My PRoductive semester

PRSSA in NYC last  October

PRSSA in NYC last October

It’s the end of another semester and I hope my students–and everyone reading this blog–had a productive 15 weeks filled with learning. I sure did.

This semester I learned that the new Museum of Public Relations, housed in the Baruch College library, is an important stop for everyone who’s a part of our profession. Anchored by the life and work of the “Father of Modern PR” Edward Bernays, museum founder Shellie Spector has filled the space with publications, academic papers, historic video and interviews, and artifacts illustrating the history of media and the people who shaped PR in the 20th century and today.

While it was important to rediscover PR’s past, our students heard from professionals at various events who reinforced what to expect for PR’s future. We learned how integrated marketing–bringing together elements of public relations, marketing and advertising in a communication synergy–has become fundamental to a successful client campaign. We also heard that more than ever, stronger ethics and transparency are transforming public perception of our industry.

I saw students with bachelor’s degrees and little previous exposure to PR become public relations graduates with tremendous career potential. The first graduating class of our graduate program in public relations will walk next Sunday, and I couldn’t be more proud.

Some of the most productive moments this semester were initiated by members of PRSSA, Hofstra’s chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America. These enthusiastic young women and men staged an extremely well-attended networking dinner, a fully realized day-long professional conference, visits to Manhattan PR agencies and the national PRSSA conference, an alumni networking social, and several outstanding professional development programs. Their unstoppable energy and desire to learn is infectious, and through their eyes I experience something new every day.

So congratulations and good luck to the Class of 2015. I feel incredibly lucky to be part of what you’ve experienced. And for the students looking to the next productive semester, I’d love to hear how you felt about this one, and what we might do together to enhance the next. Your thoughts?



30 thoughts on “My PRoductive semester

  1. Jazmin Corrine Quinci

    This past semester was very trying. One of the concepts that have left me intimidated and fascinated is this idea of pitching. When I first learned about the ideas behind pitching, I thought, “How does one find a story that reporters want to hear?” I’ve since grasp the importance of doing background work and even conducting a community needs type of assessment to learn what people like but also what they need. For instance, we are in the process of getting a second car. The search is difficult when on a budget and due to where we live, a second vehicle is a requirement. Publications that include information on dealerships, new buyer incentives and advertisements would grab my attention. They’re appealing to my needs. As a PR student, I’ve made a mental note to make sure when in the field to know my community and use this information to pitch the right stories. Lastly, I pledge to be mindful of time management, meet my deadlines for work and be mindful of the misusing pronouns during the next semester.

  2. Williams Ekanem

    Since it is my first academic year end in an American University, I really can see why potential students all over the world want to school in America. Talk of the mutual respect between students and professors, at least at the graduate program level, the emphasis on knowing the subject and not on just passing the exam and the pleasant surprise of walking away on last school day with your grades.
    These are not common place in other climes, where professors arrogate to themselves the status of a small gods, undue emphasis on passing the exam rather than knowing the subject and the frustrating situation of waiting for months to know final grades, among others. It has been a glorious experience.
    Happy summer guys and enjoy!

  3. Nmendes1

    It was definitely a must fruitful semester. It’s rewarding to know many of us walked in the classroom with little to no knowledge and we are now walking out with a lot of new pr tools under our belts. It was very enjoyable and I’m glad this was only one of the first stops in my or journey

  4. Jess Hershman

    This was my first PR class and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I learned a lot about different aspects of the field that I didn’t even know existed. The course was really interesting and no two days were the same. I can’t wait to take more classes in the department.

  5. Cheyenne Padgett

    I really loved your class this semester! I t was very helpful to learn about all the different career paths you can take in this field. Hearing first hand responses from PR people at Hofstra and at the PR Conference was extremely beneficial to this as well!

  6. nancywh

    After changing my major to PR during my junior year and being uncertain about my career path, I am pleased to be graduating with a degree that I am passionate about. The School of Communications has given me knowledge and hands-on experience with PR, marketing, and RTVF. After having 3 internships in several areas of communications, I feel confident and prepared to enter this field. Attending this year’s networking dinner was also an educational experience. It was beneficial to hear what companies are looking for in future interns and employees. The professors in the School of Comm have been so encouraging and helpful. I look forward to my first position as public relations professional.

  7. Michele Colletti

    This is my first PR class and i really enjoyed it. Taking your class proved to me that i made the right decision by coming to Hofstra and deciding PR as my career. Your lectures were fun and interesting and i loved the field trips and networking events. You really helped me grow as a public relations student and i cant wait to learn more. Thank you!

  8. Rock(Shi Yan)

    This is my first PR class in my life. Before this class, I have never think about PR class like that interesting. I learned a lot PR knowledge, and finally we did a great presentation. I feel so great, and my team is a great team. I love everyone in this class.
    Everything just because we have such great professor, Professor Morosoff. Thank your so much for your teaching . I will keep to take your class in the future. Have a great summer break dear professor and everyone.

  9. Christina Michael

    I really enjoyed your class and this semester. Originally I was a business major, and after taking your class I am more than happy with my decision of switching to a PR major. Seeing all the events PRSSA organizes has made me want to join and attend more meetings and be more involved with it next semester. I am excited to continue taking PR classes and gain more experience through internships. Thank you for a great semester and congratulations to the Class of 2015!

  10. Katherine Hammer

    This semester proved to me that I chose the right profession for my future. Through my two pr classes I learned new things that I did not know were a part of public relations that I really enjoy. I am so glad I was able to go to the networking dinner and the conference. It was great to hear and see professionals talk so passionately about what they do everyday. With my two classes from this semester and the networking opportunities, I am excited to come back next semester and learn even more about this profession and make more connections.

  11. Elana

    Professor Morosoff, I really enjoyed everything this class stood for and I am really glad to be a PR major. The field trips, PRSSA meetings, and our overall discussions in class truly makes me excited to join such a challenging yet fun field in the future. Thank you again, I look forward to working with you this summer through my PR internship.

  12. carsoncuevas

    I signed up for PR 100 last minute over winter break simply because I wanted to know what it was all about, and I am so glad I did! I really enjoyed how you talked about the greater role PR plays and how it is evolving. Also, how the need for PR professionals is definitely growing and writing well is still at the root of it all. I am so excited for what the future may bring as I still have some years to go at Hofstra. Thank you for an enlightening and exciting semester Professor Morosoff.

  13. keyanamichelle13

    This semester was one of the best semesters I’ve had through out my college career. The classes I’ve taken this semester have given me tools and projects to add to my portfolio as I prepare to enter my senior year and later on the real world. My writing skills have improved and I even have a summer job lined up for myself with the agency I had my internship with this semester. I am very excited to enter my final year and learn the last bits of knowledge needed in order to be successful in pr.

  14. Taylor Lawrence

    As graduation approaches and I reflect on my last semester at Hofstra I realize how much I’ve grown in the last four years. Changing majors, goals, outlooks, opinions has been exhausting, challenging and inspiring. I am so happy and proud of where I am right now and I have every professor, elementary teacher, secondary teacher, my parents and my friends to thank for all I’ve learned.

  15. Kimberly Minto

    I really enjoyed this PR 100 class this semester. When I decided to take the class, I was thinking about getting a Masters degree in the field. After this semester I’m sure that’s what I want to do. I didn’t get the chance to visit the PR museum at Baruch College this semester, but I definitely want to visit it. As a graduating senior, I can honestly say that I have received amazing advice during my time at Hofstra, however, I feel like this class and the events that I went to were really enlightening. The PRSSA conference and the individuals who spoke were all part of the field, but all had there own area of expertise. They each had something different to say and that was the best part of the conference. I wont forget all the lessons I learned from these professionals anytime soon.

  16. Nicholas Mazzarella

    Professor Morosoff:

    Coming into PR 100, I didn’t really know what to expect. Since the course is an elective for journalism majors, I figured that it’d be relevant to my field of study – and I was right. I learned that there is so much overlap between the professions of public relations and journalism. The writing skills that I’ve developed as a journalism major made it a lot easier for me to write an effective backgrounder and press release. Furthermore, it was nice to learn about the ways in which PR practitioners and journalists benefit from one another. Although becoming a journalist is my No. 1 goal, I wouldn’t shy away from a PR job opportunity if it ever presented itself, especially after learning about the similarities that exist between the two fields.

    I really like how PR 100 covered such a long time period. It was interesting to learn about both PR’s history and its current landscape in today’s digital age. Moreover, I’m glad that I attended PRSSA’s annual spring conference, where a number of professionals provided valuable insight into a variety of topics. Lastly, I appreciate that you shared some of your real-world PR experiences with our class because, in my opinion, hearing stories like those is the best way for us to learn how to handle certain situations. Thank you for a great semester, Professor Morosoff!

    -Nick Mazzarella

  17. Heather Lanci

    I enjoyed PR 100 and definitely learned a lot from the class, especially about my strengths and weaknesses as a writer. I’m also glad a attended the PRSSA conference and the meeting about internships. I’m planning on becoming a member next semester. Thanks for a great spring semester!

  18. Tamara Russo

    I took this PR course to have a better understanding of what some of my best friends do, since they are graduating PR students. My writing style has grown, as I am used to writing lengthy research papers in APA style as a psych student. Thank you for a great class!

  19. Rachel Tyler

    This semester was the busiest one so far but it was a rewarding. It is always exciting to learn more about pr and hear what everyone is doing in the pr field. This summer I am excited to be starting my first internship and finally applying what I have learned in the class room to real world experiences.

  20. Sarah Holzberg

    I truly enjoyed taking your PR class in my final semester at Hofstra, hard to believe it is all coming to an end this Sunday!

  21. Ariana Queenan

    This was such a great semester for me! I really enjoyed your class. Not only did I learn a lot about PR, I learned a lot about journalism as well. With the knowledge from PR 100 under my belt, I cannot wait to interact with PR professionals as a professional journalist.

  22. Nicole Romeo

    I have to say, I learned a great deal in this class. Walking into this class with not much knowledge in PR, and now finishing up this semester knowing much more that I did, I want to thank you for that Professor. This course was incredibly interesting and I cannot wait to take more classes in PR.

  23. Ashley Fazio

    I have learned a lot this semester in PR. Being a freshman and switch my major from Biology to Public relations was a major transition. This class showed me that PR is the right fit for me. I was always excited to learn more about the industry and what it takes to be the best at what you do. I cannot wait to learn and grow more in public relations. If it was not for this class I may still not know what I would want to major in.

  24. rebeccaanncosta

    It certainly has been a great semester. I feel like I have expanded my knowledge of PR and had the opportunity to meet with many professionals who have given me useful advice. Hofstra continues to impress me, and now with its graduate school program! Congrats on everything, Professor and thanks for a great semester!

  25. pjze618

    I really had a great time this semester. It really furthered my knowledge of PR and helped to hone my skills for future use. Last week’s conference was informative and entertaining. I’m looking forward to continuing my PR education! Thank you Profesor Morosoff for a great semester -Paulina

  26. Maria Emlano

    This semester has been extremely busy but also very rewarding. I have especially enjoyed taking a PR class and learning about the industry through conferences and networking events like PRSSA’s conference last weekend. I’m looking forward to starting a PR internship in NYC this summer and taking more PR classes in the fall!

  27. emilyrwalsh

    This semester was a wonderful semester as far as growing in my public relations abilities. I really dove into PRSSA and met so many wonderful members and professionals who have helped me to grow. Though all of the field trips, networking dinners, and conferences, I have realized that public relations is the right field for me. I have made so many new contacts this semester that will help me in the future. Thank you, professor Morosoff for a wonderful class and for helping with PRSSA! I look forward to all the semesters to come so I can grow even more as a PR professional!

  28. Nicholas Taddeo

    Missing the first month of school due to an injury made the start of my spring semester very rough. Additionally, I had no idea what to expect going into my first PR class being that I’ve been a Business Management major my entire collegiate career. I signed up for PR-100 on a whim and it ended up being one of my favorite classes. Learning was enjoyable and smooth because no two classes were every the same. I also met some great people, both at Hunter PR and the PRSSA networking conference. Overall I’d say my spring semester and PR class turned out very successful. I hope everyone had fun and congratulations to the Class of 2015.

  29. Bert Cunningham

    Congrats to you, Professor, on concluding another successful semester. And, congrats for being awarded the 2015 Jack Rettailata Lifetime Achievement Award by the Public Relations Professionals of Long Island in recognition of you many accomplishments, so far, during your 36-year career in PR and education. You are admired greatly by your peers for all you do for the profession and for your students.


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