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CorPoRate Social Responsibility

This summer, PR Nation is featuring graduate students’ capstone projects, required to earn a master’s degree in public relations at Hofstra University. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has long been a public relations buzzword for companies doing the right thing. When a company seeks to create goodwill by “giving back” to the communities it serves, that’s good PR. But according to past research, not… Read more »

Millennials: Plenty to OffeR

The millennial “Girls” in HBO’s series are confused young adults. And like every generation, millennials have a mixed reputation.  They’re often viewed as feeling entitled to success; they’re mediocre writers with short attention spans and poor critical thinking skills.  They’ve been coddled by “umbrella” parents and constantly need to have their hands held. Steve Earl of PR Week believes the 21-25 year old employee… Read more »