PRaying for Andrea

Andrea-Rebello_244x183So I guess I’ll tell you all a little bit¬†about me since this is my blog and all…. My name is Andrea (obviously), and I am currently a Junior at Hofstra University. I am a Public Relations major, and a Sociology minor. I’m 20 years young and originally from Westchester, NY. I’m 100% Portuguese and have an identical twin sister so I guess that makes me kind of unique?

I thought it would be cool to make a blog on different holiday sweets and treats, and I’m actually gonna attempt to make all of them (wish me luck)… I’m not really good at this whole “blogging” thing, so don’t judge! Enjoy… ūüôā

This joyful introduction was written by Andrea Rebello for her blog in my Public Relations Tools class.  Her final blog post was sent to me last Sunday.  I then saw her Monday morning in my office, where we signed papers for her internship.

I’m convinced that while we’re at the top of the¬†animal kingdom, human beings are not yet fully evolved.¬† We’ve invented such awful weapons to hurt each other, and we use them every day, resulting in horrible, tragic deaths.¬† When¬†such an end is brought to someone as¬†gentle and¬†sweet as Andrea, it makes¬†the loss¬†so much more devastating.

I only knew her as my student.  But as a teacher, one gets the sense of a person by sharing the same space, having conversations, and listening to their concerns.  Andrea and I talked recently about the PR profession, and we prepared together for her summer internship at a Manhattan agency.  Andrea was always willing to listen and learn, and she was so enthusiastic about her future.

I grieve for the Rebello¬†family, especially her parents and¬†Andrea’s twin sister Jessica, whom I have just started to get to know.¬† I hope Jessica will stay on at Hofstra¬†and become the PR professional she and her sister both planned to be.¬† I’ll do everything I possibly can to help Jessica reach her goals.¬† I’ll do it¬†in memory of¬†Andrea and her¬†beautiful smile.¬† Your thoughts?

2 thoughts on “PRaying for Andrea

  1. Louise Cassano

    How difficult this news must have been for you. I think all of us who have children or grandchildren, nieces, nephews and friends living away from home thought about them this week and, hopefully, said a quiet prayer for Andrea’s family.

  2. Wendy

    This is just so tragic. In a quote in Newsday the investigating detective called this a crime of opportunity. Key word “opportunity”. This lovely young woman had to so much life ahead, a chance to contribute to the world in a positive way. In contrast, this ex con who already had three strikes – three robbery convictions and currently violating parole – was armed and walking the streets with his own ideas about opportunity.

    My heartfelt prayers go out to Andrea’s family and friends, the Hofstra community and everyone affected by this terrible situation including those in law enforcement.


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