PeRmanently damaged?

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Consider the possibility that Bill Cosby’s public image could ever recover from the charges of rape leveled against him, a suggestion made by one of my students. I pondered that the only way this might happen is if he was first found innocent in a court of law, and added that Cosby has probably been permanently damaged because of the huge number of credible accusers. It seems he’ll never be able to regain his positive public image under any circumstances.

trump-apology-2This could now be the case with Donald Trump. The revelation of a 2005 conversation in which he bragged about sexual aggression and assault may doom any reasonable chance of his election to the presidency. His team took nearly 13 hours to produce an online videotaped statement in which Trump acknowledged wrong-doing, apologized, and ended with an attack on Bill and Hillary Clinton. It remains to be seen how damaging this latest bombshell will be, and whether more damaging video and quotes will surface before Election Day.

The images of other entertainers and politicians have recovered following their illicit or illegal acts. After Michael Vick served jail time for animal abuse, he focused on rebuilding his life and public image through charity work and a renewed, successful football career. A post-Watergate Richard Nixon, although never able to fully shed his crooked public persona, earned a measure of redemption after apologizing on television for the scandal and becoming a best-selling author of thoughtful books on public policy. Bill Clinton, after being impeached in the Senate for lying about a White House affair, completed his presidency with a Gallup poll approval rating of 65%, higher than that of every other departing president measured since 1953.

This latest controversy encircling Donald Trump may not only cost him the election; it’s likely to scar the Trump brand and hurt his businesses. If he loses next month, it will be fascinating to observe if the damage is permanent or fades after a few months or years. If he wins, he’ll still need to spend a lot of his “stamina” repairing his public image–from within the Oval Office. Your thoughts?

46 thoughts on “PeRmanently damaged?

  1. Michael James

    Trump the victor. Words the majority never expected to hear, although the silent majority spoke rather loudly this election season. Trump has annihilated support from opposition. This is the first election I am familiar with in which people are claiming, “#notmypresident,” although I believe this only further divides us, President-Elect Donald Trump is now faced with dropping the act and losing the ego in order to become the respectable man of this country, IE the President. I do believe that no one man who sits in that office can change the culture and climate. That is up to the American People. It is also up to the news, bankers, and the elite, to quit influencing this county in socially disastrous but economically (for those few) prosperous situations.

  2. Owen Lewis

    It’s difficult for me to believe that Donald Trump will recover from this campaign. In New York, it’s often easy to get away with a lot if you’re wealthy. Donald Trump often escaped more intense scrutiny in the beginning of the election season because of how entertaining he was. This meant viewership and readership for journalism outlets, which translated into advertising revenue. In this case, however, I think the push back and scandals will have irreversible effect. The public’s attention is too focused for his scandals to be forgotten, even if there are so many that we may become desensitized.

  3. SShak

    As sad as it is, I do not even know how to comment on Trump from a PR angle. He has defied almost all PR rules and practices thus far, yet still seems to be successful in some ways. Though in most situations it would seem irreparable to fix what Trump has caused, I feel as though if he loses, his business will not be damaged because he still has his celebrity status that can now add, “Presidential Candidate” to its list.

  4. ari

    While I would love if Trump’s image could be damaged, I feel as though it won’t. There are still supporters and certain media outlets that are continuing to stick up for him and provide excuses for his wrong doings. However, there are certain outlets (i.e. The New York Times) that is willing to report on the negative coverage on Trump and get the real story. The fact that these issues are arising before his attempt to be President is a huge red flag that he should drop out or be removed from the race. Donald Trump needs way more than a “repaired media image” he needs to be true with himself and make a real change to his character.

  5. Ashley Pina

    I think there is huge difference between shaking off a scandal and changing as a person. I do not believe the leaked footage of Trump was out of character at all and that kind of behavior is his brand. However he will soon find that what worked for his reality tv persona will not be acceptable as president. I think the fall out from the Republican Party speaks for itself, and Trump’s almost presidency will forever be a shameful part of America’s history.

  6. Aisha B

    I believe that Trump’s image has always been a negative image. Now that Trump’s sexual assault conversation has resurfaced, it just adds on to the negative image trump was shinning in to begin with. I believe that Trump would have to do something massive to fix his Image.Other than that, I don’t see Trump’s image being saved, no matter how good the PR expert is.

  7. capriceoliver

    I found this whole debacle to be hilarious. First off, trump has had so many vulgar comments and interviews that should have done damage, but finally something that sticks. I definitely believe that Trump is going to have a hard time fixing this mistake. the first huge mistake his public relations team made was taking 13 whole hours to respond with an apology message. This was definitely a big no no!. I am very interested in seeing if his failed attempt at presidency will effect his business. I would not be surprised if it did not effect his businesses since this is what he does, and his business never seem to be hurt.

  8. danielle ferrara

    What Donald said was an extremely rude and disrespectful statement. But do I think this will taint his campaign and businesses? Not necessarily. It is common in our culture to assess someones actions in the context of their former actions. For example, if President Obama said something like this, people would be more outraged because of his good image and his non existent track record of saying derogatory things. Sadly Trump saying something shrewd is not enough to shock the nation. Just like when Justin Bieber had so many scandals, after a while it got old and was no longer as surprising. Even though what Trump said was absolutely horrible I do not think it is enough to completely destroy his campaign and business ventures. If he had a squeaky clean image and then this came out a month prior to the election it would be way more detrimental.

  9. Diana Ziskin

    Honestly, I don’t think think this will affect his corporate brand, or the election. At this point, he has swayed away many votes, and those left standing, will support him no matter what he might say. Anyone who was offended by these remarks already has denounced him. If he loses the election, it was bound to happen before the release of this tape. As for his brand, people have short term memory. His real estate properties will always have the reputation for high luxury, and people will always want to live there, work there and associate with it. I know plenty of friends who currently live in Trump Towers in the city, and a family member who’s company has an office in one of the Trump Towers. None of them support him politically, but none have any plans to relocate.

  10. elliotrubin

    As bad as the 2005 video of Trump is, I actually don’t believe this will cause that much damage to his reputation long-term. For a while, Trump has been a highly controversial figure, who is not afraid to speak his mind and demean and belittle women without remorse. While the video was exceedingly crude, and the language used it was not language that anyone, especially a candidate for president should use, unfortunately, because of Trump’s long history of making derogatory and offensive to women, this is less of a surprise than it would be if it were someone else. This is not to say that Trump’s prior attacks towards women are on the same scale as what he said in the 2005 video, however, given what he said before then, it is not that the 2005 video was expected, however, a future (from prior to 2005) video could have been rationalized fairly easily, given Trump’s character.

    The main difference between Trump and Bill Cosby, and why Trump’s image will likely not take much of a hit deals with their reputations. For much of his public life, and until the last few years, Bill Cosby was known as a charismatic, affable, family-man that everyone seemed to love. Then, several different women came forward, alleging that he raped them. While this is a relevantly new story, Cosby’s reputation has still taken a dramatic hit since the allegations started, because in the eyes of public opinion, he’s guilty. The public’s current reaction to Cosby is the same as it was when it was revealed fellow family-man, Tiger Woods was having multiple affairs. For the public, they can’t understand how their former heroes are actually anything but, so instead of rationalizing their behavior, they instead dismiss them and immediately proclaim them guilty. Interestingly, it is because of society’s need for a hero to look up to, that it will difficult for Trump’s image to be tarnished. Love or hate him, Trump has built his whole character (making controversial and highly inappropriate statements) and business (unethical practices such as not paying people he hired) out of playing the villain, so therefore while another negative action would harm another person’s reputation greatly, for Trump it only reaffirms who he is.

  11. Jack De Gilio

    The most disappointing thing about this whole situation is it doesn’t surprise me at all. Trump has made so many statements about women in the past and part of me saw a statement as shocking as this coming from a mile away. It’s disappointing that there are still so many people that will support Trump despite this statement, because even though it was ten years ago, it’s still concerning that somebody would even say that in the first place. I think that while the video apology was a nice start to repairing his image, I don’t think it’s really going to help him much. The video felt very forced and robotic, and at the end, he unnecessarily pushed the blame onto Hillary and Bill Clinton and everything they’ve done in the past.

    I think the thing that annoys me the most is the fact that Donald Trump has still managed to get away with all of this. Billy Bush, the journalist who interviewed him back in 2005, was suspended from his job while Trump still gets to run for president. I think that sends out a bad message to the public.

  12. reginasprtools

    It is true that it takes a long time and maybe even a lifetime to build up a nice reputation for yourself or company, but it can be ruined or damaged in just a second. This correlates with the hard work Trump and his team have put in to boost his image during this election. The words he used in the past and how he referred to women was hurtful and very disrespectful. That already has effected Trump in the election as shown on various recent polls, and now this must have really scared him and his businesses. Once you have video evidence, you can not take it back because it is out there forever. This has taken him back more then anyone anticipated I would believe and him and his team have a lot of work to do in order to try and clean up this mess. Not only regarding the election and his companies, but just cleaning up his own personal reputation, will take time at the very least and I would think he will try many different ways to fix these problems and try and repair the damages if possible.

  13. nhakels

    I saw the presendital debate yesterday. It is such a mess. Donald trump is a person with no surprises. He is a mess in all aspects. How can one even think of voting for him. Imagine what other countries think, and how its effecting the image of America.

  14. Jen O'Malley

    From what I have observed, there are some Trump supporters who just simply will not let go of their support for him. While most comments I have seen on this scandal chastise Trump for his indefensible words, I have still seen many people defending him. The tired old “everyone makes mistakes,” “that was a long time ago” and most frighteningly “that’s just the way guys talk” have been thrown around a lot this weekend. I think that even though he has these supporters that pretty much wear Trump blinders at all times, the majority will rule on this one and Trump will not be recovering so easily. This tape is a whole new level of Trump scandal. Sexual assault is pretty big topic in the media, across college campuses and throughout society today. He just landed on the wrong side of that very public conversation. Also, to me, he seemed like he was forcing out every word during his apology, made excuses and took the opportunity to attempt to shift focus onto the Clintons. He can try to come back from this and he certainly has the unwavering support of some, but as of this morning he is 11 points behind Clinton (atleast according to CNN’s poll). The Trump campaign has a lot of work cut out for them and small window of time left.

  15. Michael Esposito

    I believe that Trump’s image is permanently ruined after the release of the video. This presidential race has done nothing for him except ruin him. He’s become even more of a public figure than ever before and now to add to that he has an extremely negative public image.

  16. Jessica Mohen

    The release of this video has permanently tarnished Donald Trump’s image. The gravity of impact has such influence because of the keen focus the world has on this election. The video has already swayed undecided voters to rethink their choice. In a focus group after the debate, about half of the undecided voters claimed they will vote for Hillary, half claimed they were still undecided, and one person raised their hand for Trump. There is not much that Donald Trump can say to come back from this incident. An analyst after last night’s debate said that he has to do more than just hold his ground at this point in the race; the winning candidate needs to push forward. Extreme dirt on Hillary Clinton will need to be uncovered and released in order to re-level the playing field. This could possibly be related to her deleted emails.

  17. Josh Solomon

    Trump will need to repair his public image but I feel like he was the same kind of disgusting human being before hand and I don’t think the people he caters to care about the rash disgusting things that he said. I feel like although this is the most disgusting thing said yet I wasn’t surprised of the things he said in private considering the things he will say in the public.

  18. arthenas

    Donald Trump contradicts himself once again. In the 2005 video, he clearly confessed to using his fame to assault women. In his scripted online statement, he excuses his language as “talk” and accuses Bill Clinton of doing the same thing.
    I think America picks and chooses who they want to be forgiving of. I think many people will be forgiving, because Trump claims to be a changed man. Unless more dirt is dug up about Trump before the election, this issue may not do him much harm to his image.

  19. Adam Engel

    Donald Trumps image will be more affected to an extent by this video that was leaked recently in the news. The reason why I said to an extent, is because the people who respect him and are influenced by his actions and will still like him and endorse him. That is because his so-called fame reputation was based off a relailty TV show and his realiesate success and don’t forget his outrageous remarks and immature behavior, so a ignorant comment like that wouldn’t make his supports run away. He is known as a very blunt person with no filter. On the other hand, this will effect him on the political stage because he is already looked at as person who will say what ever he feels is right, whether it’s right or not. This video that shows him saying these remarks will definitely effect his voter turnout on women.

  20. Stacyann Nathan

    I honestly do not believe these comments from 11 years ago will affect his image or brand. Those who don’t really like him will remain with that sentiment. Others who like him will say that this was years ago and it has no bearing on 2016 election. I believe the media wants it to be a big deal because they are very against Trump. To be honest I personally did not see the merit on why this is a big deal, seeing that it was over 10 years ago. And like you said if people can accept Bill Clinton, Woody Allen and Charlie Sheen, Trump is no different.

  21. TheRianReport

    I am unsure how much actual work Trump will need to do to repair his image because those who were put off by his image initially, were not surprised by his comments in the video and it only reinforced their opinions. Those who do support Trump were also just as unlikely to be moved by the message and probably wrote it off as casual “locker room” talk. His brand is brash and obnoxious just as his comments are and have continued to be. His campaign can try to repair the damage, but as we have seen, Trump will only undo their efforts.

  22. Brianna Beaumont

    Oh Donald Trump. He has continually made vulgar remarks on the minorities. I do believe this time though he has upset more people; however, I think he will still have some followers. I do not think any woman, non-white, non-Christian person would vote for him. Trump’s reputation is tarnished and I do not think he will be able to repair that image, even if he won this election. His businesses will suffer because him not being able to control himself.

  23. dopabajo

    Personally, I do not think that a simple apology can repair his image at this point. Sexual assault is a big issue in our country. Donald Trump is already seen as disrespectful towards women and this just took it over the edge with me and for most people. I think it would be different if this was a one-time incident and he sincerely apologized but that’s not the case. I still believe that he may have a chance at this election because many people will still blindly support him. However, Trump and his team still have a lot of damage control to do with his image.

  24. Cam Keough

    Trumps campaign is certainly an anomaly, because unlike any nominee for president before, no one has been able to say what he does and get away with it. His behavior doesn’t even come close to resembling that of a politician, or more important, a president. Regaurdless of what happens with the election there will be a group of people who are happy and upset, and this will hurt the Trump name it is just a matter of how much. This election is a phenomenon because if it were any other celebrity, their name would be tarnished forever, but Trump has a way about him that he can shrug something off in an interview and turn it into a criticism about the current government or how bad of a person Hillary Clinton may be, but not about what he will do. Last nights debate, I didn’t once hear how Trump would make change, but I only heard about how he saw big problems in healthcare, boarder patrol, women’s rights, discrimination, taxes, and blah blah blah I really would like to know what his plan is to fix it other than just redo it. I want to know how!

    Back to the topic at hand, the brand of the Trump family has already seemed to take a hit. Protests are held outside the Trump towers and locations and the high esteem that once was the brand is now though put significantly less of, including myself. Trump was a glorified Buisness man who once was though of, in some ignorance, as a captain of the American dream. Now there is only a segment of the Republican Party who can still glorify him with no shame on themselves. Truth is, Trump really doesn’t care about women, people trying to seek a better life, refugees, or people in need, he’s made that pretty clear by saying what he wants to do. His brand and family will be greatly tarnished and hopefully taken to court to pay taxes that he owes. No amount of PR can retract what was said, Trump needs to fix his problems and truly care about the world and planet if he wants even a shot at surviving this election at this rate.

  25. Vanessa Major

    His reputation repair will ultimately depend on the public, it doesn’t matter how great of a PR team he has how well he does moving forwards lie with how the public perceives him. Let’s look at Michael Jackson and all of the allegations against him, regardless of what was said about him true or false, he held a special place in America’s heart. By no means am I saying Trump can be compared to Michael Jackson, what I am saying is that it ultimately lies in where he resides with people. Personally, there’s nothing he could say to win my vote as I don’t believe he will genuinely change.

  26. Anna Baxter

    Almost everyday, it seems that Donald Trump is more so damaging himself than focusing on the election. Trump claims to have great respect for women, but I do not believe it. Rarely does he think before he speaks. When you are on such a public platform, as he has been for majority of his adult life, you need to think about what you are saying and consider the consequences. I do not understand how Trump can get away with so many misogynistic comments and still have supporters. I oftentimes question, if I ever had a daughter, if I would want her to live in a nation where the leader promotes violence towards women. Trump’s “locker room banter” is inexcusable and offensive to women all around the world. I think that Trump, although I don’t know why, still has a lot of support. Some people want to see this kind of Trump. They think that this is the change and freedom that America needs. For that reason, I think that Trump will always have people who admire him. However, I think that many people also disapprove of Trump. Potential consumers have most likely decided that they do not want to support someone who acts and speaks the way that Trump does. After the election, Trump will need a complete makeover, and I don’t mean the kind with more self-tanner.

  27. sadomablog

    Throughout this election I’ve viewed Trump as a loose canon. Although he is known for his aggressive behavior and unfiltered commentary, everyone has a boundary they can’t cross and I think he overstepped his. What might not have received so much air time if he was just on The Apprentice, is now a major issue because of the public figure he has become. His apology was insincere, argumentative and cold. Pointing the finger at someone else is not an apology. He will still have supporters, but overall I think his reputation is completely tarnished.

  28. DanielaGagliano

    I believe that the majority of people knew Donald Trump for his questionable morals even before the election. With the spotlight on him now, all of his flaws/interviews/statements have only been explored further and put on blast. I think that he has definitely gained a lot more negative press through the whole experience but I don’t know if it is enough to actually affect his businesses and entrepreneurship. At the end of the day, if you’re looking for a hotel in Manhattan and Trump Soho provides the best bang for your buck, you’re going to most likely stay there.

    Politics aside, I don’t think Mr. Trump has done or said anything significant enough to tarnish his reputation for an entire lifetime that can be compared to instances like Mr. Cosby.

  29. katiespoleti

    If you ask my friends or any member of my family, I’m sure they’d all be able to tell you that I am generally a very forgiving person. I have always been a true believer of giving people the benefit of the doubt and allotting second chances for those in need. When the scandal that shocked the nation happened involving Bill Cosby’s past, it was upsetting for everyone because his public image was always so pure and valued. Even though there are a huge number of credible accusers on Cosby’s case, there are still many of people out there that will defend him because this is the first time he’s offended the public with his actions.

    Unlike Bill Cosby, Donald Trump has never been a figure liked by everyone in America. Before his role in politics, he was a mega-celebrity known for firing workers on national television and his extremely shrewd comments. In my opinions, Trump has gone from being disliked to very strongly disliked in the time span of just a couple of years. After the controversial tape was released just the other day that showcased Trump’s “locker room” banter, the public was given just another reason to despise what he stands for.

    It’s crazy that we even have to think about how Donald Trump is going to come back from a situation like this. If a video like this with vulgar content from one of our very own presidential candidates is surfacing now, I can only image what else is out there. Locker room talk or not, these were words that were said aloud and probably had some truth to them regardless of what was said. If we can’t trust Donald Trump now, what makes anyone think that we’ll be able to trust him in only a month from now when the people of the Unites States go to vote?

    Personally, I don’t think anything that he or his PR team says will bring him back from this. He’s offended way too many people and would probably have to change his whole personality to come back from this.

  30. Tai Davis

    I hope Donald Trump loses the election. When he does, I believe he will still be rich. I believe when people use some of his businesses’ services they do not think about Trump. Trump has many businesses that he supports that he does not put his name on. I believe that Trump can have a positive image a few years after the lose also because many people forget about the presidential candidate that loses. Many people view Trump as entertainment. After the election it is almost certain that he will be on Twitter discussion how the system cheated him. Many people like this type of entertainment so I feel his public image will stay in tact.

  31. Justin McCue

    I see no difference between the Donald Trump in 2005 and the Donald Trump today. He has made many horrific and offensive statements, yet these comments may be the one to put a huge dent in his reputation. While some people, Trump supporters more specifically, argue that this recording was from over ten years ago, to me it just proves that someone like Trump is incapable of changing their ways. Clearly he has had no regard for others and has been highly offensive since 2005. Some people look at this presidential race as entertainment, however, we all have to realize that we need someone who can be globally diplomatic. If Trump has offended all different groups of Americans, how will he be dealing with other nations and possibly offending them too if he does become president?

  32. Connor Giblin

    If this was any other celebrity, I would agree that they would not recover from such a scandal. However, it seems Donald Trump always finds a way to weasel out of a controversial comment. We have witnessed comments about a disabled reporter, anti-Muslim sentiments, and inappropriate comments regarding his own daughter. I think Trump still has a small, albeit diminished chance of winning the presidency. Trump knows how to try and spin this into an attack on Hillary Clinton. He has already rounded up a group of women that have been sexually harassed by Bill Clinton to attend the 2nd Presidential Debate. Trump is smart (dastardly?) enough to deflect the criticism and turn it into something else. That being said, I think a loss in the race will irreparably harm Donald and the Trump brand. I think the aftereffects of a loss will be worse than anything that Trump says during his campaign because he will not have the larger platform that he has now as a candidate. He will not have the support of the Republican Party after that; they are only using him to show unity during this race. In my opinion, the comments will not have as worse of an impact on Trump’s public view as a campaign loss.

  33. Chrissy Carvalho

    The amount of offensive statements Donald Trump has made are almost uncountable. He has been racist, misogynistic, and generally prejudiced this entire election cycle, and for the most part this has worked for him because he is motivating his supporters through fear. This fear is mostly centered around immigrants and terrorism, which allows him to be racist to certain groups. However, his misogynistic comments have not been this bad since this point, which is why the GOP finally dropped him, and a lot of the public have been more outraged. His apology came too late, and a lot of people do not believe him anyway. I do not think Trump will be able to repair his image to those in the middle and to Democrats, but it remains to be seen if he can win back any Republicans that have dropped him. The only way I could see that happening is if he ramps up his marriage to be more affectionate and loving, and perhaps treats his daughter with more respect.

  34. Maria Zaldivar

    The statements that were recently revealed were not the first time Donald Trump has shown misogynistic attitudes, and I’m sure they won’t be the last. I believe that his image should have been ruined a few statements ago, but somehow many people choose to ignore his sexists comments and continue to support him making excuses for him. I believe that there is no excuse to what he said. Rape culture is a terrible reality in our society today and sexual harassment and abuse are no stranger to thousands of women all over the country. His statements should not be taken lightly. He may be able to improve his image if he showed real change, but honestly that Trump that spoke in 2005 is no different than the one I see on the news everyday.

  35. khaleik

    Trump has never been a good guy, just a rich one. Trying to fix Trumps image would be like trying to fix a shattered mirror. It’s nearly impossible and at the same time tedious. He is way to condescending. If he lose or win, there’s definitely going to be a decrease in his value but nothing too drastic that he cannot recover from it. His supporters are blind to reality and fail to comprehend the destructiveness he’s causing to America. Even his running mate does not agree with his 2005 statements,

  36. Justin Chupungco

    Prior to the election, and during the entirety of the election season, Trump has consistently caused controversy with the public based on his words. He has said harmful things about many people making him appear sexist, racist, and more. His comments from years ago which have come to light are no exception. He objectified women in a demeaning, and harmful way, which have definitely hurt his image. Though many of his followers may continue to advocate for him, regardless of circumstance, his public image continues to suffer consequences. If he does win this election, he needs to repair his image, make sure he apologizes, and no longer offends the groups of people he spoke negatively about. Rebuilding trust and his image will be the challenge. If he does not win, his business can continue, but the public will still view him in a bad light, and he’d need to address the issue, and rebuild his image for the sake of his business. Every bad comment Trump makes hurts his image, and regardless of what happens, rebuilding it will take much time. Trump needs to learn not to be so impulsive and watch what he says because his words carry a powerful impact and CAN hurt him.

  37. Victoria Conway

    Throughout the entire election I have never found myself agreeing with anything said by Trump. This is just one of the thousands of repulsive comments made by this man. It scares me that people actually believe he should be our next president. I am not saying that either candidate is ideal, however the blatant disrespect that Trump has for so many people is beyond worrisome. I do not think his public image can ever be fixed because he truly does not care about who he offends or insults in the process. The fact that his “apology” ended with an insult of two other people says enough about Trump.

  38. Marielle McCartin

    Donald Trump has made numerous comments undermining women and many different racial groups.This made him loose many people’s support because he actually spoke before he thought about his words. Trump has to repair his relationship with many different groups of people to become a ” well liked” president for the United States. It would probably take him his entire presidency to win back the majority of support from US citizens from all different religions, races, and cultural backgrounds. On the other hand, if Trump does not become president, I believe he will still have booming business, but he will need to make a larger effort in showing the public that he did not mean the things he once said. Either way, Trump is going to have to rebuild his image incredibly before winning back support from the majority of this country.

  39. Emily DiLaura

    As we discussed this topic in class Saturday, my initial reaction was disgust over a man, who has yet to bring any emotion other than that to my mind. After spending a few hours thinking about it, though, it’s a sad truth that we almost expect these terrible words to come out of Trump’s mouth. He has spent a lot of time over the years degrading women and other minorities as well, and this just further shows that this is an aspect of his character that has been dominant for years. It’s sad that this man can continuously bring people down and dehumanize them to nothing more than an object, and it’s even sadder that people still support his character. I realize that there is more to being a president than what your personal opinions are, but how could someone run a country when he thinks so terrible about large groups of people that, when you break it all down, make up more of the population in America than the people he DOESN’T make comments about. It would be a tragedy if this man became out president, but in the mean time before this election is here, I pray for Trump’s PR team and all the grey hair, late nights, and constant stress he causes them. That has to be a hard job.

  40. berniedennler

    I feel like I need to take a shower, which says a lot about just how unnerving Trump’s comments were, and yet, they are just some of the many disgusting remarks made by him over his many years in public life. A CNN report released yesterday also recounts how he told Howard Stern it was okay to refer to his daughter, Ivanka, as a “piece of ass.” Is the Trump brand permanently damaged? Let’s hope so. Let’s hope that no amount of Orwellian doublespeak can somehow right this sinking ship. Let’s hope Americans are not so easily manipulated by strongmen and their propagandists that we could collectively forget just how foul an individual Donald Trump is. I’m not so sure that my hopes will reflect reality though.

    For many Americans, the Trump name will never recover, but his diehards—members the racially motivated,highly nationalistic hardline “alt-right” as its been called—appear to be unphased or even defensive of Trump. Both male and female supporters have declared that his comments are just “locker room banter” and that “all ‘normal’ men” speak in this manner privately. Are there enough of them to win an election? I don’t think so. However, there may be enough of them to sustain a media empire. If the Vanity Fair report published earlier this year proves true and Donald Trump launches a right wing news network to compete with Fox News, then Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric may actually succeed in making him richer. With Steve Bannon and Roger Ailes at his side, Trump News could become a disturbing fixture of American political news media and a thorn in the side of any future Democratic administration.

    The real question to me, is whether the GOP can ever recover from the PR disaster that has been the Trump campaign. The 2012 “autopsy” on the Romney campaign concluded the party would have to reach out to Hispanic voters if it ever hopes to reclaim the White House. Trump may have done irreparable damage to that goal, while also worsening the party’s image with women and a new generation of voters who could forever associate Republicanism with the failures of the Bush Administration, Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, and its embrace of the erratic and dangerous Donald Trump.

    Worse still, although GOP leaders are now abandoning Trump is droves, many are standing by their candidate along with his millions of supporters. A divide in the Republican Party that has been forming for years is finally being exposed. As Abraham Lincoln, our first Republican president famously stated, “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” The GOP is divided. It’s collapse may be imminent.

  41. Adam Palasciano

    I have not supported Trump for a long time throughout this election season. Much of Trump’s disgusting rhetoric through his campaign has insulted women, people with disabilities, and Muslims to say the least. The surfacing of this 11 year old recording of Trump objectifying and describing women in arguably the most profane way possible simply solidifies the accuasations which were already placed upon him. I can’t say I fully support Hillary Clinton but I cannot morally support a candidate who has such a demeanor as Trump does.

  42. Anthony Pugliese

    Donald Trump better should have the same stamina as a human being participating in the Ironman Triathlon. Trump is now testing the waters with the public, because if you did not know already know he is a presidential candidate. Say what you must, but majority knew that Trump could be racist, sexist and bias before his presidential campaign. However, the tables are now turned because now he is a racist, sexist and bias presidential nominee. As one of my classmates made clear to me, Trump has a ‘winning’ brand and that brand holds the persona of power and perfection. Needless to say, losing the presidential election is certainly not a power move for Trump. As I said in the introduction of this comment, Trump was never the model American citizen. Why would he decide to change now? Trump is successful thus far, powerful and strives in his field, so why would he stop showing his true colors. Trump’s savvy ways and personality is clearly what got him to this point. It is all different at this point though, because the political field is a different animal. Trump cannot contain that animal, it should be interesting if he finds a way to do so. All in all, the short time before election day will be an interesting, fun and crazy time.

  43. Arianna du Manoir

    Throughout this entire election, and even back in the days of his reality television fame, I have always looked at Mr. Trump in a very negative light. When this interview was made public, it did not come as a surprise to me for this was nothing new as he has always spoken terribly about women. While in this campaign race however, he has not used such vulgarity in his speeches which is why I think people assumed he had changed from that old persona, therefore explaining the tremendous surprise from some of his followers.

    In terms of looking towards the future, Mr. Trump and his team have a lot of damage to repair and it is going to take a lot more than just one video of him apologizing. Though I will honestly say, unlike the examples of the celebrities you wrote in your blog, I don’t think he will make an effort to do charity work or write books. He has his own agenda and I don’t believe that he will anything get in the way of that. As for his business and the Trump brand, I believe it will hit a significant amount of backlash. Now more than ever, the public will associate all the negativity from this most recent revelation to his last name which will prevent them from ever wanting to go near anything with the name Trump on it.

  44. Jordyn Miller

    It is true that Donald Trump has definitely said many disgusting and vulgar things about women before, but I do not believe any of them have been to the extent of these recent findings. Although this definitely has hurt his image in running for president, I think that there are still his strong supporters that will support him blindly, and even if he does not win the election, they will continue to support him. So although this will hurt his brand, I do not think he will take as hard of fall as necessary, and he will definitely be able to make a comeback with the right plan.

  45. Amina

    Donald Trump has made horrific statements about women in the past and even recently which has caused him to loose favor by not only women, but men as well. I think that if Trump looses he will definitely need to repair his image tremendously and I think he has already begun to do so. This morning I saw a commercial of Ivanka Trump discussing her father’s plan to help single moms and working women financial when he becomes president. Obviously, this is a start of him repairing his image.


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