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The past is PResent

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I went to a rock concert last night. Now, I wouldn’t recommend this show to everybody. It’s not likely to appeal to most people under 50. Deep Purple, Alice Cooper and Edgar Winter were hugely successful acts in the 1970s, and they performed an ear-splitting orgy of power chords, screaming guitars and memorable anthems. Deep Purple and Alice provided much… Read more »

Mr. PopulaR

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He’s 65 now, short and stocky, and looks more like an everyman than a piano man.  He’s been in a mental hospital and rehab, wrecked at least three cars and a motorcycle, lost two fortunes, and has three ex-wives including a supermodel and a woman half his age.  Yet there wasn’t an empty seat at Madison Square Garden last Thursday as Billy Joel… Read more »

On PRessure and PlumbeRs

Last week, my blog centered on agency PR through the eyes of David Chauvin, a true agency pro who I kiddingly referred to as “scary” because of his go-go approach. David’s admirable emphasis on professionalism, preparedness and pace concerned a few readers who perhaps view public relations as a field void of the pressures of a pilot, politician, or plumber. Agency work… Read more »

Ned Ludd would have loved our Week Without the Web

Billy Joel wrote, “The good ole days weren’t always good, and tomorrow ain’t as bad as it seems (Keeping the Faith, 1983).”  I think back to the “good old days” and the more I ponder, the more I agree with Hicksville’s favorite son.  I said in my last blog that I started my public relations career in 1983 without a word processor and no… Read more »