missed a Sunday post since it launched. A wide array of topics have been observed and dissected by my readers and I; we’ve tackled PR issues from Trump to Twitter; from Ivy Lee to Frank Luntz; from good grammar to bad judgement; from Apple’s successful branding to LIPA’s communications debacle. The 350-word blog has been viewed 12,000 times since February 2011, and has garnered 1,200 comments from 340 committed, weekly followers and others.  We’ve tackled public relations issues large and small, from how we teach PR in the classroom to how PR decisions are made in the board room.

Admittedly, much of the online commentary to “Public Relations Nations” comes from my students at Hofstra University, where I often more than suggest that they read the blog and participate in the discussion.  It’s been wonderful to watch their often measured, sometimes emotional reactions to my challenge of “Your thoughts?” at each post’s end.  It’s also been cool to get reactions from far away, including a nice review of this blog from a Florida communications student, to an email from a guy in Washington State suggesting that I craft a PR strategy for gun control.

On which topics the next 100 blogs will focus? Will President Obama become a great communicator? (We suggested he is not).  Will corporations and public figures stop repeating the same PR mistakes others have made?  (I highly doubt it).  Will  students finally learn the difference between it’s and its? (For heaven’s sake, get it right!).

I look forward to the next hundred posts and your participation within them.  With my dog Toby at my side and the help of my wife Tema (who proofs and edits), I write them first as an education tool for my student and second as a place for a PR dialogue among fellow professionals.  I hope my blog improves in content and style in 2013.  Your suggestions are more than welcome.

I wish you a happy, healthy and excellent PR New Year!  Your thoughts?

4 thoughts on “100 Sundays, 100 "Public Relations Nation" posts

  1. Patricia Gambale

    Congratulations Jeff! I look forward to reading your blog in 2013. Wishing you and your entire family (both 2-legged and 4-legged) a happy and helathy.

  2. Bert Cunningham

    Congrats, Jeff, on reaching the century mark in blog posts. Your effort requires dedication and focus. It’s also a thought-provoking service for both PR students and professionals. Each week I egarly look forward to reading, and perhaps commenting upon, your latest Sunday morning entry. All the best for the New Year to you and Tema, your most trusted editor, and to your loyal sidekick, Toby. May 2013 be rich in PR topics about which to write.

  3. Pat Schissel

    As our world becomes even faster paced I for one became even more aware of the impact and importance choosing words wisely and succinctly through my exposure to you and your class this past semester. Thank you for all your work and time. Happy and healthy new year. Pat Schissel, AHA Association


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