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ashley chauvin

PRSSA Regional Conference Keynote Speaker Ashley Trager Chauvin

Sometimes the sighs and the eye rolling are palpable. It happens on the first day of class as I review the syllabus and reveal that my students will be required to attend a full-day conference–and on a Saturday! Heavens!

However, when we return to class after the conference, there’s usually praise for the experience and a “thank you” from students grateful that they were “forced” to go.

Our profession’s leading trade organization, the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), was founded in 1947 to “provide professional development, set standards of excellence and uphold principles of ethics for its members.” In addition to representing 22,000 members, PRSA has 10,000 student members through the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). Each year, PRSSA selects just nine chapters to host regional conferences, and this year the Hofstra University chapter of PRSSA was chosen.

The conference, titled “Start Spreading the News,” will focus on the professional advantages Hofstra students have because of the campus’ proximity to New York City, the media and PR capital of the world. On March 18-19, students from Hofstra and other schools in the region will join three dozen PR specialists, communicators, journalists, and educators who will serve as moderators and panelists in eight different workshops. Workshops will be comprised of New York-based professionals in industries including entertainment, travel, nonprofit, technology, international relations, fashion, corporate, and journalism. They’ll also have the chance to meet and network with these practitioners throughout the event.

The conference begins this Friday with a tour of the Museum of Public Relations at Baruch College in Manhattan and a networking reception with working professionals–most whom are Hofstra alumni–at the Heartland Brewery in the Empire State Building . The workshops all take place on campus on Saturday and includes a keynote address from Ashley Trager Chauvin of Edelman, one of the world’s largest PR firms, plus resume reviews, professional head shots, lunch, and more networking.

Students can register online or visit the Hofstra PRSSA table in the Student Center atrium. And on March 20, I believe the excitement, growth and learning from the experience will be palpable. Your thoughts?

47 thoughts on “PalPable leaRning

  1. Pamela Lacayo

    The Hofstra PRSSA organization in itself is amazing. All the students worked hard on putting together a successful conference. I enjoyed myself immensely and learned a great deal from all the forums/workshops that I attended. It is definitely worth getting up early on a Saturday to attend. The information learned is very useful and can’t wait to implement it when I start working in the PR industry.

    Thanks for making us go prof Morosoff.

  2. Goodnews

    I confess that I missed a lot in not attending the PRSSA conference. I so much missed it that I can’t afford to miss it when it comes up again.

    What I could’ve learnt had it been I attended could’ve been the knowledge and skills fundamentally needed for success in PR career.

  3. kn3vil

    This conference once again showed me that my future is not as clear as I may want it to be, although that is never a bad thing! What I love about that is the mystery that as long as I stick to what I want to do, what I’m good at, and what makes me happy, I will find myself in a professionalism that will be most fruitful. One of the speakers at the entertainment session said she didn’t start in PR, and that is what really set off a light in my head. I am finding a new interest in PR, and there may well be a future for me in that industry, even if my plans lie in TV at the moment.

  4. Emily Weeks

    I would not have gone to this conference, if I was not “forced” to. As a television major, I find myself worrying more about my next shoot or transcoding footage. I never would have thought to sign up for a conference for PR. But as I got the list of speakers and topics, I did start to become excited about the conference and couldn’t wait to see what the world of PR is really about.

  5. syanok

    The PRSSA conference was great and very well planned out. I enjoyed the different sessions, especially the fashion PR session. My light bulb moment was the digital media session because it is such an important part of field, and as social media and immersive media practices grow, we as PR practitioners and students need to learn more about this area

  6. katericciardi

    I think that conferences and events like this are great networking tools for students. This gives students the chance to make connections that might not have been made otherwise. I’m sorry I was not able to attend.

  7. Erin Schmitt

    I’m very much looking forward to Saturday’s conference as it will be the first one I’ve ever attended. It seemed like such a far way off when first mentioned in class; I can’t believe the time is already here! I think something of this nature is incredibly valuable and is particularly important at this late stage of our college careers. I do not doubt that I’ll be one of the people to come away from it with quotes similar to those you’ve stated. I’m also really proud that Hofstra was selected to host this honor, so I look forward to representing my school with my fellow Hofstra classmates.

  8. Katie Hammer

    Every year since I first was “forced” to attend this conference, I always have a great learning experience. Each conference was different and gave me new insight on public relations because the advice came from real world experiences. It’s definitely worth getting up early for on a Saturday. I am excited to see what Saturday entails!

  9. Nathalie

    What a wonderful blog post (and shameless plug) for PRSSA’s Regional Conference! As chapter president, I am extremely excited for this weekend and am looking to seeing all of Professor Morosoff’s students in attendance. Conferences are always an enriching experience. You not only hear from seasoned professionals, but you also have the opportunity to build your network. All students should consider attending because there really isn’t any loss in going–your time and money will be well spent!

  10. Russell Benner

    The opening paragraph could not have rang more true. Kids are usually depressed and frustrated with our professors for having to come to school on a Saturday. These arecone of the things that are completely beneficial to us in our growing experience in the field. Having experts form a panel for questions, followed by lunch and networking is something we should appreciate! I look forward to going and gaining knowledge in the field

  11. molliealexandra

    Once people are able to look past the fact that the conference is being held on a Saturday I think it becomes clear what a great opportunity it really is. PR professionals working in multiple areas will be ready to give students first hand advice in their respective industries and what could be more beneficial to college students than that?

  12. daniellehkent

    I’m excited to attend! There’s only so much you can learn about PR without real-world experience and I love that we now have the chance to meet and learn from so many successful PR professionals.

  13. John Grillea

    I’m sure this conference will be very informative and great for all of us to attend. It’s pretty impressive that our school was chosen to host this big event within our industry. It will be fun and educating to communicate with the professionals all day!

  14. A.Murphy

    Conferences are a great opportunity to learn more about specific topics and such. The fact that Hofstra was chosen to host the conference is a big deal and a great opportunity for our communications community.

  15. syanok

    I’m very excited for the conference coming up this weekend. I think it’s a wonderful opportunity to to connect, network, and learn more about public relations. I’m also excited to meet some of the professionals who will be attending the mixer

  16. shollwedel

    I’m particularly excited to go to this conference to see and meet people that are currently active in the world of Public Relations, especially during my first semester in graduate school. This conference should definitely be a valuable resource to those who attend and will certainly give insight into the field that attendees are trying to break into. From someone who spent some time working in the music industry, I’ve learned the value of advice from those who are already established in the field and judging from the titles of panels as well as those who are participating in them, this conference has the potential to deliver more information than some classes.

  17. capriceoliver

    I totally agree. I am excited to be apart of this big networking event. I’m still fairly new to NYC and actively hunting down internship opportunities. I hope to leave the event enlightened and inspired! See you there!

  18. azachar1

    I am so excited for this conference. I have seen how hard you and the executive board have been working on this event. This is pretty amazing considering my undergraduate institution barely offered anything for those interested in communications, let alone PR. I am very grateful for this opportunity and a huge thanks to you and the board for organizing and hosting this event!

  19. taylorpirone20

    Still have my fingers crossed that my work schedule will somehow allow me to attend last minute. It seems like an incredible opportunity to learn from many knowledgeable people in the PR field.

  20. Nikita Hakels

    This is definitely going to be a great conference. It is a great opportunity for students to get the most out of it. It is for sure going to be a wonderfull experience. It is unfortunate that I won’t be able to attend it I really wish I could, and after reading this I actually feel really bad that I cant. But however I wish the entire team of organizers good luck. This is going to be a great conference.

  21. Elaine

    I’m so exciting that I can attend the professional conference. I believe that I will learn a lot of professional knowledge. I’m proud of our university were chosen as nine chapters for PRSSA. It stands for the excellent program and good relationship. I believe our university can develop better and better in the future. I very cherish this opportunity to talk with the professionals of largest PR firms.

  22. xuhansite

    I think the conference will be very meaningful. Students can have an opportunity to communicate with professionals and find a suitable job. It is a great honor for Hofstra PRSSA to hold the conference. I wish the conference a full success.

  23. Vanessa Major

    It’s great that Hofstra was selected to hold the conference, this is not only big for the communication program, it is a notch under Hofstra’s belt. I’m sure it will be engaging and an opportune time to connect with people that can assist us in our PR journey.

  24. Sharlys Leszczuk

    I’m looking forward to the weekend. I’m excited to see the Museum of Public Relations, meet Hofstra alumni in the industry and learn new things about PR and career prospects!

  25. Judea Hartley

    I am so excited about attending the regional conference this Saturday! One of the many things that I love about the public relations department in Hofstra is that the department officials really set the students up for success. They really provide the students with so many opportunities to network and actually work with successfully people who are working in the PR field already. I think this is a great opportunity to be under the tutelage of great professionals and having our resumes reviewed for editing purposes is also a plus!! A good resume can land a dream job if the information on the resume is set up right concisely indicating what the potential employee has to offer. I have never been to a regional workshop of this magnitude, therefore, I am very excited. I think that it will be very helpful and it will also give PR majors an insight as to what the field has to offer.

  26. ari okonofua

    I’m very excited to attend the conference and look forward to the experience. Ashley is great and super knowledgeable so I know everyone will enjoy her words of wisdom! This conference is a valuable resource to all and before working full-time, I know I could have benefited from learnings shared during a conference as well as advice from those in the PR industry. I can’t wait to attend – even if it’s on a Saturday =)

  27. SShak

    Congrats to Hofstra for being selected to host the Regional Conference this year. I am looking forward to hearing discussions in workshop and hearing first hand experiences from PR professionals

  28. pollakvictoria

    I’ve been looking forward to this since you mentioned it in class. I know how important it is to make connections and develop networking skills. Since public relations is the line of work I surely want to pursue, I know that I need to build any knowledge i can towards it. Anything that is available to me to better myself in the profession is highly important to me. i’m excited to get any words of wisdom i can from the PR professions i will meet and hear speak.

  29. Tyler Weatherly

    I’m really glad Hofstra was chosen to host the regional conference this year! I’m actually really looking forward to the professional headshot and resume review/revamp!

  30. Jillian Berardi

    The Hofstra PRSSA chapter must be extremely proud that they were one out of only nine chapters selected to host the 2016 Regional Conference. What an incredible honor! I am very excited to attend the different workshops and gain valuable knowledge about the PR world. I am definitely looking forward to attending the PRSSA Regional Conference this Saturday.

  31. Lauren Denker

    I am looking forward to this conference. I always think it is very interesting hearing PR professionals advice and experiences. Having the opportunity to also speak with an array of Alumni is not only a great way to network, but is also cool to see how Hofstra has helped them to progress in their life.

  32. Brianna Vallelong

    I am very much looking forward to attending this conference and having the opportunity to learn more and network in the field of what I hope is my future career. There seems to be many great speakers to sit in on for the areas of PR that most interest me. The fact that Hofstra is able to host such an event for its students is amazing!

  33. zhenpanda

    cannot wait for the professional headshot(desperately need one for career) and excited to see PR museum-will be an inspirational experience for certain.

  34. Bahati Louis

    I didn’t know Hofstra was chosen as one of nine chapters to be chosen to hold the regional PRSSA conference. I know there are a lot of colleges in the New York area so for Hofstra to be chosen as one of the schools is pretty impressive. Hopefully I do enjoy the conference this coming Saturday. At first I wasn’t looking forward to it since it is an all day affair but now I’m more hopeful about it. It’s good to know that Hofstra alumni are actually interested in helping their younger counterparts succeed in their careers.

  35. Rachelg

    I find it pretty cool that Hofstra was chosen to host this conference. I am looking forward to meeting and networking with professional PR practitioners.

  36. Elizabeth Giangarra

    I am personally very excited to a part of this conference. I look forward to this great experience for both networking and broadening my horizons in the field of PR. As a PR major and a member of Hofstra PRSSA ,I am very excited for the workshops and the ability to mingle with professionals who are already in the public relations field. This is just an opportunity for me to grow and network with people who I normally wouldn’t be put in contact with. i can not wait for this weekend!!

  37. kristinaweller

    I am very excited to get to network as well as gain more of an insight into the PR world. Although I am not a PR major, PR 100 has sparked my interest in public relations, and I think this conference will be a great way to solidify if PR is something I would like to further pursue as a future career option.

  38. Lysa Carre

    I am so proud to be apart of Hofstra University’s Public Relations Masters program. It is so impressive that the program was developed not too long ago, and has already been chosen as one of the nine chapters to host a regional conference. At first I was dreading going to this conference since it’s being held on a Saturday, and I cherish my time off on the weekends as a full-time worker and student. However, I know how important it is to network and go to events such as this, since I’ve seen how much networking has paid off in my job experience thus far. I believe this regional conference will be extremely informative and joyful! I am looking forward to the workshops based on entertainment, fashion, and corporate the most. This blog was informative on what’s to be expected at this special occasion, and my countdown until Saturday, March 19, now begins!

  39. laurenconway97

    I am extremely excited for this conference! Although at the beginning of the semester I may have dreaded anything taken up my time on a Saturday, I am excited to talk to new people and learn from people who are truly passionate about what they are talking about it. I am still learning more and more about the PR world everyday and I hope this conference will help me continue that.

  40. Shawna Gregson

    I am personally very excited about the fact that Hofstra is hosting this years PRSSA conference. I think that it’s going to be very valuable to mingle with professionals who are already in the public relations field. This is just an opportunity to grow and network with people who we normally wouldn’t be put in contact with. I know that the fact that it is an all day event on a Saturday could be a little intimidating but I for one am happy that Hofstra has the opportunity this year to host this event!

  41. Danielle Tana

    I can’t imagine how proud Hofstra’s PRSSA chapter must feel to be chosen to host this years conference. I am very pleased to be joining fellow classmates, professors, and professionals at this years conference. Although I am only a freshman, I am excited to expand my knowledge of PR and learn more about PR internships, as it is my major. Congratulations, Hofstra PRSSA!

  42. Lauren A.

    I am excited to be a part of this conference. It is amazing that Hofstra’s PRSSA branch was chosen as one of nine schools to hold this regional conference. I am excited to get to know more people in the PR field as well as other students going into the field. I believe this will be a great experience for both networking and getting more information about PR and what looks good to professionals, such as getting head-shots and resume critiques. It will be an amazing opportunity for my peers and I to experience a conference as big as this one.

  43. amywangsite

    Well, I guess I didn’t roll my eyes when I knew about the regional conference. I am still learning and exploring the PR world. It gives me a chance to know more about the history of public relations, professionals from different industries, and the best part, the networking event. In today’s society, we all need our own networks and connections. It will be great to talk to professionals and alumni and learn from them. The easiest and fastest way of learning is by talking to other people. You get to understand more what the real world is like and how it works for you in the future. I believe that we can always pick up something from everyone. I can’t wait for this weekend coming!!!

  44. Emily Racanelli

    It definitely seems like it can be a valuable resource for students. With any profession, we need to build up connections and network or we won’t get very far. So many college graduates are left struggling to find a job within their field, let alone any kind of job once they enter the “real world.”
    While a sad reality that we can pour thousands of dollars into years of stress and school and end up working back in retail while we send out resumes, this nation is still filled with kids eager to head off to college. Luckily, we are afforded the opportunity to start build this connections early on. It’s comforting to know that we’re getting a little extra out of all that tuition money.
    The reality of it is that this “real world” we all prolong by going to undergrad, grad school, and etc. must be faced sooner or later. All we can do is try and best prepare ourselves for it so we aren’t blindsided.
    Nothing worth having comes easy and this is a prime example of it. To be successful and financially stable comes at a cost but it’s certainly something worth striving for. It’s all about putting your best foot forward.

  45. pjze618

    I was only of those people who rolled my eyes at the thought of spending my Saturday at an all day conference. But I really did have a great time last year. I think this kind of setting is so cool because you can listen to professionals discuss their work and then have a one on one with them after the fact.

  46. Tiffany Vellis

    Firstly, to be selected as one of just nine chapters around the country is an incredible honor in itself. Secondly, to have generated as many workshops and activities as the Hofstra PRSSA chapter has is exciting not only for the students and faculty, but I believe for the speakers, professionals and alumni who will be coming to campus to talk about the thing they are most passionate about. While I am not a PR major, I feel the thrill in the air surrounding this coming weekend because I’ve been in multiple situations within my time at Hofstra where I’ve had the pleasure of a short conversation with a successful professional journalist, and more so than anything else, it pumps a bit more excitement and determination through my body to one day be the person on the other end of the conference.


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