The PRize at the bottom of the box

crackerjack-prizeThis has been and will continue to be a very exciting time for my colleagues, my students and me.  Some highlights:

1) We got word this week that New York State has approved our graduate program in public relations at Hofstra.  It was a long, painstaking process, but the web site is up, the brochure is printed, ads will start running, and classes begin this fall.

2) With Commencement coming, many students have reported they’ve already gotten interviews and jobs. My daughter Deanna is also being interviewed as she readies for graduation–with a degree in public relations from another excellent college.

3) My colleagues with the Public Relations Professionals of Long Island (PRPLI), a leading trade and networking organization, will honor me this week with its 2013 Mentor Award at its annual dinner.  Getting the award for mentoring is tremendously meaningful to me.

These events are a culmination of my belief in the strength of our industry.  Public relations has truly become a respected force in the world of communications.  I worked in PR for 27 years before coming to Hofstra.  Now I have students who pay good money to listen to my accumulated “wisdom,” but the chats outside the classroom where we share ideas, navigate internships, discuss concerns, and examine future plans are, for me, truly the prize at the bottom of the box.

A mentor doesn’t sit and tell a less experienced person what to do; a mentor tries to help the mentee look at all sides of a situation, and then lets the mentee take it from there.  I suggest  to my students that in PR, networking is one of the fundamentals of success.  So is good writing.  And problem solving.  And a catalog of general knowledge that grows through curiosity.

This exceptional time will be bittersweet for me, however, because I’ll have to say goodbye and good luck to a lot of students I’ve grown to like and really care about.  I wish them all well.  I hope they stay in touch.  And I hope they know how much their future happiness and success means to me.  Your thoughts?

23 thoughts on “The PRize at the bottom of the box

  1. Valentine C. Francois

    Congratulations Prof. Morosoff! Your PR class was the first class I took at Hofstra. It was clear from the beginning that you are not only at the top of your field but an excellent professor. You made learning fun and interactive. Even though I am not a PR major, I will be able to use what I learned in your class in the “real” world.

  2. rcardno91

    I have certainly learned a great deal from you over the course of this semester. In addition to the skills I will take away from your class, I feel as though I have a much better handle on the industry as a whole. Your excitement for the future of PR is palpable and contagious. I can’t help but to be optimistic about my future and the futures of my classmates. The way you talk about PR being on the cutting edge of communications now and in the foreseeable future makes me feel as though I have made the right decision to enter this industry. I am not graduating yet and I hope to learn more from you next year.

  3. kerrischreiber

    Thank you for everything that you’ve done! Having a mentor is probably one of the smartest things that us college students could do during our four years here. Whether it is an academic mentor or just someone we look up to it is important. I know I have struggled a lot trying to figure out what I want to do but when I am unsure I look to those whom I respect and want to be like. Networking and making connections has become so natural to me and now I completely understand what it takes to make it in this business. In all honesty it is who you know but if you want to be respected you have to do your job well. A good mix of hard work and connections can help land you a good job!

  4. Lucie Sorel

    The end of a school year is always a very intense and exciting time at Hofstra. I agree with your statment that advising and building relationships between professors and students is a truly special aspect to this college. Though you are our professor, you are also experienced in the real word of PR and have many connections outside of the classroom. It is a gift to have a professor with so much previous experience and knowledge. I look forward to having more great advice and training in my next two years as a public relations major at Hofstra!

  5. Lola

    I really loved this class. Even though I’m a journalism major, I learned a lot and now I thoroughly enjoy public relations, thanks to this class. I think I’ve said this before, if journalism doesn’t work out for me, I may look into public relations. My favorite part of the class was learning about crisis pr because it’s unpredictable and “exciting” in a way. Crisis pr is also the main theme of my favorite show on ABC, “Scandal,” so this class helped me learn about what Olivia Pope was taught in school. I’m happy to hear that Hofstra now has a graduate program for PR.

  6. Ian Poulos

    I found this class to be very beneficial. Social media and the electronic age afford opportunities that can either benefit or damage individuals and organizations, and as a result, Public Relation has become increasingly more valuable from one year to the next. One tweet can make or break one’s career. I have no doubt that PR professionals will continue to be in demand. It is great that Hofstra has been given approval to offer a graduate PR program. Congratulations for being named mentor of 2013; your comments and feedback are invaluable. I enjoyed hearing about your experiences and all the feedback you provided. One does not realize how much there is to learn about PR until he looks back after the class is over and realizes how much he’s learned. That is how I feel.
    I planned on taking your PR 106 class in the Fall 2013; however, I recently found out that I was accepted by Hofstra Law through the LEAP program. Unfortunately, I will have to pass on this PR class, but I can see myself taking it and other PR classes after I am done with law school because I believe that I can benefit by honing in on skills that will definitely be valuable in my law career.

    I hope your daughter is successful in obtaining a position that she will be happy in.
    I will make an effort to stay in touch with you, Professor. I truly enjoyed attending and participating in your class.

  7. Shurida Lundi

    Your class has been my favorite PR class to take so far! I’ve enjoyed the trivia time in the beginning of class. Your feedback on assignments has made me understand PR so much more. Hopefully I can take a class with you again but I also know I can come to you for anything. I will definitely keep in touch and visit your office whenever I can next semester. Thanks for everything and congratulations on your award, you definitely deserve it!

  8. Jenny Rowe

    Congratulations on your award! That is very exciting news. However, I am a little more excited about Hofstra’s new graduate program for PR! It’s incredible how much I have learned in the undergraduate program over the past two years. I can’t wait to see what the graduate program has to offer!

  9. caliannfornia

    I am not going to lie I got very excited when I saw the Cracker Jack prize picture haha! Then I read the rest of the post and got teary eyed in a good way. This post was the prize at the bottom of the box for me. You’re a great professor and mentor and all of your upcoming students are very lucky to be taught by you. I am extremely excited that Hofstra has been approved for the graduate program. I am actually debating going back to school in a few years to get my Masters so it’s nice to know my undergrad school can offer that to me. Congratulations on your award and good luck to your daughter. 🙂

  10. Alex Packer

    Very moving post professor. Let me first say how happy I am to hear that the graduate program has been approved. I too have always felt that my interactions with professors and professionals outside the rigid structure of the classroom are far more valuable. Now, 5 days away from graduation, I only wish that I had done a better job taking advantage of the wealth of wisdom and experience that this campus provides. But, as you said, there is no reason we can’t continue to communicate and begin a relationship as fellow professionals (I’d like that).

    Finally, please send my congratulations to your daughter Deanna for her achievement. And of course, congratulations are in order Mom and Dad.

  11. Jeremy Beck

    Congratulations on being honored! I am glad to hear that a graduate program in public relations is starting at Hofstra because after taking a PR class at Hofstra I’ve come to realize how important PR is to any organization or corporation and how it is a valuable asset and skill to have.

  12. gionnacerniglia

    This is great news to hear that the Hofstra Public Relations graduate program is approved! Congratulations on the award it was a pleasure taking your class, I really enjoyed it and learned a lot from it. From all of my PR classes I have taken at Hofstra, including this one, I have learned that networking is crucial in PR in order to gain connections from different people. I have one more year here at Hofstra and I am looking forward to taking your class in the spring!

  13. kblevick

    Aw, what a great post! Congrats on the PR masters program getting approved; that is so exciting for you and Hofstra. It really means something to students when professors care about them outside of the classroom as well. Connections between students and professors benefit both parties and I think it is great that you find such value in that as well. Congrats on being named Mentor of the Year as well!

  14. bluelenex

    Ah alas, all good things must come to an end. I really do appreciate all of your wisdom that you and the other PR professors at Hofstra give to us. I have another year here, but I feel very well prepared already to go out and be a force to be reckoned with in the PR world. Thank you for everything that you do!

  15. Helen Masha

    This is such a great last post! I am glad to hear that the PR graduate program is approved and ready to go! I agree that students and professors should stay in contact and over the years I have grown close to many of my professors and am still able to go to them for guidance. This has been a great semester in PR 106 and the information and connections I made are invaluable.

  16. Claire T.

    It’s great to hear that the graduate program has been approved. It’s nice to take a look back at all we have to be thankful for at this time of year. It’s exciting to be [finally] graduating from university, but it’s also incredibly stressful as I try to get a job. The job market is tough and the entertainment business is an even tougher industry to get into, but with a little hard work it will come. This semester I had some of the best professors I’ve had in my four year stay with the university, and I’m very thankful for the opportunity to network with such accomplished individuals.

  17. nikkigyftopoulos

    This post is perfect for this time of year! With all the stress of finals and the emotions of graduation, I really appreciated this post and I’m sure many others did too. As a junior PR major at Hofstra, I am very happy to hear that the university is giving its PR students more opportunities, especially a graduate program. When I first saw the email about the graduate program last week, I was very excited and I know that this opens up so many more opportunities for myself. In my few years here at Hofstra, I can say that what I enjoy the most is my personal interactions with my professors outside the classroom. I have learned so many real-life lessons and received so much support and advice from my professors, and I know this will help me in my future. I appreciate the PR industry as a whole. PR is constantly growing and I hope that when my PR career is established, I can make advancements in the field that will help other college students. Like you said, PR requires networking, good writing, problem solving, and general knowledge. I completely agree with this and I hope that through my time here at Hofstra, I am able to continue to learn and improve in all of these aspects necessary to be successful in PR and in life.

  18. Christina D

    I’m very happy that Hofstra’s graduate program for public relations was approved. This is a step in the right direction for the field of PR. From what I’ve observed, many people don’t quite understand what PR even is, and are quick to inaccurately define it. This program will likely help the field be taken more seriously and show just how important it is as a career.

  19. Jana Kaplan

    Even though students (such as myself) aren’t majoring in PR, I can’t help but be proud that Hofstra is taking the next step within the industry. Just from taking PR 100, I feel like I am better able to network myself, not just as a journalist, but as a person. The school year might be over, but the knowledge gained is not, and I hope that I can continue learning about relations, whether with the public or an individual.

  20. Annik Spencer

    This post ties in perfectly with the long chat you and I had the other day when I was the only student who showed up to the optional class period! I really enjoyed our talk and it made me excited for my senior year and my future in this career. PR is definitely one of those majors where your professors are extremely valuable and necessary resources. It is helpful when they share stories and experiences from when they worked in PR, assist you with finding contacts for internships and jobs and of course, teach you the basic tools needed for the PR world. We can’t do it without you!

  21. AndreaRebello

    This is a big week for Hofstra PR! I believe that the advancements in PR education available to students today is a direct result of how much the industry has changed over time, and will continue to change as the need for PR becomes more and more vital. I agree with this post and agree that professors and students should try to have somewhat of a relationship because in reality, our professors and advisors are the ones we always turn to for help and guidance, and at Hofstra I can almost guarantee that based on my experiences here, they never let us down.

  22. mdombkowski

    I agree that this is a very tough and emotional week. Hofstra has become my home for the past four years and it seems so sad to think that come September, I will not be returning back here to reunite with everyone. But I am extremely excited to take on the real world and I feel that the public relations classes I’ve taken at Hofstra have left me extremely prepared. Public Relations is a growing field, and I feel that Hofstra really has been one of the leading colleges in its teachings. So many of my friends from home have not gotten the same PR education as I have attending Hofstra. I’m going to miss all of my professors but I know that I will take with me all of their lessons and words of wisdom.

  23. EMC

    This is hard to read at such an emotional time..the week before finals and graduation! This year has been the most rewarding of all at Hofstra. I grew close to many of my professors and I cherish the time we spend outside of class, during office hours or even passing in the hallways for a brief discussion. Professor Morosoff and Professor Young were the two faculty supervisors at our Friends of Max Kolb Telethon viewing party last Sunday. I wasn’t expecting to have such a good time just sitting around with my small team and Professor Morosoff and Professor Young, but we reminisced about the semester and had conversations about the plans after graduation. Getting genuine, human to human advice and support from someone was a wonderful tie in to this whole four year experience at Hofstra. I strongly urge students of any year to keep in touch with their professors outside of the classroom. They can be invaluable sources of advice, connections, and it will enrich your experience in the classroom. I’m so thankful for the wonderful professors I have had at Hofstra. I will miss you all!


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