OpPoRtunities, 2016

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Last year's SCO in Rome students

Last year’s SCO in Rome students

People see the new year as a time to resolve to make certain changes in their lives. A well-publicized survey by GoBankingRates.com showed that while “losing weight” is a top priority for many this year, it ranked number three and a related resolution, “live a healthier lifestyle,” was number two. The top resolution was “enjoy life to the fullest.”

I agree with numbers two and three. Having lost 17 pounds since Labor Day, I’m going to try harder by adding exercise. However, I’m tweaking the survey’s number one resolution to read “enjoy life to the fullest by making the most of every opportunity.”

Professionally, I’m planning to make the most of the regional conference Hofstra’s PRSSA will be staging in March, and will be seizing an opportunity to teach in Hofstra’s “SCO in Rome” study abroad program in July.

Hofstra’s Public Relations Student Society of America chapter was chosen among 300 student chapters to present a two-day regional conference on careers in public relations. “Start Spreading the News” will be held March 18-19 and will focus on options in entertainment, fashion, food and hospitality, technology, nonprofit, and international PR. There will be panel discussions on Spanish-language PR and an interactive session on problem-solving. The conference will include two networking events with PR practitioners, a visit to the Museum of Public Relations plus a couple of social gatherings. It’s my goal to help our students maximize this opportunity and stage the best regional conference ever.

“SCO in Rome” will take place July 1-29, offering Hofstra School of Communication students the chance to study abroad. Students will earn three credits by working for an Italian nonprofit organization to create publicity materials and video over a four-week period. Weekends will be spent touring Rome and some of Italy’s great cities. I will be teaching and travelling with colleague Randy Hillebrand, and we’ll all be making the very most of this wonderful opportunity.

I’m looking forward to what should be a terrific year, and I hope all my students and colleagues can and will make the most of their opportunities in 2016. Your thoughts?


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  1. Vanessa Major

    I agree with the saying live life to the fullest, I think I am the biggest advocate for that. Traveling and trying new things is imoortant to maximizing this one life we have to live.


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