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OPtics matteR

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Optics. It’s the current PR buzzword for “how it looks.” This week, when the president shared warm smiles and handshakes with world leaders, it was good optics. When the vice president, while visiting NASA, placed his hand on equipment clearly marked “Do Not Touch,” that was bad optics. But New Jersey Governor Chris Christie gets the Bad Optics of the… Read more »

"APology theatRe"

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Andrew Ross Sorkin’s recent column for The New York Times, “Too Many Sorry Excuses for an Apology” focused on the recent barrage of “I’m sorrys” from leaders when something went wrong or offended people.  In the article, social observer Dov Seidman labeled what we’ve been seeing as “apology theater.” “Target’s chief executive, Gregg W. Steinhafel, apologized for a security breach that… Read more »

Playing bRidge

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If it’s your turn to “lead” in the complicated card game of bridge, you may play any card in your hand.  The object is to win “tricks” for your side. Such is the case with what’s becoming known as “Bridge-gate,” the political scandal emanating from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s office.  In a ploy to “punish” the mayor of Fort Lee for not… Read more »

TIMEly PachydeRm

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Chris Christie is not an elephant. But TIME magazine referred to him as such this week.  On the venerable publication’s cover was a shadowy, Hitchcockian profile of New Jersey’s stout governor headlined, “THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM.” The elephant became the symbol of the Republican Party in 1874 when, according to factmonster.com, cartoonist Thomas Nast drew a donkey (the Democrats’ symbol) clothed in lion’s skin,… Read more »

Doing the P-R-ight Thing

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Doing the “right” thing is always the best kind of PR.  Take P.C. Richard, for example.  The “TV, audio and appliance giant” was closed Thanksgiving Day, and ran its annual print ads denouncing retailers who asked their employees to work. “Save Thanksgiving,” reads the ad. “We value our time with our families and we know you do, too.  That’s why again this year we’ve… Read more »