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Hofstra University is abuzz with debate fever and awash in media this weekend. While Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have their fans and committed voters, conventional thinking says the vote may hinge on their performances in THIS debate. And with the first of three presidential debates happening on the campus Monday, September 26, the grounds are swarming with reporters, producers, technicians, cameras, equipment, photographers, Secret Service and other law enforcement officers, plus thousands of miles of cable.


The debate stage under construction this weekend.

Dozens of temporary stages are being built with plywood and two-by-fours, ready to be dressed for their close-ups. All of this is in preparation for a 90-minute showdown between the two most disliked candidates in modern history, according to polls. Hundreds of Hofstra employees and students are being deployed to assist in the effort, working alongside the aforementioned media and support to make history happen on Monday. Estimated costs totaling four to five million dollars makes one wonder and debate: “Is it all worth it?”

One could argue that the time, expense and overall drain on campus resources suggest the answer is “no.” A minor but annoying controversy created by third party candidate Gary Johnson’s supporters on Facebook–calling for Hofstra not to host the debate because Johnson was not included, was unwelcome. The temporary inconvenience of shrinking numbers of parking spaces, loss of some athletic facilities, cancellation of Monday classes, and closed roads are also negatives.

I say of course it’s worth it. Most if not all of the expenses are being covered by huge donations from two Hofstra alums. If you were to estimate the value of the publicity Hofstra will receive based on what advertising would cost for an equivalent number of mentions, views, and on-camera presence both nationally and internationally, it would reach hundreds of millions of dollars. The prestige this event brings to Hofstra is immeasurable, and the opportunities this brings to our students–to work alongside New York media pros, to be involved with political discourse and discussion, and to be a part of history–is an incomparable life experience.

So, debate the debate’s value to Hofstra. Your thoughts?


50 thoughts on “Debating PRomotional value

  1. ariaishaokonofua

    It was so exciting to be on the campus the weekend leading up to the debate. Unfortunately, I was not on campus for the actual debate but I took a ton of photos and know I will never forget it. I loved seeing the campus buzzing and was especially proud to be a student of Hofstra knowing that such a historic presidential debate was being hosted at the school.

  2. Owen Lewis

    The debate brought more attention to the University, and is a selling point for the school. I think, as Hofstra seeks to expand its national and international presence, having hosted three presidential debates will bolster the school’s reputation (especially when no other university can claim the same honor). In turn, this helps Hofstra graduates who are seeking employment and credibility in the professional world.

  3. carocalderon88

    This is my first semester at Hofstra University and I am very proud and excited that the First Presidential debate was in my University.

    This is a huge event that people will be talking about for not only the next weeks but the years. These elections will be an important chapter in history, either for the first time in the U.S. a woman would be elected president, or a totally unprepared and stupid man could run one of the most powerful countries in the world.

    As an international student I feel very proud to tell my family members and friends that I am studying at Hofstra, the place where the nominees talked to each other for the first time in the elections. As Professor Morosoff implied, this is a great marketing for the University. I bet I’m not the only proud student talking about it and sharing the information with the people around.

  4. emilyracanelli13

    I definitely think the debate was worth the hassle. With anything in life, you’ll have to make some sacrifice and struggle to earn success. Nothing comes easy and the debate is a prime example of this work and reward system.
    This was wonderful press for Hofstra, as their name gained recognition all over the country. News stations were talking about us, papers wrote articles, and radios even brought us up as well. Especially during a time when students are thinking of applying to colleges, it doesn’t hurt to have your school flaunted all over the media.
    Yes, it was certainly an investment of time and money and I’m sure a constant source of stress for the past nine weeks. However, the hard part is over. Now it goes down in history that Hofstra has hosted three consecutive presidential debates. The school worked hard to make these events happen and will now enjoy the everlasting benefits of it.

  5. danielagagliano

    Speaking a couple of days post-debate, I would have to argue that overall it was worth all the hustle and bustle. When we look at the issues: a lot of classes may have been inconvenienced with the last minute loss of our Monday and parking was problematic for a large majority of commuters. Monday night, Hempstead Turnpike was closed so alternate routes had to be taken to get on and off campus- but if you had proper school ID with you, it was still possible to get back and forth. All of these issues are minor and temporary inconveniences that do not overpower the amount of benefits of hosting the debate. Countless opportunities were available for students to get involved and be a part of the debate and be a part of history. In many cases, students were able to take something away that could even be put down on a resume.

  6. Michael James

    As disgruntled as i became with having to use off campus facilities, park in East Egypt, and explain a text message or two as too why my school was rated a 2.7 on Facebook, this debate was absolutely worth it. Wether one partials as the most patriotic and conservative Trump fan, or they are so cynical of our government that they didn’t watch a second of the debate, instead they are headed west, the atmosphere on this campus provided a lot of perspective to all. I am not one that would usually emerge myself deeply into politics as i believe it is an empty hole, but like all things, it is necessary to hear all the angles, and there was no better opportunity for our student body to have such an experience then this debate!

  7. A. Murphy

    Obviously the comments and commentary about the school and Gary Johnson are unwelcome but, to play devil’s advocate, the school could have done more to put pressure on the CPD to allow third party candidates to participate. However, after watching the production end of the debate, it is clear that the amount of planning that goes into it would not have support a last minute addition. With that being said, even with the negative commentary about the third-party candidates, Hofstra got an immense amount of publicity and prestige as a result of the debate.

  8. Josh Solomon

    Was it worth it? Yes I truly believe so because although there are many costs and inconveniences that the university had to endure in reality it was no cost at all. Aforementioned in the article two major donors bank rolled the whole debate. Compared to the super bowl esc exposure we get from this event I believe the pros heavily outweigh the cons.

  9. Sshak

    The publicity the debate brings to Hofstra is incredible. Though it comes at a large price cost, its hard to argue that being the first school to host three presidential debates is not worth it. Hofstra was once a commuter, Long Island school which has now grown to have a medical school as well as host a large amount of international students. The once in a lifetime experience for many students to attend the debate is also something that I am sure many would say outweighs the inconveniences that came with the debate. All in all it was an exciting weekend to be a part of.

  10. Vanessa M.

    Overall, I would say it was all worth it as many student have not had the opportunity witness the preparation and the anticipation. I agree there were some annoying inconveniences, but looking back Hofstra made a great decision.

  11. Maria Zaldivar

    I believe the value of hosting the debate for any student at Hofstra University is unmeasurable. Not only did the university gain nationwide (maybe even worldwide) recognition, but it became a part of the history of this country. A university needs to prepare students for the challenges they will experience later in life; classes are incredibly important for this, but hands on experience is vital. As a journalism major there is no other school that would offer what I experienced during this event. Not only did I get to work, interview, and be interviewed by people that have stable and successful jobs in the field I am so passionate about, but I was able to cover stories for the Chronicle that professional journalists would give their left arm for. Another incredible experience earned from the debate is the voice and stage Hofstra gave me and so many other student activists that became the center of attention raising awareness for issues important for our communities. Even if many people don’t agree with my position on certain issues it is amazing to see how our hard work at least managed to start very important conversations in places that would otherwise we would have not been able to reach. No amount of money, or parking lot spaces, are worth the education and life experience the debate taught me.

  12. Cam Keough

    I gained more experience in the last 72 hours than I would in a semester, due to the presidential debate. I was a photographer and was surrounded by media who is among the highest professionals in the world. Being able to watch their work flow first hand was something that inspired me to look at my methods and change them to be more efficient and effective. To me this was the most incredible photography class I could ever take because it wasn’t theory, it was real. I had to decide where to be, when, and what to do with my time as well as manage reporting to both The Hofstra Chronicle and University Relations. I have never shot any event so major such as this, but now I have and feel as though my confidence has grown tremendously, and I know I can shoot at a professional level with confidence. As far as the money aspect, it is a true experience that every student will never forget, and that is priceless so, go Hofstra. I hope we get the next one too.

  13. Diana Ziskin

    The debate adds value to Hofstra University and the student’s degrees. in 2008, Hofstra University was Tier 3. The year following the debate (and just months before I graduated with my undergraduate degree) Hofstra jumped to tier 1. The attention and prestige that came with the debate has only grown thought the years. Hofstra is not just known as the University that hosted the debate that one time, but the only school to host it three times. Our degrees mean something to people who may not be familiar with the small Long Island area, and since the debate, we have acquired a medical school and now and engineering school.

  14. Ashley Pina

    I agree I believe the exposure Hofstra is getting on the news is worth it. Considering Hofstra is the only university in history to host 3 consecutive debates it is a great recruiting tool. Also I believe it gives current students, alumni, faculty and staff a sense of pride boosting the general moral of the community. As a Hofstra employee and student I was thrilled to be asked by many about the debate and I know it’s an experience I’ll never forget.

  15. Anna Baxter

    As a student at Hofstra University, I saw firsthand all of the efforts and sacrifices the Hofstra community had to make to host this debate. While a lot of work, money, and preparation was poured out into hosting this debate, it was the most watched debate in history. Hofstra University hosted the most watched debate in history. That to me, is incredible. We hosted not only the candidates, but also over 5,000 media members. As a student in the communications department, it doesn’t get much better than this. Seeing reporters, cameramen, directors, and politicians from all over the world, let alone just New York, working in their fields is an eye-opener to all students. I am so grateful for having the opportunity to see how much goes into hosting a presidential debate, but also how many other things contribute to the production of the debate. I would take hosting a presidential debate over going to a football game any day.

  16. Zhen Zhong

    I agree. The publicity, the prestige of holding a presidential debate is well worth the opportunity costs for any university. Hofstra is honoured to have been accepted as debate grounds, I’m sure.

  17. Laura Logan

    As a volunteer, the very first question that was asked of us is why we think a university would want to host the debate. Application increases and name recognition were among the top answers, however they are incorrect. The true answer: it’s great for the students. Hofstra has put in so much time and energy into not only hosting the debate, but also putting together a variety of programs and activities surrounding the actual debate to get students involved in the process and to educate them on government and politics. After experiencing debate day first hand, I believe the time, energy, and money put into hosting the debate is absolutely worth it if it gives students the chance to be part of such a historical national event.

  18. Adam Engel

    It is an honor to be able to host this debate. Not only did this presidential debate cost a fortune, but that fortune turn into major positive publicity. This is the third consecutive debate that Hofstra has held. Which makes history for the most debates held at one school consecutively. Being able to have a lifetime memory of this event is one not to forget. Hofstra only had 2 1/2 months to put this together and they did it in outstanding fashion. Being able to meet major news anchors and political figures really makes me feel honored to attend this school.

  19. Jack De Gilio

    I think the debate is such a huge deal, not only for Hofstra, but for the nation as well. I think being involved in the third consecutive presidential debate is basically an honor. It’s great publicity for Hofstra and a great way for students to get more informed about the upcoming presidential election. As a public relations major, being involved in the debate was an amazing experience and I got to talk to media people from around the world. The debate, in general, is such a great way to compare both of the candidates’ side to side. Maybe yesterday was complete chaos, but it was an amazing experience that I will completely cherish! It gave me a better understanding of what I may possibly want to do in the future.

  20. Jordyn Miller

    While there are definitely many sacrifices being made from everyone on campus–students and faculty alike–no one can argue that the sacrifices are worth it. For example, the experiences given to students on campus this weekend are incomparable to anything else they may ever experience in life. This is not just for volunteers or attendees of the debate, but just for students walking around the media outlets and watching these media stories unfold right before their eyes.
    Along with the incredible benefits of students, Hofstra will never match this publicity. The campus looks pristine, and anyone watching the news can see the beautiful campus, the students involved, and Hofstra is given a sense of superiority. The debate’s value to Hofstra is priceless.

  21. Meghan Orsino

    From a Hofstra communication student’s perspective, I think that hosting the first presidential debate, even with all the negatives, is easily worth the time, money and effort. I know personally I had the experience of a lifetime as a volunteer, and being able to be a part of history (even in a small way) is something that I will carry with me forever.

    But on the flip side, I do know other Hofstra students who felt that the Debate was a nuisance and a waste of time and materials. I feel that many students pursuing unrelated careers weren’t able to get as much out of the Debate as Communications / Political Science students. I think they enjoyed the novelty of having the opportunity to be on national television broadcasts, getting free stuff, among other things. But I’ve had a lot of my friends say they would rather “wait it out” in their dorm rooms than deal with the “chaos” on campus.

    Overall, I think Hofstra hosting the first 2016 presidential debate (and being the first university in history to host 3 consecutive presidential debates) is nothing but positive for the institution. As for the student body, I think the students who were proactive and volunteered or got a Debate ticket or spent the time exploring what events the Debate had to offer got the most out of it and had a memorable experience to look back on for years to come.

  22. elliotrubin

    I also believe that all the effort, time, and money put forth to host the debate is worth it. Not only was this debate Hofstra’s third consecutive, making it the only school to host a debate that many times in a row, but working and seeing a debate first-hand is a great experience for faculty and students alike. The opportunity to work in a debate is a potential once in a lifetime experience that people should not take for granted. Additionally, the debate provides great opportunities to meet with highly esteemed reporters and journalists, an opportunity that someone most likely would not have if not for the debate. On top of all those reasons, hosting a debate, as you mentioned in your post, boosts Hofstra’s name recognition and reputation. Overall while a debate may be a lot of work, I firmly believe that it is definitely worth it.

  23. Tova A Kline

    I think Hofstra giving it’s students the opportunity of a lifetime was well worth the small inconveniences we had to face for the debate weekend. Being that not only was it our third, consecutive debate to host, but also one that was very popular because of extremely unpopular candidates, meant that it had to be bigger and better than before. This really showed through in the execution of the weekend, even though there were only two months to plan it out.

    I also know that come spring as I am applying for jobs, I will be able to speak upon my experiences with such a large event, especially with Hofstra becoming such a recognizable name now. I believe that this will truly increase my chances of getting hired, There was so much benefit for the students and the university that the debate was 100% worthwhile

  24. reginasprtools

    Having the debate at Hofstra is something done with honor. Hofstra made history by having the third debate on our campus and that is something people will remember forever. From a PR standpoint, this could not have been better for the university. The amount of people who came to see the debate, the multiple media stations, the VIP guests, etc, Hofstra was the “Place to be,” Monday. The amount of tweets, instagrams, snap chats, etc that were taken at Hofstra with the location as “Hofstra University” or the many fun snap chat filters/geotags must be skyrocketing and a great way to make Hofstra even more popular.
    For the debate to be at the same university for three years, people must see the obvious that Hofstra must be very special. I think this will make the new students who are looking at colleges make sure they put Hofstra University, where anyone who was anyone went to to watch the debate, on the top of their list for colleges to visit. Students who are very into politics would most likely want to check out the Hofstra campus to see where all the magic happened on that very special monday night where we had Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
    From a former student, who was part of the team of people helping during the pre deabte and debate, I can say that this was an experience of a lifetime. I can’t tell you how lucky I am to have been able to have this amazing opportunity, and I know everyone I was with that day said the same thing. All the events leading up to the debate, seeing all the hard work, preparation, the amazing stages being set up, the media filing center, the debate hall, etc, were all breath taking and something we will all remember for the rest of our lives. I could not be more thankful for my parents for sending me to this University where I was able to be apart of such a great historical event. This can only bring great things for Hofstra and all the communities within the university.

  25. danielle ferrara

    I totally agree with the fact that its such an incredible opportunity for the university and the students not only will Hofstra get amazing press but students receive a once in a lifetime experience to participate with in the debate whether its volunteering or just watching the live broadcasts. Its truly impeccable to be able to say our university has hosted 3 CONSECUTIVE PRESIDENTIAL DEBATES and being able to use what we have learned in the classroom in a real life huge task is truly invaluable and will be something we will never forget!

  26. Monique Laynburd

    I think this debate was incredible for Hofstra. Not only was it one of the most watched events on television, and great for PR, but it was also amazing for the students. Being a part of this debate was a once in a life time experience. Even for those who aren’t the most politically charged, this was something eye opening. I personally feel so lucky to have able to participate. This is an experience I will treasure a lifetime.

  27. Jennifer OMalley

    Being that this debate was so highly anticipated, viewership was set to be astronomical. Hofstra made history by hosting the third consecutive debate, something that no other university can claim to have done. I think it was definitely worth being a part of that history. The debates that Hofstra has hosted have all been historical for other reasons as well. The first African-American presidential candidate debated here and debated here again for the first reelection of an African-American president, and last night the first female presidential candidate debated here. Hofstra will forever be the venue where these extremely notable events have taken place.

  28. sadomablog

    I think hosting the debate for the third consecutive time adds immense value to Hofstra. Not only does it receive a tremendous amount of publicity and advertising, but it also receives a stamp of credibility, prestige and honor. People across the country and around the world, who may not have heard of Hofstra, now know the university. Hofstra’s name is now symbolic with making history and handling itself with poise and grace while on an international stage. New students from around the world will apply to Hofstra for the name recognition.

    While spendI’m some time in Californian last summer, I was asked where I worked. When I replied with Hofstra University my server immediately responded by saying, “oh cool, you guys have hosted the last two presidential debates.” In other words, the exposure received from hosting the debate is priceless.

  29. capriceoliver

    I definitely agree that the PR and advertising the university will be receiving is well worth the price when looking from a business stance. Hofstra University will be mentions so many times over the days leading up to and after the event. I am very excited to be attending a school that is even considered to hold the presidential debate. My family and friends are so excited and proud to hear about what is going on, on my campus. Hofstra University is a small school not known everywhere, but after tonight everyone will know its name. This is priceless and I would not have thought twice about holding the debate. This debate is going to be the largest viewed presidential debate in history, meaning unmeasurable PR and advertising opportunities. Great decision!

  30. Brianna Beaumont

    I believe it is all worth it. I am not a very political active person ; however, being here on campus and watching all the conundrum happen on campus is making me want to be more active. Hofstra will get a lot of publicity for hosting this debate. The publicity will not only help the school, but the students as well. When you walk around you can see tons of press. There are students walking around holding signs that express their views and you can see many students trying to get a chance to be on TV. I am not a fan of Trump or Hillary ,but even so I find this debate very crucial. Being here and seeing the debate and watching all the events happen you get a chance to view each candidates fully. Also, there is a lot of protests, so you can see first-hand what issues the people and the students are passionate about. Hofstra hosting the debate is allowing the students to be active in the debate, and be a part of this once in a lifetime event, so I think it is definitely worth it.

  31. Arianna du Manoir

    The opportunity for Hofstra University to be hosting the first Presidential Debate, especially with this race in particular, is so exciting and I only have positive attitudes towards it. Being a television major, this is not an opportunity that comes around all the time and it is an incredible learning experience for us to see the networks in action as well as watching how fast paced news stations have to be when it comes to reacting to the debate.

    When it comes to press coverage, the amount of press that comes from hosting this debate is huge for Hofstra. Naturally there is a worry that if the debate goes terribly this will inflict a bad image on the university, but not only does the school not have any control over what is said between the two candidates, the very idea that this is the only school to have ever hosted three debates overshadows the potential bad press and in the long term will only benefit the school immensely.

  32. Ashley Odom

    Although I do agree that hosting the debate definitely is valuable to the university and its students, the outcome and substance of the debate will determine if it is truly worthwhile. It’s like an unbalanced scale, we could either be gifted with good or bad publicity. If something negative happens at or after the debate, viewers will remember that connotation as opposed to the good.

    Despite that possibility, and the price value it took, the debate will benefit the school in many ways as well. The students volunteering, or working it, will gain immeasurable experience for their resumes, the school itself will have another claim to add under its name, and an overall one-of-a-kind experience for everyone on campus.

  33. Jessica Mohen

    It is such a great opportunity for Hofstra to host a debate of this caliber. Our name is mentioned worldwide on every media platform during a day that all of America is tuned in and focused. We will be recorded in history textbooks forever when documenting this unusual Race for the Whitehouse. This is our third time in a row hosting the debate, but it’s the first time the world will see a debate of this kind, and it is happening on our turf. The recognition we are receiving is the most influential aspect of our involvement. This may spark interest for prospect students, help Hofstra to receive more alumni donations, make our school more well known, and enhance the day-to-day environment with more panels of recognized individuals. Potentially, we may host more important events if the debate is well executed, and get more famous talent for events like Fall and Spring Fest.

  34. Justin McCue

    I feel that the debate being at Hofstra is a positive experience not only for the university as a whole, but also for the students and faculty. This debate not only sparks a great amount of publicity for the university, but also brings new experiences and knowledge for the students and faculty witnessing this historical moment that others will be experiencing through television and media. Personally, I have little to no background knowledge on politics and never found myself very involved with keeping up on what is going on in the political world. However, the debate and political themed events that have been surrounding me on campus recently I feel has brought me some more insightful knowledge and has opened my mind a little bit. Whether someone is very immersed in political news or, like me, isn’t very connected to it, there is still much to gain from being a student at Hofstra during this debate.

  35. Marielle McCartin

    I believe that the debate is incredibly worth it for Hofstra to host! There has been numerous opportunities opened up for students to get involved with the debate, talk with media professionals, volunteer, and of course watch the debate live in the Mac center. In my opinion, Hofstra will be put on the map because of this debate and gain attention from people all over the world. It has been a great experience to be part of ” history in the making” by hosting this debate and I am very proud to be a student of Hofstra. Some of my friends have been picked to attend the debate, have been chosen to be interviewed with the president of Hofstra, a CNN anchor, and have volunteered numerous hours setting up for the arrival of the candidates. Having the debate here at Hofstra has been extremely influential for the Hofstra community.

  36. Connor Giblin

    After seeing all the press Hofstra is getting and the reaction from the student body, I think it is worth it to host the debate. Like you mentioned, professor, a few alumni are covering the cost, so it’s not a massive financial hit. Considering that Hofstra is the first school in history to host 3 consecutive debates, it cements the university’s place in the history books. When I apply to jobs this upcoming spring, companies will recognize that I went to the school that hosted the debate. This could increase my chances of sticking with the company and getting hired. I think there is enough benefit between the student body and the university itself that makes hosting the debate worthwhile.

  37. nhakels

    Ofcourse it is of great value, i mean i have friends in Nassau College and they were like Hofstra is all over the news, that is so amazing. As students of Hofstra it is benefitial for us to be studying in one of the top and renowned univeristies and the presidential debate makes it even more valuable. I think its great

  38. Adam Palasciano

    Overall, the value of hosting this presidential debate is immeasurable for Hofstra University and the community of students and faculty involved. The experience we will all have is one many of us will only be lucky enough to endure once in our lives. I am personally very involved in debate day; I will be all over campus photographing events and media coverage and I could not be more excited. So is hosting the first presidential debate of 2016 worth it? Absolutely. It is estimated that this will be the most watched presidential debate in the history of this country. Tonight, this country and the world will have their eyes on Hofstra as these two largely controversial candidates battle their way to the White House.

  39. therianreport

    As someone whose first experience with Hofstra happened years ago when it hosted its first debate, I can say firsthand that the publicity is invaluable. As a resident of Atlanta, there weren’t many reasons why I should know Hofstra up until that point. When it hosted it again, I thought Hofstra must be pretty prestigious. And when it was set to host it a third time, it confirmed it for me, as well as my coworkers who had never heard of the school I was heading to in the fall. Not only is this great for publicity but the morale boost to the students isn’t bad either. It reinforces our decision to come here and inspires us to excel in the classroom to continue expanding the legacy and reach of the university.

  40. dopabajo

    Personally, I believe that the debate being hosted at Hofstra University, for the third time in a row is phenomenal. I am a student volunteer for the debate, and I have been able to tour the media room, the debate hall and participate in some behind the scenes activities. The experience that I have been getting is amazing. One thing that really stood out to me was the media room. Our tour guide pointed out that the Hofstra name and logo is on the back of every single screen in the room because each time they do a wide shot of the media room you are going to see Hofstra’s name. Not only is this great PR, but this going to add to the credibility of our school’s name even more. In 2 years, when I am looking for a job and say that I attended Hofstra University, this school will be stand out for its accomplishments. This debate is just as important to the presidential candidates as it is for the faculty and students at Hofstra.

  41. Chrissy Carvalho

    I definitely think the debate is worth it. I personally actually get annoyed when I hear students complain about how the debate is inconveniencing them. Yes, parking may be harder to find for a few days, but that fact is made up for 10 times over because of the prestige Hofstra is gaining. Our name has been mentioned thousands of times across every media outlet in the country (and probably the world) because of the intense interest in this debate. Paying for amount of advertising would be unthinkable, but we’re getting it for free. And I do say for free, because of the sizable donations made by the two alums. In fact, the only way that would make me not be in support of the debate is if they made students pay for it through their tuition.

    In addition to the free publicity Hofstra is gaining, the students that are volunteering also get a once in a lifetime opportunity. Being able to say that you participated in a presidential debate definitely sets you apart from other candidates in any field. I cannot wait to experience more tomorrow during the debate and I am going to try to help in any way I can.

  42. Justin Chupungco

    Hofstra getting the opportunity to host the 2016 debate is nothing short of amazing. Being chosen to hold the first presidential debate for the third time in a row is such an accomplishment, and such a wonderful thing for Hofstra. Our campus has all eyes focusing on it. Hofstra is constantly in the media, whether through the news, the press, TV, and many other varieties. Hofstra gets more exposure and attention, plus students get the chance of the lifetime. Through the lottery system, they can view the debate in person, and even be interviewed and interact with media professionals. This creates connections, and allows students to participate in once in a lifetime opportunities. Political interest and excitement comes alive and grows. Events, and activities hyping the debate are always going on and the energy on campus is nothing but exciting. The overall aura around campus is jolly and everyone is excited to have the debate come to Hofstra. Overall, the debate is a beneficial experience to Hofstra and its community.

  43. anthonypugs

    The 2016 First Presidential Debate is at my university, my home, Hofstra University. That is a gratifying thing to announce to my family, friends and coworkers. Nonetheless, I am among the Hofstra students whose names have been drawn in the Student Debate Ticket Lottery. Overall, I will definitely say it is worth it. As for other students of Hofstra University and residents of Long Island, New York, I believe it is worth it for all of us. I strongly believe this, because here on Long Island we are all experiencing history and a monumental moment for this country in our backyard. In fact, the Hofstra community should be grateful that this is happening on our campus since the publicity is enormous. In general, this debate is a tremendous complement to our university and campus that we can hold such an enormous and important event. All one needs to do is type in 2016 Presidential debate, turn on a news network or read a newspaper to see our University’s name in big font. September 26th is tomorrow and I cannot wait and neither should our community, after all this is history.

    -Anthony Pugliese

  44. khaleik

    Without a doubt, the debate holds a lot of value and is going to benefit Hofstra more than damage. Hofstra managed to host the debate without having to dip into student funds thanks to the big check signing from three trustees. The publicity the school is receiving from hosting the debate would help with the expansion of diversifying the campus. I would’ve never heard about Hofstra if it was not for them hosting the 2008 Presidential debate. The media exposure does matter and benefit. Nonetheless, with Hofstra having an amazing radio program on campus; there are many young and ambitious student journalist who are having a field a day being able to be involved with the debate and capture stories that could help shape their career in the field of communications. Cancelling class on Monday gives students the opportunity to have no excuse to explore the events thats happening around campus. Yes, it does suck that parking is terrible, getting access onto the campus is even worse and certain places on campus are closed but theres a bigger picture that rest in front of us. This debate helps Hofstra out for the next few incoming freshmen classes and graduating classes.

  45. Casey Lamkin

    I don’t even think it’s a question. Hosting something like this, A PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE, that is between two of the most unconventional candidates in political history, is 110% worth it. Students are getting invaluable amounts of experience working with news networks, broadcasters, tech crews, content creation, and so much more. The students and the staff have come together as a community to make Hofstra’s campus vibrant with activities that appeal to everyone, whether they’re political or not. The speaker series leading up to the Hofstra debate have been so insightful, and I think it’s so important to keep students involved and interested in politics (especially in election that will have a huge effect on our futures.) Political efficacy has been on the decline for years, and if we could just get Hofstra’s campus to care, imagine how we could influence college campuses across the country.

  46. Tai Davis

    I believe the debate is worth having at Hofstra. Hofstra becomes more prestigious of a school each time the debates are held here. This is great for students because it is something that will help us stand out during an interview for a job or internship. Something as easy as a great conversation about an interesting experience such as this debate could get Hofstra students ahead of the competition. Missing one day of classes does not compare to the hands-on experiences students will get by volunteering or even just by walking around and seeing what comes with this event. I believe Hofstra made a great decision to hold it here again.

  47. arthenas

    I understand the frustrations of the third party supporters. Why call it a presidential debate, when all presidential candidates are not invited to debate? I think the one thing that the democratic and republican parties can agree on is, they do not want to share the public eye with third party candidates.

    Is it all worth it for Hofstra? Of course. I am sure that 99 percent of high school seniors in the country will research Hofstra after this debate. Many students who are currently at Hofstra, will have the seasonal job of a lifetime that will set them apart as they search for jobs post-graduation.

    Is it worth it for the general public? Probably not. Chances are that Clinton and Trump will do more old couple bickering than having an actual debate. In addition, we are only receiving two points of views.

  48. Emily DiLaura

    There is no doubt in my mind that such an event coming to Hofstra, brings a huge amount of publicity to the University. What adds to the publicity, is that by hosting this debate we become the ONLY university to ever host three consecutive presidential debates. That is huge. Luckily, I was here for the debate in 2012 as a first year student and it is still one the most memorable moments of my undergraduate degree. This time around, as a graduate student, I applied to volunteer for the debate and was chosen to help as a social media curator. It has been absolutely awesome so far helping out.
    Even with the publicity and cameras to the side, this gives students, as you mentioned, a chance to participate and have a voice in an event that changes the nation. Yes, controversy comes with the territory, especially with the drama behind Johnson’s followers, but it gives the students a say. Even with the drama amongst social media bashing and reviews, our students have stood up for Hofstra.
    This is a once (or in my lucky case, twice) in a lifetime experience that we can share with our families and generations to come. It’s eye opening, impactful, and just plain fun for everyone involved. Students will wake up tomorrow morning as early as 2 a.m. for their chance to be on TV and be a part of the action. How could anyone say it isn’t worth it, when so many students find joy in the occasion.

  49. Katie Spoleti

    Personally, I think that the opportunity that Hofstra has been granted to host the 2016 Presidential Debate is one of immeasurable value. The amount of press that our university has been getting over the past couple of weeks has directly impacted the campus, the students and the faculty. Just today, I was flipping through the news channels and there wasn’t one station that didn’t mention the Debate at Hofstra University. I think it’s such an unbelievable achievement that Hofstra has now been able to host this type of national event three times in a row.

    As a journalism major, it makes me really proud to attend a school that has access to amazing opportunities like this one. Being able to volunteer and interact with media professionals, what more could we ask for as students in the field of communications? I remember when I went on my first tour of Hofstra’s campus and I was guided through the L.H. Comm building and introduced to WRHU. They had pictures up on the walls and one of them was of a student holding a microphone out to President Obama. It gave me the chills when they explained that an undergraduate student studying at Hofstra was qualified enough to be in that position. Fast forward years later and now I’m a senior studying here and am able to watch instances like that unfold right before me.

    I’d definitely say that the value of having the Debate at Hofstra is huge and the fact that we can watch history being made right in front of our eyes is truly amazing.

  50. Bernie Dennler

    Personally, I have only positive things to say about Hofstra having the opportunity to host a presidential debate in 2016. Hosting three debates in a row would be an accomplishment for any university, but we have been lucky enough to host debates in what history may view as three of the most consequential election cycles in American history. Hofstra University hosted a presidential debate featuring the first African-American nominee of a major party in 2008, a debate featuring that same candidate now serving as the first African-American president up against the first Mormon candidate nominated by a major party in 2012, and now in 2016 Hofstra will host a presidential debate featuring the first woman to be nominated by a major party facing off against a candidate who has broken so many of the conventions of modern politics. History has been and will continue to be made right here on the Hofstra campus.

    As a journalism and political science major, this is like the Super Bowl, and it’s coming directly to me. Having the chance to cover this event as a student journalist will separate me from other applicants when I begin applying for jobs this spring before graduation. Whether I choose to do something in journalism, politics, public relations, or something in between, I’m confident that this will help me to stand out and give me an experience I will never forget


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