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(L. to r.) Hofstra PRSSA’s Izzy Falkovich, Daphne Christidis, Casey Lamkin, Jack Degilio, Aliyah Harwith-Bey, Chelsea Cueto, Tara Conklin, and Emily Kelly

Here’s a word you may not know: kvell. It’s a Yiddish word, derived from German, meaning to burst with pride.

I was kvelling last weekend at the Public Relations Student Society of America’s (PRSSA) National Conference in Boston, when it was announced that Hofstra’s PRSSA Chapter received the 2017 Star Chapter Award. This award recognizes PRSSA chapters which meet eight of 10 requirements including community service; ethics; participation in national or regional conferences; on- and off-campus outreach, and more. There are 355 PRSSA chapters in the U.S., and the Star Chapter Award was presented to just 47 of them at the conference.

The national conference was attended by approximately 1,400 students from 250+ universities and colleges throughout the U.S., and the majority of the chapters attending seemed to average 3-4 representatives this year. Hofstra was represented by eight public relations students (see photo) – seven undergraduates and a graduate student – the largest contingent of Hofstra students ever to participate.

I was kvelling again when PRSSA officially announced that Hofstra was among the nine chapters named to host regional conferences next year. PRSSA chapter members from throughout the northeast will be invited to Hofstra PRSSA conference, which will take place on campus April 20-21, 2018. This will be the third time in seven years Hofstra’s PRSSA has been selected as a conference site.

All this happens because a group of focused and dedicated students understand the value of participation, professional development and networking. In fact, PRSSA’s next program is its annual networking dinner which will take place on Wednesday, November 8 from 7-9:30 p.m. at Hofstra USA. At this event, more than a dozen recent alumni now working in PR will mentor approximately 100 students. With its “speed networking” format, young professionals will share their experiences about finding a job and working in various PR agencies and companies. They’ll also inform students how they can maximize their own internship and academic experiences.

Every PR student should take advantage of what PRSSA offers. Likewise, PR practitioners are always welcome to connect with PRSSA to find interns, mentees and future employees. And as students become successful PR professionals, we’ll join together in the kvelling. Your thoughts?

37 thoughts on “Bursting with PRide

  1. Aisha Buchanan

    This is wonderful ! Good to know that Hofstra is doing well . I believe the key is building relationships and networking. Congrats to those students who helped Hofstra’s chapter of PRSSA receive the Star Chapter Award !

  2. John Grillea

    Congratulations to the Hofstra PRSSA chapter! This is a great achievement for our major and only will enhance our reputation within the industry. Our educators truly care and they all give us more opportunities than we can ask for. Unfortunately (bittersweet!), I will be graduating from this amazing program in December. Still though, I would be more than happy to either attend or help out with the event in April!

  3. Anthony Ferrufino

    I would like to first congratulate the Hofstra chapter of the PRSSA on all their achievements. After seeing all that the PRSSA has to offer I would be glad to be a member. Networking is an important part of being a young professional. The PRSSA offers the best opportunity for anyone interested in becoming a PR Professional. I know we are lucky at Hofstra to have such an active chapter and this is an opportunity that should not be wasted.

  4. Katrina Tacconelli

    I think this is a great post. I cant wait to help out with PRSSA and would love to be involved in the event in April. Hofstra has done a great job in becoming highly accredited and very successful. I am very proud of all Hofstra has done over the years. Hofstra students continue to work hard each and every day.

  5. Joe Barone

    It’s only a matter of time before I officially join the PRSSA chapter at Hofstra. Since I have such an insane schedule, it’s tough for me to attend events and complete the process of joining. I know, I’m just as mad as you Prof. Morosoff. But, I’m well aware of the opportunities this chapter gives PR practitioners as well as students who aspire to join the public relations industry. This is huge for networking. In this day of age, networking is so critical because it is about who you know that helps move you forward. I see the great events the PRSSA Hofstra chapter plans all the time and applaud their efforts. You’re helping future PR practitioners bridge the gap between college and the industry.

  6. Chris Bounds

    The PRSSA chapter of Hofstra has proven itself to be an active and healthy chapter. Learning of Hofstra’s PRSSA chapter achievements only wants me to be apart of the chapter even more. I would like to the opportunity to work with and network with the students who have brought this chapter so far. I hope that this chapter at Hofstra continues to keep moving forward and creating PR professionals that also excel in the industry after graduation as well.

  7. Kaitlyn Cusumano

    First and foremost, I would like to congratulate the ambitious group of students and faculty in PRSSA for this prestigious award. Second, I think regardless of your career choice or path one should always be branching out in as many ways as possible. Networking is networking and will always be crucial to any industry you are in and the more people you know, not just from your own industry, the better!

  8. Matthew Leong

    Whenever something happens in the Hofstra community that is big, it’s pretty cool to see. As someone who is not in PR, I do not see the benefit, but had I been a PR major and interested in the field of PR as something I would pursue, PSSR would be something to consider for sure.

  9. Megan Pohlman

    I know joining PRSSA would open up opportunities I could have never imagined. In my opinion, it is all about connections these days. It is more likely for students to get an internship if they are involved and know people than it is for students that just take classes in college. It is incredible that Hofstra’s chapter received the 2017 Star Chapter Award, allowing even more opportunities for members. Although I am not a part of PRSSA, I know I should be and it makes me “kvell” to see how well Hofstra’s chapter is doing.

  10. Derrica Newman

    Congratulations to the PRSSA chapter at Hofstra! I can tell that this is a dedicated group of individuals. Going to school, working and being involved in an executive board is no joke. The fact that these students go out their way to take part of this organization is amazing. I look forward to getting involved with the chapter at Hofstra!

  11. Justin Ayala

    Congratulations to the Hofstra’s PRSSA Chapter on their accomplishments! I am excited to participate in the upcoming event being held by Hofstra PRSSA in the next few weeks. The experience will be a great one and as a potential PR major I will learn a lot. Hofstra PRSSA seems to be quite resourceful and legitimate when it comes to the profession unlike other clubs dedicated to certain work fields. In due time, I hope to learn more about the organization and possibly join.

  12. Jessica Sodowich

    You started off with Yiddish and I started kvelling! I’m proud to be a part of the PR program at Hofstra, and grateful for the amazing opportunities the University and its resources, such as the PRSSA, offer me. These students work so hard to achieve the recognition they deserve, and I’m so appreciative of the opportunities they offer my fellow peers and I by putting in the effort that they do. I’m looking forward to the PRSSA’s events ahead, as I hope to get my first internship this summer!

  13. Jessica Dillard

    This chapter of PRSSA is very dedicated and I appreciate the work they do. I was a member of the PRSSA chapter at FIT during my undergrad and it is difficult to manage an organization while going to school and working.

    It is important to work with various student/professional chapters to build connections and to network. Many members of student organizations go back to speak with students and look for candidates.

    Congrats to the chapter for all the work it has done to win this prestigious award.

  14. Ian Budding

    I very much admire the achievements of Hofstra’s PRSSA chapter. It’s exceptional that such a prominent group of people is representing our school and communications department to the fullest. Not only learning about public relations but experiencing it out in the field first hand is a fantastic asset to the educational process. It helps with internships, networking, and future, outstanding careers later on down the road. Congratulations!

  15. Paula Chirinos

    It’s so great that PRSSA is a club that has surrounded itself with such an excellent reputation. I had declared my PR major in the beginning of my freshman year and attended some meetings but I didn’t think my knowledge in the field was strong enough to be a part of the club. Taking the PR 100 class has definitely boosted my interest in PR, and I’m glad to be able to have a clearer idea of my career path. I definitely hope I can attend one of these conferences some day and be a role model to future majors.

  16. czackarypenn

    Achieving a Star Chapter award is absolutely fantastic for Hofstra’s Public Relations program because it gives us recognition as a University that consistently graduates ready-made professionals who consistently contribute in the world of PR in a positive way. Though I am not a PR major myself, I took this course because of the prestige our PR program holds. I applaud the program for achieving Star Chapter status amongst 355 PRSSA chapters and hope you “kvelled” all throughout our long weekend!

  17. Unice Kim

    I would like to start off by saying congrats to Hofstra’s PRRSA chapter. This is a huge accomplishment and I am kvelling just hearing about this. This is also great PR for the school’s PR department. I am not a PR major but I would totally recommend those who are to join Hofstra’s PRRSA because it can open up many opportunities as a PR major.

  18. Maya Devereaux

    I think PRSSA participation is pivotal in helping us become well rounded and experienced PR professionals. Being a part of the PRSSA is not just belonging to a society that you just are a paying member of -it’s so much more. As developing PR professionals, this group allows us to build our networks and better prepares us for the road ahead. It’s such a great opportunity for learning beyond the classroom and therefore, I’m so glad something like this exists.

  19. Meghan Von Elm

    This is so wonderful to hear! I think it’s extremely important for students to have an organization like PRSSA to help them network and prepare for work in the “real world.” Also, hiring PR professionals would also be impressed to see on a resume that a student looking for a job attended Hofstra University–an institution that hosted the PRSSA regional conference three times in seven years. These are all tremendous things for the Hofstra PR program!

  20. Haley Nemeth

    The success of Hofstra’s PRSSA is an amazing reminder of why the PR program is so great here. Students are presented with so many amazing opportunities just waiting to be seized. Students who do take advantage of what the PR department has to offer are off doing amazing things like going to the PRSSA conference and getting amazing internships. When I hear news like this it definitely makes me kvelled to be apart of such an amazing program.

  21. Matt Howard

    Things like this show how important working outside the classroom truly is. As important as it is to get a good education, the classroom experience can only take someone so far. Participating in a group such as PRSSA is an invaluable experience. Learning about internships, careers and networking is important for any hopeful PR professional. Earning a Star Chapter award and having the opportunity to host a regional conference show what dedication to learning outside the classroom can earn someone. PRSSA is such an important part of my college experience and things like this give me even more motivation to keep participating.

  22. Amina Antoury

    That’s awesome! I agree. PRSSA is such an amazing way for students to get involved, learn, meet like minded people and further their careers. I think networking and being involved in PRSSA is what has helped former Hofstra grads become successful!

  23. Gianna Losquadro

    How wonderful! Makes me extremely proud to be part of the graduate program. I agree that all students, both undergraduate and graduate, should be taking advantage of all the opportunities PRSSA has to offer. Networking is SO vital in this industry. I’ve already seen so many emails about all the exciting things ahead, can’t wait to get more involved. Congrats to all the members!

  24. Greg Liodice

    I think this just goes to show the exceptional dedication, pride, and professionalism the students and faculty Hofstra University has. I’m very proud to be apart of a school that cares so much and is so successful in the PR world that our PRSSA chapter is nationally renowned. I can’t wait to dive deeper into PRSSA for this school and this profession even more.

  25. Shayla Sales

    I am kvelling as well! This is an amazing achievement for Hofstra’s PR department/program. We are recognized on a national level out of many schools so we must be doing something right! Hearing announcements, like the ones in the article, reconfirm that I chosen the right school/major. I hope that we continue to receive the chapter awards because it’s evident that hard-work is put into this organization. I am proud to become a member of PRSSA.

  26. Steven Freitag

    As a communications major (TV/Video & Business) this makes me feel really proud that I go to Hofstra University, because it is seen as one of the best schools in the country, and top 5, at least, in the state for education, especially in communication. Now I don’t necessarily have an interest in public relations, but I would like to go into the advertising business and be a TV commercial producer. PR could take a part in making me successful at making commercials because they can contain PR messages as well.

  27. Jessica Gilmour

    The achievements of the Hofstra PRSSA Chapter are an exceptional reflection on our university. PR is a socially demanding profession, creating contacts and relationships with people in this industry is absolutely imperative. The success of this program reflects on the students and professors at Hofstra, and gives recognition where recognition is due.

  28. Raffaella Tonani

    The recognitions Hofstra’s PRSSA chapter has received is prove to the the three things it is handing students.
    First the opportunity to develop personal PR. The club brings professionals in the industry to our doorstep. This opens the door to networking with people already in the industry and people who will enter the industry with you.
    The second opportunity is the insight to professional experience. We get to ask questions, learn from and understand a little better what the different branches within a career entails and see what branch we would like to incline to. For students who have doubts about their career and their future, listening to different career paths clears some doubts.
    Third, these opportunities come with the responsibility to take advantage of them. After years of parents delineating paths for you, in college, students can take control over their future. Learning how to manage yourself is an art. We, as students are being given tools, but they are only as good as we make them.

  29. Brianna Flynn

    I am very proud to hear that Hofstra’s PRSSA has been selected for the 2017 Star Chapter award! This achievement among with other achievements made by Hofstra in the School of Communications proves that this is the school to go to for Public Relations and other communications majors.

  30. McKenna Heim

    I believe that everyone should seize opportunities handed to them and PRSSA is definitely something that I see myself getting into to understand this industry further! It seems like Hofstra especially, just based on the class, has the best understanding from an educational point of view of the field based on what I’ve seen in my working experience but I believe that it should be more frequently taught and definitely promoted more. I hadn’t heard of the PRSSA organization through colleges until Hofstra and I am so happy that I finally am aware of it.

  31. Delaney Barac

    This is my first year in PRSSA and I cannot express how much I am already enjoying it! After switching from a management major to a public relations one, I was nervous I would feel lost within the curriculum. When I learned about PRSSA, I was thrilled to have a club that would help me with PR in the future. So far, I have met many wonderful students and alumni that provide me with a great example of what I want to become. I cannot wait to meet industry professionals through PRSSA and continue to grow my network. I am so happy I joined PRSSA and I am excited for my future within the club.

  32. Kristina Barry

    PRSSA is an amazing program Hofstra has for its students. It is a great asset because you are able to meet friends in your major as well as network. Networking is vital when it comes to finding a job after graduation and with PRSSA it allows students to have access to so many different outlets and companies.
    You are also able to just gain more knowledge about PR and learn tips and tricks from others when it comes to finding an internship and working your way through the program. This program will help you now and in the long run.

  33. Aliyah

    Networking and participation are important factors in succeeding as a PR student and a professional. This is why I’m proud to be a member of PRSSA. Conferences and events are great opportunities to enhance our education in PR. I was proud to be able to attend the conference in Boston and look forward to continued involvement.

  34. Rosaria Rielly

    I declared my PR major at the end of last year after being undecided, and I was very excited to start taking the new classes and getting more involved with PR. I was unaware of this club until this year, but I am very glad I joined as there are so many networking connections to be made through joining. Besides networking, I have been able to learn more about PR as a whole and learn more about the different types to see what I would enjoy doing most in my future. It is incredible how successful this chapter is, on a national level, through how much hard work and dedication these students all out in. I am excited for the networking dinner in November, as well as all the planning and setting up that I signed up to help with.

  35. claudiabarnard

    After to switching my major to PR I was already ecstatic about the courses I would be taking, and then finding out about PRSSA I knew I made the right choice. PRSSA at Hofstra is extremely successful and hearing about their accomplishments made me want to join even more. The PRSSA chapter provides so many opportunities to meet with professionals that could help you get internships and gain more knowledge that will be helpful in the future about public relations. Joining PRSSA is a great oppurtunity to make my experience at Hofstra more beneficial and fun.

  36. Abby

    Hofstra’s PRSSA Chapter is an honor to be part of. I feel as though every public relations student should take advantage of this program. Not all university’s are lucky enough to take part in this program. Many professionals give insights and share their experiences with the students in this club. Joining and being active in PRSSA is a great way to start networking with professionals and learn about internships. If you are a Public Relations major and you are interested in getting a job, it is in your best interest to join this club.

  37. Ana G Canahuate Torres

    The PRSSA chapter is an incredible advantage to make professional connections on the PR world. The program provides you with an insight on what the major is really about and how by being part of the chapter you can collaborate with your ideas. For example, as a Student-Athlete I believe is an advantage for me to be part of this outstanding chapter because it helps not only my general educational enritchment about my future career and what areas of PR I excel the most in. I can only wish success and that more students join the PRSSA and realize the importance that it has for your professional trayectory.


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