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A note from Jeff Morosoff: Hofstra Honors College students in my PR Fundamentals class are required to submit guest blog posts throughout the semester. The following was written by public relations major Danielle Zolezzi. For my regular post, scroll past this guest column.

Seeking your first internship can be nerve wracking and truthfully, pretty terrifying. I know this because I am in the midst of doing just that. Although I’ve had some part-time jobs since I was in high school, searching and applying for real world job experience is extremely difficult and competitive. It’s such a long and drawn out process that I’m starting to think by the time I get an internship, I’ll be mentally checked out.

Daniella Zolezzi

Daniella Zolezzi

But–and there’s always a “but”–I have recently found new hope and motivation. Last week I got a response from one of the job offers I found online. They e-mailed me, saying they’d like to have me come in for an interview. (YAY!) I thought, “Finally!”

Soon I realized I had nothing to wear (gasp!). I immediately begged my mom to go shopping for me since I had to work the night before. The day finally arrives and the clothes my mom bought were perfect, but the good news ends there. My morning couldn’t have gone less smoothly if I tried. My pre-shoes had holes in them. My umbrella broke. (Oh yea, it was pouring.) And I missed my first train. The entire morning was just a mess.

However, when I finally got to the office and sat down for my interview, everything went perfectly. I felt as though I had said all the right things, wore the right clothes (I changed into my nice shoes), and acted in a professional way.

Sadly, due to conflicting schedules, it didn’t work out. However, I am still every bit grateful that I took the time to do this. Why? Because even though this may not have given me the results I had hoped for, it gave me something just as valuable: experience. It was my first time doing anything like this before. I learned not to put so much pressure on myself and believe that what I have to offer is good enough. So to all my fellow struggling PR students out there (or any student really), be confident, you got this.

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