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PoRn star? “Squirrel!”

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Before his election, President Jimmy Carter admitted to Playboy magazine he had “lust in his heart” for other women. Scandal. 1988’s Democratic frontrunner Senator Gary Hart was photographed with a model sitting on his lap. Scandal. President Bill Clinton lied to Congress about an affair with a White House intern. Scandal–and impeachment. President Donald Trump’s lawyers paid off porn star… Read more »

Farewell, Mr. PResident

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There are a lot of Americans who believe Barack Obama was a failed president. Others see his presidency as a great success and by many measures, it has been. According to The Atlantic, “In January of 2009—the month Obama was inaugurated—the American economy lost 791,000 jobs. Now—eight years later—the U.S. has experienced 75 consecutive months of job growth.” Unemployment has dropped from 10 percent to 4.7… Read more »

PeRmanently damaged?

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Consider the possibility that Bill Cosby’s public image could ever recover from the charges of rape leveled against him, a suggestion made by one of my students. I pondered that the only way this might happen is if he was first found innocent in a court of law, and added that Cosby has probably been permanently damaged because of the huge number of credible accusers. It seems he’ll never be… Read more »

The PRice of shame

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While most current undergraduates were pre-schoolers when Bill Clinton’s affair with a White House intern dominated the headlines, they know Monica Lewinsky. As the president was being impeached, Lewinsky hid from the public, suffering shame, humiliation and abuse from people she never met. Now, 17 years later, Monica Lewinsky has re-emerged. Ted, the renowned nonprofit “devoted to spreading ideas…in the form of… Read more »

Why a newspaPeR?

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The newspaper, to paraphrase Monty Python, is not quite dead. To hear Robert Zimmerman, partner at Zimmerman/Edelson, Inc. tell it, the printed paper is still an essential tool in the public relations practitioners’ kit.  Zimmerman made this point to the students attending last week’s conference staged by Hofstra’s Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) chapter.  He noted that because the Internet allows us… Read more »

Mom's (and Seitel's) PR message

  Yesterday’s panel-filled schedule at the PRSSA Regional Conference yielded more PR advice in a single day than most students obtain in a semester. There were more than two dozen public relations professionals filling classrooms with guidance, tips, lessons and observations, and every student there filled notebooks and Twitter and i-Pads with pearls of wisdom grabbed at the event. For me, a repeated message–uttered… Read more »