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PRimary choices

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If you believe polls, Tuesday’s New York presidential primary this Tuesday will see Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump emerge as winners. Both New York residents will have what is typical of most primaries: victories in their home state. New Yorkers can only cast a vote for a candidate in the party in which they are registered. Republicans will decide if they support the controversial GOP front-runner Trump or… Read more »

Self-fulfilling PRophecy

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Let’s start with full disclosure: I generally support President Obama and the Democratic Party. I usually avoid politics in this blog, but there are a few public relations lessons to be learned from Election Day 2014. It’s generally agreed that Democrats suffered significant setbacks, losing several governorships, House seats, and the Senate majority. I believe a combination of tactical errors caused their… Read more »

"UnPRoven science stuff"

Climate change could really use some positive PR right now. President Obama announced new steps last week to cut carbon emissions, promote energy efficiency and boost solar power. “There are cost-effective ways to tackle climate change and create jobs at the same time,” he said. The president added that 300 organizations and companies have pledged to expand their use of solar energy,… Read more »

TIMEly PachydeRm

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Chris Christie is not an elephant. But TIME magazine referred to him as such this week.  On the venerable publication’s cover was a shadowy, Hitchcockian profile of New Jersey’s stout governor headlined, “THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM.” The elephant became the symbol of the Republican Party in 1874 when, according to factmonster.com, cartoonist Thomas Nast drew a donkey (the Democrats’ symbol) clothed in lion’s skin,… Read more »

When faux pas threaten the PaRty

With all the experts, all the planning, and all the care that went into America’s two recent political conventions, somehow some very important words got lost in the shuffle. For the Democrats, their supremely well-executed convention was almost marred when it was “discovered” that the party platform had left out any mention of God or the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of… Read more »

PResidential rhetoric

This was a tough week for President Obama. With unemployment ticking upwards, his political opponents quickly pointed to his inability to “fix” the economy (as if it’s within his power to do so singlehandedly), while may of his supporters continue to be disappointed with the president’s lack of aggression in articulating his key messages. We focus on key messaging when creating public relations campaigns. Every… Read more »