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Joseph Goebbels

After weeks of unprecedented assaults on the media by the president and his representatives, it’s worth remembering Dr. Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Germany’s minister of propaganda. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, “Goebbels was responsible for presenting a favorable image of the Nazi regime to the German people…He took control of the national propaganda machinery, controlling the press, radio, theater, films, literature, music, and the fine arts.” Here are some of Goebbels’ infamous observations: 

“Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.”

“There is no need for propaganda to be rich in intellectual content.”

“…the rank and file are usually much more primitive than we imagine. Propaganda must therefore always be essentially simple and repetitious.”

“Arguments must therefore be crude, clear and forcible, and appeal to emotions and instincts, not the intellect. Truth was unimportant and entirely subordinate to tactics and psychology.”

“It would not be impossible to prove with sufficient repetition and a psychological understanding of the people concerned that a square is in fact a circle. They are mere words, and words can be molded until they clothe ideas and disguise.”

“Propaganda works best when those who are being manipulated are confident they are acting on their own free will.”

“The essence of propaganda consists in winning people over to an idea so sincerely, so vitally, that in the end they succumb to it utterly and can never escape from it.”

In his 1928 book Propaganda, Edward Bernays, known as the “father of modern PR,” wrote, “The use of propaganda, carefully adjusted to the mentality of the masses, is an essential adjunct of political life.” But he never disparaged the media. This weekend Senator John McCain told NBC, “If you want to preserve democracy as we know it, you have to have a free and many times adversarial press. And without it, I am afraid that we would lose so much of our individual liberties over time. That’s how dictators get started.”

By demonizing the press and telling reporters not to question power, our leaders are dismissing history and are going to a very dangerous place. Your thoughts?

50 thoughts on “PRopaganda and PoweR

  1. Grace Finlayson

    I believe that the first amendment is an after thought to our current administration and that media is a tool used to distract the general public from what is actually happening in Washington D.C. These tactics are currently working with the help of social media. People are reading their news on social media and turning to twitter to see what they should believe, however, most of the news articles that appear on facebook and twitter are either opinion pieces, news with incoherent sources, or news articles that are not coming from actual news sights. We have to be more careful than ever to make sure the news we are consuming is coming from trustworthy sources that are using the first amendment to question power.

  2. Bianca Kroening

    After reading some of the things that Dr. Joseph Goebbels has said about propaganda, I’m noticing the parallels with our current president, and that rather shocking to me. Our administration’s repeated messages are using fear and hate in an attempt to make us believe in a threat to our nation that may not even exist. We need the media and the press as, essentially, a free fourth branch of our government to keep the whole thing in check.

  3. Kassara McElroy

    It is important to have the media to be able to speak freely. However, I believe there need to be different media outlets with different voices and perspectives so the public can choose which speaks to their personal beliefs. Although Trumps comments are controversial and many times outright wrong, media coverage would not be truly free if there are not outlets that both oppose AND support him. If I could have my way, I would ask that media must remain neutral, without comments before or after that could sway and anger the masses. People should have the media as a resource to aid in education of facts.

  4. Elana Delafraz

    I have come to learn that demonizing the price I’m telling reporters not to question power will automatically in most cases lead to disruption. I think that it is very vital for our society to really question power figures in order to understand a concept at hand. In other words back in Nazi Germany the public completely lacked the opportunity to question publicist and question the information that was given to them. Thus, they were brainwashed into believing false accusations. In this case I really hope history does not repeat itself. Our leaders have a lot of power right now and sometimes it is scary to think what they can and will do with it.

  5. Stephanie Rubbino

    Its honestly a bit frightening to think that people actually believed the words that came out of Dr. Joseph Goebbels mouth. Although I understand why because he was in control of the media. After a certain amount of times a person starts to believe what they hear. That is why i believe what McCain is saying when he says that freedom of speech and press is crucial to ensuring that our democracy does not become a dictatorship. We need people constantly questioning what people are doing and why they are doing it.

  6. Jennifer Im

    What’s happening in the nation is an enigma to me. Throughout all of my academic life, I’ve been taught that the first amendment is the pinnacle of American history and culture. It has dictated so much of our history and has kept the nation from marching too far to the left or the right.All that I learned in my classes has taught me that the first amendment is the pride and joy of our nation’s history. Yet, an entire political party is waging war on the media, and therefore, on free speech. I simply cannot understand how political loyalty has driven our politicians and our people to bash on such a central aspect of what makes America, America. This bipartisan war has gone too far. Thankfully, many of the younger generation, as well as many media professionals, are identifying as moderates. The conversation is slowly becoming less about where you stand on the political scale, but rather WHY you think the way you do. Because this nation has had such a long history emphasizing the need for free speech and protest, I don’t think Trump and his administration will ever be able to truly shut down the media. Even if all of the politicians in Congress agreed with him, our press, our bloggers, our YouTubers would stand up and defend America, and that’s precisely why it’s important.

  7. Sydney Seligman

    I think, now more than ever, it is important to be media literate and constantly stay updated with what is happening around the world and within our borders. With the rise of populism and the Donald Trump presidency, it is a scary time to think that media companies may have to spin news positively in order to gain access to governmental information that should be public knowledge.

  8. Anwar Ahmad

    I definitley agree with Senator John McCain’s response. It is truly terrifying that this administration has continuously chosen only certain things to reveal to the public. The comparison between the press now and Joseph Geobelles might be slightly dramatic, but it is not crazy to think that this could possibly happen to the United States. Having seen many of Goebelles speeches, he is right. One does not need to be smart or dumb to be persuaded. When it appeals to the emotions, it is very easy to manipulate. Trump and his administration seem to be at the beginning of this path and it says a lot that fellow Republicans are worried for the sake of this country.

  9. Tyler Weatherly

    One things that is very concerning to me is that humans are creatures of habit – so history will repeat itself – however, people also evolve. With that being said, some powerful political figures have been disparaging the media which, as stated above, “That’s how dictators get started.” It is up to us as people to preserve democracy, challenge those in power, exercise our freedoms, and seek the truth.

  10. Gabby Sully

    “Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.” This is so simple but it means so much, including propaganda. The press reports the governments actions. Depending on the attitudes and delivery the government gives, the media and press will report it in that way. The fact that the media is being threatened and “alternative facts,” are more reliable than actual news just makes it a very interesting time to be apart of the United States looking at everything unfold. It’s pretty scary, but at the same time you just think, “what can possibly happen next?”

  11. Leana Gianan

    One thing that scares me is the views of certain people of power have on media, specifically news. There has been a lot of talk on whether or not the medias we follow are trustworthy. In some sense yes, people should always question what they are being told. But there are some times where the truth is painfully obvious yet people choose to ignore it. Then they bend the truth to fit their own narrative, which their followers will believe. A healthy dose of skepticism is necessary but it shouldn’t completely dissuade people from having a conversation. People should be able to trust their media sites but they should also be objective. I think the best thing for people to do is to look at all sorts of different media sites and not only at those they already agree with.

  12. Sara Fox

    I think individuals need to be more diligent about seeking (the closest thing to) the truth. This requires research and not always believing the first thing you read. This will lead to a more informed society. However, I think about how Goebbels said, “Propaganda works best when those who are being manipulated are confident they are acting on their own free will,” and I agree. The media is tricky in this way.

  13. Awilda Pena Luna

    It is very scary to think not only can the public be deceived by fake news, but also government news can be fooled by fake news. That itself is extremely scary to grasp, and thats not how it should be. There has been many instances where I have been scrolling through my social media and have seen people react and respond to fake news. Society needs to understand that not everything we see on the internet is real news.

  14. Daniela Gagliano

    The world we live in today, I believe a lot of the information we receive is not always in the best interest of the public. All of our information is diluted and controlled by the same news stations, making it hard to differentiate fact from fiction from entertainment . There’s a very fine line right now between propaganda and news. The Time Warner merger for example is a scary power that’s been given to a very influential company who can now control different TV networks. And who are the ones regulating?

  15. wendy timana

    I watched the first press conference by the president and was absolutely appalled at his communication with the media. The president tries to shut everyone down who criticizes him. He is specially demonizing the media by calling everything that makes him look bad FAKE news. He asked the media to only ask nice questions which is absolutely ridiculous. He seems like such a childish person. He reminds me of a dictator who only wants positive news about him to be spread. I agree with John Mccain completely. We must do everything we can to preserve free press.

  16. Sarah Hanlon

    I completely agree with Senator John McCain. Having a free press is an ideal that our nation was founded upon, and it can not be taken away by our very own president. The scariest thing for me, as a journalism student, is that there are people who criticize the media for reporting facts that they don’t agree with. Media consumers must be diligent in their search for news – they must understand how and where to find information that is factual and accurate, whether the consumers want to agree with it or not. As soon as a leader diminishes and tries to take away the rights of a free press, they will attain power that would not be approved of by our founding fathers. If the freedom of our press is taken away, we can no longer call ourselves a democracy.

  17. Emily Barnes

    The way things are going right now, history is bound to repeat itself. When leaders attempt to silence the media and the press, they are subtly but surely taking away basic human rights laid out in the Constitution. The word propaganda didn’t always hold a negative connotation; it wasn’t until leaders began to misuse their power did the word become linked with fascist undertones. These fascist undertones are exactly what we are witnessing with the current presidential administration. That’s why I think it’s imperative not to stay silent in this time of drastic change.

  18. Gabriella Johns

    Freedom of press is on the rights that are protected under the first amendment. Free speech and a free press together allow people to obtain information from a wide range of sources that are not dictated or restricted by the government, so that they can make decisions, develop opinions, and communicate their views to the government. For once, I surprisingly agree with Senator John McCain. The freedom of press is a right, if taking away it defeats the purpose of democracy. Our lawmakers, and political figures have the duty to inform us on what is taking place in our government. Once the government takes away that power it can indeed lead to dictatorship.

  19. Brittany Liscoe

    A dream of a dictator is to have an unintelligent population to control. When people aren’t informed, they are easier to manipulate. Unintelligent individuals won’t ask questions, challenge authority, or have the knowledge and ability to create a revolution. It is extremely unsettling when leaders attempt to control and limit the rights of media outlets. These actions are very reminiscent of how a dictator would control. By trying to silence the voice of the media, what are they trying to hide? More importantly, why do they feel they have to try so hard to hide it?

  20. Erik Hansen

    The tactics Goebells described and employed in Nazi Germany were terrifying, and ways he describes how to achieve perfect propaganda are chilling; I do feel, however, that comparing these beliefs to Trump’s buffoonery towards the media is a quite an overreaction. Indeed, the prospect of a president who is willing to simply wave off a reporters questions is incredibly worrying, but I highly doubt that Trump’s refusal to comment was less shadowy in reasons and more of him being the impulsive person he is. And while Trump may be able to refuse a reporters question like he did, such an act has not gone without incredible scrutiny by a media that has been watchimg him like a hawk.

  21. Max Newman

    I definitely agree with Senator John McCain’s opinion. The U.S. needs free press to advertise and demonstrate the opinions of our people. Those who are advocating otherwise are just trying to hide their true selves from our country. I believe that the politicians who are saying so are attempting to cover up their corrupt ways, especially Trump in this case.

  22. Haley Moffatt

    I think one of the most important and vital things a free press could do is question the government, and more specifically the people in the highest positions of power within a government. Without the ability to question the integrity of a government’s actions, the free press cannot do its job of relaying important and worthy information to its publics. That being said, when a government challenges the media to do things that they already do (be truthful, provide information to the people that is accurate,)as if it’s not being performed, the legitimacy of the media comes into question and makes the public believe the actual job of the free press is different from what they accomplish on a day to day basis. I believe the press challenging those in power and their actions is an important aspect of being an engaged citizen, and what makes our democracy such a success.

  23. Marielle McCartin

    If freedom of speech is taken away from the American people, we will no longer have a voice to speak about what we want the nation to be. If our voices are not heard, our “voices” will be given to us by the government itself. Democracy must be preserved , and the media must be used by the people to do so. Without the media, it will be very difficult to release news that is important to the American people. Without the freedom of speech and press, our rights are being taken away from us, leading to a dictatorship. We all have our own political opinions, but the media now is being withheld by the administration. The media must be allowed to gain information and report back to the American people on true facts that they find. Without the media to check the government, the balance of power is disrupted.

  24. Brandi Hutchinson

    I think it’s scary how much we let propaganda into our lives. I fully agree that with only propaganda, we head back into a world full of dictators. The freedom of the press is crucial and especially today with our new President. You always see tons and tons of media relating to Donald Trump. In fact, media allows us to have different perspectives of leaders and I think that’s important. We should be allowed to see what are leaders are up to, what their thoughts are and what their responses are to important situations.

  25. Briana Cunningham

    The press facilitates the distribution of facts and truth to the general public. Sometimes this means challenging generally believed information and digging a little deeper. This is especially true when it comes to politicians and others in power. We might hope that because these individuals hold a leadership role they might be inclined to be transparent and tell the truth. But over the years this has proved untrue time and time again. Because of this, reporters have had to collect more information and question what they are being told to believe. This does not always mean directly challenging politicians, but maybe providing the public with the necessary information for them to make their own opinions. I agree with Senator John McCain that this process must continue in order to preserve democracy. I was particularly struck by the quote: “They are mere words, and words can be molded until they clothe ideas and disguise.” This is the type of information spinning that is dangerous and could potentially lead to another situation like Nazi Germany. Freedom of the press is a necessary right that must be maintained in order to balance propaganda and other false persuasion.

  26. Julie Dietel

    Reading Senator McCaine’s statement about the media brought light an issue that every one in their field is talking about. Without free press, we are losing a check and balance that our country heavily relies on. It is scary to think of what could happen and what people could believe if there comes a time where the government takes control of the press. As we enter this time, it is important to remember history and learn from past mistakes, if we do not then Senator McCain is correct: this will be how we become a dictatorship.

  27. Whitney Shepherd

    From the beginning of the election we saw a candidate and now president who has demonized the media since day one, coining the term “fake news” and not answering questions by reporters because he doesn’t like what they publish. The media is an essential component to how America strives and how our government communicates with its citizens and vice versa. I completely agree with Senator John McCain in his statement. I think in this time we are learning a valuable lesson about how important our media outlets are and we should be recognizing and supporting the journalist and media professionals doing their best to inform the public.

  28. Elliot Rubin

    I completely agree with the premise that a free press is an integral to a strong a democracy, especially the U.S’s. The Founding Fathers recognized the importance of a free and open press as such a powerful tool that freedom of speech and of the press were included in the First Amendment. Thomas Jefferson frequently spoke out about the responsibility that the press has in protecting democracy. Jefferson said, “I am… for freedom of the press, and against all violations of the Constitution to silence by force and not by reason the complaints or criticisms, just or unjust, of our citizens against the conduct of their agents.” Not only did Trump recently misquote Jefferson when he was describing the press as the “enemy”, but Trump has also started to censor certain stations (by carefully selecting the stations that can ask him questions). In these times where the president could call so many credible news organizations “fake news”, or refuse to answer a question simply because he does not like it/them, it is more important now than ever to stay vigilant of everything Trump is saying and doing of the press especially, because once the watchdog press now longer reports on any improprieties of government, government has free reign to more or less do as they please.

  29. Nicole Lamanna

    The Press is such an important part of our democracy. Without it, many people wouldn’t have access to accurate and unbiased information. The problem with information coming straight from someone in power is that, often times, it is not vetted. People tend to trust those in charge to tell the truth. However, unfortunately, sometimes that is not the case. Senator McCain put it perfectly by saying “you have to have a free and many times adversarial press.” Although, at times, a nuisance for the current administration, the press is integral. It challenges the people in charge and holds them accountable for what they are saying. Without the press, America would become a far scarier place.

  30. liad zayit

    History could repeat itself, and our nation’s history could very much go towards a path that is dangerous to us. People have their voices heard through the media and propaganda and without those “tools” we wouldn’t have basic rights like freedom of speech. Without the media and press, history could most likely repeat itself and like I said above it will be a very dangerous path for the people.

  31. Sam Bussell

    Over these pass few weeks it has been very concerning of the way the White House has been treating the press. They have tried to make it seem as though the press are the bad guys and trying to do everything in their power to twist all of the blame on them. This all came to head last week when Trump held a press conference of his own and it became another edition of war of words with the people of the press. When Trump said he had the most votes in the Electoral College for a Republican since Regan, a reporter from Buzzfeed was able to refute that claim and say that Bush Jr held that title and Trump said that someone gave him that information and try to push the blame off of himself. In that conference a scary truth was coming to light in the form that Trump tried to say that the leaks were real but the media was fake and that reporters and the media are the true enemy. That’s as close as it comes to trying to dissuade people from watching and trusting reporters.

    Ever since Trump came into office the confidence in the press has dwindle down and since he has been inaugurated as POTUS the press has been branded as Public Enemy #1 and outlets such as CNN MSNBC are being labeled as frauds and enemies of the state and that is not fair to them they are just doing what they have been doing for so many years and that is reporting the truth to the American People. It is an insult to people in the industry to call them bad reporters when they double check and triple check their sources multiple times. We might as well call the Trump Administration the closest thing America will ever see in the form of a dictatorship, cause if those words that the President uttered on Friday are any indication the press and people of America are in for a rough 4 years.

  32. Samantha Storms

    As they say, history will repeat itself. We’re living in a time where one of the Free World’s most powerful and necessary entities is being challenged more than ever before. Without our watch-dog, where would we be? The media has given a voice to the individuals affected by the realities of racial discrimination and police brutality, murders over sexual orientation, and even the attempt to ban a religious population from the “land of free” and the “home of the brave.” Sometimes, the country doesn’t feel so free anymore. Disparaging the media uncovers a truly frightening aspect of our president’s character that we as Americans must constantly be evaluating.

  33. Emily Levine

    I completely agree with Senator McCain. The things that our current administration says about the media and fake news are right in line with totalitarian dictators. The fact that we can compare their words and actions to that of Nazi Germany’s leaders is terrifying but true. The media needs to be keeping close tabs on the presidential administration and reporting the truth so that the public can stay informed, no matter what the Trump administration says about them.

  34. Neil A. Carousso

    I think it is highly inappropriate to make even the slightest reference, insinuation or comparison of an American president to Nazi Germany.

    As the press has right to free speech, so does the President of the United States. When 96 percent of journalists voted for Hillary Clinton, according to the Center for Public Integrity and media members and organizations, like The New York Times, have been openly against Mr. Trump, the President has a right to defend himself. If some journalists that became apoplectic to the idea of a Trump presidency, and the media overall, kept to unbiased and impartial journalism, we wouldn’t be in this situation.

    Blame goes all-around here; the media is not perfect or completely nonpartisan. So-called fake news has been propagated by the mainstream media. The phony stories on the spike in transgender suicide rates by the Guardian and Out, “persuasive evidence” of hacked elections in three states (New York Magazine), the Buzzfeed publication of the unsubstantiated dossier, Nancy Sinatra’s unpleasure with “My Way” played at the inaugural ball (CNN), the Martin Luther King, Jr. bust debacle (Time Magazine), President Trump invading Mexico (Associated Press and others), easing Russian sanctions (NBC News), Trump photoshopping his hands bigger (Observer), “Muslim ban” (multiple), Trump deploying National Guard for immigration roundups (AP and others), and other stories before and after the election and inauguration have gotten thousands and in some cases, millions of views and shares, influencing public opinion.

    Journalists are responsible for fact-checking and sourcing and not jumping to conclusion. Facts matter on all sides; the media is not an exception to this cliché, given the power and responsibility that reporters and media organizations have in the United States.

  35. Emily Bravo

    As a journalism major, I get furious whenever I hear President Trump bash the media. He is engraving in the public’s minds distrust in the media. One of the most important values of the media is the public trusts us to be a credible source of news. If people start not trusting newspapers or the evening news then we will have a problem. One of the great things about America is it’s free press. I completely agree with Senator McCain that America needs free press in order to avoid dictatorships ad keep a transparent government.

  36. Hannah Thueson

    Our forefathers set up freedom of press for a reason. One of the best checks on the government as a whole is the media, constantly searching for the truth. Democracy requires the public in its decision making, and as such the public should know what’s going on. This is why journalists and PR people exist, to connect the masses to the things around them.

  37. Rhwang

    I hate the idea that we have engraved in our minds that history keeps repeating itself. I truly believe that it should not be repeating itself and we as the millennials are trying very hard to prevent many events and laws from happening that would make us take a step backwards instead of forwards. What about those great leaders and advocates who have greatly impacted our society? We cannot forget their work by simply repeating history. The media nowadays, seems to go a little over the line, exaggerating some information, whether they are spinning it or not. Our social media platforms are our accounts, meaning we have the power to say whatever we want, isn’t that freedom of speech? The press are there to get answers to their questions. Journalists and reporters are being dismissed because people with higher power believe they can simply write whatever they want on their social media accounts; however, I do not believe that a certain amount of characters is enough to express a point, when you are in a fishbowl, and the world is watching.

  38. Emily Walsh

    Throughout history, people have made their beliefs known and their voices heard through propaganda and the media. Without these tools, basic rights, including freedom of speech, are taken away. This is a very uneasy time in history, where the future of the media is unsure. If freedom of the press is taken from us, we lose our right to fight back against the current administration and make our voices heard. I completely agree with Senator John McCain. We need to preserve democracy and the right to fight and make a change. Without the press, history will most likely repeat itself and we will head down a path that is incredibly scary. All we can do if fight on and use the press and media as an outlet to tell the truth.

    1. Alexandra Halbert

      Senator John McCain makes a great point. If the media cannot reach us, the people, then the government has total control. We rely on the media for current events. We rely on the media for politics. Besides information, the media acts as a significant source of representation. The media allows us to have a voice, ask questions and exorcise our rights. If the media fades so do these very liberties. The saying goes that “history repeats itself,” though the media has the power to overcome this expectation. A democracy will thrive if the media and the people unite… and stay that way.

  39. Christina Shackett

    The idea of free and unrestricted press/publication is something that has become so tested in today’s time. We are facing, in my own personal opinion, the most terrifying treatment of the media by our government. While we can have our own political opinions, it is within one’s common sense to understand the media is being bullied and prohibited by the current administration. Senator John McCain is correct – if we do not allow the media to ask questions, we are being denied what has been guaranteed to us by the Constitution. Truth, inevitably, comes to light, whether the press is being denied it or not.

  40. Madison Wright

    I agree with Senator John McCain. Blocking media from reaching the people will cause a dictatorship. We are the ones who have the power to question the remarks from our leaders and the outcomes of their actions. However, media has stepped away from being the keyboard of the government to becoming the keyboard to the people who THEY serve. The media is voicing the stories to highlight what is happening in politics; journalists are sticking to the truth.

  41. Madeline Myslow

    Whether political leaders like it or not, the media will always play a huge role in politics. It only makes sense, as the public needs to have a way to obtain information regarding the happenings of the government, the action that our leaders are taking, and other pertinent information. However, when a person in a position of power begins to discredit these news sources simply because they hurt his or her public image and sway people into not trusting him or her anymore, we must take extra precautions to ensure we are getting the most truthful and unbiased information that we can. I believe that simple messages, like “Make America Great Again”, are easier to get across and the public is clearly already falling into this trap. If we are not careful, Dr. Joseph Goebbels’ tactics for the spread of misinformation could come into use again – clearly not at the scale and severity that they were in his time, but our leaders could take his advice and use his guidelines to sway the public’s attitudes, and we must be extra cautious of this.

  42. Marli Delaney

    A common idea is that history repeats itself, and our nation’s history could very so possibly go towards a route that is hazardous to the people. However, I feel that what’s different and hasn’t really been seen yet in history aside from now is this propaganda vs. propaganda. We have sides so divided (such as our political system, for example) that each side can only see what they want see and hate any other perspective; fake news stories come from both sides to make their believers latch on to what they want to believe. I try to be unbiased and follow the truth- and from my viewpoint and from those who are like me, it seems like a struggle to even know what to believe anymore.

  43. Courtney Grieco

    it is very unnerving that as consumers of media, we are unsure of where the truth lies. We see media messages wherever we look, and sometimes we are easily deceived. the fact that government news can also be victim to fake news is an issue. it’s scary to see all these media messages and now have to remember to think twice and remind yourself that news that seems so radical and important, may not even be the truth.

  44. Haylee Pollack

    I agree that this is a huge issue and the scariest part is that there are people in our nation that are so uneducated that they are not even aware of how this has turned out throughout history. Maybe if people were more educated about the history of both our nation and the world, they would realize that supporting such actions could lead to dangerous outcomes as it has in the past.

  45. Alyssa Scott

    What is most interesting is how to reconcile what McCain asks of the media and what clearly works in terms of permeating the public, as described by Goebells. While we might like to think the United States is largely made up of an intellectual population, that is not the case. In the words of Goebells the masses are often “simple” and “permeable”, and respond well to the emotional, not the intellectual. How then, will an informative, adversary, investigative media be able to sway many of the “sheep” who currently support Trump (not to say all who support him are sheep, that certainly isn’t true)? Isn’t McCain’s request only targeting the intellectual, most of who are already armored against the message of Trump (which, in its dissemination, has been characteristic of propaganda)? On a personal level I’d like the media to be harder on finding the truth and digging deeper into important issues, but is that what will really be effective in persuading the American public? If anything they will have to removed their “unbiased” facade and report emotionally.

  46. Michael Mastropierro

    I agree with Senator John McCain. Without a media to ask questions, we would be on our way to a dictatorship. Freedom of speech and freedom of the press are rights that we have as a free and democratic country. If the current administration is discouraging reporters from asking questions and only letting their propaganda be reported than we do not have a democracy anymore. It will be interesting to see whether or not this changes.

  47. Dianne Fallucca

    Power is like a drug–once you have it, you may start abusing it, and then, it is tough to stop. Trump continues to assault the media simply because they are not on his side, which has been his game since the beginning. The press is society’s means to communication. In my opinion, these leaders are being dismissive because what they are hearing in the media are true reflections of who they are, and something they are not willing to face. While I do think it is important to acknowledge the media often blows things out of proportion, I also feel that in this case the picture being painted of our leader is closer to who he is than the warped image he has of himself.

  48. Ben martin

    This is a rather scary time in our history. We are seeing our leaders repeat groundwork that lead to the formation of a nation that perpetrated great hate and violence. What is more concerning still is that a large public is blindly following and even supporting the administration that is laying this work out. On Election Day, I feared for my safety in the coming America, and I also feared for the wellbeing of my friends. Moreso than any other group, though, I feared for the people I have yet to meet or may never know that will be, and are currently being, immensely damaged by the actions of the current administration. It is deeply concerning that all my fears are being reaffirmed daily.

    1. Jenna Morace

      I completely agree that we are going to a dangerous place with the power trip people with authority/in government have. It is morally unjust for anyone to try to shut out the media and say that they cannot question authority. Demonizing the press is crazy to think about in todays day and age because of how the younger generation is. We are a generation that questions everything because of the times that we were raised in and I personally feel like nothing can silence the press because of this.


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