PaRty like it's fall 2016

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most wonderful timeOne of the coolest parts about teaching is getting those wonderful “back to school” butterflies in my stomach as September arrives. For me it’s just like that feeling of anticipation when I go to a party where I’ll know some people, but I’ll be meeting a lot of others for the first time. There always seems to be heightened importance to first impressions and new relationships.

Many reading this are seeing Public Relations Nation for the first time. I created this blog six years ago, and after more than 300 posts I’ve never missed a week and haven’t exceeded a self-imposed edict to express myself in 350 words or less. While I try not to make PR Nation a soapbox for my political perspectives, I want it to be relevant to what’s going on in the world. During this presidential campaign, for example, there’s a multitude of PR lessons to be learned, and I sometimes can’t help revealing my opinions. The idea is to get your reaction to the point being made, which is why posts always end with “Your thoughts?” I also invite my students and other readers to contribute their own thoughts by writing a guest post. Several students and professional colleagues have done so, and you’ll be seeing more of these this fall.

Public relations is a complex and ever-changing profession and it’s also very difficult to define. At a social gathering of freshmen at Hofstra’s Lawrence Herbert School of Communication last week, a new student wanted to know what she’d be learning in class and asked me to describe public relations. I tossed the question back at her, suggesting that she tell me about PR as she understands it to be. I was pleasantly surprised when she gave a credible explanation…not bad for an 18-year-old who never read a PR textbook or set foot in a PR classroom. I wonder how many students, whether freshmen or otherwise, or even how many seasoned PR practitioners can easily define our profession in a sentence or two without Googling it first. Try it!

Your thoughts?


4 thoughts on “PaRty like it's fall 2016

  1. syanok

    Being in this program has taught me what PR is, which is different than the definition I created myself from television. It is a unique profession because it is fluid, always changing. Every day is different depending on the client(s) you work with. There are internal and external forces that influence their image/business/stakeholder relationships/etc. directly or indirectly that are sometimes out of their control. It’s a large part of your job to help your client navigate through all of this, while developing working strategies and tactics to help them achieve their goals and objectives, and even plan for potential crises that may or may never happen.

  2. Brianna Holcomb

    When I first came to Hofstra what appealed to me most about PR was how broad it was. I knew that telling an 18 year old to pick a life time career path was insane but none the less I had to do it. I could fulfill my responsibility as an “adult” and still have the freedom to grow since PR is a relatively new field. I personally think of the profession as being a spokes person for someone else. Your job is to help get their message across and you are given some for of creative freedom to help spread that message.

  3. Arianna du Manoir

    While my career path as of now is heading more towards the casting department in a television network, I have always been fascinated by how complex Public Relations is. On the surface, working in public relations can be seen as individuals who just spend time covering their client’s mistakes and lying. In reality, there are endless amount of strategies and careful thinking that happen behind creating a positive image for the client, and only unprofessionals within the Public Relations field lie. I very much look forward to learning more about Public Relations throughout the course of this semester!

  4. Anthony Pugliese

    Public Relations is a career path that I can definitely see myself going down. This year I will dedicate a lot of time to become knowledgeable within this field. At this moment I would define one who works in public relations as the peoples person. Public relations is a job to provide the public with bitter or sweet news, but always in a positive light about a person, organization or company.


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