PRaise for the Class of '13

Class of 13I’m writing a second blog today to celebrate the Class of 2013.  As I finish my third year of full-time teaching at Hofstra, I’ve gotten to know many of my students very well, working closely with them on projects, internships, and the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) chapter.  I’m going to miss my students whom I can now call my friends and colleagues, and I truly hope they stay in touch through the social media platforms that allow us to communicate through time and distance.

A special congratulations to just a few of the graduating students with whom I’ve been closest: Shirley Huyhua, Erin Starke, Vania Andre, Ty Hardamon, Lauren Katz, Jenny Zheng, the two Nicoles (B and C), Chloe Lambros, Jeena Liriano, Kristen Flotteron, Emily Crist, and of course, Sophie Krall and Sarah Travaglini.  I’m sure I’m leaving many out, but be assured that I care for every one of you and wish you great happiness in your lives.

Time magazine’s headline last week stated that “Milennials are lazy, entitles narcissists” but added the subhead, “Why they’ll save us all.”  Joel Stein’s cover article says, “…milennials are nice…(they are) much more accepting of differences, not just among gays, women and minorities but in everyone.” He concludes, “They’re earnest and optimistic. They embrace the system. They are pragmatic idealists, tinkerers more than dreamers, life hackers…They want new experiences, which are more important than material goods.”

I have met some wonderful, hard-working, caring, determined, and smart students.  They are now the Class of 2013.  I’m so proud of them and they should be proud of themselves.  You did it!  You’re a college graduate!  Now go out there and rock the Public Relations Nation!

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