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Trump with French President Macron at Bastille Day parade

In a week filled with yet more White House scandals– the deputy chief of staff and a speechwriter resigning over spousal abuse; a high-ranking justice official suddenly quitting; former insider Amarosa Manigault-Newman describing the White House as “bad” –Donald Trump ordered the military to stage a parade, “like the one in France.”

Jake Novak of CNBC wrote: “Take a good look at the Bastille Day parade from last year, and it’s not hard to see why such an event appeals to Trump. That’s because the Bastille Day parade isn’t exactly like the Nazi or Soviet military parades of the past. The stars of the French parade aren’t the politicians or even the weapons, but the actual troops and military veterans… Polls show that America’s troops continue to be stronger supporters of this president than the public at large. U.S. military veterans are much more pro-Trump than almost any other group.”

The event would cost millions of dollars and many politicians and military officials have spoken out against the idea. USA Today reported, “House Democrats on Thursday introduced the ‘PARADE’ Act — otherwise known as the Preventing the Allocation of Resources for Absurd Defense Expenditures bill — which aims to keep taxpayers from footing the bill if President Trump’s dreams of a military parade do, indeed, come to fruition.” According to The Hill, a whopping 89 percent of Military Times readers responded to a survey by answering, “No, it’s a waste of money and troops are too busy.”

Because there are some who defend the idea and claim such a parade would help the armed forces recruit soldiers, I checked on what the military already spends to promote itself. According to, “A watchdog report from the Government Accountability Office found the federal government is spending upwards of $1.5 billion a year on public relations and advertising… Most ($1 million) of that money goes toward advertising. Another roughly $500 million goes toward salaries for federal public relations employees.”

Well, one and a half billion dollars buys a helluva lot of promotion, so I suspect Mr. Trump doesn’t want a parade for the purpose of recruiting. Your thoughts?

50 thoughts on “Trump’s PaRade

  1. Aliyah H.

    I don’t believe that a parade would be rational event to spend taxpayer dollars on and agree with former President Eisenhower’s sentiment that a parade would be a display of weakness and egoism. The money that would be spent on a parade would be better put toward funds for the VA hospital or infrastructure that would support veterans. I also think that if the Military Times, which we assume to be a reflection of their audience’s opinion, has spoken out against this that the administration should respect these oppositions.

  2. Forrest Gitlin

    No doubt that if the U.S. conducted a military parade similar to the one done in France, it would serve as a major promotional tool for army, navy, marines, and air force. After all, every media outlet would cover the entirety of the event, not unlike how they cover presidential inaugurations or State of the Union addresses. However, just as is the case with every public relations campaign (which the parade would essentially be), one must look at the expected return on investment. The U.S. military is already seen as the most powerful in the world, conducting exercises to demonstrate its power alongside allied nations all over the world every few years. Furthermore, with many members of the military itself opposed to the idea of the parade, it likely would not improve moral to the degree that the administration is probably expecting it to.
    In the end, the event should be evaluated just like any other, to determine if it is really worth the tens of millions of dollars for a publicity stunt that many signs indicate would be ineffective.

  3. Owen Lewis

    The parade idea is likely to demonstrate the might of the US military. It would satisfy his ego to present himself as commander of the most powerful military in history. I think the secondary goal would be to appeal to his base – that the country is financially secure, “America” (United States) is being made great again, and the president is in control.

    In a way, it all reminds me of the Roman Empire at its decline or what I’ve studied of it. Then, the Roman Empire held vast territory around the world, there was a significant amount of political instability, and the military was financially overextended while the infrastructure of the empire fell as historians contend. It could be farfetched or overdramatic to suggest similarities belie a sense of where the country is headed.

    I have a lot of respect for servicemen and women, and veterans. I think a parade at this time with what’s happening around the world is ill timed. But Donald probably doesn’t care.

  4. Jae J.

    To be honest, I read this several times since it was originally posted and it just sounds like a bunch of nonsense!! It’s ridicoulous and if the sole purpose was to recruit then they need to reanalyze how they already spend money recruiting with their booths at various schools across the nation and other events.

    I’m confused on how this day would be any different than 4th of July. Which already has a lot of military propoganda out and about.

    A waste of money.

  5. Martin Bradshaw

    I think this is a bad idea all around. The military’s extremely high budget and annual spending is public knowledge and a popular point of criticism. This parade would come at a time where excess military spending and US involvement in conflicts overseas are unpopular, the CIA is discovered to have misplaced hundreds of millions of dollars and many high-ranking officials in the White House have been caught using tax dollars to pay for private expenses. Such extravagance would not only be irrelevant but would not do much to serve the purpose of increasing military recruitment rates.

  6. Rian McDonald

    The grandness of such an effort would appeal to his base and reinforce in their minds how much impact he is having on the country through a great show/song and dance/military performance that has no real meaning except in its symbolism. As many know though, such efforts make the country look weak and take monies from more important causes. This is completely unnecessary, except it gives Trump more publicity, and BIG publicity at that. I certainly hope he does not get his way in executing this frivolous use of taxpayer dollars. Especially when a huge chunk of military enthusiasts, if you will, say no!

  7. Ana Carolina Calderon

    In my opinion what Donald Trump is trying to do is to gain some publicity for himself by creating a new national parade, and he will make sure he will be remembered for that.
    It sounds very childish that just because he liked the french parade, he wants to have his own; he makes it look like a kid who saw another kid’s toy and now he wants the same.

    Also, there are so many things that can be invested in with the money instead of a parade (like the dreamers). The military already has a big budget and even a lot of veterans who are Trump supporters, don’t like the idea.

  8. Madeline Myslow

    The fact that so many people in the military and involved in military affairs oppose this parade should be the only indicator that it is not a good idea, never mind all of the others who oppose it. It seems evident that the purpose of the parade is for selfish reasons on Trump’s part, as there aren’t very many reasons why it would be necessary or helpful otherwise. If Trump’s reasoning for the parade is recruitment purposes we should be quite nervous, as that would suggest that sometime soon we will need more military defense than ever (cough cough, nuclear war). Lastly, for someone with such a foggy tax history, Trump can’t possibly expect the American people to be content with seeing their hard-earned tax dollars on a parade to make himself feel better.

  9. Adam Engel

    I understand that Trump loves the military, but having a parade is a big waste of money. I also, see it as making it a publicity stunt to show off and increase his own power. There are many issues in put county right now and they need a lot of time and money put into them. As well as, their spending on advertisement is way to high.

  10. Courtney Grieco

    I feel that there should be more important things to focus all that time and money on. Especially since so much money is already allocated for US Military advertising purposes. I also don’t believe the idea of a parade will be accepted by most citizens, causing our nation to divide even further.

  11. Duane Pinnock

    I understand President Trump has a profound love and respect for the US military, but I believe this stunt of his is very unnecessary, a complete waste of time and money. His attention should be turned towards other important issues right now. I feel everyone believe these parade would only be for his benefit.

  12. Stacyann Nathan

    I am torn with this idea. To be honest I am not totally against. I come from a family that has two relatives who were in the military and the army. I feel as a country we should do more to celebrate our Veterans and honor those who fought. Maybe Trump can find a way to do this parade on a lesser scale and help save more money. But I believe the thought is a great idea.

  13. Natalie Brooker

    The United States government spends almost three times as much annually on military expenses than the second-highest spender (China). The added millenarianism under Trump’s administration is not only dangerous but unnecessary. Donald Trump is most likely using this parade as a tool to promote himself and his cabinet. We have seen in previous speeches and interviews that he does not respond well to criticism; his idea of fixing this is to create a stronger sense of nationalism that looks frighteningly similar to fascism. Rarely are his government ideas for the benefit of the country and the people, but to benefit himself and his hatred of being criticized or losing. If he would like to benefit the military he should spend taxpayer dollars on mental health screenings and programs for veterans. Mr. President states that “he takes care of the veterans”, yet he desires to waste government spending on these issues. This is a twisted way of self-promotion, and it is a shame that he is using our beloved troops as leverage.

  14. Tia Di Salvo

    This parade would just be another effort by the president to spend exuberant amounts of taxpayer dollars for his own enjoyment and entertainment (have we forgotten about the 38 weekends he spent at Mar-A-Lago last year?)

    I’m also not surprised that the military spends so much on recruiting, since their overall budget for 2018 is over $800 billion. I am curious to find out how much of the budget is set aside for public relations and communications operations. Considering the fact that that budget is probably larger than most (if not all) corporations’, there would be some money to produce some really awesome projects!

  15. Joe Barone

    Let me start by saying – I’m all for the military. I think any opportunity to honor, recognize or show them the respect they deserve is great. And in this case, Trump’s motive is clear. He wants to honor these individuals. Believe it or not, this is not about him or his ridiculous ego. That being said, I can put a list together of a million different ideas that we could spend the money on, rather than host a parade that could do more damage to infrastructure than anticipated. Let’s donate that money to the VA Hospitals. Let’s take the homeless veterans off the streets. Let’s ensure that when these brave individuals come back from abroad, they are taken care of. There isn’t a true need for a parade. Even my uncle – a veteran of the Navy and Trump supporter believes this would be a waste of money.

  16. Bryn Poli

    This military parade is both a waste of money and time if it really is for the purpose of recruitment. While every year I can honestly say I watch the Macy’s day parade and for a fleeting moment want to be one of the Rockettes, I instead go about my day of eating. No viewer will see this parade, that would be held on a random day and suddenly run out to enlist. So why would Trump think that this parade is a good idea? I believe that Trump, as a hotelier, is used to being an entertainer and is using the troops as a distraction just as a magician uses misdirection. I think his background of wealth and influence has lead him to believe that money isn’t an issue but can be used to solve any problem he gets himself into. So, when it comes to Trump’s admiration crumbling his first thought is to stage an expensive spectacle in the name of recruitment for the military even when 89% of military times readers believe it is a waste of time, he can ignore it.

  17. Christina Shackett

    In another episode of, “Topics Like This Really Make Me Want to Jump Out a Window”, I truly can’t believe there is any sort of justification for an event like this. As someone with military grandparents, I think that support for our military is an important and justified act. However, using millions of taxpayer dollars in order to create an event is ridiculous, especially when I believe Trump is doing this just to maintain support where he still has it. To suggest our country doesn’t already support our military is pushing it, as I believe one of the most celebrated parts of our country is our military. If they already have an allocated amount for advertising and recruiting in the military, why would we spend even more of our tax dollars?

  18. Amanda Kruse

    Yes, recruiting soldiers is important to our country, but the amount of money that is already used on PR and advertising for military recruitment is insane. There is no need to add more money to that just for a military parade. And for the most part, the people most likely to join the military under the current political climate are the men and women who already support Trump. President Trump probably just wants to use this parade to show off our military superiority and use it as a celebration of his presidency since a majority of our military are huge Trump supporters and would adorn him with praise.

  19. Rikki Glazer

    I understand the Presidents desire to have a military parade. I do not however, understand the expectations that this parade will be funded by American taxpayers. So many Americans are anti- military right now in this political climate. I do not think that it would be good for him to force a military parade.

  20. Zachary Hanby

    Trump is a PR nightmare and i don’t envy any of those who have to clean the messes of this administration. A military parade is another useless expenditure proposed by President Trump. To actually go through with this parade would be stroking the ego of the President and flexing our muscles in the direction of North Korea. The absurd amount already being paid for military PR and advertising is already too much, despite the low draw of new recruits. Allocating more money to the military is useless and could go towards a plethora of other issues facing this country.

  21. Ai Ren

    I think President Trump’s purpose is not for recruiting. Usually, the parade will show the world how strong their army is. I am Chinese, there will be a parade in every National day. This has become a tradition for China. However, in America, there were only several parades before. I believe President Trump wants to show his prestige to the world. Also, to win soldiers and veterans hearts. There is a small possibility for recruiting military personnel. But compared to the money they will spend, it becomes less worth to mention.

  22. Gracen Hansen

    War is ugly, sometimes a necessary evil, but this could be why so many americans feel discomfort in a parade of the armed forces. We have had such a cultural shift in our civilian perspective of war. In WW2 americans were all about the “war effort” and how you could do your part. Now, you don’t see that. The idea of marching our armed forces through the streets is complicated. Yes we are thankful for their protection and service but war isn’t black and white.
    As it is, yes we should respect and honor those who protect us, but marching them through the streets is probably not the best way to go about it, and an alternative solution that doesn’t carry memories of the past can be chosen.

  23. Tierney Hall

    President Trump most likely wants to hold this parade to show off. He doesn’t want to recruit troops, 1.5 billion dollars is plenty to recruit, this parade would be a way for him to show off to the rest of the world that his army is large and that they support him. Due to the fact thats many veterans and soldiers approve of his presidency means that there is a likely chance that the parade would paint him in the best light. Veterans would give speeches talking highly of him and chances are many people would be watching in since we have never held an event like this. People respect soldiers and veterans because of what they do for our country, if they speak so highly of someone/something and put their full support into it, it could possibly sway people to believe the same.

  24. Lauren Reilly

    I think the main reason Trump wants to have a military parade is to show the public that the troops support him. It has nothing to do with the fact that it will help recruit soldiers since they already spend $1.5 BILLION a year on promoting themselves. Overall, a parade would be a waste of time and money.

  25. Danielle Drop

    The military parade wouldn’t be a publicity stunt for our troops; it would be a show of support for Trump from his biggest fan base. I almost wish that reality wasn’t the case though, because I actually kind of like the idea of a parade. Not because of Trump, but because I think the media lacks to show much coverage on our troops and the good work they do day in and day out. A parade, just like the one in France, would be a good resurgence of nationalism and respect for our armed forces. Unfortunately, I don’t see this parade Trump suggests as anything other than a boost of ego for himself as his approval rate continues to plummet.

  26. Andrea Bilton

    Perhaps if we were in the 1950’s, a parade would be an effective way to show the U.S. population how glorified the life of a soldier can be. However, in this day and age, I think commercials and print advertising already accomplish that goal perfectly. A parade would only be unnecessary, expensive, and ineffective. And I think that the demographic that attends parades (families, young children, etc.) would not serve as an audience that is ready to jump into war. I think there are easier and less expensive ways to reach the audience of potential army recruits, and a parade is definitely not one of them.

  27. Sabrina Cortor

    Trump’s decision of having a parade for the military seems like a way to get people to “like” him more. It doesn’t seem like a way to honor the troops but instead it is focusing all the attention on him. The money used for this parade should be used for something that could actually help the American people.

  28. Derrica Newman

    Having a military parade makes absolutely no sense. I feel like having this parade would not make people want to join the military, it is just a waste of money. The amount of money it would take to fund the parade alone is ridiculous! Once again, Trump is showing the citizens of America that he only cares about himself and not the betterment of the country.

  29. Andrew Gagnon

    I think that Trump is trying to promote nationalism and honor the nation’s troops. While the ideology behind it is generally sound, I do not think holding a parade will do any good for the current state of the United States. When $1.5 million already goes into PR and advertising for the military, it doesn’t seem economically viable to spend more on a large scale parade rather than putting that money towards other programs for the country.

  30. Emily Wong

    I will always support the people who risk their lives in order to keep our country’s freedom; however, Trump’s intention for having the parade doesn’t seem like he wants to do it in support of them. The parade seems to be more of a pr stunt to draw attention away from so many close government officials resigning. If Trump were really invested in planning an event to celebrate and gain American soldiers, he’d be more enthusiastic in creating a unique parade, not “like the one in France.” The parade wouldn’t be based on another country’s military parade, but be a creative and new parade.

  31. Christian Santos

    I was reading other people’s comments to see if I could come up with something unique, but I can’t. Trump is doing this as a political stunt. We live in a world where many of our leaders do only what gets them more votes, and our president is no different. He’s no doubt thinking of his reelection, and that means putting more resources into garnering public support. Unfortunately for Mr. Trump, people who dislike him will continue to do so even after this parade; he is infallibly unpopular, and his unpopularity is likely to persist. However, those who have thrown their support cannot so easily throw their support away. People who support our current president are very steadfast, even if they aren’t outspoken about it. The spirit of this parade is aimed DIRECTLY at Trump supporters, not at the general American people. He’s not doing it to boost national pride or to show the rest of the world the might of the American military. He’s doing it so he can keep the people he won over on the campaign trail (the people he won via fluff and exaggeration), because that’s really all he needs to win in 2020. If Trump needs to drop a hundred million dollars on a military parade that’ll set him up for next election, he’ll do it. He just can’t stand to lose (which is, among others, his greatest flaw).

  32. Nicole Finocchio

    From the very beginning of his campaign, Trump has highlighted that he supports our troops and believes they deserve more recognition and support. I believe Trump’s intentions behind hosting a parade is to maintain the military vote, showing he hasn’t forgotten about them, not to recruit more soldiers. Perhaps Trump is trying to increase national pride and gain support for national defense, especially with North Korea in the back of everyone’s minds, similar to what Jessica said in her response. Trump also might view it as an opportunity to intimidate North Korea and other countries who want to go to war with us. Although I think the troops deserve attention in a broadcasted parade, I think the money should be spent on services to aid veterans who are homeless, suffering from war-induced illness or injuries, or in need of any other assistance as well as providing better benefits for our active service members. This action will provide greater impact on our troops every year instead of a national parade.

  33. DaisyMae VanValkenburgh

    While Trump has definitely done some publicity stunts in the past, I feel like this military parade would be less for publicity, and actually more for the honoring of our troops. It is stated that he wants to have the parade as a recruitment mechanism, however, I think it would be in honor as well which is not necessarily a bad thing. However, according to Politico, “In 1865, 1919 and 1945, mass military parades celebrated returning troops who—as everyone understood—were about to return to civilian life. They marked the wind-down of wartime mobilization and the dismantling of large volunteer armies.” This is still the way that many people view these parades today and it is going against a lot of their beliefs. Recruitment for the military is a self decision and not one that should be pushed on people, which is what could happen if Trump were to have this parade. People may feel obligated to join since the president is pushing it so strongly.
    I think the parade could be a good thing, however, it definitely needs to be presented to the public in a more appealing way, rather than it being strictly for recruitment. Also, our troops are very busy and dedicated to what they do, so asking them to be out in the public for this parade and take their time out of serving our country could be asking them a lot. Maybe these funds that Trump is using for this parade, could better a different action instead, such as the less fortunate, or even the homeless veterans if Trump wants to keep the military aspect.

  34. Jessica Dillard

    This is a ridiculous amount of time and money to spend on something people do not really want. I believe there are so many other ways we can support the troops, like making sure they are all getting the benefits they need and deserve, like healthcare, housing, and job placement. The amount of money spent on this parade could do that and more for our troops.

  35. Courtney Shapiro

    1 and a half billion dollars is a lot of money that could be put to use in other ways. It seems clear that the intentions for the parade involve getting more positive press for the President. The military is strongly promoted as it is highly important in the U.S. The parade would help showcase the military, but I don’t believe it will help with recruitment numbers. It would be a waste of time and money, that will only appeal to a certain audience.

  36. Brennan Erlandsen

    I didn’t know he wanted a parade so bad. I don’t think a parade stopping traffic and holding peoples’ days would be an effective way to get people into the military. Parades are for something to catch peoples’ attentions based on a significant achievement (Fly Eagles Fly). Just keep running ads on TV and send representatives to schools like you usually do. And, keep the including tuition for college incentive in there too. Keep money in the peoples’ pockets.

  37. Jason Abdow

    I think Trump’s intentions for this proposed military parade are pretty clear. While I am sure supporters of the parade will say it is to help recruitment, I would say Trump would likely push for something like this because he knows how much support he has from military families and veterans and this will likely boost his support among those demographics. In addition this might help Trump’s image since he likes to brand himself as being tough and strong so a parade honoring our giant military would help that image. Personally, I would side with the 89% of people from the “Military Times” survey who believed the resources would be spent better elsewhere (education, healthcare, infrastructure, etc.)

  38. Emanuelle Souffrant

    In this country people volunteer to join the militarily ,so a parade for recruitment is just a waste of money. If people don’t want to join , a parade won’t make a difference. They’re other ways to go about getting people to join . How about funding something else with that money? Something that this country really needs.

  39. Alora Grant

    It would not surprise me if Trump decided to use this parade as a publicity stunt. Although it is primarily about the troops, it wouldn’t be odd for him to make the event focus on him in one way or another. There are plenty of other issues that this money could be going towards in this country, such as the “83,170 individuals, or 15% of the homeless population, are considered ‘chronically homeless.’” according to “47,725, or about 8% of the homeless population, are veterans,” and another “1.4 million veterans are at risk of homelessness,” so why don’t we put some money towards helping them, since we’re so concerned with the military?

  40. John Potito

    I know many people are quick to throw the Nazi Germany implication at this situation, but I think it’s made pretty clear that the inspiration was his observance of France’s Bastille Day parade. Coming from a multi-generational military family, I can easily say one of a soldier’s most favored hobbies is going full “Ho-AH” and doing a slight bit of posturizing. In fact, it’s actually a vital source of motivation and morale maintenance that is used all the time by commanding officers.
    In order to remind their troops that they are a part of something bigger then themselves, while also letting them feel a little bit badass, commanders across history have allowed seemingly frivolous displays of strength. A good comparison would be the huge (and expensive) introduction football teams (from high school to the NFL) get when they charge into the stadium.
    I can see how Trumps reputation and public perception can play into a negative stance on this issue, especially since the parade would not be attached to a victory celebration. However, one point some don’t consider is that this parade may be more so designed for pre-battle purposes. The current issue plaguing the military grunt is fear of being deployed to North Korea in a war. The troops are nervous and a bit low on self-confidence, as North Korea likes to show off their supposed military prowess in order to demoralize potential threats. This parade would serve dual purposes; remind North Korea who can puff their chest bigger in order to discourage battle, and remind the troops that even if we go to war they are the strongest military in the world.
    And yes, this would also be excellent towards helping Trump getting an even more favorable stance in the eyes of the common soldier. His opponents fall into the trap of being stuck arguing that the soldiers don’t need a celebration and are better off going back to work. In the end, either the parade happens and the soldiers feel Trump appreciates them so many side with him, or the parade doesn’t happen and the soldiers feel Trump’s enemies don’t appreciate them so they side with him. No matter the outcome-Trump wins.
    People really need to realize by now that Trump’s main tactic is playing off of his opponents’ hatred towards everything he does. He aligns himself on a divisive issue, lures his opponents into attacking and disgruntling a large group of people, and then those people end up supporting him because they feel he’s the only person at the moment who supports them. This is literally a scaled up version of how high-school kids got couples to break up, only to steal the boyfriend/girlfriend after. Obviously, this is a really screwed up method, but it’s clearly effective; just look at the NFL debacle. You burn enough bridges and your trapped on your own island. This is also why I hate politics.

  41. Jessica Vespa

    When thinking of the word parade, most of us would refer to a public celebration that brings together people from communities near and far. So, when reading about Trump’s idea to host a military parade, many immediately wondered, “what recent victory might we be celebrating?” Personally, the question crossed my mind so I looked into our President’s motive. According to an article posted on Real Clear Politics, Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, explains President Trump’s military parade by saying, “President Trump is incredibly supportive of America’s great service members who risk their lives everyday to keep our country safe…He has asked the Department of Defense to explore a celebration at which all Americans can show their appreciation.” (Robinson, 2/9/18). Seemingly, with regards to the purpose behind this parade, it does not seem that the event is an effort of recruitment, but rather a display to garner nationalistic pride. Personally, I do not think there is anything wrong with publicly honoring our military. We are a major force in the realm of international relations, and ought to maintain a local and global military presence. Hence, from a public relations standpoint, this may appear as a recruitment effort, but aside from that it allows for an honorary celebration of military members of yesterday and today, while garnering support for future military endeavors. I do not believe President Trump is investing and acting on behalf of self-interest, but rather hoping to heighten the public morale for national defense.

  42. Kayla Scordo

    President Trump is a huge supporter of the military which is great but I’m not sure that the parade would be best to be used for recruitment. I think the large budget would be better off used somewhere else. I think that the budget should go toward the treatment of vets after the war. I think it’s terrible how the vets are treated after they returned from war considering they sacrificed their lives to protect our freedom.

  43. Kathryn Harley

    It is absolutely absurd to spend this type of money on a parade that only intends to distract the American public from what’s actually going on within the government. It is clear that this is a strategy being used by Trump to boost public morale and increase his approval rating, since that seems to be a high priority for him. This will have no effect on military enrollment and will simply be another waste of American taxpayer money.

  44. Mike Marti

    It doesn’t surprise me that Trump is attempting to host a large spectacle to gain the attention of the American public and to make himself appear as a political figure for the people. It is highly unlikely that Trump is attempting to throw this parade for the recruitment purposes but instead is attempting to design an event that will make his already dedicated followers feel more special and encourage a sense of nationalism. It can also be the possibility that, considering the international political climate, he is using this parade as a way to show the world that he is in control of this nation and its forces. I agree that the parade is simply just a waste of time and government spending when there is already so much money dedicated to the military forces and their recruitment system. There are plenty of other departments and sections in the United States government that could utilize this money in order to further develop our nation.

  45. Jazz Graham

    President Trump’s idea to throw a random military parade would simply be a quick way to waste a huge amount of money. He basically just plans to throw away thousands of dollars that could be used for other much more important programs like healthcare or food stamps. The statistics from The Hill stating that 89% of Military Times readers are not in favor of a parade, even further proves that a military parade is absolutely unnecessary. President Trump’s idea to use a military parade as a distraction from the crumbling white house is a terribly costly and unnecessary idea

  46. Emily DiLaura

    It is no shock to anyone that Trump loves attention and power. What better way to gain attention than hold a parade with TONS of military personnel, that hold tons of power, and support it as the president? I think it’s about time that we stop being so shocked at what Trump does, and start to look at the reasoning behind the actions to try to understand what goes on in that head of his.
    I’m sure it wouldn’t be surprising to think of our president as insecure. He is constantly at fire, people hate him (not surprising), and he has only specific types of people supporting him. What better way to show that you have power, even when secure, than with military force, which we have now seen him threaten multiple people, groups, countries, etc. with.
    I think this parade is exactly as it was said: I waste of time. Regardless of the money it would take to fund such an unnecessary event, the troops, as said, have better things to do. Supporting the troops is important, yes, but what Tump is looking to do is for him, not the troops.

  47. Emily Green

    A parade will literally have no effect on whether or not people will join the military. This pointless event would cost millions and millions of dollars and for what? An attempt to give Trump more power he doesn’t need. Why don’t we use that money for something we actually need? Well?

  48. Jeremy Skiba

    I don’t see how a parade could be used to recruit people into the United States’ military. After reading that 89% of Military Times readers say it’s a waste of time, I thought to myself that this parade would be used for something else, as in for some time of advantage for President Trump. The money show be used for something else that would benefit the American people.

  49. Liane Sousa

    Trump’s intentions are not to promote the United States’ military, but to increase his own executive power. As military parades represent a form of authoritarianism witnessed in countries like North Korea, Syria, Chad, Venezuela, and 1930s Germany. How about we invest the half billion dollars in the greater good such as free healthcare?

  50. Patrick Picarsic

    Nationalism, symbolism, tradition, pride, rallies, militarism, authoritarianism, xenophobia…Where have we seen this before…?


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