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PRSSA 2016 (2)

Students have their “light bulb” moments at the PRSSA Regional Conference March 19

Last week I asked Hofstra PRSSA Regional Conference attendees to discuss their “light bulb” moment, an instance when a PR professional may have said something inspirational. Among their responses were clear resolutions to initiate opportunities and channel professional goals into action. Here’s a sample of their comments:

“Never judge on a person based on the person’s position at that point in time-because they may turn out to be someone important. I like the part about not letting failure drag you down.”

“We should take into account that information comes from ALL kinds of sources and that if something is not on the Internet, this does not mean it doesn’t exist or has value to us.”

“A specific light bulb moment for me was when one of the panelists stated that a person shouldn’t really go to the media unless they have something to talk about or promote. Once they have something to speak about, the relationship between the media and that particular organization can grow.”

“It definitely proved to me that it is possible to have a ‘dream job’ freshly out of school, but also to wait a little bit for the right one to come along if you are really passionate about a specific part of the industry.”

“When (a panelist) told us to not be afraid of failing and provided several extremely credible examples about individuals failing, it really hit hard. The next time I’m thinking about taking a chance, I will now be less fearful and remember her comments.”

“My light bulb moment was when (panelist) Denice Pigott said, ‘Tell everyone what your goals are; you never know who can help you.’ Sometimes we forget that the relationships we foster with our colleagues can present opportunities in the future.”

“I think I’ve finally realized and accepted that I have the capability to create my own future and I truly can do what I want–-regardless of what others say or what I convince myself I can or can’t do.”

These are profound, life-changing words. So what action will you take now to reach your professional goals? Your thoughts?

35 thoughts on “PRofessional goals

  1. shollwedel

    I’ve been guilty of setting aside more time for myself than I probably need to. I’ve made the decision to follow through with a Master’s degree in PR and that should involve pursuing opportunities such as internships. While that is difficult while working to put myself through school, it is still something that is going to give me the valuable experience I need to find the position I want after I graduate.

  2. capriceoliver

    The word goal is an action word, meaning you have to actually work to achieve that goal. I moved across the country to fulfill my goals and dream. Sacrifice and determination is a big part of my life. I’m willing to give me all to succeed! Too many are depending on me to win, failure is not an option.

  3. Goodnews

    Although I missed the conference which I regret to say, from what’s being reported about the Conference, I’ve seen the importance of attending this kind of conference in order to learn the skills and knowledge about how to achieve success in PR career.

    Again, for me to be a successful PR practitioner, I should have ready myself with the ethics.

    More so, my goal is to be involved in Politics and be a PR for Politics and Government.

  4. SShak

    The PRSSA Regional Conference put into perspective for me how quickly reality is catching up to me. I will be graduating in the fall and realize that I may not get a job immediately out of school. I have actually been in contact with one of the panelists and she has given me great insight for a potential internship. Sometimes it takes hearing that other people were able to achieve what you want to achieve to get your gears moving.

  5. Elaine

    I’m very happy to see these comments. As a PR practitioner, I need to solve many crisis problem of a company or a government. Thus, I always think time is the most important factor I need consider when I solve the crisis problem. Also, keep transparency is important too. I will use two principles to deal with the crisis for my client.

  6. Carolyn Leonardo

    Having a lightbulb moment i think helps people find their own path. Personally when I have a lightbulb moment it’s hearing something through a persons different point of view of thinking of something in a different way. I think ” hmm i never thought about it like that before”. Listening to other people’s journey’s is helpful to better help you understand that no one has it easy. Listening to the speakers at the conference reminds you that no one has a short journey to there success and they are always running into speed bumps. When you hear how long it took someone to finish school or how long they have been in the business that they originally did not even go to school for I think is interesting. To find your career it is important to take into consideration ho other people go their, because you might be taking the same journey as them.

  7. A.Murphy

    The two phrases that I am constantly saying to myself are to “keep my eye on the prize” and to “enjoy the journey.” Sometimes these can be in contradiction to each other but each have served me well over the years. It is important to stay motivated and to keep in mind what the main goal is. On the other hand, it can also be equally valuable to reflect on the progress made, take in how far I have come, and enjoy the present for what it is.

    As I apply for internships and career positions, I am constantly wondering if I am enough. The overwhelming nature of job searching can sometimes turn a great day into a miserable one solely because of the constant self-questioning and self-analysis.

    At the end of the day, I have found that “keeping my eye on the prize” and “enjoying the journey” have served me well.

  8. Nathalie

    Reaching professional goals is a long process and requires patience, but also determination. I took my first step in reaching a professional goal in public relations two years ago when I was a sophomore PR major and decided to get involved with the Hofstra PRSSA chapter. It was a small step at the time–all I did was join a club and volunteered extra time to committees and meetings–but it made a big impact in my life. PRSSA involvement has provided many opportunities that I probably wouldn’t have had the chance to take if I decided to not take that extra step. That small step at the time propelled me into taking more towards my professional goals. As a graduating senior, I am now taking the steps to enter the field as a full-time professional by applying to jobs. I would say a major takeaway is that good things take time, but never be afraid to be persistent. Both my persistence and patience continue to help me in achieving my professional goals.

  9. Sharlys Leszczuk

    These responses teach young PR professionals to aim high and keep fighting. People are often discouraged by the competitive job market, but what the conference taught me was that it doesn’t take much to make a lasting impression. After each panel, I went up to the panelists to introduce myself, collect business cards and connect on Twitter. This short dialogue with each professional made me stand out and when I followed up with these professionals about a week later, it was easy to remind them who I was and why I was emailing them.

    Being in PR requires a very special set of skills (insert Liam Neeson meme here) and one of those is being able to make something stand out, whether it is your client, a product, a campaign or yourself. That’s the only way to make it in this industry and something that is important to learn early on.

  10. Bahati Louis

    After reading those quotes and attending the PRSSA conference I think I’m going to take more advantage of the opportunities presented in front of me. In order to reach my goals I don’t need to do it alone and I’ve been conducting myself in that way but I shouldn’t be when I have a lot of help readily available to me. I’ve already cleaned up my resume thanks to the resume review break at the conference and now I’m going to apply for more internships through Hofstra. Like one of the quotes above I’m afraid of failure and I tend to try one thing and if that fails I just never try again. I also am going to stop putting all my eggs in one basket and apply to more than one thing; it never hurts to have a back up plan.

  11. Lauren A.

    These quotes are profound. Some of them I heard professionals say at the conference but others were new. I really like the one about failure. I heard people talking about not being afraid to ask questions people do not usually ask or to make yourself known, but never to list your failures. All the advice people gave was great for interviews and planning my internships.

  12. xuhansite

    I like these great comments. I always think about when I am a PR practitioner, what is the most important thing I will do? The answer is to understand my audiences first. I believe as a message sender and receiver, audiences’ opinion and attitude determine success or failure. Therefore, it is necessary for me to build a stable relationship with them.

  13. hassette14

    Its inspiring to read what these PR professionals have to say about furthering yourself or reaching professional goals, especially because many of them were recent graduates of Hofstra. It’s important to always believe in what you want to do with your life and do everything that it takes to get to your ultimate goal.

  14. katericciardi

    I wish I was able to go to the conference. It sounds like it was really a good events for students to learn, network, and make connections that could lead to future jobs and internships.

  15. Jillian Berardi

    I thought the conference was very inspiring. In order to reach my professional goals, the first thing I need to do is start believing in myself more. I can’t be afraid to take chances, even if it ends in failure. I also started researching internships because I learned the importance of them.

  16. Kyle Kandetzki

    It is great that people at my age can still be open to new horizons and realizations. Some people are so set in their path that they refuse to take in the importance of any event that they attend or any advice they receive.

  17. Lauren Denker

    After going to the conference, I realized just how many opportunities there are through Hofstra alumni to help with my future career. I talked to some of the panelist who spoke and they said how important it is to have connections and keep connections far into the future to help with my career. I know I won’t be able to get my dream career right away, but having connections in many different industries will help and I will be working on that.

  18. Tyler Weatherly

    I wouldn’t say these lightbulb moments were what pushed me to pursue my career goals, but they definitely encouraged my efforts. I think, going forward, I will pursue more opportunities even if I am not 110% confident in myself. Over the past few years of my college experience, I’ve realized tat I am constantly surpassing my expectations of myself. With that being said, I want to actually try to do more than what I THINK I can do.

  19. Ari Okonofua

    In order to reach my goals, I will use the words of Andrea Dresdale of ABC News Radio where she discussed the importance of having relationships with the media. i need to learn to reach out just to say hi to certain contacts and build solid relationships.

  20. Danielle Tana

    After attending the conference, I decided to take action and start researching and looking into internships for the summer. I am so glad I attended this conference because it truly pushed me to work towards my goals.

  21. John Grillea

    After the conference I told myself to be less fearful and take chances more often. I realized that everyone fails at some point! My professional goals are to build my business to be as large as possible. It’s all about believing in yourself and knowing that you can do it. If we don’t take chances than we will never know what the outcome may have been.

  22. syanok

    Hearing the different panelists speak about their trials and triumphs as public relations professionals was interesting and educational. It has inspired me to continue what I have been doing, which is being positive, applying for opportunities that interest me and are in the areas I want to be in, being open about what I would like to do with others, and working hard in class.

  23. Kristina Weller

    I’m going to stop questioning myself and start believing in myself more. I’ve definitely been super intimidated by the future and I think that that isn’t healthy. I need to look to the future as something that I can shape with my own two hands depending on what my passions, abilities, and visions are, and using connections and relationships in a positive way will definitely help the toolset I am constantly developing.

  24. Tiffany Vellis

    My goals are geared more towards Journalism than PR, but all the above advice and knowledge hold true for either profession. It’s about relationships, making intelligent lifelong connections and fostering them in order to learn more about the industry and develop into someone that it needs. It’s so important to be passionate about what we want to do for the rest of lives, so if you take that passion and gear it slightly towards potential employers and fellow colleagues, it could turn out of be extremely beneficial. Basically, don’t hold back about your goals and dreams so when that moment comes when someone is looking for an employee with your exact ambitions, your the name and face that come to mind.

  25. Taylor

    At the moment, I am not one hundred percent of my career goals. However, I like the advice to wait for a job that you are very passionate about. I think that in a workplace, it is important to do what you love or you will be miserable. Being that I am in a small state of panic regarding my career and my future, this advice really resonates with me.

  26. pollakvictoria

    The quote listed above about failure is very important to me. It’s something everyone needs to keep in mind, no matter what their endeavor is. Someone could fail hundreds or thousands of times until they reach their goal. I know a goal can’t be reached unless you try. And with all of the failures someone goes through also comes experience. I must keep in mind that failures shouldn’t bring me down. Instead, they should push me to keep going and be even more determined. With every failure, brings you one step closer to success.

  27. Judea Hartley

    During my time at the regional conference, i experienced so many ”ah ha’ moments that are really sticking with me. At this point in my life, I can really feel that I’m in transition. When I say transition, i mean that I feel myself moving to a higher level and into my calling. The regional conference alongside many other things that I have recently experienced career and education wise have really given me the courage to go for my dreams. I don’t want to dream forever and never execute my destiny and honor my purpose and calling in life.
    Ultimately, I want to be a news reporter and an actress. For as long as I can remember, thats all i pretty much wanted to do and I can’t see why that can’t happen. The first thing that I plan to do is network more and research. I really want to get a good internship at ABC or CNN. This will help me get my feet wet. I also plan to really work hard and show people that I will be an asset to their company or in their broadway production! I’m really trying to market myself more. I’m learning that you have to give people a visual of who you are alongside some proof and action. I plan to research because I really want to find what I’m looking for as far as jobs and internships. I want to know what I’m getting into. Im ready to work hard for what I want because i don’t believe in being stuck!

  28. amywangsite

    I am inspired again by those lightbulb moments shared by classmates. After I attended the panels, I am clearer about the way I want to pursue. First of all, I have to put a hard work on my resume and PR skills and knowledge. Then I will start my internship in different areas since fall semester to know better each field. From there, I believe that I will have better understanding in which specific direction I want to pursue as my career in my future. Also, I will start to go more networking event to reach out professionals out there and build up my own network. I can tell the journey may not be easy. But I am sure it will be worth it at the end of day. Hope that I will always keep these lightbulb moments in my mind wherever I go.

  29. Lysa Carre

    I will take action to reach my professional goals by constantly doing research, and networking with professionals who’ve gained experience in fields that I am interested in. I’ve learned how important it is to build relationships with people because you never know who can help you along the way when an opportunity arises. Therefore, after the PRSSA regional conference, I immediately followed up with 2 panelists who stood out most to me. I used their business cards to contact them via email to thank them for providing such informative discussions and advice. I also added them on LinkedIn since it’s a great networking tool to utilize. However, the most basic piece of advice I took away, which anyone can do no matter what is being willing to do anything and everything for their employer. The simplest things can go a long way no matter where you work or what your job title is. Whether it is making a Starbucks run for your staff, cleaning the break room, or walking in the pouring rain to mail a FedEx package for your boss – a little goes a long way and can make all the difference! Since everyone is replaceable, I strive to always be a valuable asset at work so that my boss can continue to build trust in me handling bigger and more difficult tasks along the way as I grow with the company. It is important to always remain humble and stay eager no matter what. My job duties range from letting my boss know what time the Rangers game is to having the opportunity to meet with clients and give them legal advice. A panelist named Sophie at the Entertainment workshop mentioned her job duties ranged from dancing around in a bird costume for hours to working at red carpet events with celebrities. I am so thankful to have experienced that conference on March 19th and will never forget it.

  30. laurenconway97

    At this moment in time I can not clearly define my goals or what exactly I have planned for my life, but I can definitely say it is becoming more clear. After hearing all the speakers at the conference talk about their past and how they have made in this industry, it has given me more hope. I hope that one day all my hard work will pay off.

  31. Rachelg

    One thing that I took from the conference is that it’s okay to not know what you want straight out of college. The truth is, most people start out doing something completely different from what they are doing now. Up until last week, I was so concerned and confused about what I actually wanted to do within the PR industry, but now, I feel as if I have a destiny, and I will find it in dues time. I like to think of the saying, “At first if you don’t succeed, try again.”

  32. pjze618

    I’m going to law school in the fall, so unlike most of my peers, I don’t have to immediately start looking for a job. But I think furthering my education is the action that I’m taking to reach my professional goals. A law degree will make me more qualified and I will be able to find different jobs than if I didn’t have the extra degree

  33. Emily Racanelli

    I can’t say that hearing of any lightbulb moments will cause me to instantaneously start chasing after a career. Logistically speaking, I have learned from experience that good things come to those who wait and just throwing yourself out into the open isn’t always the best call.
    At this point in my life, I cannot even clearly define my goals. I don’t see anything wrong with that, given I’m still young and learning about my options. What I can say is that reading about how motivated my peers are will only push me to work harder.
    I need to be a step ahead of everyone, academically, mentally, etc. in order to beat out the competition. When it comes to applying for jobs, there will hundreds of identical resumes. How can I stand out and prove I’m the best?


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