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Information PRovided

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As another semester grinds to a close, I’m reflecting on the valuable information provided by both seasoned and newly-minted public relations practitioners in recent weeks. We’ve attended lectures, workshops and conferences, networked with dozens of seasoned PR professionals plus alumni just starting their careers, and one thing is certain: after a 35 years of working in and teaching public relations,… Read more »

Good news from top PRos

I occasionally like to focus this blog on trends in the public relations field, both in the practice of PR and the potential for jobs for new graduates and current practitioners.  There was good news for present and future public relations professionals this week, as the USC Annenberg Strategic Communication and Public Relations Center released its eighth biennial Communication and Public Relations Generally Accepted… Read more »

The death of PeRsonal interaction?

When Thomas Edison and others began inventing and producing machines that could record and replay sound, there were loud protests. Musicians and concert halls took ads in newspapers and lobbied politicians to ban the devices, fearing for their jobs. They believed that if a person could buy a device and listen to it at home, there would be no reason to… Read more »