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ResPect foR opponents

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There are predictions that the first 2016 presidential debate, airing on September 26 live from Hofstra University, will be one of the most-watched TV programs in television history. It’s almost certainly not because Americans want the details of Hillary Clinton’s or Donald Trump’s fiscal, military or social policies. The true reason for the steroidal level of interest is our fascination with and desire… Read more »

PooR choice of words

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“Words matter,” often notes GOP strategist Frank Luntz, and they certainly did these recent, tragic few days. In Orlando, following the murder of rising pop star Christina Grimmie and the heinous killing of 49 people at gay bar Pulse, was the two-year-old who wandered too close to the water at a Disney World hotel and was dragged under by an alligator. Just days before, it was… Read more »

A rabbi and a PRiest…

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A rabbi and a priest become great friends while communicating messages of tolerance and faith throughout the nation as “The God Squad.” No, it’s not the opening of a silly joke. It’s a true story about Monsignor Thomas Hartman, known to his friends and followers as “Father Tom.” Father Tom left us last week at age 69 after a long battle with Parkinson’s disease. He and I often… Read more »

An aPology would be Right

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Let’s review the story: 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed brought a home-made clock to his high school in Texas. He was proud of his accomplishment and showed it to his teachers over the course of the day. Ahmed’s English class teacher saw the clock as well, but suspected it may be a bomb because of its appearance. She contacted the school authorities who then called… Read more »

PoP's fiRst "bad boy"

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A couple of weeks ago, Comedy Central telecast its celebrity roast of Justin Bieber. Pop music’s young icon was lambasted for his numerous dust-ups with the paparazzi, neighbors, fans, and the law. And while Bieber’s bad behavior has sealed his reputation as one of this generation’s “bad boys,” he’s got nothing on Frank Sinatra. The difference–besides buckets of actual talent–is that despite… Read more »

The hazards of transPaRency

It has become a public relations practitioner’s role to create content and monitor social media on behalf of their clients. We then encourage transparency by allowing our publics to comment. But it can be a hazardous policy. I was reminded of these risks when Senator Harry Reid had an unfortunate home accident last week. Online news platforms provided a place for comments… Read more »

Publicity befoRe policy

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“I really think a filibuster is the political version of twerking,” comedian and satirist Bill Maher said on HBO Friday night, referring to Senator Ted Cruz’s 21-hour Senate floor filibuster last week. “He reminds me of Miley Cyrus…because he is not afraid to incur the wrath of even some of his fans for the greater good of drawing attention to himself.” Cruz, a… Read more »

PRepared for anything

Game on!  Not the thrones-filled game that upset HBO viewers last week.  The big push for the new Master of Arts in Public Relations program in Hofstra’s School of Communications is happening now, and we’re accepting applications–and new students–for this fall. Hofstra’s new M.A. in PR will emphasize writing, communication tools, management, and strategy.  I’m thrilled to be leading the charge for this program,… Read more »

Millennials: Plenty to OffeR

The millennial “Girls” in HBO’s series are confused young adults. And like every generation, millennials have a mixed reputation.  They’re often viewed as feeling entitled to success; they’re mediocre writers with short attention spans and poor critical thinking skills.  They’ve been coddled by “umbrella” parents and constantly need to have their hands held. Steve Earl of PR Week believes the 21-25 year old employee… Read more »