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OPtics matteR

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Optics. It’s the current PR buzzword for “how it looks.” This week, when the president shared warm smiles and handshakes with world leaders, it was good optics. When the vice president, while visiting NASA, placed his hand on equipment clearly marked “Do Not Touch,” that was bad optics. But New Jersey Governor Chris Christie gets the Bad Optics of the… Read more »

PR success for "The Wiz Live!"

From time to time Public Relations Nation posts a guest blog by a Hofstra student. Ashley Zachariah of West Hartford, Connecticut is a public relations graduate student at the Lawrence Herbert School of Communication at Hofstra University. Check out Ashley’s take on last week’s NBC broadcast of The Wiz Live!: ___________________________________________________ NBC’s The Wiz Live! that aired on December 3 certainly “eased… Read more »

"Fiscal cliff" as Political Rhetoric

This past week, NPR’s Edward Schumacher-Matos asked, “Fiscal cliff? What fiscal cliff? And who is going over it? Seldom has a popular metaphor been so overworked and been so wrong, and yet curiously been seen by so many as somehow favoring the other political side.”  Great Britain’s U.S. edition of The Guardian notes, “The fiscal cliff is the unfortunate yet necessary term… Read more »