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From time to time Public Relations Nation posts a guest blog written by a Hofstra student. Danielle Kent is a senior majoring in public relations at the Lawrence Herbert School of Communication at Hofstra University. The observations expressed here belong to the writer:

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Guest blogger Danielle Kent

Donald Trump. The man whose notoriety once stemmed from firing contestants on “The Apprentice” has since been making waves as a political front runner. Reports of an anti-Trump Super PAC within the GOP have many wondering how a man whose party so openly criticizes him has garnered such impressive national support. Trump has beat competitors in most GOP primaries–taking Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and others out of the race– and has gained voter support across most demographics.

Though liberals tend to knock the GOP for having an unclear stance on issues currently plaguing the U.S., Trump is certainly not ambiguous and Americans love it. Trump is transparent about his intentions to halt immigration by building physical borders and mass deporting illegal aliens. He also intends to overturn Obama’s Affordable Care Act, a once controversial act that has reduced the number of uninsured Americans by millions.

Trump certainly lacks originality; his ideas, though extreme, are not revolutionary. He also lacks a strong conservative backing. His platform is conservative-leaning, but surprisingly moderate. So why do some keep voting for him?

Oddly enough, Trump shares a lot of similarities with his liberal opponent, Bernie Sanders. Less concerned with their goals as politicians, Americans sense authenticity in Trump and Sanders that many politicians lack. Trump may make polarizing statements that offend entire groups of people, but he does so honestly without fear of criticism.

Most Americans are skeptical of the government and in light of the many political scandals that have emerged in years past (Watergate, anyone?), this skepticism is not in vain. Both candidates share a similar “buck stops here” attitude, rejecting traditional political practices. They are loud, vulnerable, and unapologetic. Say what you want about Trump’s political views, but he certainly knows his target. The working class loves a success story and Trump positions himself as such.

Regardless of whether or not Trump gets elected, one thing has become painfully obvious: Americans are fed up with the precedents set by politicians of the past and they want real change. Is Donald Trump their answer?

20 thoughts on “Past PRecedents

  1. Pamela Lacayo

    Donald Trump is certainly not the answer. Unfortunately, he is the best choice at this point, for me. Though he may deport me for simply being Hispanic (joke), he is still the better choice than the horrid Hillary Clinton who cannot be trusted at all.

    It is truly disheartening that this great nation can produce candidates as Trump and Clinton to be our next POTUS. Is this the best we can do? NO.

  2. Erin Schmitt

    It’s scary to think about how what was originally played off as a joke has become all too real. With Trump being the only GOP candidate remaining, his antics and public showboating have seemingly worked for him. This country needs and believes in real change, but I think it’s safe to say that Trump is far from the answer. The US is already in a state of tension, and Trump would only fuel the flames by perpetuating more discrimination.

  3. Sabrina Cwenar

    After reading this post my views about Trump remain the same. I really hope America realizes we should not have someone who does not fear anyone or have a filter as our President. It seems that he will only perpetuate more discrimination in our country.

  4. Vanessa Major

    I’m not quite sure why Trump has had such trajectory in this run for president. I’m not one to follow politics at all, but this is simply ridiculous! I honestly think this is a new “thing” for him to try to succeed at. I do not think he has the nation’s best interest at hand.

  5. Nikita Hakels

    Donald Trump’s behavior has been so disrespectful to so many. America was not build on theses ground rules where no Muslims or any other religion people had no way to enter. I am not even an American and I feel sad that the elections and political situation has reached to this phase. Btw this post was really nice. So good job!!

  6. capriceoliver

    I think that Americans are fed up with a lot right now but Trump is definitely not the answer. President Obama said it best, “All the hate you poured into me…..created Trump!” It’s painfully true. Be careful what you wish for, people have created a monster. It’s all fun and games until he actually wins. God forbid!

  7. Goodnews

    I think Donald Trump is soaring in this era of U.S polity when people are tired of the politicians.

    Similarly, criticisms against Clinton, Bush and now Obama are now helping Trump in his journey of success in the presidential bid.

    I also think his success is not tied in the substance of promise-delivery-speeches, rather because of his popularism and his caliber of supporters.

  8. Elaine

    Actually, I don’t know a lot about the 2016 election but on my last blog I also write about Donald Trump. I don’t think the US citizens like him because I asked a lot of Americans and they said if Trump was selected President, the US will be damaged. It may subjective but from the NewYork Times, I know Trump was against by the public in California. However, Trump has no scandals like Ted Cruz. But no matter who as the President, I think they will do a good job for the US.

  9. Carolyn Leonardo

    All politics aside I think this presidential debate has been one of the most important one in history. America has taken a beating and has been put through up and downs by the hands of our presidents and politicians. Now more than ever we need a change and we are listening to whoever has the best answer to that. I for one understand the frustration that most americans have. Watching politicians stand at a podium in a nice suit and read off a speech that their assistant wrote for them. Telling America what they are going to do and how. We have always listened to these people who claim to make a change for us. If that is so why are americans so angry and are at such distress during this debate? To have someone speak to Americans not as if we are colleagues but as a country or at least human beings, I think is refreshing for once. Whether Sanders or Trump does this I can’t really tell, But I see why people are drawn to them more than any other presidential candidate. At this point in time America needs a drastic change or we are going to be in more than just a financial crisis. To comment on Trump I see where some of his suggestions could be beneficial and how it is easy to relate to a friendly face that has an All American success story(sort of). It is his presentation and compassion or lack there of that he has where I think he is running into a problem. Personally I can understand your points and plans just fine, you don’t have to yell them at me through my television. This goes for both Sanders and Trump. We use PR to help companies re-gain strength and keep and good standing in the community. Maybe they should take a lesson on how some good PR could help there campaigns.

  10. daniellehkent

    Note from the author (aka me!): I’m happy you’ve all loved engaging with this post, but I must say I am in no way advocating for the presidency of Donald Trump. This was an attempt to remain unbiased and not show favoritism toward either candidate but in doing so I feel that I’ve skewed my message. I’m merely looking at Trump’s successes from an objective perspective and trying to evaluate the reasoning behind them.

  11. Saralynn Kupperberg

    I disagree with the statement, “Trump is certainly not ambiguous and Americans love it,” because I think that one of the reasons that his fans love him is because he is ambiguous about his plans for the future, and he does not provide a morsel of information about how he will implement his wild ideas. For instance, he says that we are going to build a wall and that Mexico is going to pay for it, how? When? With what money? He has not provided answers to any of these questions. Trump supporters do not see past this ambiguity, and do not seem to ask the realistic questions that need to be asked about how Mr. Trump will accomplish the ideas that he is proposing.
    In regards to the question that you have posed, real change will come with someone who will work for change, and understands the realities that come with the job of being president. Trump is not the answer.

  12. Nathalie

    I’ll answer your question, Danielle: No, Donald Trump is not the answer.

    I refuse to waste any time or breath on discussing him, but for this blog post I’ll make an exception. Trump is an absolute imbecile. The fact that he continues to run strong in the republican nomination race baffles me. Trump is running for the presidency and yet all of what comes out of his mouth goes against core American (and even basic human/humanitarian) principles like freedom, respect, tolerance, equality, etc. How is Trump able to run for the leadership position of our country–probably one of the most important job positions available–when if regular employees at corporations and organizations, faculty at our universities, or even us graduating seniors seeking employment said any of the things that he has said throughout his entire campaign would be shamed, definitely not hired, and even more surely fired? His entire campaign is based on hatred, not on his capability to run the country (which he clearly demonstrates he has none). He is capitalizing on his name and money (which he inherited, he did not earn it; therefore, he is far from a “success story”). So, how is he getting away with this? A big contribution to it is the media’s and the public’s actions. Of all the candidates, Trump gets special treatment from the media because all networks are hungry for viewers. Channels ranging from FOX to CNN to MSNBC invite Trump onto their shows and when he can’t appear in studio, they allow him to call in–an exception that has never been made for nominees running in a party election. This is enabling him to be heard when he should just be ignored and not taken seriously. The public who tunes in to hear his ridiculous statements only help with this problem because they are the incentive for the media to give Trump airtime. All of this publicity only helps Trump in his campaign. I guess all publicity is good publicity.

  13. xuhansite

    As a foreigner, I am not interested in who is the next American president. However, I think a wonderful president should take the overall situation into account instead of sensationalism. To be honest, I admire President Obama and his ideas.

  14. John Grillea

    I enjoyed this post and even though I’m not very into politics I could still agree with many of your points from what I know. I feel like these two candidates are very out spoken and similar in many ways. It just still baffles me to how this whole presidential race has been going. These politicians have been brutal to one another!

  15. syanok

    Nice post! However, I have to disagree with two of your points. The first stating most Americans support Trump and that his supporters represent most demographics. The second that Bernie Sanders is “loud” and comparable in that respect to Trump. Trump seems to have garnered support from a homogeneous group of voters that just so happen to be very loud and aggressive. In respect to Sanders being equally “loud”, I have made a point to watch most of the debates and interviews, etc. from all of the candidates, and it seems that Trump is more so boisterous than simply loud.

  16. Lysa Carre

    Although Donald Trump is highly criticized in the media and among GOP politicians, I admire how brave and bold he is. Regardless of the negative feedback he may receive, Trump doesn’t bite his tongue when it comes to expressing how he truly feels. Personally, I love it, and find him to be the most fascinating Presidential candidate of 2016. I think our country needs more politicos such as him and Bernie Sanders because it would make a positive difference in our society. People value genuine authenticity, and tend to have more respect for those who stand up for what they truly believe in, rather than those who are controlled by others and read off of scripted speeches and messages to the public. Therefore, yes, I do think Trump is the answer! As a student who is up and coming in society working toward building their career, my main concern is the future economy, and if anyone knows how to conduct business and even fund their own campaign, it’s Donald Trump, which is why I would trust a leader like himself with my tax dollars. I’d strongly prefer to see someone like him become the next U.S President instead of a Democratic candidate who is responsible for horrific scandals such as Benghazi and improperly handling classified government emails to say the least.

  17. Rachelg

    Donald Trump has definitely swept the nation. I don’t think there is anybody in America, or in the world, for that matter, who hasn’t heard of his insane antics. Looking at him from a PR standpoint, I can say that whoever he hired to represent him on his campaign trail, is very experienced. Everyday he is gaining more and more supporters. It amazes me, but it is true. He, and his team know exactly who to target and what to say, which is proof of good, but unethical public relations.

  18. pjze618

    Nice post, Danielle! you made some really good points about the similarities between Donald and Bernie. I think their bombastic approaches speak to a lot of Americans, but not necessarily in a good way. It has been interesting to see how the political season has evolved.

  19. Tiffany Vellis

    Just as Danielle has extensively eluded to, I’ve been saying to my friends and family that the most significant part about Trump’s campaign is that it’s an assertive one. I love the “buck stops here” idea that Danielle mentioned as well and I believe it’s specifically this unwavering stance that has stopped many Americans from questioning ideals such as a physical wall along our borders; I mean seriously people… In a debate several weeks back with Marco Rubio, Trump was talking himself in circles and Rubio’s hysterical mockery swept the Internet, for about a week, then we were right back where we started with this quite frankly ridiculous Donald Trump fascination that makes me question everything I’ve been taught about politics and political campaigning.


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