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Potential Romance

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Readers: Students have told me a favorite “PR Nation” post is one written for Valentine’s Day in 2013. I’m continuing a tradition of updating and re-posting it each year. 🙂 “When a person brings flowers to a date, that’s good public relations.” When finding ways to define public relations, we can agree that good PR strategies seek to accomplish one of three responses: to create opinions, to reinforce… Read more »

Trump’s PaRade

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In a week filled with yet more White House scandals– the deputy chief of staff and a speechwriter resigning over spousal abuse; a high-ranking justice official suddenly quitting; former insider Amarosa Manigault-Newman describing the White House as “bad” –Donald Trump ordered the military to stage a parade, “like the one in France.” Jake Novak of CNBC wrote: “Take a good look at the… Read more »

Washington, P.R.

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I had a conversation with a student this week about her post-graduation plans and she asked about public relations careers in Washington, D.C. I suggested that most PR jobs in our nation’s capital are within government and there are likely more jobs and varied opportunities in New York. But just hours after our talk I read an article on PRSA’s… Read more »

Crock-Pot cRisis

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(Warning: This post contains spoilers about the latest episode of NBC’s “This Is Us.”) It’s safe to say the folks at Crock-Pot never saw THIS coming… Fans of the award-winning hit NBC series “This Is Us” have known since season one that Jack Pearson (played by Milo Ventimiglia) dies tragically; they just didn’t know how. Its audience later learned he loses his life in… Read more »

PoRn star? “Squirrel!”

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Before his election, President Jimmy Carter admitted to Playboy magazine he had “lust in his heart” for other women. Scandal. 1988’s Democratic frontrunner Senator Gary Hart was photographed with a model sitting on his lap. Scandal. President Bill Clinton lied to Congress about an affair with a White House intern. Scandal–and impeachment. President Donald Trump’s lawyers paid off porn star… Read more »

Warm temPeRatures

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Having spent the past 10 days in California, I’ve learned something important: The weather has a distinct advantage over New York. Almost comically, whenever our students asked a professional their thoughts on the differences between working in Los Angeles and New York, the first response from every one of them was, “The weather!” It was a point on which we all… Read more »

PRoduction and PRomotion

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I was lucky; I left for California about 15 hours before last week’s East Coast winter storm began. I’m participating in “Hofstra in L.A.,” a program designed to expose students to production and promotion careers within the entertainment industry. Dr. Peter Gershon and I taught a class of 17 students this fall, culminating in this 10-day excursion where we’re meeting… Read more »

PRocrastination Nation

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“Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” — Benjamin Franklin (and Mom) As we reach the new year, many of us created a list of goals and actions known as “resolutions.” We’re generally not very good at keeping them; despite good intentions, I’m a few pounds heavier this December 31 than I was a year ago. I… Read more »

Still poPulaR

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As I enjoyed the latest chapter in the Star Wars film series, I wondered why it still remains popular. Watching the opening titles, “A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away,” still stirs emotions in me and audiences worldwide. The first Star Wars movie premiered when I was a high school senior and I saw it four… Read more »

“The Business of PeRsuasion”

In the pantheon of 20th century public relations figures, few loom larger than Harold Burson. Now 96 years old, Burson and Bill Marsteller first joined forces in 1953 in Manhattan, and by the 1980s Burson-Marsteller was one of the largest PR firms on the planet. In 1979, the company became a part of Young & Rubicam Group, a subsidiary of WPP, a… Read more »