A PaRty like it's 1999

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computers 1999“They (Obama’s campaign) were playing chess while we (Romney’s team) was playing checkers.”

So said “a senior member” of the Romney campaign’s digital team, according to last Sunday’s New York Times Magazine article, “The Late Adopters.” The feature story by Robert Draper focused on the Republican Party’s image crisis and its snail-paced march toward the digital age.  Throughout the campaign, young Republican consultants pitched software and technology, only to be ignored:

“Team Romney managed to connect with 12 million Facebook friends, triple that of Obama’s operation in 2008; but Obama in 2012 accrued 33 million friends and deployed them as online ambassadors who in turn contacted their Facebook friends, thereby demonstrably increasing the campaign’s get-out-the-vote efforts in a way that dwarfed the Republicans’. While Romney’s much-hyped get-out-the-vote digital tool, Orca, famously crashed on Election Day, Obama’s digital team unveiled Narwhal, a state-of-the-art data platform that gave every member of the campaign instant access to continuously updated information on voters, volunteer availability and phone-bank activity. And despite spending hundreds of millions of dollars, the Romney television-ad-making apparatus proved to be no match for the Obama operation, which enlisted Rentrak…through which it accrued an entirely new layer of information about each and every consumer, giving the campaign the ability to customize cable TV ads.”

Like it or not, politicians, retailers, the service industry, nonprofits–organizations and we, as individuals–can’t postpone the paradigm shift the world is experiencing.  Some figures show that two-thirds of the planet’s population now use smart phones, and shopping, learning, reading, playing, and meeting online rises significantly every day.  Public relations practitioners have deeply felt changes in our profession; we’ve had to become tech savvy very quickly, and many still struggle to keep up with ever-changing platforms and tools.

“There’s an old guard in Republican politics…mostly made up of television and direct-mail consultants,” said GOP digital consultant Zac Moffet in the article.  It may seem obvious, but the party–and just about everyone else on earth–has to put down the pencils and get on Reddit and Instagram and whatever is new, or be stuck in 1999.  But can they?  Can we?  Your thoughts?

45 thoughts on “A PaRty like it's 1999

  1. Alex Packer

    The role of social media in propelling Obama to not one, but two Presidential victories can not be understated. In 2008, the Obama campaign proved that reaching voters online on an interactive level is a useful tactic in garnering votes. In 2012, the campaign showed just how useful it can be.
    As professional communicators it is our duty to remain at the forefront of innovation in our field, otherwise we will be left in the dust. There is so much new and exciting technology available to us nowadays that allows us to reach the public on a personal level, which is the ultimate goal of effective PR. So yes, if we hope to be good communicators in the coming years we can not rest in our efforts to stay ahead of the tech. curve.

  2. Diane R

    Social media is imperative in society today and the Obama Administration used social media in their campaign and it worked in their favor. I believe it is very important for people in society to adapt to technology changes and become familiar with social media outlets. The example of the Obama Administration using social media during the 2012 presidential election shows how much of an influence social media has on people. In addition, PR companies have specific jobs assigned to people to control social media because it has that big of an impact on their company.

  3. Jeremy Beck

    The final question of “can the republican party break the mold of their outdated networking techniques” needs to be answered with yes, but if they don’t, they may cease to exist. As was said in the blog the way of the world is vastly different than it was even four years ago. Things are accelerating at such a rapid pace that anything that doesn’t keep up will become irrelevant. We have seen examples over and over of things that have become obsolete due to the internet and the emergence of social networking online. The republican party have the ability to change, the question is, will they realize in time they they must change in order to be relevant?

  4. Kneekiki

    Technology is everything whether we want to believe it or not. It is important that everyone engages in the social media world that the Internet has provided us. There are many things that can be accomplished by using the media besides gaining one follower at a time. It allows for comments and statements to be posted and hopefully recognized by this significant person you choose to find an interest in. This presidential campaign demonstrated the importance of what social media can provide for the campaign alone and how any campaign can become successful by just one Facebook or Instagram page .

  5. LucieSorel

    Being in touch and familiar with technology is very important for a political campaign. In fact, it is one of the most important devices a campaign can use, since most people read about their news and information online, they are likely to learn about a political platform online as well. Since most political campaigns hire young and intelligent staff, I believe they are very capable of staying up to date with technology. However, Obama, who was a fairly young candidate had an easier time with gaining the youths vote and also having a very young staff. Romney on the other hand was much older than Obama and didn’t capture the youths vote easily. While most republicans are of the older generation, they are less likely to be on modern sites such as Instagram. I have to admit that I myself am not familiar with Reddit but I am also not extremely tech savvy. I think in future elections, taking advantage of every angle possible, including capturing youth and old audiences is important. It can not be all one sided. This is very possible for all political organizations since many recent graduates of college studied technology. There is a large pool out there to hire from.

  6. kerrischreiber

    Social media in any circumstance is important. You can sell anything through social media even without trying. Merely by having an online presence will give a public official, figure or business gain some sort of market value. The overall motive of social media is to either be elected as an official, or gain profit for a business, celeb, etc. The Obama Administration used what they did in 2008 again in 2012 and unfortunately it worked in their favor.

  7. Carrie Walker

    I think they can make those changes and adjustments. In today’s world it is becoming imperative that everyone utilizes the newest technology if they care to stay relevant. People need to change with the times or they will sadly fall behind. If the Republican party would like to stand a fighting chance against they should utilize the young and media savvy individuals they have at their disposal. New technology will only increase as time goes on and the only way we can all really benefit is by actively becoming apart of all these new changes.

  8. Nicole Botsaris

    I think that everyone, no matter what industry you’re in, should take advantage of the technology that surrounds us. In this case, while it is true that the Republican party is dominated by older individuals, we should not pin that as the reason for their lack of social media presence. Obama’s campaign knew that their biggest supporters were voters ages 18-30, and this population also happens to use social media the most, which means that the Obama campaign knew they would have a huge following on Twitter, Facebook etc. The Republicans, while also having supporters in this age population, gains most of their following from older voters, who have their own way of showing support for their party. However, as I stated before, that is not an excuse to NOT be involved in social media. We should all learn to take advatnage of technology and benefit from it’s use but never forget the power of the pencil as well.

  9. Shurida Lundi

    I’m having trouble myself keeping up with all of the social media out today. I have so many and still there are some that I am unfamiliar with or do not know how to work. With that being said the Republican Party is an older crowd who may not use all of the social media out there. We can’t stop time so we have to move with it. Its hard but it can get done.

  10. Drew Avery

    I think it’s an absolute must that our society adapts with today’s technology. No one wants to be left alone thinking why didn’t I know about this? I think it’s more of an advantage for us, but also can be harmful if we ignore it as well.

  11. shirley

    I think it’s very true that everyone, especially politicians, to be up-to-date with technology and social media platforms. But here’s the question, if Romney’s campaign had in fact been on board with the entire social media movement as was Obama would it have made a difference? How big or small would it have been? There’s no doubt about it that Obama’s social media campaign had great moments like the picture posted of him and his wife embracing which later on became to be the most re-tweeted photo in twitter history. Romney doesn’t have those moments. Just now, the brand that makes the dress that Mrs.Obama was wearing in the picture, ASOS, is reselling it. The dress came out this morning and is almost sold out.

  12. kristintellsall

    Personally, I think companies, celebrities, and politicians are constantly trying to use the latest best thing. Some become flops others catch on and make the cut. I don’t think it’s a matter of getting left behind but being the last to follow the trend. If you’re trying to market/ advertise/ or do any PR you should be taking risks. I think consumers would like to at least see the effort and fail instead of not trying at all. It’s crucial to target your audience with what technology they’re using also.

  13. alexis gionesi

    I believe it is absolutely necessary to make changes to become technologically savvy in order to stay current in today’s society. People receive much of their information through Facebook, twitter, etc., therefore if someone needs to get their word out it would be beneficial to keep up with the technological changes we face today. I truly believe there is no choice in the matter. Social media has become apart of the majority of peoples every day activities, and I think it’s important for Republicans to do so as well.

  14. blarouche

    I don’t think that people are necessarily going to completely “put down the pencil” however I think that they have to adapt and turn more of their focus to social media. With the wave of technology that has hit there is no denying that communication is quickly changing and people are following not necessarily because they want to but because they don’t want to fall behind. And even though many people are following in order to stay current there are people who remain adamant that they do not want to join in with the new wave of communication. I think that while there are understandable reasons why people don’t want to join the new wave of communication, they need to if they want to stay current and be able to be competitive instead of getting lost amongst the masses.

  15. Ian Poulos

    As some others have mentioned, there is no doubt that technological advancement is affecting the way people communicate with each other and their publics. However, I’d like to note that there is a difference between adapting to the change and completely abandoning the previous system. In other words, I disagree with the position that we all have to “put down the pencils and get on Reddit and Instagram.” Although there has been a notable influx in the number of people on social media and other similar platforms during the past decade, everyone has not made this transition. If a company or institution seeking attention focuses its efforts on only one aspect – that is, directing all efforts to new media – then it will miss a sizeable sector of the population.

    I am the perfect example. I do not have a smart phone. I am not on Twitter. I have never used Instagram, and I rarely frequent Reddit. I am sure that there are others who share my lifestyle. I am not denying the existence of a technological shift, and I do not believe that the progression can be – or should be – stopped, but from a PR perspective, it is important to recognize that technological advancement is a spectrum full of gradations; some people are more advanced than others, and this is why knowing one’s audience is becoming progressively more important over time.

  16. Brittni Hicks

    I’m not sure what you mean by “can they? Can we?” I think I don’t understand how that is a question that is even being asked. We absolutely can. Publicists, marketers and advertisers are finding new ways every day to engage their target audiences with today’s social media platforms. Social media is more engaging for fans and followers, even President Obama has a Twitter, of course he doesn’t have as many followers at Justin Bieber.

  17. Beckett Mufson

    It’s not even a question that politicians and public figures must remain on top of communication technology if they want to remain competitive; it hasn’t really been a question since the 1960 JFK v Nixon debate (Kennedy’s responsiveness to the cutting edge TV tech was a deciding factor in his victory). What’s really interesting to me is how the reliance of important people, who have vast economic resources and a lot to lose, will change the development of social media. There are several trends pointing toward making social media less free. Facebook recently attempted to develop the monetization of the site (charging to message strangers and those lame V-day gifts), and a rising platform called Pheed seems to be working toward a culture of subscription-based social media content. The more reliant we become on these forms of media, the less likely they’ll continue to be free, independent, and harmless.

    But, of course, it’s still completely necessary to understand and adapt to these new, changing tools, regardless of whether they remain the quick, free, and easy way of building a political or consumer base. But I think something’s gonna hit the fan within the next decade or so, and it ain’t gonna be roses.

  18. Andrea Rebello

    I find it interesting that the advancements in social media and technology even have to be applied to politics in order to be the most successful, and reach the largest amount of people. Something so little as the amount of Facebook “likes” or friend’s can be used to a person, or companies advantage. It is clear that in today’s society, no matter what you do or who you are, it is crucial to keep up with the advancements of technology and the rise in social media in order to become, or remain the most successful.

  19. christineneumann

    I’m so glad that you brought up this topic. While it has been addressed specifically by the GOP is the recent months, I think it is something that all politicians need to consider. Politicians are supposed to listen and communicate with the public that voted them in and social media is the best and most efficient way to do that. But it does comes with its downsides. It means that politicians (like the rest of us) need to pay attention to how and what they post. I think that this will allow more sunlight into how politicians do business with each other and contact their public.

  20. ccorte6

    The Republican party needs to get on the technology boat or suffer the tragedy of sinking in the waters. People today are constantly connected to the internet; they not only use it as their main form of communication, but also its where they receive all their information. Statistic show that people are less likely to believe an advertisement over what their peers say. If that is so, why waste all the money on a television ad when a much cheaper Facebook status could reach millions more and is going to be more widely accepted because their peers give it the “ok.” It’s not just politicians, but everyone needs to adapt to the technological world if they want to stay relevant, especially in public relations.

  21. nikkigyftopoulos

    Every career industry in our society, not only PR, has had a major shift from the traditional ways to the technological ways. Employees have had to adapt to these new online tools and many have had an issue with it. However, whether you agree with the idea of the internet or not, everyone must make changes in their lives to keep up with the constant, fast-pace online life we live in. I think some, especially the older generations, are more reluctant than others to make this shift. But in the end, the internet will take over eventually… if it hasn’t already.
    Obama made a great decision to use so much of the internet and social media in his campaign and I believe it really did affect the election. The internet is going to continually become more effective in not only elections, but every other aspect of life. As a PR major, I know that the field I am entering into will require me to be informed about the internet and how to use it efficiently. Because my generation is the first to be so immersed in technology at a young age, I feel as though we all will have a better chance at not only getting jobs, but excelling at them and bringing new ideas to the table. Employers are searching for graduates with experience in technology and social media… and we definitely have it!

  22. Erica Barnes

    I especially enjoyed this week’s post because I am currently dealing with a client in one of my PR classes whose company is extremely hesitant to move forward into the online world. Organizations should realize that modernizing their communication will do nothing but strengthen relationships with their public. Older-minded groups, like the republicans in this post, are understandably hesitant to delve into a world they are unfamiliar with, but they are going to have to adapt if they plan on being successful in the future.

  23. aalvey

    They have to if they want to keep evolving and growing in this field. The older generation is very set in their ways and it’s difficult for a lot of them (especially business men/politics) to integrate social media into their campaigns and strategies. In order to achieve success, this needs to happen because the demographic of social media users is growing consistently. Social media is just something that can’t be avoided now. Sure, there are other ways to do things and those methods should not be thrown out the door, but they call for a balance between those older methods and social media in order to become super powers in the world today.

  24. miabrienne

    Popular amongst other replies, I agree that social media has no longer become a luxury, but a necessity. Obama winning the presidential election, in my eyes, further proves this. Obama had taken advantage of social media and its gateway of greater communication to reach a larger demographic and in this election it paid off. I commend the Republican party for taking note of this and putting forth a greater effort in joining this social media revolution. I believe that this can only benefit the party. Although its main demographic tend to be older in age, it cannot hurt them to at least try and expand itself by the use of social media.

  25. Kristen Kelly

    Technology and social media have quickly changed the way people communicate. PR practitioners, political parties and their campaigns, and individuals, need to keep up to date on the new ways people are interacting with the world. In order to hold a successful campaign, reaching out to the public is the most important key. With over 100,000,000 users on facebook in the united states alone, setting up a facebook page for a politician or brand gives them the opportunity to reach out to these users 24/7. In order to keep up with the times and the way technology keeps changing, PR practitioners, or anyone trying to reach the public, need to learn the new tools of the trade.

  26. Kellianne

    If Romney was elected I would then say that social media didn’t have an impact. But, the fact that Obama won and he took complete advantage of social media shows that it really did matter. It’s funny to think that even ten years ago a thing such as Facebook would have an impact on a PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. So this really shows that in order to succeed in the real world whether its education, business or politics, you need to know every social media outlet and how to use it to your full advantage.

  27. caliannfornia

    This was very interesting. When the media is constantly changing it is important to almost change with it. There are many advantages to adopting new technology (as Obamas campaign showed) so people should make it a point to do so. Being in the know never harmed anyone, well not really at least haha. By changing with the media and technology you enable yourself to reach out to more people especially younger people. By being on your A-game you are allowing yourself to not only gain more views/followers but to possibly make more money as well. Romneys campaign shouldn’t have turned down the young adults ideas involving new media.

  28. gionnacerniglia

    It is crazy to think how something that seems of little importance, like the number of Facebook friends, can make a huge difference on something so crucial, a presidential election. Everyday social media is being updated, and it is becoming harder to keep up with it especially for the older generation. All of these new social media sites like Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, need to be taken advantage of by all of these politicians.

  29. Amanda Daley

    It is amazing to see how big of an impact the Internet and social media has made on society. Although, the Republican party did not use social media to its advantage in the previous election, it isn’t to late to start. Although the Republican demographic is stero-typed as being middle-aged adults, doesn’t mean that the younger generation who support the Republican party can’t help get the party on the fast track to utilizing social media.

  30. Jenny Rowe

    I really don’t like to think that it’s all about the young generation versus the older generation, but when it comes to the Republican party, it truly matters. The Obama campaign did a great job of reaching out to younger people, which Romney’s people did not do the best job of doing from what I saw in 2012. Social networking is taking over, and it’s incredible that something as simple as the number of Facebook friends can make such a big impact on a presidential election. Politicians today need to use this to their advantage.

  31. Marissa Dombkowski

    Though the Republican party targets the senior demographic (50 plus), I learned in one of my other PR classes that this age group is a prime target for advertisers because they want to get up to date with technology and are looking to buy computers and smart phones and things like that. The Republican party should have saw this as an advantage. If their followers are starting to get up to date on technology, why shouldn’t they? There would be no harm in the Republicans starting to make a social media presence. Social media is the new norm today, and it would have been a great way to reach a younger audience as well as reinforce the opinions of the older one.

  32. stevenpmorin

    First of all: WOOOO Reddit!!!

    That out of the way… it really shouldn’t be a surprise that Republicans drag behind in the field of technology and social media – they drag behind in everything. That’s the entire goal of their party. Republicans are known for, if one thing above all else, being conservative. That means resistant to change. They target all their marketing and PR efforts to those who are also resistant to change. Facebook friends and the like are not important to the GOP because they’re targeting people who, generally, do not use the social media sites.

    The issue with this should be obvious. Conservatism will never work, because change DOES happen. Republicans are resistant to adopting social media, the internet, and technology, but, of course, those things are extremely relevant in today’s world.

    A few weeks ago, when the Republicans finally endorsed the idea of integrating immigrants into our country, they sauntered around, so proud of themselves because “they can no longer be called racist.” That simply is not true. Succumbing to the virtual requirements of the new political world doesn’t change that you’re conservative about those changes. We still see the GOP as technologically-slow, even though they have social media efforts.

    Decades ago, the GOP was against the integration of African-Americans into public schools. After so much public outcry, views were changed, and African-Americans were on their way to social change. The GOP was dragged along, resisting the change all the way. The same thing happened with Women’s Rights. It’s happening now with immigration. It’s inevitably going to happen with LGBT Rights.

    The GOP’s use of technology is a clear image of everything the party stands for.

  33. Lola Odejobi

    The Republican party should have learned a huge lesson from the last election. They need to wake up and get down with the younger generation and social media is a great way to connect with the younger crowd. The Obama campaign uses Facebook and Twitter and they did a great job with it. Sometimes the Obamas actually tweet from their accounts too. When they tweet from their account they add “MO” or “BO” to the tweet to show that it is them tweeting. Social media is the future so it is very important to use it to your advantage.

  34. Christina Deecken

    I believe that it is only a matter of time before the older generation fully understands that social media tactics are a necessity in today’s society. If anything, the results of the past election should be a wake up call to the Republican party. Even though their general demographic consists of the older generation, social media is becoming increasingly popular, even among that age group. Every single person is capable of becoming social media savvy and using social media outlets to their advantage.

  35. aunaturalenyc

    This is absolutely an accurate demonstration of the social networking takeover! If the amount of Facebook followers can in some way make any difference on a presidential campaign! The Democratic part’s demographic of the younger generation definitely helped them, as we have come to be the majority of voters. It is all about rolling with the technological movement, and using it to your advantage!

  36. Sarah Caruso

    I think that people are going to have to evolve to keep up with this fast paced lifestyle of new technologies and media or else they will get left behind. Its simple evolutionary theory; everything on this planet learns to adapt to new environments and situations. If they don’t then they become extinct. We all have the ability to learn, its really just a question of wanting to do it.

  37. Helen Masha

    There is no question there is a massive shift into the digital world and that if people do not jump on now they will be left behind. Obama’s 2012 campaign was very smart on how they emphasized the importance on social media and utilized that to their advanced. The public today wants to be linked in at all times and be able to connect to people, corporations and businesses all at a more personal level. The Republican party absolutely has the ability to adopt these new values and use them to their advantage. This years election will be a lesson learned for future candidates on how important digitally connecting to the public is for the campaign. I believe the question, “can we?” is answered by the fact that “we must.” If people do not drop down the pencil they will be dropped as a relevant public figure.

  38. aspenc6

    As you mentioned in your post, it is imperative for PR practitioners to be well-versed and up-to-date in technological and digital trends. PR professionals have to learn to change with the times. One of the first steps in a PR campaign is to figure out who your audience is and where to find them. Obviously the Obama campaign understood this and their social media and technological services throughout the 2008 and 2012 campaigns was incredibly successful. The Republican Party’s voter demographic is mostly middle-aged Americans. One would think that having this as a target audience would mean that they can be more old-fashioned in their communication channels. Although surprisingly enough at this moment in time Facebook’s largest user demographic is middle-aged people. Not only should the Republican Party utilize the Internt and social media more to attract younger audiences, but their established audience is using it as well! It’s virtually a win-win for the Republican Party to start using social media and updated technology. Also, they have the funds to do it, so why not start researching how to do this in the next campaign? It’s possible that it could even produce a victory for them if they do!

  39. Amanda Torres

    “…We, as individuals–can’t postpone the paradigm shift the world is experiencing.” I think you answered your own question, and I couldn’t agree more. We are in a world of social media and technology, and there is no going back. Technology has provided not only PR people with newer opportunities, but also journalists, businesses, organizations, etc. Twitter, Facebook, HootSuite, and all of the other social media accounts have allowed for people to submit more information at a quicker rate and to a larger audience. It is the most important tool right now for anyone and everyone to get their name/brand out their.

    Can “they”? I think they, as in the older generations, can adapt to this new world and put the pencils down because my generation and every generation after mine has the ability to teach. We are more than willing to get the entire world united over the Internet (as odd as that may sound). We want everyone to understand the importance of it.

    The Romney/Obama Facebook friend count is a perfect example of how much social media affects the world now. I’m pretty sure Romney didn’t have as much FB friends as Obama because a larger portion of the demographic that DOES use the newer technology/social media are the younger adults that Obama made sure to reach out to more. WE ARE THE FUTURE! People will either have to keep up or give up.

  40. Claire T.

    “But can they? Can we?” I think those are absolutely ridiculous questions to be asking. It shouldn’t be a question of whether or not it’s physically possible – because it most definitely is. The question should be whether or not people are willing to do so. Obviously Mitt Romney’s campaign was hurt by their unwillingness to adapt to current technology. Anyone who is serious about making an indent in PR is going to find that it’s a necessity to be technologically advanced.

    But here’s the thing – just because Mitt Romney himself doesn’t know enough about the technology or the way to yield it’s useful power doesn’t mean that he’s toast. As mentioned in the post, there were plenty of younger Republicans that knew enough about the advancements to take on the task and even teach the older staff how use it as well. One of my bosses is 70 years old and refuses to learn how to use a computer – simply because he has the means to refuse. Instead, he has his assistant print out all of his emails and read them aloud. Then he dictates to her, as she writes the emails in response for him. But by using his assistant as somewhat of a mediator, he’s actually managed to get to know the technology a bit. He will request printouts of articles, music charts, social media posts, etc. when he needs to refer to them for his work.

    It’s insane that the Romney campaign was unwilling to go ahead and make use of the tools and resources so readily available in this day and age.

  41. gmcillo

    I completely understand that it is hard for the older generation to learn the new ways of technology. Unfortunately this is where our society is headed, and everyone needs to become familiar with it if they want to be relevant. In the previous Presidential election it showed just how important knowing social media is. As the younger/new generation becomes the target, the best way in reaching them is to become familiar with social media sites this generation cannot seem to live without. It is crazy to think that in a couple of years our President would have grown-up using Facebook. Therefore, it shows that the times are changing and that becoming social media savvy is not really an option, it is a necessity to learn.

  42. Brenna Harran

    I think Republican politicians, the older generation, and really anyone can come to learn and use all the new social media that was not used years ago. Social media is an important part in any person or companies campaign or advertising. That is where today’s younger generations are and knowing from me, I see more news and information on the internet than actually on TV or in newspapers etc. Clearly in this last election, Team Obama blew Team Romney out of the water in uses of Facebook and social media and I think that is something that Republicans may need to step up with in the coming years. Social media is only going to grow over time and it is important to overcome the “changes” and learn to use it.

  43. Lauren Ciuzio

    I understand that it is hard for the older generation to get into the new ways of social media, and that they are stubborn, but they really don’t have a choice anymore. If a corporation/cause does not utilize social media to their fullest potential, they will not succeed over their competition. My cousin is a nurse practitioner at Mercy Hospital, and they are now learning new software to go “live” (meaning all prescriptions and medical charts will now be digital.) The younger nurses are in charge of teaching the older nurses how to use the new technologies, and it has been tough for my cousin because the older employees have a hard time adjusting to these changes, and just want to stick to what they know. However, the times are significantly changing with each passing day, and it is something everyone just needs to become familiar with. There really isn’t a choice antmore.

  44. janabanana12

    I think it is crucial that everyone becomes familiar with new social networks and technologies, because so much news and information is being sent through it day by day, minute by minute. It is true that the Internet has its flaws, and while there isn’t much wrong with old fashioned ways, the speed of the Internet gives those who are “tech savvy” an advantage. Because so many people and corporations-celebrities, politicians, TV networks- post updates online, that is where our news comes from first.

  45. EMC

    They absolutely can, and all it takes is giving the young, media savvy people the power to make those changes. The biggest problem is the Republican party’s demographic, which is stereotypes as a 50+ white male, which is the not social media’s biggest audience. The advantage is that this market is growing, and if one political campaign can utilize these networks to their full advantage, then so should the Republican party.


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