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ResolutionsWe’re approaching another new year and many of us typically make a list of resolutions. It’s always good to look toward accomplishing goals, changing habits and getting into better shape both physically and mentally in the coming year, so here are my PR promises to myself for 2015:

1) Enhance teaching — I’ll be teaching courses I’ve taught before, so I’m promising myself and my students that I’ll find ways to enhance every class. I’ll insert more creativity, more interactivity and more technology, and I’ll always be working alongside my academic and professional colleagues to improve and augment our public relations program. I’ll also work even more closely with our PRSSA chapter’s terrific members and leaders to make 2015 the group’s best year ever.

2) Start a five-year program — It’s only a concept, but we’ll explore ways for students to earn their degree in public relations and then earn a master’s in, say, journalism or media studies by taking graduate courses during their senior year. They’d then finish their second degree in year five. Similarly, journalism and media studies students will also be able to earn a master’s degree in PR through a five-year program.

3) Research and write — One of our obligations to the university and our profession is to advance the body of knowledge and understanding. I’ve implemented three surveys of nonprofit organizations to learn how they fund, staff and run their public relations efforts, and had a paper published on the results. In 2015, I’ll take on a new research topic and work to have my findings shared.

4) Get into shape — Always fighting my tendency to take on more than I can handle, I’ve promised myself to put together a better filing system (paper and online); improve ways I prep for classes, meetings and advisement; and yes, I need to lose 15-20 pounds. That effort starts now, too.

Whether you’ve made and will keep your resolutions for the coming new year, I hope it’s a happy and healthy 2015 and you achieve all you set out to achieve. Happy New Year and thanks for reading! Your thoughts?

4 thoughts on “PRomises to myself

  1. Ian Poulos

    Semesters after taking PR100 and heading off to law school, I still enjoy reading these weekly posts. Happy New Year, Professor Morosoff.


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