InternshiPs—“all woRk, no pay"

A note from Jeff Morosoff: Hofstra Honors College students in my PR Fundamentals class are required to submit guest blog posts throughout the semester. The following was written by public relations sophomore Nathalie Salazar.  For my regular post, keep scrolling after Natalie’s guest blog.

Nathalie Salazar

Nathalie Salazar

An internship is a short-term, (usually) unpaid job experience. That’s right—unpaid. So, why do an internship if it really is “all work, no pay?” The reason is that internships provide real world career experience. Many college students do internships to gain experience in a particular field as well as to find out whether or not that career field is right for them. Internships are also a great way to begin building a professional network. Although they may be unpaid, internships are where most students acquire the most beneficial knowledge and develop crucial skills that will later be used in real jobs.

Lauren Berger, CEO of and author of All Work, No Pay, states that getting your first internship, or any internship, will be challenging but you cannot take no for an answer. “It is your job to find a yes,” she said at PRSSA’s November 18th event where she spoke to Hofstra students about internships, careers and connections as part of her #LimitedonCampus tour. For an hour, she shared her experiences interning and gave tips that she has learned from the 15 internships she had throughout college, such as, “You have to get comfortable being a little uncomfortable.” Going outside of your comfort zone is the key to landing an internship, whether it’s through attending networking events or calling up the professionals for whom you would like to work. As for rejection…don’t let it get in the way! “You are going to be rejected for the rest of your life!” exclaimed Berger. The key is to accept it, get over it and move on—and continue searching for that “yes.”

Internships are so important in figuring out what we want to do career-wise. And honestly, it’s better to learn now, when we are in college and still figuring out what we want, then later, when we have graduated and are dependent on a job.

What do you think about internships? Do you have any internship tips you’ve learned from personal experience? Your thoughts on Lauren’s tips for interns?

2 thoughts on “InternshiPs—“all woRk, no pay"

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  2. Michael Yehuda

    Personally, I think internships are a great way of getting real life experience.

    Internships give you a taste of how having an actual job will be.

    Internships usually get your feet wet in the “job world”.

    Internships look very good on your resume.

    Internships help you find your path.

    Internships help you meet a lot of people which is very good for networking.

    Internships show how much you can handle real life work.

    A person can learn a lot about him/herself at an internship.

    Internships also help you find jobs in the future, that is if you do a great job at whatever you are doing.

    Internships make you tougher and more patient.

    It may look frustrating with working for at least 8 hours a day without getting paid, but believe me once you get into it, you won’t remember about your paid check.


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