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Everyone should have something to point to
Something to be proud of
Look what I did, see what I’ve done
I did the job, I was the one
from the musicalWorking

working-musicalI felt kind of proud this week when WordPress electronically congratulated me on reaching 200 times that I’ve posted here on Public Relations Nation.  It meant I haven’t missed a week in almost four years and I’m actually surprised at my consistency.  You see, despite my somewhat organized persona, I can be quite the procrastinator and it sometimes take a lot of effort to get me to start–and finish–a job.  Of course, working is much easier when you enjoy it, and writing this little PR blog for my students and colleagues is something I can point to.

Speaking of working, this past week Hofstra’s Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) chapter hosted several faculty members who revealed the paths they each took in their PR careers.  A student asked how she could distinguish herself among her fellow student interns.  The PR program’s newest faculty member, Kara Alaimo, responded, “Work really, really hard.”  Professor Alaimo, who held multiple internships during college, noted that she earned positive feedback from her supervisors because she always gave every task her all.

As questions about jobs and working flowed, other faculty members expressed that success really only depends on what you’re willing to invest.  They also advised the 40 students gathered to stand out by “finding something you love and really excelling at it” and “keeping an open mind about your future” and “making your boss’s job easier.”

Some marketing people call the something that makes a product or a person different and special a “unique selling proposition.”  This concept forces us to find what makes us different than others who will be competing for the same jobs.  We need to find our passion and do something really well–and then ensure that others see and recognize our efforts.  Because as we achieve whatever we define as success, we all need something to point to, something to be proud of.  Your thoughts?

46 thoughts on “Something to be PRoud of

  1. nstagger

    I think the most amazing feeling is being passionate about what you choose to do because it influences the effort you put in. After switching my major to Public Relations and taking a few of the core classes, I am so excited about the prospect of going into the real world and putting what I am learning into practice. Homework is more thrilling for my public relations courses because I am excited by creating a new press release or backgrounder. Because of that passion that I have for my major, I put more effort and care into the work that I put in than in my other classes.

  2. Laura L.

    Maybe this is why many college PR programs require students to have a minor, or a specific focus when majoring in public relations. The field is so wide and diverse; These days, every company or organization needs a PR department. This gives students a chance to explore their interests beyond PR, and give them expanded knowledge on a topic they really enjoy so that they take this passion and knowledge and use it toward their PR work.

  3. Meredith O'Connor

    Having a consistent blog is hard, and to constantly have good content is even harder! Your consistent posts of good content are the reason a lot of good interaction happens here.

  4. Gabrielle Furman

    I agree that you need to find a job you love doing because then you won’t consider it work. Also I agree with professor Alaimo because you never know where your hard work could take you and that if you work hard enough it will be recognized and it will take you to the next level.

  5. sophia1212

    I believe what you do, will remain as your legacy, and everyone wants to be remembered for doing something great. Giving it your all, and creating something amazing for yourself, are great ways to be remembered. I find this post very inspiring, and encouraging.

  6. Daniel Walsh

    This post means a lot to me on a personal level. Working hard to achieve what you want in life is something that has been instilled in me since I was a little kid. Watching my father commute to NYC at 5am and arrive home after 11pm seven days a week showed me just how much hard work truly means. Listening to his stories about how he always had his eye on the next step in his career always gave me a mindset of staying determined. I believe being complacent is one of the worst qualities to have because if you are then you will never reach your true potential as a worker and as a person. I agree that we all need to perform well at our work to succeed and we all want the proper recognition for our hard work but I do not believe our work has to be our passion. You can be proud of your work and be happy with your life and not truly be working somewhere that is your true passion. I believe true passion comes from what you do outside of your work. Spending time with your family, enjoying hobbies, having financial security, and being able to have timeless memories with friends is what I believe makes one truly happy. Being able to love your work is great and can truly enhance one’s life, but it is not the end all be all of happiness. Working hard and making no excuses will lead you to success in whatever area you choose to work in but it does not have to be your passion.

  7. laurelroseo

    Keeping an open mind about our own futures is key; we need to be flexible, especially in this decade. I also think you need a rough outline of where you want to go and how, but you need to keep in mind that the future is always subject to change. As for hard work, finding something you’re passionate about makes you want to work hard. It is the effort that you put into the little details that tend to weigh us down that sets you apart.

  8. Jennifer Im

    Congratulations on your 200th post!
    I came Hofstra as an undecided student. I knew I was a passionate individual with a love for the arts, and deep inside, I wanted to pursue a career that involved creative values. At the time, I wasn’t aware of the PR profession, and thought that the only way for me to get the most out of my college experience was to give up on the arts. After all, a Fine Arts degree didn’t sound like it would pay the bills.
    Likewise, society tells us that certain majors are “dead ends,” that some of them are simply a waste of time and money, like Psychology if you didn’t enter psychiatry. People joke that receiving a degree in one of these majors guarantees you a lifetime career at Starbucks or McDonalds and nowhere else, and I was of the belief that it was true.
    In college, however, I realized how false the notion actually was. If you loved Psychology, you could definitely create a career around the major outside of the medical field. In business, for example, the layout of the office space, individual cubicles as opposed to an open space, affects working paces of employees. In advertising, psychology and sociology definitely play large roles in effective communication.
    The important thing was to demonstrate how you could contribute to the working environment as an intelligent and aware individual. As long as you “marketed” yourself properly, it didn’t matter what major you had. Certainly, some majors make it easier to market your experience, but that doesn’t mean you need to force yourself into a mold you already know you won’t fit into. Life isn’t so predictable for your major to decide your entire life path.

  9. Sarah Lopez

    I think that working really hard and excelling in all of your tasks will show for itself. A lot of times supervisors will begin to realize who is willing to go that extra step and do great work. It is so important to go that extra mile at your internships because it will truly show how dedicated you are to the field of PR and your eagerness to learn. Also, I feel that the more you ask what you can help on, the more supervisors will be willing to pull you in to do different types of assignments. If you are eager to learn, show it. You can easily do this by asking for my assignments or simply asking to listen in on a conference call to learn more about PR and the industry.

  10. elizah9

    This post really stood out to me because throughout my entire life my mother has always told me, “If there is no struggle, there is no progress”. This quote has always inspired me to work hard and to never give up and, as I grow older it becomes even more inspirational. The truth of the manner is that there are so many people on this earth, who have similar goals and dreams as each other that it is hard to distinguish one from another. Therefore, as future public relations professionals we must show our bosses or supervisors that we are in it to win. Those who work hard will see great outcomes, while those who do not will have questionable ones.

  11. Nicole Lombardo

    200 consistent posts is AMAZING! Congratulations!

    I agree with emphasizing that important quality about yourself to truly stand out to potential employers. What I think is the best part of that is finding that quality in yourself. For some people it comes natural to them, they know their niche. Others, however, have to try and fail a few times before they find that unique quality. It may be a tough journey at first but once they find it they will be so thankful they took to time to search.

  12. Anjelica Johnson

    It’s always important to give your all at any job or internship. This is much easier to do when you have a job you really love. I think your post is a great reminder that working hard even when you’re unhappy with your job or task, will still pay off and is necessary to be fully invested with whatever you’re doing.

  13. Devin Jaffar

    Congratulations of your 200th post. When I was an undergraduate student, I always procrastinated my assignments and readings. I would wait until the very last minute to do my readings or any assignments. Now that I am a graduate student, I am proud of myself because I have a planner for work and school, and so far I have been doing my assignments and reading on time. Before I started grad school, everyone told me that is will be different than my undergraduate studies, I said to myself what could possibly be different, it is just school. After my first few weeks of grad school, I realized what they meant and had to adjust to something new in such a short time.

  14. Vanessa Felder

    Congrats on your 200th post! That is a major feat and one you should be proud of. I agree that everyone should have a passion and strive to be great at something. I honestly believe that following your heart will lead to success and give you something to be proud of. There is nothing more gratifying than being successful and getting the job you worked hard for. Doing what you love results in happiness and longevity in a profession. As Chinese philosopher Confucius put, ” Choose a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life.”

  15. Deana Meccariello

    This posts speaks to me in my professional career. Sometimes giving it your all can be extremely difficult with life pulling you in so many directions. It is easy to spread yourself to thin. However, when you are passionate about getting the job done to the best of your abilities it becomes easier to figure out where your attention needs to be focused.

  16. Natalia Dutt

    First off, congrats on reaching your 200th post! That is awesome! I really do appreciate and relate to this post. I find it so often that I look to others and compare myself to others. I think every little bit you do will effect your job outcome in the future.

  17. Danielle Notaro

    Congrats on your 200th post! I tend to find myself procrastinating from time to time, especially when I need to do work for a class I don’t have much interest in. When it comes to PR assignments though, this never really seems to be a problem because it is work I am interested in.
    Working hard and giving your all is essential in any line of work. Personally, I applied this concept to my internship this past summer. In doing so, I received constant praise from my supervisor for not only doing what was asked of me, but going above and beyond when I found a chance to do so.

  18. bharran

    Congratulations Professor Morosoff! It definitely is nice when you have some sort of work you consistently do and can call your own. I completely agree with the whole working hard to succeed and being proud of the work you do. I’ve had 4 PR internships and at each one I work my hardest and always have a goal to complete tasks to the best of my ability that I can later look at my work and accomplishments. It is important to have a selling point or some sort of advantage, especially being new out in the work force or being an intern. You need to be positive in everything you do because positivity and drive does not go unnoticed.

  19. Jessica Vallario

    Firstly, I would like to congradulate you, Professor on your two-hundredth post. That is quite the accomplishment and demonstrates a true commitment to not only the blog itself but to your students and peers.

    This post in particular made me draw on a difference of mine that I believe makes me stand out, my major in philosophy. My advisor, my parents, and basically everyone else I consulted with suggested I forget my interest and peruse a more reasonable major. However, I am proud of major and believe it sets me apart from the crowd. As a philosophy major I have aquired a logical, cohesive mind set that allows me to solve problems differently from most of my peers. I must also add that language used in most of the literature gives me an expansive vocabulary. Just last night I was helping a peer with a paper on Hume. I was able to pull apart complex ideas and simplify them when she was not. I think it is important, especially in current times, to have a set of skills that set you apart from the masses. While searching for a position in the PR industry I believe these skills in logic, writing and comprehension I have picked up being a philosophy major will help me get a leg up in the business world.

  20. Sarah Ramos

    Hard work is essential in any type of job. Having completed internships in my past I saw how easy it was for others to go by the wayside and not give everything 110%. Even the smallest of tasks and assignments can be a place to shine as a hard worker!

  21. Rebecca Costa

    Hard work is something that has been thrust upon me my entire life. Growing up, my parents were the perfect role models of why hard work can pay off. My mother started as a teacher and is now a principal working to earn her doctorate degree in education. I like to think of myself as a hard worker and someday I will work my way up in a company. One day I would like to have that feeling of accomplishment, the “…I did the job, I was the one” moment. Congratulations on your 200th post!

  22. michaela marano

    I too find myself procrastinating often. However, when i set my mind to something I become almost obsessive until it is achieved. More often than not, I also find it hard to find something about myself that really stands out from the rest. Maybe its a confidence issue, maybe I set my standards of whats “worthy” too high or or maybe I’m just too humble to boast. Whichever it may be, I believe that if you have enough passion for something you will achieve your goal and you will be the best at what you do. If there isn’t any passion or interest, thats when the procrastination starts in. “Find a way to make money at something you love to do” It was a piece of advice I once got and I think it really is something we need to reflect on. If you love what you do, with your passion driving you, the money,success, and that “something to point to” will follow.

  23. Meredith O'Connor

    I agree that its important to stand out when there are so many other applicants for a position. Working hard, or harder then the rest is great advice to people who are ambitious about their career. I feel that regardless of the field in communications, your name is a brand, and applying yourself to any job, regardless of what it is, can help your brand progress as a whole, leading to more opportunities.

  24. Brier Davis

    Being involved in many sports teams thought my life the investment has been huge, from my own personal experiences I can attest to the fact that what you invest greatly impacts your return. In the classroom and on the field, what I invested into the team and into the class determined the overall success.

  25. Amy Schildwaster

    Now that I’m in my senior year of college, I say that this year will be the hardest. It isn’t that my work load is more intense but rather finding the balance between working hard and standing out and enjoying my last year of school. “Work hard, play hard” comes to mind but its more than that. If you enjoy what you do then the working hard part doesn’t seem as hard and then playing is better knowing that your hard work will actually pay off and you can relax in your free time

  26. bibianabogues

    I certainly agree that one must find something they love and then pursue it to the fullest. Success really only depends on what you are willing to invest is a great statement because I feel many times people expect to be successful by doing mediocre work and that’s not how it works the majority of the time. I’m glad I chose PR because it is something I really love and I am very interested in it. Your advice on going with what you love is something I wish everyone could do, but often times other things get in the way. I hope to make a PRSSA meeting soon because it would be a good experience to hear first hand how people have become successful.

  27. Jessica Braveman

    I’m really happy that we had so many students come to our second PRSSA meeting. I think the “Meet the Professors” was really valuable for all students. I completely agree with Professor Alaimo’s response. So many students want to stand out, want to be the intern that gets the job offer, but so many interns are lazy when it comes to doing the work. Everyone wants to put an internship on their resume, yet so many students complain about their internship or are unwilling to ask their supervisors, “what else can I do for you?” I definitely think that the interns who stand out are the ones who put in the most work.

  28. mconno25

    This is very important especially because most of us are seniors and eventually will be competing against each other in the job market. It’s all about pushing yourself and going the extra mile. If you only do what is necessary of you, what makes you different from anyone else? In reality, most people are just doing what they were asked to do. In my internship I try my best to go beyond what was asked of me and make sure they know I am always willing to help. Even if I don’t want to be hired by the internship, I still make sure I exceed expectations so I have good recommendations for the future.

  29. Felicia Colavito

    Everyone loves achieving a goal, being granted a scholarship, getting an award, or even just getting a “good job,” but how badly will people work to receive these acknowledgments? Most of the time nothing in life is handed over on a silver platter. As individuals we must work hard to achieve our goals, or to get to that point in life we long to be at. Personally, I do not like doing something unless I know I can give it my all. Yes, I sometimes procrastinate and can slack on certain days, but at the end of the day I will be giving my all to whatever it is I am working on or whatever it is I would like to accomplish. I will be the first Colavito in my family to graduate college (if all goes well this year) and I got here with hard work. One of my goals in life is to always give my all to everything I am involved with and so far I think I have been doing a pretty good job.
    I also agree with your point of doing what you love is so important. I don’t think I could ever give my all to something I didn’t personally connect with on some level. Working and school can at times be annoying, but if it is something that you love getting through is always possible.

  30. kcormi2

    I completely agree with you on this. I have always believed that if you work hard and put in your all to whatever it is that you do, you can never really fail. Putting forth your best effort is always the most important thing you can do for yourself, especially in the professional world.

  31. tylercutler

    I think for me anyways, that this exact point is the reason I really wanted to get into arts administration. Dance has been something I have loved since I was eight, it has defined who I am as a person, and PR is a passion I just recently found in college, and it’s something that makes me happy. Finding my ‘niche’ in the PR world is something I am really grateful for. Being able to say “Here is something I am truly passionate about, and here is something I have always loved” and knowing enough about both to make me successful in either crossover of the industries is something that I am very fortunate to have, and I think it’s really my opportunity to get a leg up in the PR world via arts administration. Not many people can say that they are adept and competent in both PR and arts, and I know when I start applying for positions with dance companies or agencies that that is going to help me a lot.

  32. nikkigyftopoulos

    This post is really relevant to my thoughts as I approach graduation in December. I am constantly trying to define who I am, what makes me different than the rest, and what I really enjoy doing. When I first started my PR major, I wanted to enter the entertainment and music sector. However, after really evaluating who I am and what I enjoy, I have decided that combining my love for PR and my passion for dance is the right path. This career will be something I am proud of and will give me “something to point to”.

  33. agiones

    I 100% agree, I think as college students we need to remember that we have the choice to make our futures successful.. and that hard work really does pay off. I went to the meeting and really enjoyed hearing all of the professors’ experiences.

  34. Gia Palomo

    I totally agree with you on this! There’s nothing that can compete with hard work especially if you’re giving it your all. Someone once told me do something that no one else can do and do it good so they can’t replace you. Sometimes thats all you can do, is work hard and youll excel.

  35. jheiden1

    This makes a lot of sense. It’s so easy to do a good job with something if there’s a force of passion and dedication behind it. I’m glad I’m in a field so interesting, because I know I’ll be willing to put in 110% effort. Finding what one is passionate about is the most important adventure.

  36. Areanna Rufrano

    Congratulations of you 200th post! I believe that you should always strive for something, otherwise you are not really living. Once you achieve a goal with hard work and dedication, there is no greater sense of pride. That feeling is so satisfying because it means that all your time and efforts were worth something great. That’s how I look at college. Many students spend their four years wisely by working hard for their degree and standing out in their internships. These are the students that get great recommendations and have good career prospectives. Hard work does not go unnoticed and it will always bring you a reward in the end.

  37. Sarah Abuharaz

    I went to this PRSSA meeting and I’m so glad I went. It was so informative. I especially loved getting to hear everyone’s story on how they got into PR. What I love about PR is that it is so versatile and everyone’s story is so different. It’s not like other careers where you go to four years of undergrad, fours years of graduate school, and then comes a job. A lot of people that got into PR “fell into it” or started off doing other careers.

  38. erikfreitas

    I agree wholeheartedly with the message of this article. At each of the internships I’ve worked at, there has been a supreme emphasis on hard work, and differentiating oneself. These internships, and the working world in general, are very tough and competitive, and we have to be mindful of that every day we step into the office.

  39. nixablevins

    I agree that many PR students are looking for a way to stand out. However, many students have a hard time finding that special something. From my experience so far, it is important to jump into situations and soak in the information. After my internship, I feel that I have a better idea of what to expect in the PR world. Although I have a lot more to learn and many more things to practice, it is comforting to know that I have experience with certain aspects of the PR industry.

  40. Lyndi Catania

    I agree that it is important to have something to be proud of. Attending events, doing internships and talking to professionals can help somebody find that something that they love. I am still searching for that. I do not have a specific field of PR that I absolutely love. I am willing to do all sorts, from fashion to healthcare. I am proud of how far I have come, but I can’t wait to see where I will end up working in the near future.

  41. Whitney Shepherd (@WhitneyPRGirl)

    “Finding something you love and really excelling at it” can arguably be some of the best advice when preparing to head down the path of fulfilling your dreams and finding a job in the real world. I cannot say how many times I have heard that when looking for jobs and internships you need to find something that helps you stand out from the rest and leaves an impression on the the employer that will help them remember you. As many times as I have heard this I still however have a hard time finding that one special task or characteristic that I think helps me stand out from the rest.

  42. Courtney Zanosky

    It’s funny that you should quote the musical “Working” in this post. I was actually in this musical production at my high school and I remember this song always inspired me an incredible amount. It was so empowering when all of the different people came together and just appreciated all of the work that they did. I think it is important to remember that every job you do is necessary and adds to the whole. No matter how significant your job or task may seem, it is needed to enhance a bigger picture. If one can remember this, then every job will be carried out to the fullest. I agree that this is important, just as it is important to pride yourself in your work.

  43. maxeisenberg8

    I certainly agree and I think that will affect the types of jobs that I get. I always grew up working manual labor jobs so all this office-type work is new to me and I don’t think I’m working as hard as I can at it. I do think it could impact the types of jobs I get if I don’t apply myself more and continue a better work ethic. This gave me a bit of motivation to work harder not just physically, but mentally as well.

  44. Ashley P.

    I completely agree with the statement, “success really only depends on what you’re willing to invest.” This is something that I definitely try to remember, especially in situations that aren’t exactly what I expected or hoped for. In almost all aspects of life, you are 100% in control of how you experience something because you get out the amount of effort or care that you put in, and I think that that is something everyone should remember.

  45. Jenna_xo

    I couldn’t agree more with this post. I think sometimes we underestimate ourselves. At times we feel like we don’t have something to point to and feel like we succeeded at something, but most likely there is something but we can’t see it because we aren’t looking at it in the ways others do. I am a firm believer that every little stride you make in your life counts towards your ending goals or future. Life is what YOU make of it.

  46. Ashley Iadanza

    I couldn’t agree more with the point of “we all need something to point to”. I have always felt that way about the work I have done. I couldn’t make it to the PRSSA meeting so I am really thankful for this synopsis, it was extremely helpful and motivating.


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