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If you believe polls, Tuesday’s New York presidential primary this Tuesday will see Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump emerge as winners. Both New York residents will have what is typical of most primaries: victories in their home state.

New Yorkers can only cast a vote for a candidate in the party in which they are registered. Republicans will decide if they support the controversial GOP front-runner Trump or one of his remaining rivals. Registered Democrats must choose between Clinton and Bernie Sanders, the former New Yorker who has surprised pundits by giving Hillary a run for her money.

Sometimes the decision on who to vote for isn’t based on a “favorite” candidate; rather, it’s a pragmatic determination. If you’re a Democrat, you might consider who has the best chance of beating Trump or whomever the GOP nominates at its convention. If you’re a Republican, you may reflect on whether you’re happy with Trump as our potential president, or whether you should support Ted Cruz or John Kasich if they have the better shot at beating the Democrat.

You also could base your decision on who most closely reflects your own political views, or the candidate who you simply find more likable. Trump and Sanders supporters seem to favor their candidates’ tendency toward blunt talk and how they often avoid “political correctness.” In Trump’s case there’s no such thing as political correctness, and a lot of people find this appealing. Many find it appalling, not only because much of what he says is outrageous on many levels, but because he is a public relations nightmare. One can only imagine how his lack of a PR filter would be perceived and interpreted on an international stage.

Despite public relations debacles that would have sidelined any other candidate, Donald Trump is leading his primary battle. But blunt, unfiltered words are likely to become damaging to national policy and politics. I’ll base my vote on whose words and positions–and whose PR filter–will effectively lead us for the next four years. It’s a choice not to to be taken lightly. Your thoughts?

49 thoughts on “PRimary choices

  1. Sharlys Leszczuk

    Although people like Trump’s political incorrectness, his words are not only offensive to minority groups in the U.S. but also around the world. When Trump makes a broad statement against Mexicans in the U.S., he may be damaging his reputation with a minority group of U.S. citizens, but in Mexico, he is offending the vast majority. Being the president of the United States is not an isolated position. It requires building and maintaining relationships and alliances with nations abroad. Trump’s statements may appeal to a frustrated and intolerant group in the U.S., but if he were to somehow achieve the presidency, our nation’s international relations would be upended.

  2. Emily Weeks

    I think that this election will definitely become an interesting one. The candidates are definitely communicating with their target audiences and trying to be as effective as possible. It’s interesting how Trump speaks to his collective audience as a whole, giving his PR team quite an interesting job of making sure they keep up with his wild comments.

  3. pollakvictoria

    In my opinion i think this election is quite the mess. Even before the voting actually began, i knew that it would come down to Trump being one of the top candidates. I’ve said from day one and i’m sticking with my assumption that Trump will win and become president. Although i believe this, i’m not for Trump. I just can see by the way he is handling everything that he will do anything it takes to win. Also because he is previously and still mostly known as a business man, he has skills and tactics that no one else has. If Trump doesn’t win then i highly believe it will be Hilary. I’m more for Bernie Sanders but sadly i don’t think he will be winning.

  4. Saralynn Kupperberg

    I was happy to participate in the political process by voting in the New York state primary, which has been part of a presidential campaign that is unlike anything that we have ever seen before. I was pleased to see that prior to April 19, the presidential candidates treated New York state as a battleground state, rather than the usual political afterthought that comes as a result of the state’s late election day in the presidential primary cycle. As a result, voters had a choice in who they wanted to vote for.
    While I agree with your idea that Donald Trump is unfiltered in that he tends to say anything that comes to his mind, I disagree with your point that Mr. Trump is unfiltered public relations wise. Specifically, when speaking to different audiences, Mr. Trump uses different filters to address different publics, and curtail the message to those specific groups. This use of filter is natural to human communication. For instance, when Mr. Trump spoke to Long Islanders in Bethpage, and he said that he was so happy to be back home. Additionally, he spoke to a crowd of 20,000 people in Albany; and he spoke at length about manufacturing jobs. These two examples show that Mr. Trump has used different filters to talk to different audiences, altering the message for the different areas. Above all, Donald Trump is running for a political office, and like all have participated in a political campaign before, he uses filters to communicate his messages.

  5. Sabrina Cwenar

    He has no Filter and in Pr it’s all about filters but then again he speaks to different audiences with communication is a filter in itself. He is speaking to the Republican Party, not to the establishment or older career politicians. Trump gains support by appealing to the masses with his blunt new open ideas. People are tired of the same old politicians. However in the general election in November I do not think he can win. I am afraid of foreign relations if Trump is president. The democrats will come out in masses and vote for Hillary , like they did for president Obama.

  6. daniellehkent

    I agree that a lot of times people will base their vote on something besides agreeing with a candidate’s political views. I support Bernie Sanders, but I view Clinton as a stronger moderate candidate who can more realistically beat Trump in a national election. Perhaps the strong opposition of Trump will actually encourage young people to get out and vote!

  7. Erin Schmitt

    Donald Trump is a walking PR nightmare. When a candidate publicly makes the awful mistake of referring to September 11th as “7/11” in a speech, and yet that person still has the overwhelming potential to lock up a primary nomination, you know there’s a serious problem in our country and who we’re faced to choose from. He is the type of person that will constantly be churning out words and phrases of this nature, so I don’t envy his PR team in the slightest. That being said, his unfiltered mouth has kept him in the news as he wanted. Trump’s following will seemingly support him regardless of his shenanigans because they’re blindly devoted to him. The general public no longer believes in a person who gives off a fake or manufactured persona. While this plays into Trump’s favor, I also feel Bernie Sanders has been able to gain the trust of people with his honest way of approaching topics, albeit in a much fresher way than Trump. I don’t have a candidate that I’m able to fully root for, so it’s really frightening for me to think just how different the country could be no matter who wins come November.

  8. Pamela Lacayo

    This is the year that my long-time belief that my vote does not count, is confirmed. Whether or not Trump is a PR nightmare every time he opens his mouth, there are far more serious problems going on with elections.

    I am a first-hand witness of how these elections are rigged. I whole-heartedly believe that the 1% are the ones who chose the next president of the united states. Whether it is Trump, the PR nightmare or the even scarier candidate who’s trigger happy-Clinton who’s bought by big companies, banks etc.

    When millions of New Yorkers are silenced by the state because they didn’t change their political party SEVEN months before the primaries, you know something is really wrong. Back in October, I had no idea who I was going to vote for and when I realized I had to change my party from Independent to either Democrat or Republican, it was a day too late.

    The elections itself have become a huge PR nightmare. Articles such as “2016:The year Americans realized elections are rigged” and Ron Paul: ‘US Elections Are Rigged & Voting is Used to Pacify the Public’ are a prime example of a bigger problem that the media is picking up on.

    Some serious crisis PR is going to be needed as more and more Americans find out that the electoral college, along with the delegate and super delegates (who are also lobbyists for mega corporations) are not representing the true vote of the American people.

  9. Nathalie

    After the results came in, I am still baffled that [that who shall not be named] continues to gather support at the polls. This continues to support the notion that “all publicity is good publicity.” However, I do not believe that his radical and absurd statements will take him far in a general election. Too many people in the US are directly offended and hurt by his statements that he could never win the popular vote. Therefore, it is really up to the democratic candidate. If he wins the Republican nomination, I will go as far to say that it will be a victory for the Democratic party. Hopefully I didn’t knock on wood…

  10. Russell Benner

    I dont want to sit here and talk politics and say who is going to get my vote and all that other controversial talk, but..

    Trumps no filter will hurt him down the road, whether or not he wins the nomination or not. God forbid he wins the presidency the lack of filter will only put the country in more turmoil with PR professionals trying to fix his mess.

  11. molliealexandra

    The candidates that will eventually make it to the general election, will be the ones that have successfully used their words to attract voters; the ones that will have convinced and persuaded the American people that they are best fit to run the country. In almost all cases, people ask themselves who they think can best tackle the big issues our country faces, and this in turn means asking yourself which candidate you trust most. In Donald Trump’s case, while many support him, I agree with you in that I think many people question his ability to be politically correct and level-headed enough to do so. When a client or person in general is so free with their speech as Trump is, this can easily become a PR professional’s nightmare.

  12. Kyle Kandetzki

    The case of Donald Trump is an interesting one in terms of PR, as he must know how the things he says are going to reflect him negatively with many, but it doesn’t totally matter. His fanbase is one that will hang with him regardless, as the more outrageous he goes, the more they enjoy his ‘unfiltered’ style, even if it is inherently racist or xenophobic. Sanders’ similar “unfiltered” style is reasonable and actually a great plan, and it has worked. He will speak off the cuff, but he still is politically correct.

    The case of Trump is an angering one because he clearly would be a worldwide PR disaster (and more) should he be president, but many just don’t care.

  13. gmorah

    Yes, unfiltered words are unpalatable in the society. However, I believe that at the end, the President is scored by whether or not he performs.

    There’s a wind of uncertainty blowing in U.S politics, I believe that it’s not longer “business as usual.” And I think there’s a little threat of danger of ‘Trumpmania’.

    Besides, Trump says what and how it is. And how people feel about it vary, some like it some don’t like it, and there’s little or no importance in the views of the audiences which will always remain insatiable.

  14. Lysa Carre

    As a registered Democrat, I hope to see Bernie Sanders win the Democratic primary. I like his revolutionary approach and beliefs for wanting to change our nation on a positive path toward equality. However, I question whether some of the goals Sanders is aiming to achieve are actually realistic such as “free college” for example, meanwhile we as a nation are in tremendous debt. Furthermore, as for the GOP candidates, I hope Trump wins! I think Trump would be a much more successful leader for our country rather than Cruz or Kasich. Although he receives a huge amount of criticism on a daily basis, I like his aggressive blatant attitude which I think we need more of in our society today.

  15. azachar1

    I really wish a was a resident of NY state so I could vote in the primaries today. Honestly, I am not sure who I will be sending my CT absentee ballot vote for. I feel so conflicted. I feel like none of these politicians are being honest. I am going to be doing some research to see which candidates fit my core values the best and see if I can dig past all the political garbage these candidates have thrown at one another.

  16. xuhansite

    Yes, I totally agree with you that Donald Trump is a public relations nightmare. He is good at making political points. However, he should realize that he is running for the President and his words and actions will represent a nation. So far, he has made a lot of enemies. I can not image that if he is the next president of the United States, what will happen. But I am sure that his PR team will have a lot of work to do.

  17. SShak

    I don’t want to go on about my views, but it’s a tough decision to make this year. At this point, I am not sure if I even like ANY of the candidates in relation to my beliefs. Ultimately, I think it is our duty as registered voters to be aware of what each candidate ACTUALLY stands for and not take everything at face value. There is still a long time till this is over and I hope front runners start to actually share what their goals are and HOW they are going to do them, rather than just spewing out nonsense.

  18. taylorpirone20

    While I understand the attraction of having a businessman running the country as opposed to the politician, Trump’s actions have been abominable. Had he been advised more on how to speak to the public, Trump being president may not have been a bad idea. However, it is too far into the game to fix his image. And honestly, it seems like Trump enjoys being abrasive, so I do not think he would change. While I would not go as far as saying I’ll move if he gets elected, there is no way I would cast my vote for Trump.

  19. zhenpanda

    I can sincerely say I feel ashamed that I don’t follow politics despite its enormously potential impact on my future-ObamaCare comes to mind. I can only have faith that humanity will choose the candidate right for this country.

  20. A.Murphy

    This entire debacle has me at a loss for words. On the one hand, some of the things that candidates are saying is refreshing and an interesting way to look at something. On the other hand, something are downright offensive and detrimental to progress. It is evident that some things are just not important to candidates.
    I am not even sure who to vote for at this point and am so appalled at the entire fiasco.

  21. Shawna Gregson

    I personally believe that this current election has taken somewhat a comical turn. Who wouldn’t thought that Donald Trump would be a serious contender for President? With his blunt personality and total disregard for empathy I personally think that he should not even be in the running. I have become extremely curious to why his popularity has carried him this far. Of course the majority of people cringe at his outlandish remarks and policies- yet why is he still here? This is something I have struggled with this whole election process that I have yet to figure out. What is Donald Trumps appeal?

  22. shollwedel

    I think this entire campaign has turned into several practitioners trying different public relations based social theories. Trump is going for shock and awe, neglecting issues and policy for offensive statements and a loud personality. Sanders is trying to create a true back and forth with the constituents to hear and represent what they are angry about. Hilary seems to be focusing on one-way communication, just flat-out ignoring many statements towards her. For instance, her lack of disclosure about her speeches to Goldman Sachs, saying that she’ll do it when everyone else does it although her speeches are the ones in question, postponing it and trying to ignore it until the issue goes away. Cruz is trying to desperately understand what the voters are looking for in the conservative base and trying to appeal to that. Kasich seems to just be in crisis mode, trying to hold on until the convention.
    If there was ever an election cycle better suited for case studies over the following years, this is the one.

  23. John Grillea

    It’s crazy to think how several candidates have been extremely successful in their campaigns with zero PR filter. It just goes to show how respect has been kicked out the window for the most part. I hope people vote for who stands for their beliefs and not who they just assume will beat out their competitor. It will be interesting to see if a candidate wins who has no PR filter. It could be a game-changer in future elections if it does indeed work.

  24. syanok

    I believe many New Yorkers voting in the primaries will choose a candidate they believe will be able to beat Trump. His divisive rhetoric has even seasoned PR professionals stumped. When I asked Scott McClellan (former Principal Deputy Press Secretary for George W. Bush) why he thought Trump has been able to gain as much support as he has with abrasiveness versus Kasich who presents as a more unifying, knowledgeable candidate, he wasn’t completely sure either. It seems that in this primary campaign, building a positive reputation across the board may not need to be priority number one. We will all find out when it’s over!!

  25. capriceoliver

    This is truly a sad presidential campaign year. The man who was considered a joke has made it to actually become an contender. I’m scared and nervous everyday. I hate the fact that Bernie Sanders will not make it, because he stands for everything I do. I really dont know what to think or feel about this campaign. Its just sad.

  26. Judea Hartley

    I personally feel like one should vote for the candidate who exhibits his/her political beliefs the most. Watching this campaign has really worried me. The outrageous, condescending, disrespectful comments that have been made enables me to feel like this campaign is a joke. There has been extreme discrimination towards minorities. A campaign should entail possible candidates that have strategic plans regarding the economic, social, political, and financial issues that we face as a country. It should not be about scandals, lies, secrets, trying to look the best, or one trying to receive the highest ratings. Think about it, some of the comments that Donald Trump has made has gotten him great ratings. However, we don’t need negative comments that bring ratings just for a moment. This country needs a plan to overcome economic downfalls, discrimination, health care issues, poverty issues, police brutality issues, and the like. I am most proud of the president that we currently have….

  27. mmolin9

    I completely agree. I still can’t believe the things that have gone on in this election so far in terms of having (or not having) a PR filter. It’s important to realize that this does not only affect how people will vote but also the impact it could have on the way other countries view us.

  28. Jillian Berardi

    I absolutely agree with you. Electing our next president is an extremely important decision that should not be taken lightly. There are many different components to take into consideration when voting. Voters must be educated on all of the candidates in order to make the best choice. It concerns me when I see someone supporting a candidate simply because of the media attention they are getting. I would ask this person about the views and policies of the candidate and they begin to stumble over their words. Social media is also filled with inaccurate information about candidates. It’s concerning to think someone is supporting, or not supporting, a candidate based on false information. It’s crucial for candidates to have good communication skills. How can we have a president with absolutely no PR filter? It would be disastrous for our country.

  29. kn3vil

    One thing that has really put Trump ahead in the start were the people who knew very little. Like watching only one news source, a person can be persuaded to believe a bias as fact and only fact. People who only listen to Trump and not check their facts or listen to opposing views remain in a state of ignorance. This goes back to Trump’s remark of his “small loan of a million dollars”. Even so, anyone can fall into this state of ignorance quite easily with any political view or idea. But it is definitely Trumps lack of filter that catches a lot of attention.

  30. Elaine

    PR filter is very important in the presidential candidates. I don’t think Trump will be a good leader if they don’t have a good PR skills. Imagine that he leads the country next four years without any PR methods to deal with the international relationship and internal relationship, how nightmare it is. Public Relations is a bridge to connect president with the public. If he does’t do well, he will loss the public’s confidence and cause the chaos for the US.

  31. kristinaweller

    I think that many of the candidates have the potential to become a public relations nightmare. Trump happens to be getting a lot of the attention, which helps to keep the attention off of other candidates but that shouldn’t allow us to become so naive as to think that he is the only candidate who has the capacity to cause conflict, contradiction, or make outlandish statements.

  32. amywangsite

    I agree. instead of choosing the candidate or the party you like, the most important is to see which candidate has more potential to do good and right things for America, instead of just trying to win the votes. This is my first year in the state, I am glad that I have a chance to witness one of the biggest president election campaigns in the world. Hope to see and learn more PR practices in politics from this election.

  33. Rachelg

    When running for presidency, one must really be careful in what they say. You need to have a good pr filter to succeed in something like this. That being said, it is obvious that Trump has zero pr filter. However, that does not mean he has bad pr. I think his pr team is doing a great job with his campaign. It may be unethical, but it is obviously working.

  34. Ashley Fazio

    I agree that when looking at who the future president could be you need to take everything into consideration. When it comes to Trump you either love him, or you hate him. He can’t seem to get out of the media. With media today, we see all the negative (not that he has much positive to say). People feed off of this. They love all the crazy things that Trump says, and it gets him attention. Not all publicity is good publicity. Practicing good PR is crucial.

  35. Danielle Tana

    PR filters are very important for anyone in the public eye. Trump obviously doesn’t even give that a first thought (nevermind a second!), but I’m pretty sure that’s no surprise to anyone by now. A presidential campaign must be executed carefully, in terms of PR, in order to be successful. It’s sad to see young voters today making their descision based on how others perceive a certain candidate. A presidential candidate’s public image is almost like his first impression to the public. Good PR is important.

  36. ari okonofua

    PR filters for presidential candidates are vital. PR is all about your brand and how you want the public to view you. In my opinion, none of the candidates have a strong brand that would help our nation. Trump has won the award for being most controversial and if that’s what’s important to his brand, then he has an effective campaign.

  37. Lauren A.

    Having a PR filter is very important for a presidential candidate. If one does not have good PR skills, it will reflect badly on that individual and whatever the individual represents. Therefore, if a president has bad PR skills and no PR filter they will hurt America, especially if their speech has political incorrectness. A candidates communication skills sets the tone for not only their campaign but for how they will speak and act as president. I believe that one must consider at a candidates PR filter while choosing who to vote for.

  38. Emily Racanelli

    This year’s presidential election is certainly one for the books. Regardless of who emerges victorious in the end, it will be an election remembered for years to come, and not in a positive way. I agree that Trump has serious issues when it comes to PR and the way he conducts himself. I’m sure he has a PR team behind him giving advice, but all they can do is stand there and cringe as he continues to speak nonsense.
    However, I feel that the general public doesn’t exactly think in terms of PR. They just see it as an attention-grabbing move. Regardless of what you call it, Trump knows what he’s doing because people (for whatever reason) are still voting for him.
    As far as the voting goes for this week, I can say there is no good choice for the Republican side. While the article states Hillary is the projected winner for Democrats, my money is on Bernie. With so many modern yuppies residing in New York, it’s just a matter of whether or not people will actually go out and vote. I’m definitely intrigued to find out.
    I guess this can also be something to jot down in the PR books. I can’t remember another time when a politician was as outrageous as Trump. Does money entitle us to just speak on a whim and act carelessly? Is it really true that “any PR is good PR?”

  39. Elizabeth Giangarra

    As a public relations major, I certainly believe that the way in which a candidate represents themselves to the public is a vital aspect of their campaign. The way in which each candidate communication to the public during their campaign is a reputation of how they are going to communicate when they are in the white house. Therefore, I feel that it is very import for candidates the determine how they are going to represents themselves.

  40. laurenconway97

    This election will be the first I can participate in and I see many positive and negative sides to it. I don’t follow everything when it comes to politics, but I definitely know enough to make a decision that I am going to be the most happy with. Being a Republican, especially as a college student, I tend to get a lot of backlash from my peers. Social media has become a place where people can spread their opinions and I am happy that I am able to live in a world that has that freedom. The problem is when people start to criticize others opinions. I am always open to someones thoughts and words. If I don’t agree with them, I simply ignore it or agree to disagree. In my opinion, it seems that people either love Trump or hate him. I feel that I am one of few that is actually in the “in between” category. Many have depicted him as this racist and misogynist candidate. Do I think everything Trump has said is all morally correct? Absolutely not. I can completely see where these opinions of him come from. Trumps outlandish words and poor PR campaign have done nothing but hurt him when dealing with non-supporters. I just don’t think it is fair to depict him as the bad guy in this campaign. If Hillary is going to the be the candidate for the Democratic party, she also needs to fix her image. Not only is she depicted as a liar, she just was a part of a skit using a racist joke. What I don’t understand is why there wasn’t a huge uproar about it. Anytime Trump says anything that can be perceived negatively, he is instantly called out on it. I don’t think it is a manner of who has the better PR campaign at this point. I truly believe there are double standards and this election is very divided. In many cases, it is ok for one candidate to do something, but not the other. PR will always impact many things, especially politics, but it doesn’t matter with someone like Trump. The people that hate him, will continue to hate him, no matter what happens. The people who support him, will continue to support him. Most people who support him are the ones who like that he doesn’t act like a politician and says what he wants. The only people who would appreciate a fixed PR campaign, are people like me, this “stuck in the middle” group of Americans. There are few of us and at this point, in the long run, I don’t think any changes will make that much of an impact. The larger problem is Americans themselves. If someone agrees with Trump policies and ideas, then that should be ok. If someone thinks his ideas are stronger than another candidate, they should not be depicted as a racist or misogynist. Many women support Trump and I don’t see anything wrong with it. When you vote for someone, it doesn’t mean you have to agree with 100 percent of everything they have done or said. It just means you prefer them over another candidate. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, I am simply just stating mine. The problem starts when many Democrats feel the need to threaten or threaten to block Trump supporters on social media. It seems that anyone who may support Trump is now having their voice silenced. I am sure that Republicans have done the same thing to Democrats, I am just stating what I have seen. I don’t think it is ok either way. America is supposed to be the land of the “free”, but if we keep blocking or threatening someone once they have a different opinion, not only is that limiting their freedom; it is also very discriminatory. The top reason people lash out against Trump is for that reason. Non-supporters find him to be very discriminatory, yet our own people are discriminating against each other.

  41. Lauren Denker

    I agree with the fact that this is a very important topic and is something that we will be stuck with for the next four years. People must really think it through before deciding who to vote for, especially when it comes to Trump. I think that even though he is in the media a lot and people find him entertaining it is for all the wrong reasons. Finding a president is important and having a bully as a president will only end poorly. This is the first year I will be able to legally vote in an election, so I have been keeping a very close watch on the primaries and everyones campaigns. I believe that people need to look more into the policies and ideas each candidate has instead of the money and entertainment they bring.

  42. Tyler Weatherly

    I do agree that each candidate’s PR filter will be important – cultivating and maintaining a favorable public view is basically the point of campaigning during election season. The idea of an unfiltered, unapologetic, careless Trump as president is certainly more than worrisome. The idea of Clinton as president also worries me considering her PR team has done a poor job at cleaning up certain messes i.e. moments where she has been caught lying about past events or contradicting her own views. Similarly to your daughter’s view on college websites, I feel that if you can’t represent yourself well, I don’t want you leading our nation. Imagine these mistakes being made with international affairs or during a time of war. No thanks.

  43. Tiffany Vellis

    It’s certainly been an interesting presidential race to the finish, especially for someone in my shoes who will be voting for the very first time this fall. While I certainly understand how Trump’s lack of “political correctness” as well as Bernie Sanders slighter effort to do so, is appealing to a nation that seems to be split in terms of attitude about whether or not our country is currently in a good place. However, I believe you’ve hit the nail on the head in terms of Trump being a PR nightmare and a threat to our nation on the international scale. While Americans may support his outrageous comments, I don’t think most political leaders around the world will see the appeal or as much as tolerate it for that matter. To a first time voter, about a year away from taking my first adult footsteps into society, that’s a pretty terrifying thought.

  44. pjze618

    I do agree that this is an important decision. The way each candidate communicates to his or her supporters is an indication of how they will address the entire nation as well as leaders of other countries.

  45. Niki Rihal

    I fear for our country if Trump is elected as president. I would hate to be part of his PR team, because he really is the epitome of a PR nightmare. I find it both fascinating and alarming how people’s opinions differentiate so drastically from one candidate to another, and I agree with the fact that this election, people will most likely cast their vote for who they like better. The viewpoints differ even just among my closest friends and family: my parents are hardcore Trump supporters, while I can’t stand him. My friends are Bernie supporters, and my cousins are Clinton supporters. I feel like this election has become a mockery of America, like a bad game show that keeps getting renewed because of the viewership. People like Trump and Sanders because both candidates reflect what the population either believes in, or doesn’t believe in on either side. I just hope we as a nation choose our next president wisely.

  46. Vanessa

    I do agree that this is an important decision that should not be taken lightly. I also believe that the candidates communicator skills that are projected in the race for presidency sets the tone for how they will continue to address the country.

  47. Bahati Louis

    I do think a candidate’s PR filter will be very important because it’s a representation of how they will act when under pressure and when it comes to top secret information and policies. If how Trump acts in the primary is how he will act as a possible future president that would be very worrisome to me. Presentation is everything when it comes to a presidential election. All presidential candidates, including Trump, like to pander to certain demographic of voters to secure their vote and in order to do this you must present yourself in a way the group you’re pandering to approves of. Although Trump has been pandering to different groups of people, his regular campaign speech seems to alienate a lot of key people he will need to win the general election such as Muslims and people of Hispanic heritage. I think this election more than ever is about how you feel about the candidates and how they represent themselves more than what their actual policies are. I don’t think that’s a good thing and just represents how polarized our nation has become. I like Bernie Sanders but even he hasn’t really been talking about policy and mostly just repeats his same narrative about the 1%. Sanders and Trump are so popular because of what they stand for which reflects a lot of peoples views. People are glad their voices are being heard and now more than ever people are voting with their emotions/feelings rather than with their brain/rationale.


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