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Farewell, Mr. PResident

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There are a lot of Americans who believe Barack Obama was a failed president. Others see his presidency as a great success and by many measures, it has been. According to The Atlantic, “In January of 2009—the month Obama was inaugurated—the American economy lost 791,000 jobs. Now—eight years later—the U.S. has experienced 75 consecutive months of job growth.” Unemployment has dropped from 10 percent to 4.7… Read more »

If it isn’t written PRoperly…

A terrific article written by Zachary Reed appeared this week in PR Daily. “Why Learning AP Style is a Must for PR Pros” reinforces what I’ve been saying to students ad nauseam: “It doesn’t matter how well you get your message out there if that message isn’t written properly.” I’m a real stickler for good punctuation and grammar. To that end,… Read more »

Avoiding PRedictions

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Here we are in August and there’s less than three months to go before the presidential election. After a horrible couple of weeks of ongoing verbal jousting, outrageous comments and misinformed statements, Donald Trump has started to rapidly sink in the polls, with one having Hillary Clinton ahead nationally by 15 points. I have purposely avoided making any predictions regarding… Read more »

The PResident's free degree

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“Students who started at community colleges…and then go on to a four-year institution — they essentially get the first half of their bachelor’s degree for free. People who enroll for skills training will graduate already ready to work, and they won’t have a pile of student debt.” President Barack Obama’s address to an audience at Pellissippi State Community College in Knoxville, Tennessee… Read more »

PRedicting a crisis

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I don’t think that anyone at Sony Pictures ever conceived that their $40 million film “The Interview” would be derailed by a cyber-attack from North Korea. I would guess no one said, “We better be careful or our executives’ email will be hacked and internal gossip will become fodder for the media.” I bet no one thought that the cyber threats… Read more »