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Debating PRomotional value

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Hofstra University is abuzz with debate fever and awash in media this weekend. While Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have their fans and committed voters, conventional thinking says the vote may hinge on their performances in THIS debate. And with the first of three presidential debates happening on the campus Monday, September 26, the grounds are swarming with reporters, producers, technicians, cameras,… Read more »

An aPology would be Right

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Let’s review the story: 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed brought a home-made clock to his high school in Texas. He was proud of his accomplishment and showed it to his teachers over the course of the day. Ahmed’s English class teacher saw the clock as well, but suspected it may be a bomb because of its appearance. She contacted the school authorities who then called… Read more »

NonPRofits "do" PR

It was fun being back on the air! At the invitation of Ron Gold, president of Marketing Works and host of LI News Radio’s weekly program, “The Nonprofit Voice,” I sat in the interviewer’s chair this past Saturday. I’ve studied nonprofits for the past several years, having conducted three surveys which confirmed that nonprofit organizations have few resources to handle public relations activities…. Read more »

PReventing brain farts

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Social media has often been compared to a cocktail party. As people move through the room they listen and participate in brief conversations, and soon find another discussion they like. But while cocktail party comments usually come and go in seconds, social media discussions never go away. Even after a comment is deleted it’s still searchable and becomes part of the Internet’s permanent… Read more »

PR and big data

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My friend and PR mentor Bert Cunningham frequently suggests topics for Public Relations Nation. As I’ve done before, I asked Bert to be a guest columnist this week. I’m very happy he’s again providing us with his wise observations. I recently had the pleasure of speaking to one of Professor Morosoff’s PR classes. One of the challenges, and opportunities, discussed was that PR pros… Read more »

PRofound impact

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A new academic year is about to begin and I can’t wait.  Across the country approximately 21 million students will be enrolled in college, more than ever before, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.  Most members of the freshmen class will have been born in or around 1996, about 37 years after me. These numbers represent a challenge for educators my age,… Read more »

PeRsonal deception?

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Everyone has an opinion about Facebook.  Love it, “like” it or hate it, Facebook has a billion and a quarter users, and roughly half of them use it daily.  For public relations practitioners, Facebook is an extremely useful tool for creating relationships with targeted audiences.  In fact, Facebook and other social media platforms have forever changed the practice of public relations in countless ways. I… Read more »

PaRting with nostalgia

This week my summer Public Relations Fundamentals students learned how to write a press release.  While there’s been much discussion in the profession about whether the press release is dead, I agree with many who believe that while we’re not printing them on paper and stuffing them into envelopes anymore, there’s a place for the online release.  This isn’t nostalgia talking;… Read more »

Community PRojects

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This past Friday I was honored to be a part of a day-long workshop at Hofstra involving about a dozen nonprofit organizations who came to the Lawrence Herbert School of Communication to learn.  They were there to find out how they could be helped to promote their services more effectively through the use of audio/video digital media, public relations tools and social media platforms,… Read more »

PRoactive, passionate, and calm

I’m a stickler for writing right, partially because employers demand it.  It’s a point made in an article written in 2012 by iFixit CEO Kyle Weins, titled “I Won’t Hire People Who Use Poor Grammar. Here’s Why.”  Weins gives a mandatory grammar test to every applicant. “On the face of it, my zero tolerance approach to grammar errors might seem a little… Read more »