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Being a PaRt of change

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Public Relations Nation occasionally posts an article written by a guest blogger. Raffaella Tonani is a journalism major and a Hofstra Honors College student, and as my PR Fundamentals student was responsible for three guest posts this semester. This is her third. –JM “Be the change you want to be in the world” — Mahatma Gandhi Nonprofit (NPO) and nongovernmental organizations (NGO) need the help… Read more »

PaRty like it's fall 2016

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One of the coolest parts about teaching is getting those wonderful “back to school” butterflies in my stomach as September arrives. For me it’s just like that feeling of anticipation when I go to a party where I’ll know some people, but I’ll be meeting a lot of others for the first time. There always seems to be heightened importance to first… Read more »

PRofound impact

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A new academic year is about to begin and I can’t wait.  Across the country approximately 21 million students will be enrolled in college, more than ever before, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.  Most members of the freshmen class will have been born in or around 1996, about 37 years after me. These numbers represent a challenge for educators my age,… Read more »

Moving PictuRes

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In an Edelman PR blog a year ago, Arun Mahtani wrote about how video has emerged as a profoundly important tool for public relations professionals. “In public relations, we’ve always put storytelling front and center. It’s been key to winning media coverage for our clients.” “In the world of YouTube,” he continued, “it’s real stories about real people that reign supreme. The site… Read more »

Facebook Nation

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In a week when the state of Georgia may have executed an innocent man, the U.N. General Assembly focused on Palestinian statehood and President Obama fought to raise taxes on the wealthy, the bigger controversy was the changes made by Facebook. Coverage of the changes featured interviews with people claiming to hate the new Facebook and threatening to dump it. Well, no one is going anywhere. Those 750… Read more »