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Warm temPeRatures

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Having spent the past 10 days in California, I’ve learned something important: The weather has a distinct advantage over New York. Almost comically, whenever our students asked a professional their thoughts on the differences between working in Los Angeles and New York, the first response from every one of them was, “The weather!” It was a point on which we all… Read more »

PRoduction and PRomotion

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I was lucky; I left for California about 15 hours before last week’s East Coast winter storm began. I’m participating in “Hofstra in L.A.,” a program designed to expose students to production and promotion careers within the entertainment industry. Dr. Peter Gershon and I taught a class of 17 students this fall, culminating in this 10-day excursion where we’re meeting… Read more »

PRoper etiquette

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From time to time, Public Relations Nation posts a guest blog written by a Hofstra student. Katie Spoleti is a journalism major and a senior in the Lawrence Herbert School of Communication at Hofstra University.  Home for the holidays means getting to spend quality time with family members and friends you haven’t seen in a while. With Christmas break just around the… Read more »

PaRty like it's fall 2016

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One of the coolest parts about teaching is getting those wonderful “back to school” butterflies in my stomach as September arrives. For me it’s just like that feeling of anticipation when I go to a party where I’ll know some people, but I’ll be meeting a lot of others for the first time. There always seems to be heightened importance to first… Read more »

Plans Revised

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  Those who follow my weekly posts for “Public Relations Nation” know that I haven’t missed a week in almost six years and I almost always post my latest “350 words or less” early Sunday mornings. This time Mother Nature herself did me in via New York, Dublin, Paris, and Rome. Last week I mentioned my plans for July — four weeks… Read more »

InsPiRation, every day

There’s no greater honor for a teacher than to be recognized by his or her students. So when I was named 2016 Teacher of the Year at Hofstra’s Lawrence Herbert School of Communication last week, I couldn’t have felt more gratified, humbled and joyful knowing my students saw fit to give me an award. But it’s my students who deserve the… Read more »

On PaRis and red cuPs at StaRbucks

It often takes tragedy to put life’s challenges in perspective. The horrific acts of terror in Paris this week are no exception. My wife’s family lives in Paris; in fact, one set of cousins resides just blocks away from where some of the murders took place. We were relieved to hear they’re all OK–grieving, but safe. How seemingly appropriate that… Read more »

PondeRing Big Data

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Big Data. It’s the term Americans are using a lot to describe the age in which we now live. David Dhanpat of Hofstra’s Lawrence Herbert School of Communication visited with my students this week and demonstrated Google Analytics, the free program which attaches to a web site or blog. The amount of information Google Analytics yield is astounding. Link it to… Read more »

Community PRojects

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This past Friday I was honored to be a part of a day-long workshop at Hofstra involving about a dozen nonprofit organizations who came to the Lawrence Herbert School of Communication to learn.  They were there to find out how they could be helped to promote their services more effectively through the use of audio/video digital media, public relations tools and social media platforms,… Read more »