Avoiding PRedictions

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Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump delivers foreign policy speech at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington

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Here we are in August and there’s less than three months to go before the presidential election. After a horrible couple of weeks of ongoing verbal jousting, outrageous comments and misinformed statements, Donald Trump has started to rapidly sink in the polls, with one having Hillary Clinton ahead nationally by 15 points.

I have purposely avoided making any predictions regarding this election, especially since I was among the many who believed that America would never elect a black man named Barack Hussein Obama to the presidency. Almost a year ago, I wrote an observational post about Donald Trump called, “An unPRecedented candidacy” in which I noted, “There are PR lessons to be learned here, both good and bad, as the Summer of Trump is sure to be found in case studies textbooks someday. I wonder what the final chapter will look like.”

I still wonder. In another blog post during the primary season I said, “I feel badly for the other Republican candidates. I’ve blogged about the GOP’s efforts to re-brand the party and how it was reaching out to women, young people and Spanish-speaking voters.  Trump has effectively undermined this agenda with his brash and careless comments.  And the unprecedented 17 other Republicans running have been unable to effectively get their message out because Trump is literally sucking up all the air. He has become a ratings winner, so media programmers are devoting more time to him than all other candidates combined.”

Trump not only sucked up all the air; he emerged as the Republican candidate for president of the United States. There were thoughts he would shift gears and become more “presidential” in his tone. This turned out to be wishful thinking. The opposition worried that nothing he would say or do would ignite the public’s anger and sink his candidacy.

However, the cumulative public relations effect of Trump’s racist, sexist, narcissistic comments are now doing the job. He seems incapable of acting differently, or even nearly “presidential.” I’d like to predict we’re seeing the end of Trump’s flirtation with the White House. But I’m not making any predictions. Your thoughts?

4 thoughts on “Avoiding PRedictions

  1. Jay Caruso

    I wouldn’t rule Trump out just yet. For all his crude bombast, he has two things going for him. One is that a very significant portion of the electorate feels it’s high time for an “America First” mentality in Washington — from immigration to trade to foreign policy. The other is that he is running against a pathological liar. I’d love to read a PR analysis of just why/how so many liberals are so willing to give a free pass to someone so ethically challenged. Or is it simply that all sins are forgiven when you’re a liberal?

      1. Jay Caruso

        Trump’s reckless in his way; Hillary’s reckless in her way. My point is why do liberals — who tend to preen their self-righteous ideals — turn a blind eye to such an obvious and compulsive liar. Might we see some PR analysis of that?

  2. James V. D'Ambrosio

    As a Democrat, I take nothing for granted. Hillary and her supporters should keep the foot on the gas right through the election and vigorously support her candidacy. Complacency has cost many a candidate dearly.


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