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Let’s Go Mets!

new-york-mets (1)It wasn’t supposed to happen this season. No one predicted the New York Mets would finish in first place, much less win baseball’s National League pennant. Mets fans are screaming a collective “pinch me” as their team heads to the World Series this week.

The Mets’ season is a study in how good performance yields greater success. For the last several years, average attendance at Citi Field was a little more than 26 thousand per game. This season that number jumped to 31,725.  In 2014, 2,148,808 people came to see the Mets play at home. In 2015, it was 2,569,753, a huge 20 percent increase in attendance. Another measure of this renewed interest in the Amazin’ Mets is merchandise sales; according to the National League, this season’s sales of Mets “stuff” has just about doubled from last year.

The reasons for these statistics are simple. People love to see, be associated with, and get close to success. While we might emotionally support a team, a performer, a product, or a service when things aren’t going well, we will generally spend more of our time and money on them when they’re ahead. Some call this the “frontrunner” mentality, a term the Urban Dictionary defines as “people who only support sports teams that recently win championships.” This may be true for some, but I’ve been a devoted Mets fan since childhood and I confess I attended more games this year than I have in the past. For me, it’s because they were more fun to watch then in recent years–and yes, because they won more games than they lost.

It’s clear that no matter how much good marketing and PR the Mets’ front office did in recent years, game attendance remained tepid until this season. The lesson is true for any business, service or organization. Good profits and good PR follow good performance, not the other way around. There are hundreds of similar examples to which we can all point. Name one or two in your comments. Then, will you also please wish the Mets “good luck,” as you share your thoughts?


60 thoughts on “UnPRedicted success

  1. premierorion

    One of the best methods to create a good public image is a good performance. We have seen it happen before our eyes time and time again. The same thing has happened with Alex Rodriguez who had a great season. He no longer faces the same ridicule he faced around 2009. He has once again won over the fans and is being cheered game after game.

  2. Bianca Kroening

    Frontrunner mentality is everywhere. We especially see it in the world of entertainment, where the artists who are performing and creating things now have the most publicity. Adele didn’t literally drop off of the face of the planet for a few years, she just wasn’t doing anything praiseworthy, so her founds found new artists to worship for a bit.

    I did wish the Mets good luck, but I guess there’s always hope for next season! 🙂

  3. Lysa Carre

    Although I am a Yankee fan, I am a Queens resident who grew up in a household full of Mets fans. Personally, I have not been as interested in watching Yankee games as I have in past years ever since Derek Jeter retired last year. Therefore, Mets games have been much more appealing to me this season, especially due to their phenomenal performance and team spirit amongst fans. However, I do agree with Professor Morosoff’s statement “People love to see, be associated with, and get close to success.”

    This scenario reminds me of President Obama’s initial presidential campaign. When Obama was first running as a presidential candidate, many people doubted his capability of succeeding throughout the race, and bashed him. He was even accused of being Muslim which caused huge controversy due to 9/11 and our ongoing war with terrorism. However, not only did Obama win the presidential race of 2008, he was reelected in 2012, and credited with capturing Osama Bin Laden who was the lead mastermind of the 9/11 attack. In today’s society, although President Obama is still harshly criticized, he is an admirable political figure who has made outstanding positive changes world-wide enforcing peace amongst civilians regardless of their race, sex, or religion who can benefit from his accomplishments and changes of governmental regulations.

    In conclusion, just like the Mets infamous motto of this baseball season, “Ya gotta believe!” People should stay true to who they are and their beliefs, and not just hop on the “band-wagon” of what’s trending at that present moment. Time will tell and eventually display outcomes based on performance and perseverance. An important lesson I’ve learned from these experiences is never assume or jump to conclusions because you never know when the “underdog” will prevail into public spotlight for outstanding success in the long-run.

  4. jennsmulo

    Bandwagoners happen in every sport with every team that has a story similar to the Mets this season. As someone who doesn’t really follow most sports and doesn’t have a team associated with my home, I can’t name many other examples. It happens with celebrities as well though. Jennifer Lawrence was a B list celebrity until The Hunger Games. After that she become everyone’s favorite quirky Hollywood sweetheart.

  5. jzagorski22

    I am catching up on my jmorosoff blog replies.

    We live in a world revolving around pop culture. Fads come and go, some more quick than others. People want to be apart of what is in. When Kylie Jenner declared that big lips were sexy, girls were being hospitalized after sticking their lips inside tight bottles until their blood vessels popped. When the infamous “What are those” Vine came about everyone could not stop reciting those stupid lines over and over to the nearest person with the ugliest shoes- and people thought this was a lot funnier than it actually was because when one person laughs, another one does, and another, until the chain reaction can’t be broken. Then what about Lil Wayne, “the best rapper alive,” what happened to him? He fell out of style. No more mix tapes, you lose fans, you lose fans you lose fame, you lose fame you lose money, and the list continues on and on. Talking about sports, how about the Knicks? There was a time where we were proud to be New Yorkers and Carmelo Anthony and Linsanity were representing our city just how we wanted. You lose a couple games, you lose your people. PEOPLE WANT WHAT’S IN. There are way more followers than leaders in this world. No one is going to wake up one day and say hey the Knicks are garbage, haven’t won a game all season, I’m going to buy season tickets. No. People like to jump on the band wagon. The Mets had a great season, finally New York sports are looking up, people want to be apart of the hype. People attend games, money is circulating, the Mets PR professionals and workers in advertisement and entertainment have more money to spend. Everything in this world revolves around money. It’s hard to do good advertisment for a team that sucks. So when the rest of New York sports decide they want to start winning, we will really be in business.

  6. kgorsky1

    This is a great example of how people tend to jump on the bandwagon with popular and successful things. They not only want to be on the “winning” side, but they also want to feel like they are part of the group and feel included. I think that this is a great thing to think about when it comes to public relations.

  7. Dale Ciampa

    I have been a big mets fan throughout my life. I remember last season a ticket for a game was only 7$ and now the same seats at the end of this year cost 45! The stand were even more packed and fans were willing to pay that amount. The performance of the team made the games more exciting and the team wasn’t looked at as a joke, like it has been in previous years. Marketing and representing a team that is playing well is a lot easier. Fans are were willing to pay the extra money for the extra excitement.
    I am also a big Knicks fan, who had one of there worst seasons last year. I remember going to a game a couple years ago and they started offering free food and drinks with tickets! The public attention to het team was barely there. IT did get old to the public to watch the same team loose and didn’t give incentive to anyone to buy merchandise.
    When a sports team does well it also leaves fans with a sense of pride. Buying a piece of merchandise to represent the team shouldn’t make someone feel embarrassed to wear. Once a team starts playing well that is when everyone is proud to wear all merchandise. Thus making marketing the team a lot easier. Marketing a product that doesn’t have a successful background is a lot harder.

  8. vciavarella24

    This happens a lot in the media where products, celebrities, and sports teams have been doubted but are underdogs and rise to the top. For the mets, with citi field being renovated and a major New York team, the slowly started making a comeback over the past few years. I see this happen with a lot of sports teams like last year when the Golden State Warriors won the 2015 championship for the first time since 1975. Steph Curry became very popular and we started seeing him on many commercials, and his family all over the media. Another example, would be when Jeremy Lin first started off with the New York Knicks and they doubted him and was basically a benchwarmer. When he made his debut and everyone saw how amazing of an athlete he really was, he became a starter, then got traded to other major NBA teams and started for them. We also saw him sponsoring many big name brands as well.

    Although I am a major major yankee fan, good luck mets!

  9. kassaramcelroy

    The point stating, “Good profits and good PR follow good performance, not the other way around” resonated with me.
    In order to have a effective Public Relations pitch, the company/person/organization represented must actually perform well and earn public support.
    An example of this theory can be seen through Taco Bell. Many of my peers claimed this eatery was their favorite in the past. However, Taco Bell faced a crisis in which their food was contaminated with ecoli. Although the problem has been fixed and publicized, many people I know who were once fans of Taco Bell still refuse to eat there. They lost their public image when their performance was not up to FDA standards, and it diminished their image for the foreseeable future as well.
    Also, of course… LETS GO METS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. lourdesjc

    I’ve been a Mets fan ever since I can remember so its a great feeling to see them in October baseball after 15 years since being defeated by the New York Yankees in the Subway World Series. It’s great to see the city coming together to support but could get a little frustrating because they don’t know the game well and could misinterpret things within the game. They don’t experience the emotions as the true fans do that follow them through thick and thin. Its a similar story with FC Barcelona, I’ve followed them since the playing days of Ronaldinho, Figo, Xavi, Iniesta including Lionel Messi’s debut in the early 2000s. This was before they took the football (soccer) world by storm with their tiki taka play admired by so many around the world and winning their first treble in 2009. It also gets others noticing who are not football fans. FC Barcelona have traveled to several countries around the world including the US for pre-season tours. Whether they’re Barcelona fans or not, people want to see this team for their style of play and talented players including Xavi, Andrés Iniesta, and Lionel Messi, considered to be one if not the most talented player known to have played the game. People show their support by purchasing tickets and apparel, all which associate them to the club and benefits the team in profits and the PR department.

  11. laurabellini

    Being someone who has never really been invested in sports (except hockey, go Rangers!), it’s easy to get involved in the “frontrunner” mentality, especially when the team has the convenience of geographical location. But as someone who is invested in hockey, I can say that I followed them a lot more the years they compete for the Stanley Cup. It’s just about the hype and excitement factor. Like you said, no one wants to watch their team lose.

  12. HannahW

    It is amazing to see an underdog team, like the Mets, competing in this years World Series. As a Met fan myself, I am extremely proud to see their success this season. I even attended a game in support. I think the team’s success is well deserved, and has obviously boosted the teams popularity. However, I don’t think the Mets will have this overwhelming support next season if they don’t continue to work hard. They need to continuously prove themselves if they want to be known as a competitor. I don’t think there is much that the PR team can do to increase public’s support of the Mets. Solely because sports teams find support after winning.

  13. Emily Green

    I think it’s natural for many people to have a frontrunner mentality, especially those who like sports but do not devote all of their attention to one team. Personally, I am a die-hard Yankees fan, so you won’t get much Mets support out of me. However, I know a lot of people who don’t really care about any specific team, so they spent a lot of time watching the Mets this year because it was more fun for them. It is a PR person’s dream. The team’s success leads to positive PR because there is a larger audience to reach to and the aura around the team is more exciting and happy. Good luck to all of you Met fans, but I’m routing for the Royals this year.

  14. Casey Lamkin

    Being from Silver Spring, Maryland… right outside the DC district line.. I know what it’s like to be a fan of sports teams that lack talent. The Redskins have disappointed us time and time again, but anytime they give us some sort of hope for the season… Everyone goes crazy. Apparel is seen and tickets are talked about. It’s just the way it goes. If they’re doing even the slightest bit better than usual, you can expect us to all be in attendance. Same goes for the Capitals, and the Nationals. It makes sense that the PR is the follow up to the actual success of the business, organization, team, etc… good PR isn’t going to bring that, but they could help MAINTAIN IT.

    go Mets… but really go NATS <3

  15. Erin Schmitt

    As a fellow lifelong Mets fan, it is an incredible feeling to finally witness a successful season with this team as it is something I have not yet truly experienced in my lifetime. I’ve stuck by my father’s side through the stress of the past couple of years, which I will admit has been tough. The Mets are my dad’s pride and joy, so Shea Stadium served a vital role in my upbringing. My dad’s dedication to his team extends to the point that we have a Mets-themed room in our upstate house, complete with blue and orange walls and a Mr. Met mural that my mother painted (yes, that crazy!). After years of being season ticket holders, my dad unfortunately decided to opt out this year completely unaware that it would be the franchise’s most successful in years. Regardless, its been an amazing journey that we definitely don’t want to see end without the hardware to show for it.

    Likewise, I’ve seen this play out with my New York Rangers in recent years. The team has been a Stanley Cup contender for the past three seasons, and I’ve sat through each and every game whether they are good, bad, or downright ugly. During the 2013-2014 season in particular, the team began with an unimpressive and inconsistent record that caused many people to write them off as being done for the year or simply not care. I cut the team slack as I considered it to be a transition year after bringing in a new coach and system. The team began fully hitting their stride around the mid-season point, and that’s when people’s started to pay attention. Ultimately, the Rangers made it to the Stanley Cup Finals that year and I started to see hordes of people in the city wearing apparel emblazoned with the Rangers brand. The Rangers became the hot commodity as “frontrunners” jumped onto the bandwagon for the good times. It can be somewhat irritating as a fan who sticks by the team through the abysmal stretches, but you have to accept it as inevitable and enjoy the ride. The more the merrier!

    It seems simplistic, but thus is the reality in the sports world and PR in general. Success on the field breeds success from a business perspective. People want to associate with things that are both successful and hot at the moment, and right now the Mets are the talk of the town. This is what makes sports so popular as well as sports PR so unpredictable, but these are the times in which a sports organization can reap the benefits of PR and marketing gold.

    Let’s go Mets!!!

  16. Katherine Hammer

    As a follower of the NY Jets, my family has not been a “frontrunner” when it comes to them. We used to own season tickets, and it didn’t matter if they were winning or losing, we would still be avid fans. I think that in this current season of the Mets so far, which has not happened in a long time, people have become “frontrunners”. As a NY Jets fan, I have seen people be “frontrunners”, including in this season because they are doing better than last. People like to follow those that are successful because it makes them feel important and included. A well known actor or actress that advertises a product will most likely have more sales when they have just had a successful movie premiere. People like to put themselves close to those who are successful. Therefore, good performance will result in even better PR. In the case of the Mets, good luck!

  17. ChloeLauraDale

    In the world of soccer, you can find a fair few “frontrunners,” or “glory hunters” as I like to call them! It’s tough to support a team when they are struggling. It’s especially hard to publicly show support by buying merchandise or posting on social media because it encourages comments from goading rival supporters! Birmingham City Fc is one of the local soccer teams in my hometown and they have battled to keep a fan base in recent years. When they were in the Premiere League, Birmingham filled their stadium comfortably and the club shops were busy. However, after getting relegated in 2011, the tills seemed to stop ringing and the stadium is much emptier. Sales prices for season tickets had to drop in order to sustain a decent crowd.

    Hopefully the Mets continue to surprise their fans! Good luck!

  18. Alexis Carfagno

    I definitely think that people have a “frontrunner” mentality in sports and in other topics as well. I know a lot of people who support certain sports teams based upon their success, one year the person would support the Giants and the next year, the same person would support the Jets, just basing his / her preference on which team does better.

    I feel as though this mentality happens a lot with celebrities as well. When the celebrity has reached the pinnacle of his / her success in his / her career, we would see a lot of people supporting and praising that celebrity; but let’s say that same celebrity starts to not share as much projects or does something that altered his / her public image, we could immediately see less and less people continue to support that celebrity.

    I also think that the Mets’ success also somewhat served as a public relations effort on its own without even a deliberate PR effort. Due to the Mets’ success, more people are buying Mets merchandise and going to games and more newspapers and other media outlets are covering Mets games, it all ties in to integrated marketing communications too!

  19. syanok

    I believe this Mets story is the perfect example of public relations only being able to take an organization so far. Any business or sports team can have a great public relations team and strategy, but the company must also be able to deliver, and in this case win games. In all, I am very happy for the Mets and wish them the best!

  20. A. Murphy

    I agree with the others; sports merchandise sales tend to dramatically increase as the team does better. It doesn’t seem to matter how various the PR campaigns are, it matters what the score looks like. Of course you are always going to have the fans that are die-hard fans no matter what the score is. At the end of the day, people are going to buy sports merchandise, it just depends on how much they buy.

  21. Cass Lang

    As a New Yorker born into a family full of Mets fans, I’m extremely excited for them this year. It’s definitely cool to think about this from a PR perspective. Their team must be ecstatic. Like you said, for us to truly succeed, our clients must also succeed.

    LET’S GO METS !!!!!!

  22. valicea50

    As a Mets fan, I am very proud that we are going to the World Series. I also agree with your point. I am less inclined to go to a Mets game if it is a losing season. People may argue that it is the American mentality but this is truly the mentality that New Yorkers are always winners. Even a team of the New York Yankees that have 27 championships are somehow I thought of yesterday. In the New York mind it’s not about what you did yesterday but it’s what you do now. This is why the Mets are receiving the amount of success with the Yankees usually do. Unfortunately, if the meds to go back to their losing ways no one will care anymore. The Mets would be a thought of the past. I don’t think that mentality will ever change.

  23. cdano1

    I am personally not a baseball fan, so I have not really been following the world series that much. However, I do feel like I have heard more people talking about The Mets and baseball this year than ever before. I don’t know if it is because they are considered a success story, or if had to do with the whole “Back to the Future” incident. Either way,
    I am sure this will be an interesting event!

  24. haileyoliveri

    At the radio station I work at, they’ve constantly been talking about the mets bandwagon and it’s really been drawing in a lot of listeners. For a Top 40 music station to talk about sports its unprecedented but in the end benefitting us. Whatever may happen though, this is a great thing for Long Island to have such an underdog team pull through like this. The general spirits have just been lifted.

  25. Maddi Roman

    The iPhone is something that people once doubted at first, and weren’t open to. Now that it is popular and successful, people continue to fuel its fire. My roommate is going to the World Series and has gone to all of the other games up to this point. Crazy, I know.

  26. Rachel Tyler

    I believe that people have been rooting for “frontrunners” this season of baseball. As someone who does not pay much attention to sports, I can say that for the last month all I have heard about is the Mets. The numbers definitely show that people are on their side. For Mets fans, I hope they continue to play as well as they have been in future seasons and I think it will be interesting to see if the numbers continue to stay up.

  27. Forrest Gitlin

    I think it’s true that people want to be associated with success. Some people choose which university they will attend based on the success of that school’s sports teams, other people only eat at major restaurants that have clearly become successful. Perhaps people flock to success because they feel they can trust it and that it improves their own image. Either way, the Mets are really proving that success draws people and is the best PR.

    I think this situation can also be seen with political candidates. There have been many candidates who have lost a lot of support despite having no scandals and having not changed their views. Instead, these candidates, such as Scott Walker, have lost supporters for simply not having enough supporters. The domino effect shows the flip side of what has happened with the Mets; nobody wants to be associated with a loser.

  28. Awoolman13

    There is no better formula to obtain a good reputation/experience favorable public opinion when an individual or an organization is experiencing success in their particular field. No matter how bad a team has been, fans will come out and support them if they start to do extremely well. I also believe the Mets did a good job during the course of their season by seeing that, while they were doing well and attendance was up, they still needed to improve. They acquired Yoenis Cespedes to improve their offense that was struggling… further improving an already formidable product

  29. Judea Hartley

    I believe that it is in one’s human nature to want to be attached to any agency, organization, institution or entertainment sector that is successful. Being attached to success enables one to feel empowered and powerful, even if they are not the source of the success. The attachment makes us as humans feel important or accomplished. Hard work, the correct marketing, and good communication tools are all essential factors that correlate with good performance. One of the biggest political success stories that I can remember is when President Barack Obama was able to have Osama Bin Laden executed. Osama was associated with the terrorist organization ”El Queda” and was responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attack. It is important to understand that the President does not accomplish major political goals as such without his cabinet communicating and strategizing effectively. After Osama was killed, many people gained more respect and honor for the President. Another good performance that comes to mind is how Cheerios handled the recall on their products a few weeks ago. Many of the boxes stated that cheerios were organic when they in fact weren’t. Cheerios quickly owned up to the issue and recalled ALL of their cereal boxes just to be safe. This issue would have exploded into a bigger crisis if the PR crew hadn’t taken initiative in correcting the issue. Their actions enabled the public to still be able to trust Cheerios.

    Congratulations Mets!!!

  30. Rebecca Haines

    Being from right outside Philadelphia, I am a Philly sports team fan and do not follow New York sports. Although I am not a fan of the Mets, it is always nice to see fans of a particular team getting really excited when their team is winning and in this case going to the World Series. I remember when the Phillies won the world series in 2008 and I was extremely happy. I do agree that when a team is doing well, its fanbase is more supportive than what it would be if it was not doing as great. When nothing but good things are being said about a sports team and its fans are showing up to the games, the team already has that confidence and energy to help them succeed.

  31. Elaine

    Honestly I don’t know the baseball game and I really don’t know New York Mets. However, I think Mets is very successful in this season. It filled with social media, newspaper and television. Undoubtedly merchandize about Mets is an effective method to advertise Mets and make Mets funs are more willing to devote money and time on Mets. Without funs’ support, Mets may be still tepid and not have a great success like this. PR practitioners sometimes can change some methods to advertise a team or a company.

    Good luck Mets!

  32. Daphne Kotridis

    Nordstrom is labeled among the business world as the quintessential example of excellent customer service. Their outstanding performance in stores is what keeps their customers loyal. The Ritz Carlton is another example – among the hotel industry, the Ritz is considered the top example of taking care of hotel guests, which allows them to maintain their place as one of the nicest hotels. As for the Mets, it is undeniable that success drives sales. Who wants to watch a team lose? Go Mets!

  33. Sarah

    The Mets going to the world series was never a prediction of mine. I went to two Mets games even though I am a yankees fan. The game was so boring and the stands were empty, it was sad to see no one there supporting them. But now since they are going to the World Series everyone is going to jump on the bandwagon and become an overnight Mets fan. Although frontrunners are everywhere and it even happens in the fashion industry. When a new trend comes out everyone has to have it because they want to be in style.

  34. Zhen Zhong

    Can’t really think of a good example but Angelina Jolie does charity and therefore she gets good PR for it and not the other way around even though she’s already famous is all I can think of. Good for the Mets! I don’t follow sports but I remember my grade school teacher who is an avid Yankees fan hate on the Mets like crazy

  35. Nikita Hakels

    Honestly i really don’t follow sports that much, but The Mets have really taken over the social media, everyone has been talking about them. It is true that some people only supports someone/something until its famous, it worked same way with The Mets, except for a few people who have always been supporting them. Yes, success has definitely a lot to do with the teams publicity, but then somethings are really unexpected. All in all, GOOD LUCK METS!

    1. Zhen Zhong

      Can’t really think of a good example but Angelina Jolie does charity and therefore she gets good PR for it and not the other way around even though she’s already famous is all I can think of. Good for the Mets! I don’t follow sports but I remember my grade school teacher who is an avid Yankees fan hate on the Mets like crazy

  36. Dan Hanson

    I’ve been waiting for this for virtually my entire life. I don’t even count 2000 when they went to the World Series against the Yankees because I was honestly too young to remember/care. It’s true in this case. Winning creates a positive image and people show up to games. I have an example of which I can relate to so hard. When the Islanders still played at that lovable dump, Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, I would go to games even when they were on like an 11-game losing streak (yes, that happened.) The building was empty and it made you wonder if Isles fans were actually real and ever existed. When the team made the playoffs last year and in 2013, the place was full of orange and blue and all these people who you’ve never seen before tell you “oh yeah, I’ve been a diehard my whole life.” At one point this year, I remember it was late January and the Islanders had just beaten the Rangers at the Coliseum. After the game, people were chanting “We want the Cup” and at that point I was thinking “please leave and never return.” I can’t stand when people yell that especially if it’s still January. Now, regarding attendance, it can go two ways. One, the excitement of seeing the seats full and the noise levels are breathtaking. It’s an incredible sight. On the other hand, seeing all these fair-weather fans who never come to games is frustrating because you feel like they take away some of the experiment. In our supporters section, the “Blue and Orange Army” up in Section 329, we would be at games when were losing 5-0 and half of the building was empty and we loved it. Yes, the team was suffering, but it was so much fun because we literally had the entire building to ourselves. There comes a price with having a good team and unfortunately that deals with bandwagon fans being present. But it makes sense, people want to watch success. On another note…LET’S GO METS!!!

  37. Pakelody Cheam

    As someone who loves a good underdog story, I’m excited for the Mets! I have a friend who works for them, and he has spoken about how the crowds have been wild this season. Woo! Go Mets!

    Though this “front runner” mentality is prevalent through sports, I feel that in other sectors of the world, the public is less likely to jump on a bandwagon. I don’t mean that it doesn’t happen -just that in sports, it happens more often.

    I do agree that good performances generates good PR though. An example would definitely be Barbie. Often criticized for the sexualization of toys and self-esteem effects on girls, they recently came out with a new commercial which highlights Barbie as a bridge to a girl being whatever she wants to be. From this commercial alone, there has been positive buzz that I hadn’t heard in awhile.

  38. Martin Bradshaw

    There are countless instances where TV shows will star off with great ratings and more than enough views to keep the momentum of the show going. But then, after a while she show “jumps the shark” and declines in quality and when the quality declines, people lose interest and stop watching it and the show becomes unpopular.

    Another example of publicity in relation to success could be the situation of Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps. He won gold in numerous swimming events in the 2004 and 2008 Summer Olympics. In the wake of these huge successes, he received fame, sponsors, and became famous for his achievements. He was, unfortunately, involved in publicized DUI charges and photos were leaked of him smoking marijuana at a party. This caused a drop in his popularity and he lost sponsors. He regained his fame and popularity once again, though at the 2012 Summer Olympics where he once again earned numerous gold medals.

  39. capriceoliver

    Winning teams definitely bring in higher ticket and memorabilia sales. This same scenario was true for the Fortyniners football team. The last couple years sales have increased after making it to the Superbowl almost a decade later. The spike in wins even pinned us a new stadium. In the past sales we’re down and so was the game turn outs. I have been a Niners fan since 87′ so I’ve bared loss after loss. When my team started to win fans started coming from everywhere, everyone wants to be associated with a winner! Good luck Mets!

  40. boxofficesam

    Soccer has never been a major sport in the United States, this holds especially true for men’s soccer. The reason for this is because the United States doesn’t have a good soccer team. Any teams that do exist are okay when playing another American team. However the U.S. men’s soccer team has never made it far within the world cup; something that no one really expects to happen.
    Opposite to this is the U.S. women’s team which has had extensive coverage over the past few months after they won the women’s World Cup. Women’s soccer is much more popular in the United States because it is not as underdeveloped as the men’s league. However if women’s soccer was just as underdeveloped as the men’s league than there wouldn’t have been any coverage of the world cup on basic cable. But the U.S. women’s team gets results and with that they are making soccer more popular in the United States.

  41. Sara Fox

    Unfortunately, I can’t relate to the “pinch me” feeling that Mets fans are experiencing. I have never had any interest in baseball, or any sports for that matter. However, I am excited for this team who has often been considered an underdog and for their devoted fans. I also feel that this “front runner” mentality is very common in sports, most recently with the Mets. Many people are suddenly supportive of the team.

    A similar example of good PR following good performance is in television. I am specifically thinking of American Horror Story. Just like any new show, AHS started out unpopular and unknown. However, because the first season was so interesting and different, and got put on Netflix where it generated even more buzz, the show was able to become more and more successful with every season. The current season even stars Lady Gaga which is a huge PR boost for the already successful show. AHS is now drawing in an entirely new market of Lady Gaga fans.

  42. azachar1

    I think this a really interesting topic even though I am personally not a sports fan. The Mets are all anyone on my social media account seemed to be talking about for days.

    When you asked us to think of an example, the first one that automatically came to mind for me is Disney’s “Frozen.” I am a huge fan of Disney and watching the reactions to this movie when it first came out was a very exciting time. All my friends were going around singing the “Do You Want To Build A Snowman” song. The sheer success of the Disney film certainly generated lots of buzz and lots of merchandise!

  43. Jack De Gilio

    First of all, let me start by saying that my family absolutely loves the Mets, and no matter what happens to the team, they will always support them. However, it’s definitely true that many people definitely jump on the “bandwagon” of the frontrunners, and there are those that follow sports teams just because they are doing great. However, that may not necessarily be a bad thing partially because I feel as though good performance also deserves the attention and recognition.

    This is the case in literally any field, for example in music, while there are some artists or bands that release a hit song, sometimes these artists/bands release some strong follow ups, and other times they fizzle out. For example, Adele is a hit because of the fact that she’s extremely talented and the public can see that. It doesn’t matter how strong a musician’s publicity is, if they aren’t talented, they won’t be a lasting success.

  44. Jeff Lansky

    I can relate to the long suffering of Mets fans because I am an Indians fan. I love seeing teams make it far in the playoffs that haven’t been there in a while and I am pulling for the Mets. I agree that no matter how much good PR a sports team does attendance will remain low if the team isn’t winning. The Indians have ranked in the bottom of the attendance in the MLB over the last few years as they have struggled to make the playoffs. They made the wildcard game in 2013 and they still ranked 28 out of the 30 teams in attendance. The Cavaliers are another example of performance results in greater success. In the four years that LeBron James left the Cavs to play for the Miami Heat attendance suffered as a result of poor performance. On the day that LeBron announced his return to Cleveland season tickets sold out less than eight hours later. LeBron turned the Cavs back around and guided them to the NBA Finals this past season and as a result every game was packed.

  45. S. Shakola

    I agree with many of the other people who commented saying that if a product is not worth purchasing, the PR efforts will not make a difference. In this case, people want to be a part of the “story.” Therefore, as the Mets are becoming successful, people want to join in and be part of that success. I familiarize with the pain of the Mets fans in previous years because I am a Lakers fans and even through hardships, loyal fans will stick by their teams. Good luck Mets! *Since you beat the Dodgers… I’ll root for you cause if we are going to be taken out of the running, I’d at least like it to be by the best*

  46. Lindsey

    There can be no effective PR effort without a product or service worth purchasing or using. All of the good media in the world cannot make up for a product that is not worth it to the consumer. In the case of the New York Mets, they have been in the shadow the Yankees for years and still maintained a loyal fan base, but it is no surprise that now that they are winning, more fans are coming out of the woodwork.

  47. Abby Drapeau

    As a Boston fan I just can’t wish well for the Mets. It’s true though that no matter how good of a job the Mets PR team was doing, they weren’t going to be able to increase sales of seating and merchandise unless their team was winning. It’s like if you’re promoting a movie and you have all of these great commercials and celebrity endorsements, it’s not going to matter if the movie isn’t good.

  48. hallieabish

    First off, the members of my family are definitely all Mets fans. Needless to say, we are all very excited. It is evident that people rave about success and tend to keep failures to themselves. Many may try to forget about poor Mets seasons. Many people may buy a specific product because their favorite celebrity has it. This may be considered a measure of the celebrity’s success because people are talking about them and want to be like them. In contrast, if their favorite celebrity is on a downfall, they may be ashamed. I think Lamar Odom is a good example of this. People are probably less likely to buy his basketball jersey now!

    Good Luck Mets!!!!

  49. emilyrwalsh

    This post is so relevant because many people suffer from the “frontrunner” mentality. My family looks down upon those people, as we are devoted Yankees fans. On another note, in the field of PR, good performance is key to good PR and therefore bigger profits. A perfect example of this is Broadway. Even though it is completely opposite from the sports world, it is crucial to have a good performance in order for a show to be successful. A PR person could have the most creative campaign but it won’t be successful unless the show being represented yields good performances. Once a show has positive reviews, it then attracts a bigger and broader audience and therefore becomes more successful, ultimately yielding a bigger profit.

    It’s so amazing how PR can be connected in many different fields of interest. So, even though my family is all for the Yanks, we can’t help but be excited for the Mets.

    Let’s go Mets!

  50. jheiden1

    Well first of all, I must inform you that I am a Boston Red Sox fan. I was born and raised in Massachusetts, so despite my disinterest in athletics, I will always side with that team. The success examples are accurate though. I’ve been to a few Sox games and if they’re doing well, my excitement increases instantly. If they don’t do so well, I’m the first to leave the stands. It’s nice to be apart of something that brings joy and happiness to others.

  51. joebarone28

    As a long suffering Mets fan, I couldn’t be happier. I am pumped. The days are longer and I just want Tuesday to come already.
    I went to two games in April this year during the 11-game winning streak and I looked to my cousin and said, this team WILL make the playoffs this year. Actually, in Spring Training I had them pegged as a Wild Card team but they surprised the entire league with that run after the All-Star Break.
    For me, I was always a Mets fan. I hated that I loved the Mets, because of the many years of torture, but finally it is all paying off.
    I went to the games but I also boycotted other games because the front office and managment just seemed to not care. Once they made the trades and signings, I saw it in the front office’s eyes that they wanted this just as much as the fans and here we are.
    Is it Tuesday yet?

  52. Emily DiLaura

    My step father is a HUGE Mets fan and always has been, even through the rough years. What some may call a “frontrunner” I would call a bandwagon fan. I’m a huge hockey fan and always have been. My team is the Bruins and in past years when we’ve come close to The Cup, I’ve seen plenty of people jump on singing along to the Dropkick Murphys’ “I’m Shipping Up To Boston.” The closer a team gets, the more fans they have and the better a team is the more fans you see as well. This is true for any team in sports and also in many other cases like a concert or a play. As you said, people want to be close to success no matter what they may mean. It’s like the Harry Potter series. When a book is outstanding and catches the eye of many, a sequel comes out.. then a series.. then movies to go along with it. J.K. Rowling has made unbelievable amounts of money and now- four years after the last movie, there is talk about a new play in London about Harry and his family. All you need is a few loyal fans to lead to a whole PR success!

  53. Tara

    I’m so happy to see the Mets go to the World Series after many years of watching my dad yell at the television during their games. He is a huge Mets fan, but spent most of his fan-hood feeling disappointed, leading me to agree that the Mets merchandising profits are most likely coming from true friends who are excited to support their team this year because of their performance. I feel like some true Mets fans do not award the team by purchasing their products or tickets if the team keeps disappointing them. As far as other examples of good PR and performance I thought of the Yankees. The Yankees symbol has become somewhat of a universal symbol. I think it has to do with the fact that they have popular players and they win a lot, that is until this year.
    Let’s Go Mets!!!!

  54. Dianne Baumert-Moyik

    They so deserve to be there! They have worked hard and truly have heart. They are committed to their mission of being a great team–more than just one individual. I could not agree with you more Jeff about the value and importance of performance. That is why my company, Northrop Grumman, thoughtfully chose “The Value of Performance” as our brand position. Meeting that daily commitment to our customers, employees and shareholders is what allows us to be a top performing company. That dedication to mission performance for our troops and our nation is at the heart of the stories we tell as communicators. It is one of our key discriminators as a company. The Mets have proven their value to the division, conference and now will have the chance to do that to the world. Let’s Go Mets!

  55. Kylie Todd

    National league sports have never really interest me. I’m reluctant to say that I am one of those people who only watch the Super Bowl…However, I do enjoy seeing people’s excitement while talking about the last night’s game or their favorite player. People have such a strong emotional connection with their teams that’s so interesting to watch and listen to. Also, it makes sense that people have a “frontrunner” mentality. No one wants to rave about something or someone that is looked to as a loser or unpopular. A personal example of this is when the Twilight movies came out. Every teenage girl, myself included, expressed their obsessions daily leading up to the big premiere. But when that love turned suddenly into hate after each movie was released, I didn’t even want to acknowledge that Twilight interested me until there was a new movie coming out and people started to rave about it again.

  56. audrathorsen

    It is definitely obvious people have been experiencing “frontrunners” mentality this season with the mets. Aside from the fact that there are numbers to prove it, all I have been hearing about on social media is the Mets success and how proud everyone is. I never heard any support for the Mets from these people seasons back. This isn’t the first team I’ve seen this “frontrunners” mentality with. A few years ago when the Nicks basketball team was having a good season, suddenly everyone in my high school was a die hard Nicks fan.

  57. Victoria Reid

    I have to admit that I, too, sometime suffer from “frontrunner” mentality. Being from Houston, I know all too well what it’s like to have sports teams that don’t always do too hot. Occasionally, they shock us by doing really well in the season, or at least better than expected. I’m usually down to jump on the bandwagon when say, the Astros, are doing well but any other time I could probably care less. I think that applies to many people. It’s definitely easier and more fun to support the winning team than the one who’s last in their league.

  58. jhlabella

    I have somewhat of a person example. Throughout my high school experience the football team was never very good. My senior year I had a classmate that was determined to create school spirit and get people excited about going to the football games. She organized pep rallies and designed apparel for people to wear to the games. By creating a buzz about the games, the team’s confidence was boosted and they did better then they ever had.

    Good luck Mets!


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