HaPpy New YeaR to us!

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PR-TrendsHere’s some excellent new year news for public relations students and professionals: An article, “Seven Top Careers in 2014” published in Yahoo! Education last week named public relations as “Hot Career #1.”  While the ranking was the creation of its author, Terrance Loose, who based his article on interviews with “experts” and numbers from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the content is spot-on.

“If Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter hasn’t driven home the fact that marketing and public relations is going to be supremely important in the future, maybe you need a smarter smart phone,” wrote Loose. “And one career that will be key for companies in the future is PR specialist.”  The article went on to quote Phil Dunn, president of Synapse Services Co, a web technologies and marketing company. “In the fast-paced, all-access world of social media, the difference between a record quarter and a bad one for a company can come down to good or bad public relations,” he said, “so they will be in high demand.”

Now, before we go around bragging about how our profession is so hot now, we should note that there are scores of lists on the Internet that attempt to rank the “best jobs,” “fastest growing careers” and “top, recession-proof college majors.”  Public relations doesn’t even show up on some of these lists.  But one significant statistic backs up the Yahoo! article, and it’s from the aforementioned Bureau of Labor Statistics.  The agency reports that employment of PR specialists is expected to grow 21 percent in this decade, faster than the average for all occupations.  Employment of public relations managers is expected to grow by 16 percent by 2020.  Qualified PR people will be sought after in government, education, nonprofit, corporate, agency, and health institutions.

With this job growth is the need for an ever-increasing set of skills.  Today’s PR practitioners must possess a combination of capabilities that make them effective communicators in marketing, management, social media, desktop production, and traditional media.  It’s an exciting time for public relations, and 2014 looks to be another big year.  Hooray and Happy New Year to us!  Your thoughts?

4 thoughts on “HaPpy New YeaR to us!

  1. Kazys Shukis

    I enjoy following you on LinkedIn. It looks like you are having lots of fun at Hofstra. All the best in the New Year! As a Quality Assurance professional, I was wondering if there are any Quality / Ethics Standards for the PR professionals? The Bible excluded!

    1. Kazys Shukis

      After reading the Code of Ethics I can see an attempt to establish some PR values by the PRSA. However, from a Quality Assurance point of view, the statement “Emphasis on enforcement of the Code has been eliminated.” tells me that PRSA isn’t ready for ‘Prime Time’ professional ethics control. Unfortunately, without a monitoring system in place that PR professionals must adhere to, the PR individuals who live on the ‘Edge of Ethics’ will, I believe, live in a ‘Catch me if you can ” world. I would be interested to see how many PR professionals were “Bar from Membership” or “Expel from the Society” over the past year since only PR professionals who are “Sanctioned by a government agency” or “Convicted in a Court of law of an action that is not in compliance with the ‘Code’ ” can be “Barred / Expelled”. So everyone else is “Catch me if you can”! In my opinion, PRSA needs to do a little more work in order to join us in the professional “Quality / Ethics Control Big Boys / Girls” sandbox. It’s “What I Think”!

  2. abartlett90

    As a current student in a PR program, I hear this all the time: “PR is really taking off, there’s going to be tons of jobs.” Unfortunately, what I have been seeing is an increase in jobs for people with 5-7 years of experience. Friends of mine, including myself, are excited by what we hear but are anxious about the lack of entry-level jobs. There are many once we break into the industry, and have some experience.


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