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Who do peoPle tRust?

Trust in institutions is apparently at an all-time low. While this probably doesn’t surprise you, it has important implications for how we should be communicating with our target audiences. “Who do people trust?” is a question PR agency giant Edelman looks to answer each year. Edelman’s Chief Content Strategist Steve Rubel returned to Hofstra University last week to talk to educators, business… Read more »

Real PRogress

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“Public relations has always played its part in the marketing mix, even if it was added to plans late and rarely recognized like other disciplines. But the emergence of skippable, blockable, opt-out-able advertising, not to mention ever-more integrated campaigns, means PR can suddenly demand more than a supporting role—and maybe even take center stage.” Tired of defending public relations? The… Read more »

PalPable leaRning

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Sometimes the sighs and the eye rolling are palpable. It happens on the first day of class as I review the syllabus and reveal that my students will be required to attend a full-day conference–and on a Saturday! Heavens! However, when we return to class after the conference, there’s usually praise for the experience and a “thank you” from students grateful… Read more »

Cocktail PaRty

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Last week, “Public Relations Nation” featured helpful advice from Edelman’s Steve Rubel at the Fair Media Council’s annual Summer Social Media Boot Camp in Bethpage, N.Y. on July 10. Rubel’s main message was that everything we pitch to media and create online should have multiple uses and impressions. He suggested communicators must look for synergy and synchronicity by finding ways to attach social media… Read more »

On PeRsonalization of content

Steve Rubel is an interesting guy with an interesting job. As chief content strategist for Edelman, the world’s largest privately owned public relations company, Rubel spends his days (and nights) studying how, why and when people use the Internet. His role is to watch and anticipate trends in social media and online applications, and see how humans interact with all their available technology. Rubel, a Hofstra graduate,… Read more »

CarPe diem Rebuked

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“As we mourn the loss of Robin Williams to depression, we must recognize it as an opportunity to engage in a national conversation. His death yesterday created a carpe diem moment for mental health professionals and those people who have suffered with depression and want to make a point about the condition and the system that treats it,” Lisa Kovitz, an… Read more »

CorPoRate communications

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One of the highlights of my participation in the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC)’s annual conference in Montreal this week was seeing Michael Krempasky of Edelman Public Relations.  Krempasky presented “Digital Public Affairs: From the campaign trail and corporate communications” to 100 PR and communications educators. Krempasky, general manager of Edelman’s Digital Public Affairs team and adjunct professor at Georgetown, talked… Read more »

ImPoRtant work

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For most of my three decades as a communications professional I put together content and programs for target audiences on behalf of my employers.  Whether it was my brief time as a reporter or my lengthier tenure as a public relations practitioner, I worked on instinct, direction from my bosses, and trial-and-error.  I also got professional advice and learned about the… Read more »

Moving PictuRes

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In an Edelman PR blog a year ago, Arun Mahtani wrote about how video has emerged as a profoundly important tool for public relations professionals. “In public relations, we’ve always put storytelling front and center. It’s been key to winning media coverage for our clients.” “In the world of YouTube,” he continued, “it’s real stories about real people that reign supreme. The site… Read more »

The PRecision of Pope

NOTE FROM JEFF MOROSOFF:  Each semester, my public relations students in Hofstra University’s Honors College are required to contribute posts to my blog.  The following guest post was written by sophomore Nyala Stagger: In January, Arik Hanson, principal at digital communications consultancy ACH Communications, wrote an article about the hit television show, Scandal, and its representation of the PR industry. In this article… Read more »