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Occasionally, I like to use this space to share career advice from seasoned public relations professionals with lots of experience. In the May 2017 edition of Public Relations Tactics, the monthly newspaper published by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), 15 PR pros offered some truly sound counseling to students and young PR practitioners. Here’s a sampling:

James L. Anderson

“Join and network with organizations that will connect you to (the PR) profession. I’m a big believer in intellectual curiosity…you can never know too much.” — James L. Anderson, senior VP of communications, Turner Broadcasting

“Be flexible. Be willing to do new and different things and, above all, take risks…Know what’s happening in your community and around the globe.” — Terri Hines, VP of global PR and communications, Converse, Inc.

“You cannot do this job well if you don’t love to read and you cannot write well.” — Andrew McCaskill, senior VP, Weber Shandwick

“Expect change and embrace it. Don’t take yourself too seriously.” — Marlow Daniel, director of PR and communications, Francis Ford Coppola Presents

“Develop your skills in social media and design. Write. Get published. Collaborate. Volunteer. Document and quantify your accomplishments.” — Bonnie Riechert, Ph.D., chair of the department of public relations, Belmont University

Vivian Kobeh

“Don’t see public relations only as organizing media events or talking to journalists, but as a critical role within your organization. Be quick to respond to crisis.” — Vivian Kobeh, communication director, BlackBerry Latin America

“Be willing to start at the bottom; just get in there and do some work. Learn and look for opportunities that present themselves where you can grow.” — Karen Hamilton, director of communications, Lagunitas Brewing Company 

“Write as much as you can. Write for work. Write for pleasure…the more you do it, the better you become.” — Gene King, director of corporate communications, H&R Block

“The best PR practitioners are those who can immerse themselves in knowing the ins and outs of the industry, not because they have to but because they want to.” — Keith Nowak, director of communications, Travelocity

Indeed, these are very wise words and advice worth heeding. Which of them resonated for you? Your thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Lots of exPeRience

  1. Alexys Lucas

    I see a lot of value in these words of advice. One quote that really resonates with me is “Be flexible. Be willing to do new and different things..and above all take risks.” I find that these skills and an open mind can be extremely important, not only in a PR profession, but throughout life. I also agree with many of the professionals that it is vital to have good writing skills and practicing writing, in and out of assignments, is crucial.

  2. Daniela gagliano

    Being in this industry requires you to be a chameleon and take on a variety of skills. As many of the professionals said, there’s no cookie-cutter prototype of the perfect PR representative. The quality of work comes from loving what you do: reading for enjoyment and curiosity, staying up to date with news, stretching your creative and personal boundaries. This profession is made up by communication, so it’s vital to have high level interpersonal skills to understand your audience and communicate messages effectively.


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