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Within the pages of Hofstra University’s web site lives a list of “possible professions in public relations,” designed to give readers a sense of the many options they’d have after earning a PR degree. Several colleagues and I recently examined the list, agreed it was reasonably thorough, but wondered if those seeking an introduction to the field would understand what these job categories actually mean.

For example, while “reputation management” or “sports information” might be somewhat self-explanatory, “corporate social responsibility” or “investor relations” might not. I often need to describe the differences between corporate and agency PR, what a lobbyist does, and how community and government relations demand further definition than what may seem obvious.

The thing is this: You could look at the list and exclaim, “That’s what I want to do!” You might envision yourself employed in sports or entertainment PR because it would mean you’d never have to deal with boring stuff like thought leadership, or creating graphics, or monitoring social media. You couldn’t be more wrong.

The beauty and excitement of a PR career is how you often find yourself doing multiple jobs; you might plan a glamorous Fashion Week event while also working with essential government, security and safety officials– and at the same time pitching stories to reporters after you’ve crafted effective press releases. You may find yourself creating compelling online content about the people helped by your nonprofit agency, while simultaneously supporting its fundraising efforts through targeted newsletters you’ve emailed to supporters and potential donors.

The web site’s list–while not completely comprehensive–offers possible PR professions:

  • Corporate PR
  • Crisis Communication
  • Agency PR
  • Nonprofit PR
  • Reputation management
  • Community relations
  • Media relations
  • Government relations
  • Lobbying
  • Entertainment/fashion/lifestyle PR
  • Sports information
  • Investor relations
  • Environmental communication
  • Faith-based PR
  • Educational PR
  • Consumer relations
  • Business-to-business PR
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • International relations

Because all institutions need some form of PR services, opportunities are limitless. As a student, which of these appeal to you? Which raise questions for you? If you’re a PR practitioner, which of these have you done? And if PR’s not your thing, well, why not? Your thoughts?

34 thoughts on “Possible PRofessions

  1. Katrina Tacconelli

    I think this is very interestesting. As you go into PR you have many opportunities that maybe lead you into multiple directions. Opportunities are always great because if you don’t like the area you are working with, it is easy to change.

  2. Aisha Buchanan

    I am interested in entertainment (music to be exact) PR. I can also see myself in media relations or corporate communications. Entertainment PR interest me because I have always been a lover of music and I prefer to work behind the scenes. As far as the list goes, Hofstra needs to update it. Now, we are living in an age where new job roles ( that didn’t exist 10 years ago) are emerging due to social media and the internet. I do think its awesome that Hofstra does have a list. It gives PR students an ensuring feeling that there are opportunities out there.

  3. Patrick Picarsic

    I was lucky enough to grab a spot in the library to plug in and read this week’s installment. What I thought was a comfortable volume through my head phones, but was blasting though my laptop speakers. Iron Maiden’s 1983 album Piece of Mind…great opening track by the way… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwgdiBydgWQ
    So, I’ll ask the question backwards. If I thought I could provide compelling content; bios, website copy, promotional material for 70’s and 80’s nostalgia hard rock and metal bands, which of the preceding job titles should I be going for?

    1. Summer

      Ever since my journey began at the PR program here at Hofstra I knew I wanted to be involved in Entertainment/ Media Relations PR, particularly in the music industry. I enjoy working with artists, producers, and journalists to produce creative content for stakeholders. One area of PR that I have questions about is faith-based PR. I’m not familiar with that area of PR and it would be interesting to learn what goes into being in a faith-based PR position. Some of the PR area’s I have dabbled in are International PR, Entertainment, Crisis and Management, Corporate Communication and Media Relations. I think it’s important to know how to be able to practice in multiple fields because they are all interconnected. In addition to knowing how to navigate different PR realms, I have some experience in journalism in the areas of writing, creating news packages, and production. I deem it important in my professional career to unite practices in Journalism and PR.

  4. Gianna Losquadro

    Part of why I decided to go to grad school was to figure out my exact path in PR. While I have a few years of experience within the fashion and lifestyle realm of public relations, I’m looking to find my path in sports, either in information or media relations. I feel that in public relations, skills translate, regardless of the niche or concentration. That’s one of the great things about PR and what has always intrigued me the most. That being said, I think every concentration or field has different quirks and strategies, so it’s beneficial that this program allows us to touch on all of the different fields. For me personally, I know it’s going to require a bit of back tracking on setting forth my career in sports. I currently work for a non-profit in marketing, but I know that if I’m serious about having a fulfilling PR career in sports, I’ll likely need to do additional internships.

  5. Joe Barone

    Personally, I find media relations and sports information the most appealing because I could see myself working in those branches of public relations in the future. Sports is my life, or “are” my life and it’s just as serious as news and politics at times as well. With that said, the rest of these branches are interesting as well. Although I haven’t been exposed in any of these fields just yet, I’m really looking forward to future courses that will teach me the ins and outs of each branch of PR. I think being involved in the sports world one way or another would showcase my abilities and allow me to excel.

  6. Daniella Opabajo

    As I enter my last year as a public relations graduate student, I know I have to narrow down my interest and choose a niche field that I want to get into. Something that I have been told my past employers and professors, is that it is essential to wear multiple hats in any concentration, jobs like to see that you are knowledgeable in many areas. However, no one is good at averting and that this why I find it equally as important to have one or two concentrations that peak my interest and concentrations that I am good at. For me, that would have to be corporate PR and entertainment/lifestyle PR. These are two different spectrum of PR that I could see myself falling into. I know I am good at corporate PR because I have except working for an in-house PR company for a law firm and I excelled at it. The job actually peaked my interest in PR. On the other hand, entertainment/lifestyle PR is something that I could see myself never getting bored with and sticking to long-term. Overall, I am looking forward to finding my niche in the PR world and exploring different concentrations within the field.

  7. John Grillea

    Overall, corporate PR has always stood out to me as a long term goal! Additionally, I have always enjoyed crisis communications or reputation management. One of my favorite courses in our major was taught by Professor Young, which covered these topics in-depth. It was a course that always stuck out to me, as it gave us an endless amount of information PR practitioners NEED to know. Currently, I do PR work within my business and have done smaller PR tasks for my old corporate job. This list truly shows how we aren’t limited to just several things. It’s promising to see the options we from the education we’re receiving in this major.

  8. Meghan Von Elm

    I love and hate this article. I love it because it describes all the different options open to you in the PR field. I hate it because it describes all the different options open to you in the PR field. While exciting that I can pretty much do anything I want, it’s pretty daunting to have all of these options. However, if I were to pick my top 3, I would go with media relations, sports PR, and university relations. I already have a taste of working in university relations at Hofstra University. I helped out with social media and absolutely loved it. So If I were to work anywhere in this field, I would want to have a position that allows me to manage social media. It’s engaging and fun and I feel like I’m helping promote something to a wide audience which is very important.

  9. Owen Lewis

    There are multiple categories I’d like to work in: international relations, investor relations, community relations, government relations, and corporate social responsibility. I often rack my brain trying to figure out ways in which I could marry all into a career. The nice reality about public relations is, as you wrote, that it’s really a natural component to many careers and industries. I believe that regardless of the industry we work in (fashion, health, government etc.), we each have a responsibility to keep pushing society in a progressive direction. The meaning of “progressive” will vary from person to person, but there is an arc which we all exist on which is moving, sometimes indirectly, toward, at least ideas of, a more utopian world.

  10. Matt leong

    Having knowledge of PR as a sports journalist would be super helpful as I’d understand how to interact with my connections to the players. Being able to understand the work that goes into it would help me get better interviews.

  11. Cyril Penn

    As a sports journalist, sports information PR sounds very interesting to me and seems like a field I would definitely enjoy working in. I love to interact with athletes, pick their brains and try to see how their relationships with each other have an influence, which is why I went into the communications field in the first place. I could also see myself working for the entertainment side of PR at some point as well.

  12. Steven Freitag

    The one job that stood out to me was “sports information.” As a fan of most sports, it seems to me that i could get involved in such a profession that relates to sports. However, I’m not sure as to what this profession exactly entails, other than relaying sports information to other people in the industry. What I pictured was maybe representing a specific team or athlete and attempting to give them a good mage by communicating information about what the athlete has done or what they will do to give them a positive image. Although that may seem like a sports agent’s job, it would probably be the PR person’s job to relay information about a bad thing the team or athlete may have done, while trying to apologize publicly for what they have done.

  13. Ian Budding

    As I go through all my lessons in this class, I slowly start to realize that there is much more to the PR profession that originally taught. No matter your interest, there’s definitely something you could find that you can excel in. For me, my life is widely based on sports; call it an obsession if you will. If I were to take up a public relations career, I’d most likely find myself within sports information. While I don’t exactly know what all of the profession entails, I know that there would be parts of the job I wouldn’t necessarily enjoy. But the fact that I’d be involved in the sports world one way or another, I think I’d be able to excel.

  14. Matt Howard

    The areas of PR that appeal most to me are entertainment/fashion and sports. I have been obsessed with popular culture and media for as long as I can remember and grew see PR as a way for me to be involved in those worlds. Sports and entertainment give people an outlet that distracts them from the struggles of day-to-day life and to be a part of that is a big deal to me. I have the awareness that entertainment and sports PR are not as glamorous and they may appear from the outside, and I am okay with that. None of the industries listed raise too much concern from me because I know that every industry needs PR. Some of the industries don’t inherently interest me as much, but I understand the need. I have had the opportunity to take part in a Communications and Marketing internship through the YMCA, so I have some nonprofit experience. I enjoyed working with a mission as rich as the YMCA’s, but I do think I would enjoy exploring other realms within PR.

  15. Jessica Gilmour

    I think PR is one of very few professions that keeps you on your toes day to day. You constantly change what you’re doing and continue learning every day. As a student I am most drawn to reputation management. There is something so interesting about the thought of looking at the way the public might perceive something and fixing it to be positive.

  16. Amina Antoury

    I love that working in PR allows you to do so many different things. I currently work part-time in the salon industry doing some small PR work and although it is a lot of work, I love it. I love testing out new social media ideas to bring in more clients and planning events for the company. I completely agree when you say that in PR you do have to work with a variety of people from different fields. I planned an event working with non-profit organization and it was a lot more challenging than I had expected a charity based organization to be. I think there is a misconception about PR. Everyone seems to thinks it’s very glamorous but that is not always the case. Essentially, it is still business which has it’s good and bad parts as does any field.

  17. Shayla Sales

    The PR field is interesting and refreshing to me because there are so many avenues to pursue. Unlike other jobs that usually have one specific focus, PR practitioners are not limited to one career path. The variety is one thing that I admire about the profession and under each branch of possible PR jobs, the responsibilities are different as well. The areas of PR that most interest me are entertainment, media, corporate, reputation, educational, and community relations. I like the idea of planning events because I consider myself a creative person and I definitely feel that under these professions I won’t limit my creativity. Working under gov. or crisis communication I know will be more intense as well as stressful, and although it’s rewarding I don’t think it’s for me.

  18. Justin Ayala

    As a student, the fields of PR that appeal to me would definitely be Entertainment/fashion/lifestyle PR and community relations. They all interest me because I have interests in those things such as entertainment, fashion and helping the community. If I am to become a PR practitioner, my first choice would have to be entertainment/fashion/lifestyle. I don’t believe I would become bored or lose interest in that particular field of PR.

  19. Jeffrey Werner

    I would NEVER pursue a career in PR because I find journalism exciting and fulfilling enough as it is. However, if I was to pursue a career in PR, I would definitely go for sports information. I would enjoy the idea of getting to go to all practices and games for professional teams like the Jets or Mets or Devils. I would also enjoy getting to go into the locker room, setting up interviews between players and reporters, and attending post-game coach conference. However, as a reporter for the Jets, I only have to go once a week to Florham Park, only cover five games during the season, and did lots of stories during training camp. Therefore, I am satisfied with the field I have chosen and have no desire to go into PR.

  20. McKenna Heim

    I’m definitely the most interested in media relations with a concentration in music because it’s where I’ve already begun my own PR work. Since I was fifteen years old I’ve been involved in the music industry in one way or another and when I was seventeen I got my first job doing promotional work for musicians. I’ve had to do a lot of work within social media and other kinds of media formats just because of the genre in which most of it runs and I feel like that’s what I excel at. 🙂

  21. Raffaella Tonani

    A PR practitioner brings together the different relationships build with the organization, from employees to consumer and other companies. This professional must understand each of this relationships to see how it affects the company or individual he/she is working for. No matter who they are working for, a PR professional will adapt public relations tools. PR is an asset because they will apply the same tools such as collecting feedback and using social media to make a unique and specialized strategy for each client. They are trained to constantly evaluate the information in hand so each of there actions is based on evidence. This way they know what to attribute its success to and how to potentiate those actions or how to spot what step failed and is stopping the institution to accomplish its goal.

    Both the tools and the professional using them, are flexible and can adapt to any job on the list. I am particularly interested in Corporate Social Responsibility, NonProfit PR and Reputation management. If I want to diversify to new interests different to the ones I am interested in today, PR gives me the training to adapt in any of these and other jobs.

  22. Greg Liodice

    As someone who’s spent his life dabbling with some type of media, I realized that the ideal field for me to get into would have to be in sports. Sports has just been such a critical part of my life and doing work for something related to that is a dream to me. PR was never on my radar as a student until I first registered for Hofstra this past summer, but I started to think what opportunities the sports field has for a PR major. Obviously I’m not limiting myself to that one specific field, because I’m open to anything in media. After reading the blog it fascinates me to see how many opportunities the PR world has to offer, and I’m looking forward to see what it has to offer me.

  23. Megan Pohlman

    I chose public relations as my major because I know there is a wide variety of jobs I could have with the degree. I work at Jones Beach Theatre during the summer as the photographer escort. Working there has made me realize I would like a career in the entertainment/fashion/lifestyle PR. This profession seems to me like I will never be bored. There will be something new happening every second of every day.

  24. Delaney Barac

    I joined the public relations major with the goal to go into Entertainment/fashion/lifestyle PR. I am minoring in music and want to go into specifically music PR. Areas of interest for me would also include Crisis Communication, Reputation Management, Media Relations, and Consumer Relations. An area that I would find most confusing for myself would be Faith-based PR because I feel like I have not learned much about what that entails. There are so many opportunities within public relations that I know when it comes time to enter the ‘real world’ I will have many job options that I can use my PR skills for.

  25. Paula Chirinos

    I absolutely love how well a PR degree works with other degrees on a professional and educational level. I am currently a Global Studies and Public Relations double major and my ultimate career goal would be to travel and communicate with organizations in other countries on global issues. Ambassador work has also appealed to me, and my minors in Civic Engagement and Geography provide a good background for me to pursue a career in this field. Ultimately, I have a lot of possible career paths that I can take and as I go further in my college career, I’m sure I’ll find one that suits me the best!

  26. Brianna Flynn

    The institutions that appeal to me are government, health, and crisis communications because these are the institutions who have heavy influence on people in society. I think that it would be interesting to be at the forefront of important institution’s public relations activity and ensure that the public has a transparent view of these organizations. My goal is to do Public Relations work for the FBI. Some of the institutions listed above raise questions for me in terms of how some draw the line between PR, marketing and advertising, such as “Reputation management” and “Corporate social responsibility.”

  27. claudiabarnard

    I became a public relations major because I believe it will be the most beneficial to me working in the fashion industry. The Entertainment/fashion/lifestyle PR is what appeals to me the most. I love everything to do with fashion, so if working public relations for a fashion firm involves planning fashion week events while also doing some tedious work I am all for it. Faith based PR raises the most questions for me, as I don’t really know what that type of PR would entail. Overall, PR includes so many different types of jobs/orgs that anybody studying this is sure to find something that fits their interests.

  28. Kristina Barry

    Prior to starting any PR course, I had an extremely general understanding of what jobs you could get after graduation. I had no idea how many opportunities this degree allows. For me what interests me most would be sports information and entertainment/fashion/lifestyle. That is because these are the topics that I understand, interest me most and can relate to. I would love the opportunity to work for one of my favorite sports organizations or someone famous. It would be cool to know that you had some input on what the person who has a huge platform puts out the world and that you helped guide them to make the right decision and choice. It would also be interesting to “take a peak” into the lifestyle they live.

  29. Rosaria Rielly

    There are so many opportunities for PR professionals to work in a variety of fields and industries, and that creative and possibly changing personal direction is an exciting field to enter. I would be interested in working in Lifestyle/ Organizational/ Entertainment PR, or Nonprofit PR if I had to choose a field. I love working and volunteering with nonprofit companies, as well as I would find it interesting to work with famous clients. One of my major passions is food, specifically with baking, and I would love to possibly find an internship or a job where I could combine both that passion and the skills and dedication I have learned through studying public relations. I am also a double major with public relations and Global Studies, and I would love to work with both of those, which gives me some opportunities to possibly even have an international reach with my clients.

  30. Maya Devereaux

    It’s been fascinating to learn how multi-dimensional PR is as a field of work. It’s so weird to think how different some focuses can be from one another, yet at the same time they all come down to the same mission of building relationships, convincing people, and/or spreading information. If time permitted, I honestly wish there was course for every focus that I could take because I’d like to know more about all of them, even if I don’t intend on specializing in it.

  31. Abby

    As a student studying public relations, I’m discovering that there are many different ways to engage in this profession. It’s good to know that public relations jobs can focus on a variety of areas, unlike a profession like accounting that has no creative outlet. I’m interested in creating content and I like the idea of engaging with different types of audiences. Although my public relations experience so far has been theoretical based on what I have learned in class, I am looking forward to real world experiences as a PR intern.

  32. Haley Nemeth

    I often forget just how limitless PR is. The areas of PR that appeal the most to me are sports PR, entertainment/fashion/lifestyle PR, and reputation management. I think sports PR and entertainment PR are pretty straight forward, but I do have some questions about reputation PR. Are you helping the reputation of one person, an organization, or both? Isn’t reputation PR apart of all the other areas? With si many different avenues one can pursue it is important to do multiple internships and informational interviews so that one can narrow down the areas that interest them.

  33. Ana G Canahuate Torres

    As a student the areas of PR that I appeal the most to are sports information and entertainment/fashion/lifestyle. I love the are of sports information because I love tennis and I also compete on the collegiate level, not only that I have background knowledge about other sports to. The entertainment area of PR I also appeal to because I just love the organization of event or working with a famous client that one can work with. I find it exciting the overall concept of working on someones image and guiding them to make the right decisions for their organization or personal lifestyle. I connect with that side of PR deeply since I love to interact with people one on one and just help them in any possible way that I can.


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