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“SuPeR Sarah!”

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In Superman comics, there’s a “Bizarro World” in which everything is the opposite of how it should be. In the White House, there’s “Sarah’s World.” This week, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked if the president, having been accused of sexual misconduct by many women, was in a position to criticize others. “We feel strongly that the… Read more »

A study in hyPocRisy

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“He has a public relations problem now!” I’ve heard that phrase applied to many powerful men in recent weeks including Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Louis CK, Al Franken, Roy Moore, and others. Some have referred to sexual abuse allegations against them as crimes–and PR crises. Yes, these individuals’ public images have been damaged as a result of the allegations. But… Read more »

PRedicting this PResidency

As Donald Trump limped through what some called his worst week yet, there are pundits who are saying his presidency is effectively over. Tony Schwartz, Trump’s co-author on The Art of the Deal, even predicted the president will soon resign. I learned never to make such predictions, especially when it comes to Trump. A review of my past blogs on… Read more »

UPside down and backwaRd

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For many, the nation has been turned upside down and backward by the election of Donald Trump. While millions celebrated, millions including me were shocked that this modern-day P.T. Barnum (see my 2011 blog post “P.T. Trump”) will be the next president of the United States. What’s especially troubling is that Hillary Clinton lost even though she received 623,000 more votes*. Social media is now filled with petitions… Read more »

This nasty PResidential election

NOTE TO MY READERS: We’ve had some issues with the new design of PR Nation so it looks a different, but we’re now well on our way to a final design. Thanks for your patience. This is my 11th presidential election and I and every other American have never seen anything like it. There’s not a single example in our presidential election… Read more »

PeRmanently damaged?

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Consider the possibility that Bill Cosby’s public image could ever recover from the charges of rape leveled against him, a suggestion made by one of my students. I pondered that the only way this might happen is if he was first found innocent in a court of law, and added that Cosby has probably been permanently damaged because of the huge number of credible accusers. It seems he’ll never be… Read more »

Debating PRomotional value

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Hofstra University is abuzz with debate fever and awash in media this weekend. While Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have their fans and committed voters, conventional thinking says the vote may hinge on their performances in THIS debate. And with the first of three presidential debates happening on the campus Monday, September 26, the grounds are swarming with reporters, producers, technicians, cameras,… Read more »

ResPect foR opponents

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There are predictions that the first 2016 presidential debate, airing on September 26 live from Hofstra University, will be one of the most-watched TV programs in television history. It’s almost certainly not because Americans want the details of Hillary Clinton’s or Donald Trump’s fiscal, military or social policies. The true reason for the steroidal level of interest is our fascination with and desire… Read more »

ApPeaRance vs. content

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Conventional thinking says that when then-Vice President Richard Nixon debated then-Senator John F. Kennedy, those who watched the debate on television thought Kennedy had “won” while those who listened to it on radio thought Nixon had been the victor. It’s often noted that while Kennedy looked young, vigorous, well-dressed and handsome, Nixon’s crumpled suit, recent weight loss, and perspiring face made for… Read more »

WeaPons of mass distRaction

I first heard the satiric term “weapons of mass distraction” when former New York Congressman Gary Ackerman in 2004 criticized a Congressional bill raising the fines the FCC could impose for broadcasting indecent materials. “It is a weapon of mass distraction to keep us away from the real issues at hand,” he was quoted in the Washington Post. Of course, the term is a… Read more »