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Bursting with PRide

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Here’s a word you may not know: kvell. It’s a Yiddish word, derived from German, meaning to burst with pride. I was kvelling last weekend at the Public Relations Student Society of America’s (PRSSA) National Conference in Boston, when it was announced that Hofstra’s PRSSA Chapter received the 2017 Star Chapter Award. This award recognizes PRSSA chapters which meet eight of… Read more »

PRoud and imPRessed

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One of my greatest pleasures as a teacher is seeing my former students as public relations professionals. During a recent visit to CooperKatz & Company I had the chance to watch Annik Spencer and Gabriella Miranda, not only in their work environment, but leading a tour and an insightful presentation for a group of current PR students. I was very proud and impressed…. Read more »

InsPiRation, every day

There’s no greater honor for a teacher than to be recognized by his or her students. So when I was named 2016 Teacher of the Year at Hofstra’s Lawrence Herbert School of Communication last week, I couldn’t have felt more gratified, humbled and joyful knowing my students saw fit to give me an award. But it’s my students who deserve the… Read more »

PRofessional wisdom

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  As I sat in on eight panel discussions during the regional conference “Start Spreading the News,” hosted by Hofstra’s Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) chapter this weekend, I thought back to the valuable advice I received during my quarter-century as a PR practitioner. I also thought about how lucky our students are to have learned from more than two dozen professionals this… Read more »

OpPoRtunities, 2016

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People see the new year as a time to resolve to make certain changes in their lives. A well-publicized survey by GoBankingRates.com showed that while “losing weight” is a top priority for many this year, it ranked number three and a related resolution, “live a healthier lifestyle,” was number two. The top resolution was “enjoy life to the fullest.” I agree with numbers two… Read more »

Thankful for the suPeRstars

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This weekend we celebrated Thanksgiving and (hopefully) spent some time thinking about what we’re thankful for. Family, friends, opportunities, and health top most of our lists; for me, I’m also thankful I’m a teacher. More specifically, I’m thankful that I teach public relations because I can’t think of another subject that would allow a person to teach such a diversity of skills… Read more »

Plugging into Resources

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In my fundamentals of public relations courses, my students and I identify good online resources for information about the industry. There are so many blogs and web sites providing students and professionals with tips, guides, internships, professional development, and networking opportunities. Usually these sites are created by trade organizations including the Public Relations Society of America, Institute for Public Relations, International Public… Read more »

My PRoductive semester

It’s the end of another semester and I hope my students–and everyone reading this blog–had a productive 15 weeks filled with learning. I sure did. This semester I learned that the new Museum of Public Relations, housed in the Baruch College library, is an important stop for everyone who’s a part of our profession. Anchored by the life and work of… Read more »

Connections + knowledge = PoweR

“It’s not what you know but who you know.” How often has this been said? It’s a cynical question, based on the belief that professional success is primarily due to connections rather than knowledge. But is it true? There’s no question millions of people can point to who they knew as the reason they have a particular job. Case in point:… Read more »

"PRopaganda" is online

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I was thrilled to see that the Museum of Public Relations (yes, there is one and it’s in Manhattan–more on that later) posted a Facebook link to a book titled “Propaganda” which was written by the father of modern public relations, Edward Bernays, and published in 1928. I had never read it. And what a fascinating book it is! Bernays, a nephew of… Read more »