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?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Like every semester, the one ending has been full of learning and experiences for students everywhere.  As my students part for the holidays, I’m thinking about how watching them do what they do every day is my learning experience.

I’m amazed how much some students accomplish in addition to attending classes.  They commit to multiple extracurricular activities, volunteerism and part-time jobs.  Sometimes they’ll even do extra research, write a longer paper, or take a class for the sake of learning.

Many have overcome significant obstructions: difficult family lives, emotional or physical challenges, poverty, and more.  Their spirits seem un-crushable.

They can experience unbearable personal tragedy and, with the support of friends and family, are incredibly resilient.  Others struggle to recover, needing time and understanding as they try to finish missed work.

They take to public relations quickly.  Most come into the program from other majors, and by the time they finish their first course, they know they want to do this professionally.  And they’ll do 3-4 internships to get a leg up on the competition.

Little things give them happiness.  Dressing up for a special on-campus event?  Happiness.  Being challenged with trivia questions in class?  Happiness.  Networking with a PR professional?  Happiness.

They’re terrified of graduating.  They can’t wait to finish school but they’re stressed by the idea that for the first time in their lives, they don’t know where they’ll be next September.

They’re incredibly tolerant and patient.  They are far less judgmental about personal lifestyles than my generation, and they always seem ready to help classmates who sometimes face struggles with everything from English to emotional issues.

They’re excited about the future.  Despite having lived with a log-jammed government, a serious economic crisis, terrorism and gun violence everywhere around them, they see themselves as catalysts for making the world a better place.

What I’ve most learned during this and in past semesters is how deeply I care about my students, and how much hope I have for their path to however they define success.  They are truly my everyday inspirations.  Your thoughts?

27 thoughts on “PaRting thoughts

  1. Olga

    In the beginning of the semester I had my concerns if I was able to handle a full time job, family with kids and graduate study. But in fact, it turned out to be fun. Challenging, but fun.
    Professor Morosoff did a great job in creating encouraging and inspiring atmosphere. Thank you, professor, for being an inspiring mentor to us!

  2. Danie Zolezzi

    What a great way to close out a great semester. I truly enjoyed being in this class and learning the basics about PR. As a student, it is easy to get caught up in the craziness of the semester. Then suddenly, finals week hits and you wonder where the time went. Now having officially finished my first PR class, I couldn’t be more sure that this is exactly what I enjoy studying and exactly what I want to do when I get older. I feel like this field can take me all over the world in any direction I choose. I can’t say I’m sad the semester is over, but I can say that I appreciate every single thing it’s taught me.

  3. Brie

    It is nice to know that my hard work is being recognized. Being a PR major, holding a job and being part of a sorority can be very difficult and stressful at times but if college has taught me anything it is time management. I only take 15 credits but I applaud those who take 18 and are in various clubs or sports and have a job and do Honors College work. I do not know how they do it all; they must not sleep.

    My anxiety can affect my academic performance especially around midterms and finals and this semester was probably my hardest one yet. Actually, every senior I have spoken with feels this is their most stressful and difficult semester… Interesting. The stress is probably from juggling different classes and having so much stuff to do at once; thankfully procrastination is not in my vocabulary and my multitasking abilities have strengthened over the past four years. I think when I have a job I will be stressed and overwhelmed but not quite like in college with 3 papers and 4 tests around the same time… it will be different but I feel confident I will be able to handle it.

    I am nervous to graduate. Not because I do not know where I will be in September but rather it will in general be a big transition into ‘the real world’ and my least favorite part is that sweatpants are not considered ‘work attire’ :(. I know, with the economy and competition for jobs it is ridiculous that my biggest concern is sweats haha. I am also sad to leave Hofstra because then I will be an alumnus of my sorority and won’t be able to participate in activities I love. Additionally I feel Hofstra, and my internships, have prepared me for what is to come but I am scared that I personally have not done enough press releases and lots of companies require that during the interview. I am scared I have to write one right then and there rather than be able to do it at home and look back at my old ones or google the inverted pyramid. I worry that I will mix up some of the media kit stuff and not get a job. But aside from that I feel our class has really prepared me for the future and taught me valuable programs and lessons within the pr field.

    Thank you for a wonderful semester and happy holidays! 🙂

  4. Max N.

    Although PR is not a particular passion of mine your class has been incredibly engaging and though provoking and was a highlight of this semester for me. A great way to start off my college education! Thank you!

  5. stacy05

    That is so true, I felt much better once I declared my PR major and took my first class. It’s also true on how other students are so helpful to classmates struggling, either with English, not having the book they send you pictures. But I also have to mention the unconditional support of our professors , it’s my second semester here in Hofstra and it has been a great experience.

  6. alyssaobrienA

    Its truly a blessing to be part of Hofstra University and to interact with the incredible people that comprise its population. In addition to absorbing information to find success in a new career I have been inspired by the incredible faculty and invigorated by their commitment to education. They are truly committed to helping students find passion and success in their futures. It has been an incredible semester and I am looking forward to the spring.

  7. Francesca Bove

    This post made me very happy to read. It really describes many emotions that college students have accurately and it is comforting to know that professors understand these feelings. I really do feel that I am surrounded by hard working students in the Hofstra PR program and we all definitely help motivate one another to strive to be the best we can be. My PR courses are definitely some of the most hands on a interesting classes I have taken at Hofstra and I think they definitely prepare us all for the fear we have about after college.

  8. Robert Ryan

    I’m extremely excited about joining the PR program. Finally finding a direction is only going to make me more motivated to have a great career and do great things. At first I just couldn’t get the concept and now that I do I’m relieved I have a major. I’m thankful for finding a direction this semester.

  9. lmansl1

    I really enjoyed reading this blog post. It put a big smile on my face. You have perfectly captured many of the fears I have about the uncertainties I have with the upcoming year. It’s also very refreshing to be noticed for all the hard work we put into doing well in school and trying to make a name for ourselves. Many people that are older than us lump us “Gen Y’ers” into a lazy, spoiled, and entitled bunch yet that is not the case for most. Thank you for recognizing that 🙂

  10. Jordan Richmond

    It’s so nice to know that someone cares. In this stressful time of finals, it’s important to keep the greater goal in mind: to receive an education and maintain personal growth. It’s not always just one exam, many students are doing so much more than just maintaining grades. It’s nice to hear from a professor that our hard work is appreciated and that we are always making a positive impact, thank you.

  11. akrame27

    I just want to thank-you professor Morosoff for not only that inspirational blog post but for being such a wonderful Professor. Often Professors forget how busy students are and what kinds of extra work they take on in order to have the complete college experience. It is great to know there are faculty who admire their students for the efforts they put in on a day to day basis. I feel extremely blessed to have gotten the chance to come to Hofstra and be apart of this incredible department. I have learned so much from the faculty and my peers throughout my 4 years in this department. I am proud to call myself a Hofstra PR student.

  12. marilynoliver

    What a wonderful post to read during this stressful and demanding time of finals week! It reminds me that all of our hard work really does pay off and we are lucky enough to work with professors like you that go the extra mile to help us achieve our highest goals. Every semester I’m here I’m further reassured that this school and this department is the perfect place for me because of the people I’ve met, the classmates I work with, and the teachers I learn from.

  13. jryan32

    This was such a motivational post to read during finals week! When professors truly care about the futures of their students, it really shows and, in turn, establishes a classroom environment where students are actually willing to participate and look forward to the challenges they are given. I think part of the reason that a lot of PR majors at Hofstra have the driven qualities you described above, is because we are fortunate enough to have a team of great professors who end up becoming our mentors in a lot of ways. Thank you for your kind words, it has been a wonderful semester!

  14. Kim Gray

    This post was very positive and moving and I just want to say thank you for taking the time out to acknowledge the students. You indeed have made an impact in our lives as well. You are the reason why I am in the Public Relations Graduate program and without you there wouldn’t even be a program so from the bottom of my heart I am sincerely thankful. You are very inspiring and supportive and because of you I know I am making the right career move. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

  15. csawye2

    Thank you Professor Morosoff. I think some Professors forget that there are other things going on in their students lives. It is important to realize this about everyone because you never know what is actually going on in someones life. As the semester is coming to a close it is exciting to look back and see all of the accomplishments of myself and my peers.

  16. Alexandra Ciongoli

    This was such a sweet post and I really appreciate hearing an intelligent and caring professor’s view of his students. I know a very special teacher of mine changed my attitude towards public relations through our in and out of class meeting times. It’s just incredibly nice to know there are professors on campus here at Hofstra who not only care about the individuals they teach, but also take time out of their busy schedules to discuss our futures with us. It honestly makes all the difference.

  17. Play Ball!

    This was a really nice post, Professor. It is one thing for students to recognize these qualities in themselves, but another when someone that we look up to, turn to for guidance, and are inspired by recognizes these things in us.
    Being challenged with trivia questions in class definitely brings me happiness!!
    As I look back over his semester, I am proud of the things I have accomplished. I couldn’t have done it without the support of my professors. Thank you for another wonderful semester!

  18. rachelcarru2

    This blog post definitely pulled at my heartstrings. I have a lot of friends who are seniors and are applying to grad school, to jobs, and attempting plan life after college. Being a junior, these things are at the forefront of my mind as well. I also fear that my friends are going to move on with their lives and we are going to fall out of touch. So, in addition to being worried about our professional lives, we are worried about losing friends and starting the rest of our lives. For professors, it must be hard to see so many students pass through college and start their lives. It must also be exciting. Professors shape the future and that in itself is what builds our world to this day.

  19. Zoe Hoffmann

    This is by far my favorite blog post of the semester. This past year in PR106, our class has come together in ways I haven’t seen in other class rooms. We work together in class, challenge each other to be better and have become friends with each other outside of the classroom. Everyday we leave your class smiling and I truly could not have asked for a better PR106 class. Thank you so much professor. You truly inspire your students to be better, not just in our classes but in our personal and professional lives as well.

  20. willmartinez29

    Your post is extremely thoughtful and considerate; thank you for the compliment! I also agree with you; Hofstra students, for the most part, are extremely dedicated and intelligent people considering the immense difficulties that the surrounding environment has presented. Finding a job in today’s economy is immensely challenging but that does not deter Hofstra students, and PR students in particular. I really enjoyed taking your class this semester and learning not only about successful public relations practices, but also universal lessons and experiences that I will take with me in the future as an employee and person. Thank you!

  21. Louise Cassano

    You’re an exceptional teacher and mentor. I hope your students know how fortunate they are to have had you for an instructor. Your caring, empathy and sharing of your knowledge, is a special gift.

  22. Leia Schultz

    What lovely closing thoughts for the end of the year! Your students truly benefit from your tutelage. Your expertise and guidance give a great advantage to the young adults learning about public relations who want to make their careers in the industry. You keep it real and let students know what to expect when we get our first jobs. You are critical of the work students present, as you should be to prepare us for our professional lives, and help us improve our skillsets. You quiz students through trivia so that our knowledge is well-rounded and comprehensive. I appreciate how you conduct classes, and feel that I have bettered myself in learning from you. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way, as I’ve heard from my classmates their respect and admiration of you. We care about you, too, and are happy to have had you as a professor.

  23. Lyndi Catania

    This article is most certainly the truth. I loved attending Nassau Community College for my first two years of college, but now that I am involved in a major I love it is that much more motivating. Yes it is true that our generation has seen a lot of tough times, but it’s so inspiring to read all of the reasons why we are a great generation as well. I also loved that you acknowledged all the struggles that come along during college years. Sometimes it’s hard to get through it and keep on top of school work as well, but it gets done. I lost my father in May 2013 and didn’t quite start my school year off with a fresh mind. Summer was so strange and I was not ready to continue, but now it’s December and I’ve made it through! My sister is also graduating from Hofstra! Hard work pays off!

  24. Alexandra Cohen

    It’s absolutely true that once you take that first PR class, you know that’s what you want to do in the future. There are so many students who come to Hofstra either already declared in another field of study or undecided and once they take their first PR class they decide to switch to PR. I’m glad I’m in a field where people feel so passionate about what they’re doing with all the dedication, hard work, and success not only inside the classroom, but also outside the classroom with joining clubs and getting internships. The faculty is a huge part of the success with all the learning inside the classroom and helping students with internships and networking opportunities.

  25. Joe Flanagan

    I agree with what was discussed, but I do not think it is just limited to the PR program, or to even the Hofstra community. Our generation is one that is open to all cultures, all lifestyles, and all mindsets. We never judge who someone is because of their skin color, or their heritage. In our generation, we thrive on learning new things so that we can become better. The more we learn, the more effective we can be as citizens of the globe. Through all the things we do including part time jobs, internships, a rigorous course load, and all the other activities in our lives, I believe that there is still more our generation can do.

    I truly believe I am part of the best generation that has lived on earth. All of us are so intelligent, and when we take the reigns of global power we will use our ideas and education to help inspire others. We may have inspired some already, and we may inspire others on our journey, but that should not stop us from wanting more. We are the future of this nation and of the world, and this reality is something that should push each of us to move forward to create/ advocate/ support bigger and better things.

  26. Kelly Cormier

    I completely agree that the PR program at Hofstra has some of the most motivated, hardworking and inspiring students. I feel that the positive attitudes and drive of other PR students contributes to how much enjoyment I get out of a course. When I attend my minor or distribution classes, the environment is not nearly as full of energy as my PR courses. The amount of student participation and interest truly adds to the overall learning experience. As the previous comment says, though, we could not do it all without the support, encouragement and enthusiasm of the faculty.

  27. aspenc6

    Took the words right out of my mouth. As a PR student at Hofstra, I feel the same way when looking around the classroom at my peers – what an intelligent, hardworking and independent group of individuals. I am constantly amazed at what my classmates can accomplish. It makes me proud to be a student and future alumna (very soon!) of Hofstra and the PR program. You mention that students often know that they want to pursue a career in PR after only taking one course in it at Hofstra. I honestly believe a large factor in choosing this career goal comes from the incredibly supportive, insightful and successful faculty. We could not do it without you.


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