Farewell, Mr. PResident

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There are a lot of Americans who believe Barack Obama was a failed president. Others see his presidency as a great success and by many measures, it has been.

According to The Atlantic, “In January of 2009—the month Obama was inaugurated—the American economy lost 791,000 jobs. Now—eight years later—the U.S. has experienced 75 consecutive months of job growth.” Unemployment has dropped from 10 percent to 4.7 percent and the stock market has risen 140 percentAccording to the FBI, nationwide violent crime is half of what it was 25 years ago. More than 20 million people have health insurance who didn’t have it before, the U.S. auto industry was saved from bankruptcy, the environment is better protected, there have been no White House scandals, and bin Laden is dead.

However, Obama faltered in his ability to promote his own accomplishments. Because he didn’t effectively remind Americans of his successes, a vacuum was created and it filled with misinformation and propaganda. Too many people became convinced that the economy’s recovery was a failure, that terrorism was on the rise, and that illegal immigrants were still pouring across the borders. “(It was) eight long years of disenchantment and incompetence,” wrote Jeff Jacoby in townhall.com. “Our world today is more dangerous, our country more divided, our national mood more toxic.” Of course, no president runs the country for four or eight years without missteps and failures, but polls say Obama leaves office with a 55 percent approval rating. Since polling began, only Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan left with higher numbers.

Donald Trump will be different; for better or worse, he’ll use Twitter to tout his own successes–often. It’ll be a constant source of controversy. Trump has no filter and possesses a lack of public relations sensibilities which could otherwise refine his alarmingly coarse messages.

I bid a sad farewell to President Obama: I, and it seems most, Americans will miss his class, intelligence, fairness, and empathy. I just wish he had conveyed his achievements more effectively. The strengths and weaknesses of Barack Obama’s PR efforts–and presidency–will be debated for years to come.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Emil Tansinda

    A pivotal sentiment gathered from this article is that Obama’s tenure however his failure to effectively publicize his rectifications to American administration. I sense the general notion in America right now is that Obama will be missed, not just from this article, but from speaking to my friends, family and professors. Obama seemed to have a very sentimental connection with a large percentage of Americans, from a range of demographic backgrounds. He showed on countless occasions his empathetic side, and perhaps it was the so frequent showing of this side which can be credited to his semi-popular label as a “nice, but not so successful” president.

    I agree with this article in particularly because as someone who moved to this country a year and a half ago, I obviously did not get a complete look in at what life was like under President Obama’s reign and whether the changes he made were for the betterment of the American public or not. As someone interested in politics and global public affairs however, I had a vague perception on how things were going in America economically, but it was only after speaking with more Americans and seeing more American news when I came here that I could really gage a proper understanding on how things were going. Statistics show that since Obama took office; the economy has added more than 10 million jobs, and job openings are at a 15-year high, the unemployment rate has dropped well below the historical norm, the number of people lacking health insurance has gone down by 15.2 million and immigration numbers have decreased, as the amount of caught trying to enter the US illegally has dropped 53 percent. However along with all of these positives, federal debt has more than doubled, and annual deficits, after shrinking, are again on the rise, the home ownership rate has dropped by 4 percentage points and the number of Americans on food stamps is up 36 percent. I would like to acknowledge Obama’s reign as a successful one as we also have to take into account the state the country was in before he took office. He may continually be criticized for the goals he set out to achieve and didn’t such as failing to close Guantanamo Bay, however I think in a complete reflection on all the issues America has faced, and all that he did change, I would willingly salute Mr. President Obama for his noble efforts and genuine grace in serving the United States of America as president.


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