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The PRice of PooR writing

True story: I once lost a well-paying client because an employee spelled his name wrong in a press release. The client interpreted the mistake as incompetence and fired our agency. He was right. “Poor communication skills often leave bad impressions of you and your organization. One brochure with one little typo, widely distributed to various channels, can cost money and… Read more »

Maximizing your PRofile

I attended the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) conference in San Francisco this week, an annual gathering filled with learning, sharing and networking opportunities for a couple of thousand communication educators. As always at these events, I learned a lot. AEJMC’s Public Relations Division sponsored an on-site visit to LinkedIn, where we heard from two experts on… Read more »

Semester apPReciation

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As another semester of learning ends, I’m appreciating the discoveries and lessons I’ve experienced this fall… 1) Students are amazing. I’m always impressed with my students’ energy, drive and focus. They’re part of a much-maligned generation, perceived to be coddled and entitled. But more often I see 18-22 year olds who participate in clubs and volunteer for multiple causes, and who are truly caring, accepting… Read more »

PondeRing the fall syllabus

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The new semester is here and I’m happy to report that after a summer of some serious integrated marketing, Hofstra University’s new graduate program in public relations is up and running.  With just four months’ promotion, 17 students have registered full- and part-time, and our first three classes will kick off over minimum capacity and on schedule. Aside from what’s already in the syllabuses, what should my… Read more »

PReparing for the worst

It’s probably fair to say that Doug Yakel could not have imagined that his July Fourth holiday weekend would be interrupted by a plane crash.  But as the new public information officer (PIO)–a.k.a. spokesperson– for San Francisco International Airport, he had to already be prepared for this unlikely, terrible event. I’m presuming that when Asiana Flight 214 crashed on the runway Saturday, Yakel… Read more »

PR Tools' debut

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After almost three decades as a public relations practitioner, I can’t begin to count how many skills and programs I had to learn to be able to do my work. From taking good photographs to producing video shoots to designing company newsletters, I was always learning communications tools on the job that were never taught to me in college. My experience was hardly unique. In… Read more »